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    It is not safe going to filthy strange apartements I prefer to meet in girl friendly hotels

    I think, I will have more chances in Lebanon and Turkey, but Turkey will cost more but I'm ready to pay when I had no luck in Jordan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gameer
    Is it safe and legal?

    Safe=you mean about deseases? = I guess yes they won't fuck without condom becouse they have no anticonteptic pills I think.

    But the clubs where the russian girls are isn't quite save I think, don't go alone, and foreighners should maybe avoid these clubs they realy take everything you got, and they only speak arabic.

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    Is it safe and legal?

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    I go al lot to Syria; most of the time I'm in aleppo.

    You can find sex in the nightclubs, you pay for your table, check the ladies at the stage, if there is one you like say it; they have rooms.

    These are all pro's and most rusian.

    There prices variete from 1000SYP to 10000SYP

    If you know locals there, maybe they can help you to find a not PRO.

    I know some girls there all 7-8

    500SYP per half hour aprox.

    All arab girls

    Pm me if you want more info.

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    Need help

    Went to Jordan.

    No luck.

    Who can advice me for Syria?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lordz
    Which are the best hotels in Syria?

    Where can we find the best looking girls?

    What are the prices?

    Where to go?

    Is the country clean?

    RTFF old son. Look in the reports of distinction for a start.

    "Is the country clean?" What are you on?

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    Info needed

    Which are the best hotels in Syria?

    Where can we find the best looking girls?

    What are the prices?

    Where to go?

    Is the country clean?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheap Meat
    Any cheap pussy in Syria? If I'd go there I'd be on a backpacker budget ($80/day), so I'd want something low end ($5 to $15 for a quick fuck). I want to pound some iraqi and arab asses (it's a good time in history with the iraq war & all). You think there are many low cost options like that in syria or maybe in the surrounding arab countries?

    That depends if you speak Arabic. You can try the Iraqi WG's on Mount Quassioun (where Cain slew Able llegedly) or in Zabadani or Bludan, in the mountains 1/2 hr north of Damascus off the Beirut highway. But get in line behind the Gulf Arabs who summer there between July and September.

    Otherwise you will be limited to $100-$150 with the Meridain or Sheraton Disco WG's, or try the hotels around Matyr Square, chances are that's all you will be able to afford on your budget anyway, but be prepared for rampant priceinflation due to all the Iraqi refugees in Syria at the moment.

    Wander around and you should be approached by some local pimps asking if you are 'tired' and would like ot rest with a young lady. Quality and prices could be anythign from 0 to 10. YMMV. Dont hold your breath as they are unlikely to approach foreigners unless you can get in with some locals, and dont be disrespectful or you will crash and burn.

    Do not underestimate or take for granted arabic hospitality. It is wonder that should be cherished in the modern world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen Olson
    Why just hard currencies? 5000 syrian pounds is 100 US dollars. The going rate of pay is 150 pounds a day, so why so much for 1 hour?
    Because some idiot will pay it.

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    Friend of mine who used ot live in Damascus a couple of years ago with me went back for a visit the other week, and apparently there are loads of Iraqi w/g's up on Mount Quassioun (head north from Crazy Circle towards the Chami Hospital and keep going, then turn right up the hill to all the restaurants).

    Will be interested to hear rates/quality/attitude if anyone gets there.

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    Are there arabic women?


    Are the girls all arabic women or from other countries.

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    Good report

    Hi Funlover,

    Nice report. very interesting. Can you send me a private massage the contact of the girl as i am aactually in Jordan, near to Syria. If you need any help in Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus or Europe I can help.

    Take care

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    Good action at the Meridien

    Hi all.

    Actually I found out Damascus is one of the hottest scenes in the Middle East!

    I was there last week on a Business trip. Stayed at the Sheraton.

    Downstairs is a "Disco", which is more an upscale version of Dubai's Cyclone than anything else. Plenty of 7/10, 9/10 women in sexy clothes dancing and sitting on the tables, all of them available.

    However the atmosphere is a bit snobbish, and you mostly get to talk to the girls in the hallway as they keep coming in and out to check SMS's, place calls to go to the loo.

    Talked with a couple of stunners, asked for 300 and 500 US$.

    The next day I went to the Sheraton disco, you go there by a lift which takes you to the.3 floor.

    In the room over 100 gorgeous girls, ranging from 6-9 with two or three tenners! The one I chose was a curvacious blond with had a micro skirt on, a bikini top that overflowed with huge DD cups and was very friendly.

    The way it works is a bit different from Dubai: you approach the lady and if you agree on the price she spends the rest of evening with you, then both of you leave to her place when the place closes.

    She provided very good BBBJ and sex, and I was amazed her huge boobs were natural, not siliconed. I did her twice and got her phone number. Very GFE damage: 220$ but worth is as she's supermodel material

    I definitely recommend this place

    Speaking Arabic definitely helps.

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    Search no more people!

    Hey all. I'm originally from syr but I speak good english (grew up in new york). And I am here for the summer. Let me get to the point. If you are looking for a good time with some syrian/russian girls, I could show you around. When I first came to the country (with very little arabic) I had a hard time looking for a good time. It has been around 5 years now, and I have learned arabic, and now I know my way around the country and also how to strike good deals for sex. So if anyone has a trip to damascus, just reply back and send your email or any other contact info and I will be in touch. L8er.

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