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    Coming to Guangzhou.

    Coming to Guangzhou next week have a local male friends who know little Chinese and are leaving there from many years, I want to try KTV, money is not a constraint so please guide me about KTV which is welcoming for foreigners and tips to get girl back to hotel thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogt969  [View Original Post]
    I can't find this place on maps, could you say where it is?
    A quick google (took less than ten seconds) shows address and telephone number.

    To save you this valuable ten seconds here is the info:

    Phone: 8558-9756;156-2619-9693.

    Address: 8/ F,West Tower, Tianyu Square,623 Tianhe Road.

    Do not forget to write a report after you go there


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    Not bad.

    So I went here based on the report, I asked the guy who ushered me into the room for a "pretty girl massage". He was cool, and sent me a WeChat later telling me to let him know before I come for pretty girls. Idk if that means I'd get prettier or not, but nice guy.

    The girl I got was really pretty though, I didn't take off any clothes, but laid down on her and she massaged my head and face. I started to massage her from below, then she grabbed my dick and said it was big. She tried to give me a HJ, but I couldn't take any clothes off, and she kept worrying about people in the hall because the door had a window. She later told me they were cracking down. We connected though, and she said she wants to hang out, but she might want money. There was basically no massage, just cuddling and trying to give me a HJ, but I couldn't cum under the circumstances. It was 90 min and 318 rmb. I think they know what's going on, but have to keep it on the DL. Many other people getting regular massages in other rooms. I think it has potential, but it was kinda ridiculous trying to cum while she kept her attention on the hallway. I didn't see any other pretty girls, just one that wasn't pretty.

    I'm trying to decide if I signs WeChat the guy and ask him about any pretty girls who give happy ending, or other massage shops. I don't want him to scold her though, because we might hook up for free later. I'll let you know if I do hook up with her. I'm 33 and white redhead so I might have an advantage with the Chinese girls, just to let you know YMMV. But I'm no stunner.

    If anyone knows anything near Baiyun that would be awesome. I'm only here for a few more days. Thanks for all the info! For me it was worth it to get the good energy, but I think if the massage was better and more teasing, I would have like it a lot more, and been able to cum more easily.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave1990  [View Original Post]
    I went back to this same place as I reported earlier, so a few clarifications. The massage place in question is about 4 doors east from the China Construction Bank, after the bank is a restaurant / bar, then a clinical massage therapy place that is legit, then a place with a police sign warning about the ills of drinking and getting in fights, if you look into that open hallway you will see the 4th floor massage place prominently advertised at the elevator. Inside the elevator it was all massage stuff. I went in today and got the 279 RMB massage, this time they offered me to change to their clothes and then showered after too. It was very comfortable this time with a bed rather than the foot massage seat that reclines. I got 252 again and she was as beautiful as I remembered. Saw a few other pretty gals there too. Will be back.

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    I can't find this place on maps, could you say where it is?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tommylove  [View Original Post]
    I was traveling with a girlfriend. An open minded one. And took my girlfriend to Shuibo Sauna, and they rebuffed her at the door, saying "Men only. " So I walked her two blocks away to a famous "blind massage" place, which only cost $75 RMB an hour. I set her up with a 2 HR session, and went back to Shuibo. The 8th floor is for handjobs and blowjobs. Which was offered via an English language menu card, with an option to get Thai massage as an upgrade. The 7th floor is for full service, but wasn't open yet.

    The waiting area has about 150 lounge chairs, and each has a monitor for it. It's almost like business class massage. I waited 45 min for a girl. The massage girls all wear LBD (little black dresses) with high heels. They're all sexy and look like South China girls (where Miss A is from). The receptionists all look like they're from Hong Kong, more of the SE Asia mix in blood (where Amanda from San Leandro is from). Anyway, my girl was pretty, and gave a decent massage, on a futon on the floor. She didn't offer to get naked, and the BJ was more of an appetizer to a handjob. Hand job is 398 RBM, blowjob is 498 RMB. I didn't see what full service costs.

    It was fine, but pales in comparison to what you can get in Macau!

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    First time Guangzhou Help.

    Looking for massage place not too expensive. Also if reliable connection please do PM me.



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    Huaweida hotel.

    Is anyone knows is this hotel still have massage and club inside?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HornyBabaji  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    I am coming for chinaplast, and rooms are not available in my regular hotel, so please suggest me some good hotels 4 star and 5 star which are complete girl friendly. Dongfang hotel is available but issue of cleanliness is over there.

    Will update my trip report once the tries is over.
    Hampton zhujiang new town by Hikton.

    Aloft Tianhe by Marriot.

    Both are 4*.

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    Kama is the best place for pick up, in case it is closed you can pick girl at cat walk club near the bar counter, you can find some Vietnamese. Regarding hotel you can stay at Dongfang hotel its budget friendly have fun.

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    Hey guys.

    Will be visiting Guangzhou next month. Any advice on "A Decent" girl friendly hotel in a nice location. And advice / contact to get good action.

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    Coming to China plast.

    Hi guys,

    I am coming for chinaplast, and rooms are not available in my regular hotel, so please suggest me some good hotels 4 star and 5 star which are complete girl friendly. Dongfang hotel is available but issue of cleanliness is over there.

    Will update my trip report once the tries is over.

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    I would suggest better to visit kama, it usually starts bit late, now a days much more Vietnamese compare to Colombian, but its a reasonable place and usually you get a good service from Vietnamese. I would rate it higher than Manhattan, Judy's or Maggies. To some up according to me its a best place in China, apart from that you guys can try cat walk disco, neat the bar counter you will find some girls.

    Regarding spa no 9, nanmei ossotto and ocean, were good for handjob.

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    Crack down?

    It seems like all the places at the moment are doing only 90, or veggie massages. Went to a place near where I live, confirms that no services are being offered. Is there a crackdown going on?

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    Guangzhou. Hilton Tianhe.

    Hi guys,

    I'm staying at the Hilton Tianhe during canton fair phase 1.

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I heard Spa NO9 was really good. But not sure if full service was available.

    I know a lot of people talk about Kama too, but I keep hearing mixed reviews about it. Not sure what to expect.

    Sorry to ask, but if anyone has any Wechat # of girls they have been with, I can trade for a number for a slim beautiful Chinese girl named Annie who's in Guangzhou often.


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    Need contact.

    Hi everyone,

    I'm from Kolkata India visiting Gaungzhou soon can anyone share some contacts of good working girls / escorts in the city as well as massage parlours with full service.

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    Kama Club.

    Went to Kama on Tuesday at 11 pm. Only two other punters, and maybe 20 girls? All Vietnamese, no one above a 7 (for comparison I think Judy's in Shanghai fields a lot of 8's and 9's). I wound up bailing.

    In October I went at like 1 am and it was a different story. Full house, lots of racial representation, lots of lookers.

    So for you newbies: the party starts later. LT seems to cost 1500. And And they force you to buy a drink at the bar, so that's another 40 (coke) or 80 (beer).

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