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Thread: Dhaka

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    Need FS location in Banani / Gulshan.


    I am new in this forum. Can anyone help me with address and name of moderate rate FS MPs located at Gulshan or Banani with good safety / privacy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hrishan  [View Original Post]
    Can anyone help with list of quality SP in banani, gulshan areas? I have been to Adil & Tipu. Want to explore more. Shall highly appreciate your contribution. Thanks in advance.

    Can you give me how to contact Adil. I take TiPu's service, a bit expansive. Thanks bro in advance. OR you can PM me.

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    Shifa contact.

    Have you any information about Shifa? Who is the queen of BJ and CIM. I have taken her service many times and last taken from Tongi station road in a hotel. Would appreciate, if you have any contact please give me hints for that.

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    Kader's Contact.

    Can anyone give a contact Kader.

    Will appreciate for info on Kader as well.

    Thanks in advance.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nympho1985  [View Original Post]
    Recently most of the sp's are having problem. Of the lot that are currently active, Kader's place on gulshan 1 is the safest. He has good location with quality girls.

    Recently I have experienced several good ones and to name Sanjida, Nishi, Lovely are quite good. Nishi is great for DIY and Sanjida for GFE. Tamanna is another one to look out for.

    Happy mongering.

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    MP / SP in Gulshan.

    Could anyone suggest any good MPs or SP in Gulshan area? Are they totally safe? How about the girls there? Is there any risk of contamination of sexual disease? I ma thinking to go but conscious about safety.


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    List of SP based in Banani, Gulshan.

    Can anyone help with list of quality SP in banani, gulshan areas? I have been to Adil & Tipu. Want to explore more. Shall highly appreciate your contribution. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rojonimr9  [View Original Post]
    Name start with S.
    Is she the one with the see-section scar? I had her, she was good but for 20 k I'd rather have someone without baby damage.

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    Need links for SP.

    Hi guys,

    Leaving Bangladesh for good in two days. Need links for SP or at least message places with FS here before I go. Any suggestions? Please comment with their names or message me. Thank you very much.

    Cheaper the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vikram14  [View Original Post]

    I am in Dhaka can someone please the lead.
    Hi Vikram,

    Welcome to Dhaka. Intercontinental opened for business from Sep 2018 after going through renovations. I haven't been for mongering purpose, but back when it used to be Ruposhi Bangla or Sheraton, loads of girls worked out of the bar. My suggestion is to check there. I suspect it will be on the expensive side. For quick relief you can try some of the Gulshan based MPs mentioned on the forum. -Just RTFF. However, if you have time on hand, then try connecting with some of the SPs mentioned on the forum through Facebook.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Vikram14  [View Original Post]
    Hello fellas,

    I will be coming to Dhaka again tomorrow and staying in intercontinental. Any review about this hotel about hunting.

    I am in Dhaka can someone please the lead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiranMiranMira  [View Original Post]
    Everything. Both msg + BJ, and also FS. It's better to discuss and fix with her beforehand, which services you will take.
    How much the damage bro?

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    My first experience in Dhaka- Divine spa.

    Hello everyone, this is my first review post since it is the very first mongering experience in Dhaka. I have had experience in UK and Europe. But in Dhaka, I was quite naive in this field. So, I was going through posts here and decided to go FR a MP as it is my first time. Tbh, I couldn't gather enough courage to go to a SP directly. So I shortlisted my options. I thought of choosing between Seven Doors and Divine and went for Divine.

    So I called then to make a reservation but they said it's not needed. I went there and paid 2.5 k at the counter. I didn't bargain because I read here that the price is usually 2.5 k. So the guy came back with two girls. One is Priya and other is Sorna. Priya was a bit on the fairer side while Sorna wasn't too fair. Priya was a bit chubby and wore glasses. Sorna was a bit less chubby but still not good looking or fit. I chose Sorna because I don't like fatty girls anyway. Sorna gave a really good massage and she knew where to touch and when to touch. She asked me if this is my first time. I said yes in Bangladesh. Then I asked her for FS rate. She said its 4/5 k. So far I can remember I read here somewhere that it is usually 2-2.5 k. So I offered her 2 k. She didn't agree. But she kept on touching to the point to make me horny. Just when I had 15 minutes left from the 1 hour mark, she said she will agree to 3 k. I agreed too. The FE part was just okay. She was better dressed as when she got naked, it was mostly fluffy. Big boobs but loose. She tried to give a GFE. But probably I prefer a bit tighter ones. So it was just an okay experience. So the total damage was 5.5 k. I would like experienced mongers for reviews on if I made any mistake as a newbie. I am usually on budget. So would love to get some tips to get the best in cheaper price. Another query is how safe is Banani Kakoli? There seem to be business all the time. But I can't afford to be harassed by cops or local goons.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chowrasel  [View Original Post]
    Dear brother,

    Does she provide FS or only massage with BJ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Everything. Both msg + BJ, and also FS. It's better to discuss and fix with her beforehand, which services you will take.

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    Mahi of Uttara.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTaq  [View Original Post]
    I visited Mahi few days back. Rahul Hasan and Fastb Fastb bhai have inspired me for the review. I met her (Mahi) first time in the evening. Uttora 4 was the address in broad line. Room was OK and so so. She received me and led me to a bed room and started with initial chat. She is not very impressive to look at, chubby figure with a noticeable belly. So I decided to get a professional massage only. After 8-10 minutes she left me to get her dress changed, which she did within 3-4 minutes. She came back wearing a skirt and a top. Asked me to remove my dresses and lying down. I did so and she started from toe with olive oil (not the skin massage oil). She started massaging from soft to hard with utmost sincerity. She covered every inch to prove her professionalism. Later I asked her whether she goes for B2B or not? She said yes and removed her one for B2B. Did it excellently which I remember got the same in Bangkok except the round rubber couch. She started sliding at the back and front with her full oily body. Amazing. Once upon a time I asked her whether she goes for FS or not..
    Could you please PM the info of Mahi? Her fb profile or anything?




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    SP Help.

    Any SP with 5 k- 7 K. Need any contact or info of their service. You can PM me.

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