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    I am visiting Harare for a two weeks visit. Which hotel is good in terms of value for money and girl friendliness. Need a decent 4 star or 5 star comfort. What is the cost of hotels and girls?

    How is the security situation for foreigners?

    How is the general security situation like roaming around in Harare in streets and market during day and night? Is it safe to take a taxi to go out in night?

    How is the currency scene? I understand the currency is fixed to a USD.

    Need some guidance as early as possible.

    Thank you.

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    Just as an addition, one of the wilder meeting places in Harare still going strong is the Beergarden opposite the "Horizontal Inn" in downtown. This is much more basic with many more pros and less good looking girls.

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    Was in Harare 2 weeks ago. Since September 2003, with the forex reforms, things pick-up again. Blackmarket exchange rate now back at 4,200 ZIM/USD.

    Stayed at Sheraton and every nicht there are loads of stunning girls at the hotel bar. In particular, on thursday (ladies night) -friday and saturday night, when the Starlight Nightclub is open, its like an African fashion show. Most of the girls are occasional working girls, complementing income from other business. Picked up a 23 year old real stunner (8/10) who was a bit shy with regard to techniques, but with some sweettalking she easily understood what I wanted. Stayed till next morning. Will seek her out again in March.

    At Sheraton you have to pay for a guest in the room (30,000 ZIM) if you have a single room.

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    Just read the post by MC Ess Var and he is right, all males who are visiting Zimbabwe (both whites and non-whites) should be careful these days.

    But it shouldn't be that difficult to find a girl in one of the hotel bars or the night clubs. Please use a condom every time - the HIV rate among ladies in Zimbabwe and neighboring countries is the highest in the world.


    To Sinclair: women with very protuded round rear ends are found everywhere in black Africa, not just in Zimbabwe!

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    Anyone going to Harare, be sure to check out the brothels with white woman working in them.

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    I am going to Zimbabwe for 2 weeks. What's the typical body-type of a Zimbabwe woman?

    I'm hoping for round asses very it possible?

    Also, don't want pros. How is the action outside of Harare and Bulawayo?

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    I would be very careful about being white in Zimbabwe right now. Based on reports from Zimbabwe born friends, you, as a white man, are unlikely to be able to safely visit the areas where local girls ply their trade. In addition, those you do find are likely to be HIV+.

    I would save my money for some of your other destinations and keep my head down while in Zimbabwe.

    MC Ess Var

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    Anybody in Harare wisht o report on what is available. Other 'sites' have mentioned prices in ZIM$ but since the currency fluctuates a hell of a lot, it isn't so helpful.

    Would appreciate to have more info on the streethooker scene, bars with girls, brothels etc. Prefer to bang 18-25 year old slim black chicks with good size bottoms. I would not toss a friendly attractive white girl out of bed, either.

    Security issues would be of interest too. I am a Central European in his 40s. I don't drink to excess, reasonably fit and tall - so I am not average type of bait for rollover 'artists'.

    Will be going to the following other countries after Zimbabwe: Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea. This site will get some new info from all these countries.

    Anything you can get to me about these places would be appreciated (prior to my visit starting mid-October)

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