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    Anne Lise!

    Finally a bro has added the video of Anne Lise dogging in the Banana car park, it's old but enjoy!

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    The nightclub scene in Grand baie starts only after midnight and the crowd starts filling in at 1.00. I visited Les enfant terrible and the Godfather club. There are couples or a group of single girls. The only place you can pick up is what I saw is at the Bambou bar in Grand Baie . The girls hanging outside banana bar are mostly trannys. There are a few pick ups available in Le Sufferen. I still have to check the Ritz strip clubs in beach tombay. I heard that they have service rooms so no need to take girls outside.

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    Finally some good reports. Has any one checked out Ritz club in Tombeu Bay. I heard its a strip club and a pick up joint.

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    Mada girls in Mauritius

    As always a great report

    Thank you and a happy new year beforehand.

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    Port Louis - action around waterfront

    Last Monday I stayed at the Le Suffren Hotel in Port Louis. Around dinner time I went out to the waterfront area to get some food. While walking around I saw one girl (Mauritian, maybe 25y, slim and tall) who was also looking at me. I continued walking and a few min later I spotted her again. I pretended to look at a shop window and noticed that she was walking towards me.

    She then asked what I would like to do. After a few min she offered me a massage at my hotel. I asked for the rate and she said 3500Rs. I negotiated her down to 2500Rs.

    We then went over to my hotel. The hotel staff seemed to know her as she greeted a few of the staff on the way to the room. No questions asked, no passport required.

    Her name was Aniela and she was of Creole ethnicity. Quite tall and very slim. Didn't get much of a massage. Right after shower she started to suck my dick. She also suggested to come in her mouth

    We then started fucking, but it was not great. Her face indicated that she was in pain (or at least she pretended). After a while I decided to finish off in her mouth.

    After that she went to take a shower and started to put on her cloth again.

    Girl, maybe 25y/o, 170cm, very slim.

    Damage 2500Rs

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    Mauritius As A Madagascar Option! Full Report

    Mauritius wants to appear as a very clean country for tourists, with a lot of police to control and keep harmony between communities even if when we talk with locals, safety becomes a pregnant topic which justify that residences with guards are preferred to non guarded houses.

    The monger scene is kept as secret and the present thread is to bring infos to ISG members in line with its purpose.

    I stayed several times and weeks in the past and never devoted attention to monger scene there which seemed inexistant except some ugly street girls in PORT LOUIS.

    This time, I felt horny and wanted to discover more the place.

    Accordingly I spent 10 non stop action days, after work.

    I concentrated on GRAND BAIE area, but confirm that it is quite the only place to explore for our purpose.

    However, it seems that some mauritian pick up girls can be found at LE SUFFREN in PORT LOUIS and in SHERATON FOUR SEASONS in EBENE on Friday night.


    Street girls are found in GRAND BAIE from 8pm to 11pm in the road curve in front of BANANA BEACH CLUB bar.

    They ask 2000 Rs for one hour (46 €) but negociate easily to half of that.

    I never tried.

    I was told that there are some private hotels at 500 Rs (12 €) in the area for action.

    I was told that most of them are drugs user.

    From 11pm they are replaced by travestites.

    In fact it is clearly tolerated by the police, as I listened to a radio broadcast, from a police officer, that prostitution is allowed in MRU, only drug use and soliciting is prohibited and they know perfectly their mauritian population of what they call « sex workers » (the police officer mentioned that there are 48 « sex workers » in PORT LOUIS).

    Of course it is only street girls they clearly identify.


    But I discovered places and girls which were most at my taste: malagasy girls coming without visa from MADA to MRU.

    Girls explained to me that they were allowed 15 days stay renewable once when showing upon arrival their return flight (450 €) and 1000 € (which is enormous amount in MADA but those I met said « we manage » I did not know more).

    Those I played with, confessed to me after one week of close relationship that they had obtained an exceptional 2 months stay renewal when going to immigration office for their normally 15 days renewal by paying a bribe of 350 € per person and one of the two had to offer a session to the immigration officer (!) (the other argued truly that she was menstruating) The story demonstrates the limits of Mauritian governance AIR MAD imposed 350 € per person additional fare to modify their ticket. It was clear that all money collected in their first 15 days had been absorbed by these extras!


    As I am fond of MADA girls and happy to find such opportunity! (cf MADA forum).

    They are usually fair and honest and those I entertained in MRU have been in line with this behavior.


    On Saturday night, by 11 pm I went to a place which intrigated me called BAMBOU or KILIMANDJARO

    It is a strange compound as at the first floor it is a family celebrations place; at the ground floor there is this girls bar and night club; and I learned from girls that there are also rooms where girls can sleep when they wait for next morning with no other bed.

    It is where I found the three gems, I copulated with the next ten days.

    In fact action is every day of the week in two places close from each other on Chemin VINGT PIEDS:

    -this BAMBOU bar and night club (entrance fee: 150 Rs/ 3. 50 €)

    -MARDANCE bar and night club (entrance fee 200 Rs / 4. 5 €) 100 meters up in the direction of PORT LOUIS

    When you are at GRAND BAIE SUPER U; follow the road direction PORT LOUIS to the traffic light; turn right (direction PORT LOUIS) at 1000 meters on the right you have a building with light on the right (just after the pastry/bakery which is on the left): it is BAMBOU club

    And 100 meters after, on the left, a wide carpark/courtyard with a pink neon marked MARDANCE.

    MARDANCE is quite the double size of BAMBOU but too wide as a place from my opinion.

    The girls told me that they usually go to BAMBOU on week-end and to MARDANCE during the week (and at that moment, it is really only a pick-up place convenient because of its carpark).


    So on this Saturday night, I discovered BAMBOU bar.

    I took a drink at the bar; and two girls who were sat, smiled to me.

    I sat with them. They told me they were malagasy. I came first near one who remembered me a past relation of TANA –even if not as slim as my usual taste. She asked for a White Martini (For privacy reason, I shall call her: WM). She told me she is from TANA. She is clearly of merina ethny. The other girl was clearly half Chinese and I was initially a little reluctant, even if she attracted me, as I feared that this Chinese origin induced a very greedy approach (I discovered later it was a mistake). After a moment, this malagasy Chinese girl asked me for a Red Martini (I shall call her: RM);

    That very night I explained to the girls that I could not pick them up but will call them another day. They gave me their mobile number.

    Both explained they were living in PORT LOUIS and coming there with taxi shared between girls, as most malagasy girls live in PORT LOUIS. (I understood there is a sort of renting compound for malagasy; reasonable in cost but probabably very profitable for the mauritian owner in PORT LOUIS: I was told there is a dozen of rooms at 250 Rs per night)

    I asked WM her rate. She said: it depends of client: 2000 Rs/3000 Rs: 4000 Rs

    I said it was too much but 2000 Rs seemed the minimum rate for one hour she might accept at this stage.


    On Monday, around 2 pm I decided to call WM to tell her that I would like to spend time with her from 6 pm in PORT-LOUIS –as she had told me it was possible. I agreed on 2000 Rs (46 €) for this first shot but if I became « regular subscriber » I want my rate 1500 Rs. She agreed. She indicated the place she lived: a small street perpendicular to a long street down from Champ de mars to the mosque. I stopped my car in this street, and we walked 5 mn to a typical ST hotel called: PORT-LOUIS Hotel located at top of Poudrière St, corner of La Bourdonnais St: 700 Rs to be paid at reception with name/signature. I enjoyed her wet place a good hour before deciding to come, mostly in missionary position as she looked too heavy for other positions in my opinion. It was a very good time which regenerated my brain!

    Damage: 2000 Rs + 700 Rs (62 €).

    I told her that next time I shall probably taste Red Martini who excited me most, and as I had understood they were very close and transparent friends.


    On Wednesday, I called RM. « Super » she said! Same 6 pm same place.

    She had the kind of small tits I am fond of. She explained she was a mixture of Chinese, Arab and Malagasy very exciting to me. In fact I never found a half Chinese in MADA, the local Chinese keep them for their exclusive use usually; so it was a superb experience. Long kisses, sucking, on our respective private places; very wet; moaning wonderfully. After 45 mn I could not wait any more! Shower; chat; and spontaneously she made a nice massage to my cock. She explained it was her second venue in MRU: but she preferred this time because she was free of her movements and with WM friend: previous time it was a fully paid trip and stay by a Mauritian Chinese businessman who was going to his office on day time, so she was just boring on daytime looking at TV and swimming in his pool. She explained she was from TAMATAVE, but living in TANA, working in a bar of ISORAKA and active there especially with COLBERT Hotel businessmen. After 15 mn her private massage reach her target. In fact she wanted herself a second stage this time she masturbated her clit during session and moaned a lot again. Superb!

    She told me to be very careful with Mauritian girls as most of them are thieves according to her. She was very upset by this unfair behavior, very rare among malagasy (and it is true). She told me of one of her friend who could not refrain to pick even small things when the guy is in the bathroom.

    So morally excellent; and not greedy for money. Just normal conventions.

    She was perfectly aware of my conventions with WM and agreed fully to my « regular » rate of 1500 Rs (35 €) for forthcoming sessions.


    From Thursday, I have the availability of an appartment alone in GRAND BAIE.

    By 22. 00 I go to explore MARDANCE –completely empty at this time. Around 11pm girls start to come. A nice Mauritian girl came near me. She said 2500 Rs (57 €). I said no. And I had in mind the bad story on Mauritian thieves girls. As MARDANCE remained very dull, I walked a few 100 meters to BAMBOU and RM+WM had just arrived, starting to talk with guys I came to RM and immediately picked her up; she left the other willingly to me. I mentioned that I would bring her back after one hour. It was 23. 45 and after session it brought me sleeping after 1. 30 am, too late for working next morning. But I learned that girls come from PORT LOUIS not before 23. 30 because they group together in a friendly taxi to share costs and it brings always late.

    Good time together but day tirefulness and anxious to sleep late.

    Damage: 1500 Rs (35 €)

    I shall change technique for the next week.


    Friday, back from PORT LOUIS'office; after a rest I go to BAMBOU. WM and RM are not there (I shall know why afterwards: RM was menstruating invited to FLIC EN FLAC by friends –where there is no monger scene according to her- and WM had to deal with immigration officer). Several malagasy girls at BAMBOU. A very slim one refused me (it was her right, I find that in the rule). Finally by 23. 45 I targeted a girl I thought average but who will finally be quite honest in bed: Aissa. I suggested her 2000 Rs but for the whole night. She agreed.

    After shower, she sucked me everywhere; I sucked her pretty big clit; she liked very much to have her tits actively licked. All positions till 1. 30 am.

    Second session in the morning.

    Well educated; 24; a child girl 5; widow –husband died in car accident, merina, but from DIEGO and working in TANA; uncle doctor in France.

    She told my age 20 years less than truth. Cannot trust my true age except when I showed my passport!

    Brought back after breakfast by 9 am at BAMBOU, where she had friends girls who slept there (when unsuccessful for a night outside!) to take taxi back to PORT-LOUIS together.

    Good time with fair and honest girl.

    Damage 2000 Rs (46 €)



    At 23. 00 I go to BAMBOU. WM is there with her Mauritian friend.

    This thin Mauritian girl could be an option but she was probably the compulsive thief.

    I shall learn afterwards from RM that WM will have spent that night in the yacht of a South African guy cast in PORT LOUIS.

    I went to MARDANCE, but foind all girls unattractive. As the previous night had been fully satisfactory I went to bed by 1. 00 am.



    After a day at the beach; I called RM over the phone and suggested to spend Happy Hours with her when night will come.

    So at 18. 00 I picked her in PORT LOUIS and we went home at GRAND BAIE.

    After a Red Martini, I fucked her on the sofa; then a second time in bed. She told me she had come twice. I was her first man after menstruation and greedy of sex.

    More than Chinese; I found that she had really a japanese shape. Very exciting.

    We had a nice private dinner and chat at home.

    I asked her if Hotels are GF in Mauritius.

    Her answer was 100 % yes.

    Even the most luxury and secretive as ROYAL PALM. No problem she said (her only problem there was a staff member who wanted to marry her!)

    In PORT LOUIS the SUFFREN requires passport. But anywhere else, she told me that she does not have even to show her pasport.

    Damage: 1500 Rs (35 €)


    Monday. I decided to rest.

    Tuesday: Another Happy Hours with RM.

    I picked her, after office time at 18. 00 near her place.

    I liked very much these Happy Hours. Sure to be the first man of the day and accordingly the most privileged!

    She sucked wonderfully my balls. I licked her greedily.

    Damage: 1500 Rs

    She explained that WM had been completely pumped dry on money for visa renewal and ticket change and that she had lend her money. They were really bosom friends.

    Accordingly beyond some food I gave her for WM, I told her that I shall keep my last Happy Hour evening to WM.


    Wednesday. I picked WM at her place in PORT LOUIS and spent my last session with her.

    She sucked me with great sweetness with her tongue.

    I contributed to her reshuffling.

    Damage: 1500 Rs

    It was my last evening.


    Possibility to spend good time with malagasy girls in Mauritius when you cannot go to MADA for business reasons or for those who want to escape from the beaches!

    Possiblity of sea sex and sun for bachelors in luxury Mauritian hotels of the north coast!

    (Forgot other areas; nothing significant except this GRAND BAIE scene)

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Massage with xtra

    One massage parlour is in the Gold Crest Hotel complex. Another in Sodnac. Both are in Q. Bornes. At the first one, the girl doesn't look that hot but she has got the skills with extras. Can't PM but the numbers but you can find them in the massage section of l'express newspaper.

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    I was last Friday in Le Sufferin Port Louis and there were some girls haning out to be picked up. Which is the best nightclub in Grand Baie for picking up and please PM me the names and contact if possible of massage parlours that give extra services.

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    Find the fun

    In Mauritius, you need to find the fun... Try your luck in G.Baie nightclubs or if you fancy a "massage" with some OK girls (a few stunners can be found but they aren't regulars), try the "Petites Annonces" section at And if you e cy, try adultfriendfinder. Personally met a fabulous escort there but she is picky.

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    do hookers hang around the waterfront at night.

    Quote Originally Posted by kute guy
    there is some action on grand bay (on saturday night-at night). they are asking 2000 ruppeess and you have a variety to pick from. indian, chinese, blacks

    quality is between very poor to poor; altho there was one exception. she was above average

    i tried my luck in the proper clubs (discotech). got lucky

    defo not a place for action altho the girls on the street and in port louis look smokin hot sometimes.
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    there is some action on grand bay (on saturday night-at night). they are asking 2000 ruppeess and you have a variety to pick from. indian, chinese, blacks

    quality is between very poor to poor; altho there was one exception. she was above average

    i tried my luck in the proper clubs (discotech). got lucky

    defo not a place for action altho the girls on the street and in port louis look smokin hot sometimes.

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    any action in Port louis

    My friend is going to stay in Port Louis on office trip. I am aware about Grand baie action. Any one has any info in Port Louis please suggest.

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    There has to be something


    There has to be something? I will be in Grand Bay in 7 days time for 10 days; are there clubs where I can pick up women? Street walkers? Anything.

    I am lucky enuff that I can pull off saying I am Italian, spanish, indian, african. Pretty much any country except Chinese/Japanese (altho almost.) so that shouldnt be an issue for me.

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    What is the prices for ladies in Mauritius and where?

    Please guys any info how and where to hook mauritian lady for money or not.Exactly massage parlours,nights clubs.How to hook in night club for money?And what is the prices?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude16
    Mauritius is a very happening place! It's very easy to hook ladies / housewives if you are smart and can sense their pulses. You may have to spend some time and money to locate and interact.
    This is totally wrong.

    I lived in Mauritius for one year in 2008 and I know the place as a white foreign single man.

    Mauritius is one of the worst places on earth for mongering (right after India perhaps) and also for picking up regular girls (except if you're like Dude16 from India and likes to fuck old and ugly Mauritian-Indian housewifes for money).

    You can fuck average girls in some massage parlours for about 50 to 70 USD and there is one ***** night club in the North (Mar Dance) with average-ugly girls.

    Night life sucks (communities stick together and are very racist) and Mauritian men are EXTREMELY JEALOUS and hate foreign men (except in 5 stars hotel where they have to smile for a buck...)

    If you happen to have a brown skin girlfriend (wether Indian, black or mixed), you and her will experience a LOT of racism from the Mauritian men.

    Girls like foreign men but they don't dare to date them even if they are from low social class. It will put them in too much trouble, except again if you are Indian or mixed race and look like the rest of the people there. Otherwise don't go there.

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