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    Good report Joberg

    Global00, great report apart from the crazy prices, some good intel nevertheless. http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...294&viewfull=1#post2188294.

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    [3rd Party Escort Ad deleted by Admin]

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    Interesting Report about Seychelles

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    Hillbrow, Johanesburg

    Local Cowboy rides to more adventure. Get a taxi to the door, advisable even for the brave. The clubs concerned are Summit and Park Royal.


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    Sex and Survival. Madagascar

    Another pearl by Trevor2522. Trevor continue with his very informative "on-the-ground reports" from his recent trips to Mada.

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    Marco Polo pub, Johannesburg

    Superb report by Local Cowboy with his humorous style. You need to post more often Sir.


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    After an acquaintance told me about Madagascar I decided to quickly find out a little about it by cheching the RoD thread, but there are only a couple of links.

    Well I am not easily discouraged, so after I finished reading all the 800+ reports about this great country, I selected quite a few: hopefully this way newbies (like me) will have a starting point to begin find out what is Madagascar like.

    In no way this list is supposed to be definitive, and I may very well have missed a worthy report here and there.

    It is also, of course, subjective: what I value the most as a newbie is information. It is for this reason that I left out some great reports (by Poupard 2000, Sumart, Labadi, Tigedejade, for example) which mostly describe their time and 'private' encounters with girls.

    In chronological order:

    The very first post in the Madagascar thread, a general one by Anonymous.

    Antananarivo, Tamatave, Diego, and a general take on girls by Bucanero.

    Ethnicities by Poupard 2000.

    First post on Antananarivo by Vahaza Be. Vahaza Be is one of the authorities on Madagascar and the capital in particular: by reading his posts you'll know all there is to know about 'Tana'.

    Three negative experiences by Johan Waans, Small Buterfly and Obepo.

    Replys by Genghois and Poupard 2000.

    Morondava by Member #3400.

    Quick general summary, by Sumart.

    Tigedejade with 3 precious, informative posts.

    Nosy Be by Latin.

    Quick Tana summary and general recommendations by Vahaza Be.

    2009 was bad for mongers in Madagascar. At the beginning of the year, thanks to a new law outlawing prostitution. 12 French guys were arrested in Nosy Be. During those same days a series of protests and a sort of coup left 170 people killed. If you are interested in what happened, you can start from this post by Elmerfud And go on reading for the next 2 pages until post # 560.

    An assessment of the situation, a couple of months later, by Botaki6.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you will probably fall in love with these girls, courtesy of Kamolahy.

    Another assessment of the situation, six months later, by Tigedejade.

    A new option in Antananarivo: Massage Parlors by Vahaza Be and Latin.


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    Advice to Beginners in South Africa

    I think this post is a useful beginner's document to staying safe while having fun in South Africa. It includes some local terminology, prices, services, and using the newspaper as a safe alternative to finding a woman on the street. Thanks, Hugoluv!

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    Cape Town night tour by taxi, South Africa

    An adventure night tour by taxi in Cape Town. Probably not recommended to everyone.

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    Pretoria, South Africa

    Yet another excellent report by Archangel8166:

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    Great coverage on Durban

    Durban Eurostyle Massage Parlor Visit.


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    Madagascar from Dec 2007

    THese are three great reports on Madagascar that were posted in December 2007, still worth reading. Didnt see them on here so posting:

    Parts 1, 2 and 3:

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    This report on Mozambique by MrMaputo makes my HOF:

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    Gaborone, Botswana

    Archangel8166, the Ronaldo of mongering reporters.

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