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Thread: Mauritius

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeepItBurnin  [View Original Post]
    Does that shit look remotely real to you?

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    Any address for good 2 girls experience?

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    New website

    Hi guys,

    Not in Mauritius ATM but a friend sent me this link.


    I wonder if any of them is real.

    A review about the intermart MP. Took emi and megan. They are not super hot but they grind so well.

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    Looking for someone

    Has anyone here ever talk to a women on fb name Grace Griffin or Eva Eva Eva.

    If yes do you guys still in touch with her.

    Has met her in 2019 and 2020.

    Lost her contact.

    Want to meet her again.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel400L  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know what happened to Neil warden?

    Can't find his FB acct.

    Called the number he gave for flic en flac and grand bay but both are switched off.

    Grateful if you could share information.
    Saw in newspapers that the flic en flac location was raided. The girls, some customers and the driver was arrested. Be safe brothers.

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    MP Terre Rouge

    Does anyone know what happened to the guy who owned the MP at LE Hochet who got raided last year, heard he got arrested last year, anyone know if he's out, of he got back in the business? I know these guys don't remain inside for too long as they usually have some good contacts.

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    Anyone heard of a certain Laura who got Malagasy girls contacts, I've heard rumours, but nothing more. Or anyone knows where we are getting beautiful Malagasy girls?

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    Who here have tried an escort name Sheila in grand.


    She's a Tanzanian in Mauritius.

    You can found her profile in massagerepublic and euroescort.

    If anyone have tried her.

    Can I get a feedback.


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    Hi. Can you please tell us how to contact them? Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by Rayan1996  [View Original Post]
    I've tired 3 russian 1 czech and 1 spanish women in mauritius.

    Yes they are expensive.

    But the service they provide are much more better than mauritian women gives.

    Its not that I don't like mauritian women but the service they provide are not that good.

    Some of them don't like to try new things and are not the open minded.

    Foreign women are much more open minded.

    Once you tried them you will get addicted.

    Save money and try them.

    You will not regret it.

    Don't take it the wrong way.

    Its just my point of view.
    Hi. Can you please tell us how to contact them? Thanks.



    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read: http://www.internationalsexguide.nl/forum/ISG_Payments.php


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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel400L  [View Original Post]
    Hello All,

    Called the lady at newry today to ask who were available, she said the spa has been permanently closed yesterday.

    Is that true??
    Yes, Newry Spa closed. I speak to one of the girls that worked there yesterday, she said she and some of the other girls moved to LIC spa.

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    Part Time Escorts

    Heard some girls in Mauritius do this as a part time job, but it is very difficult to get their contacts as you need to know people who use to be their clients or are friend with them.

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    Hello All,

    Called the lady at newry today to ask who were available, she said the spa has been permanently closed yesterday.

    Is that true??

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeVal  [View Original Post]
    My friend forget MPs now, things have change here in Mauritius, go to a night club meet some girl, they are in night club now, good young women, talk to them offer them drinks, ask them clearly what you want.
    I notice that in night clubs there are more guys than girls.

    I have never been to LE rocher and did not know that it was closed permanently. So one Friday I went there and saw another club instead of LE rocher, spoke to the security guy who told me that it has been closed long ago.

    Since I was in grand baie I drove past couple of night clubs located along the main road to check what the scene was like, I noticed that there were more guys than girls in the clubs.

    Anyway it was sort of an adventure for me, driving at night to explore places and stuffs. Didn't see much happening in grandbaie on Friday night around 1 to 2 am.

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    Hi All,

    Have you heard about Rada beauty saloon and spa in port louis?

    Please PM if they offer + service.

    In which parlors can I find beautiful fair girls?

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    Hey all.

    Can we all share contact here. Genuine of course.

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