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    Quote Originally Posted by LaydeeLover  [View Original Post]
    I've just relocated to Yantai and I'm on the hunt for some action. Any other mongers in the city? I will post more info when I found it.
    I go to weihai China several times per year. Never stayed in Yantai and I only do KTV with take out. I can help you in Weihai (about 1 hour away) but know nothing about Yantai.

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    Rizhao, Shandong

    I will be in Rizhao next weekend for 3-4 weeks.

    Does anyone have tips to get some accompany?

    Most likely I will stay some days in the Novotel Rizhao Suning.

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    Will be visiting Qiqihar soon for the first time. I gather it's a small city and so I'm not expecting much. Anyone here have any suggestions or experience with Qiqihar? Not looking to wander aimlessly in the cold weather!

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    I have taken a break from mongering for a while now. Going to visit Tangshan soon? Anyone have anything on Tangshan city of Hebei?

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    I've just relocated to Yantai and I'm on the hunt for some action. Any other mongers in the city? I will post more info when I found it.

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    Handan City Hebei

    How is the service at Congtai Grand Hotel in Hebei spa? Any other FS or Escort options available?

    Thanks in advance!

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    My limited input

    Quote Originally Posted by Seekerofsex  [View Original Post]
    I am going to be visiting Qinhuangdao for a couple of weeks starting Friday. Any tips / advice for the new traveler to China who is looking for a fun time?
    Call Lala / chubby cat from Beijing, she travels. Get at least an overnight, you will not regret it. I've had a couple overnights with her, and am still smiling. Super sexy, loves sex and easy to contact. She advertises here on ISG.

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    I am going to be visiting Qinhuangdao for a couple of weeks starting Friday. Any tips / advice for the new traveler to China who is looking for a fun time?

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    Jinan Report

    So I took a visit to Jinan and I'm having a lot of trouble finding mongering scene if anyone knows where I can get FS or direct me in the right direction post something on here. I only found one place so far. I will post A report on it right now.

    I found a BBJ place it's not good and way over priced for the most part. The women aren't young either. This MP is located near Sofitel you walk toward the round in zone building, once you get to this building. Walk down the street with a lot of bars.

    If you see a bar called the English corner keep walking for awhile. The MP has weird colored lights just walk inside and they will take you to the second floor. When I got to the room they have a bed for you to lay one so I just take off everything put.

    On the towel and lay down. A few minutes later she walks in she's a bit curvy for a Chinese woman and I'd say she's about 35. We use My phone to translate and she tells me that FS is not available. We just agree to a BBJ. She gave a pretty massage.

    Working on my legs, ass shoulders. About half way through she starts to lick my back and oil on it. I grab her ass and tits and she takes her bra off to reveal Small be cups. She keeps licking me up and down and I flip over and she licks my chest up and down and starts licking my balls.

    And then she goes and puts some type of lube in her mouth and starts the BBJ. She's actually pretty good not too hard and not too. Soft. She would really work her tongue around the head of my dick and she kept deep throating.

    I lasted about ten minutes until I blew my Load in her throat. After I came she kept sucking to get all the cum out and spit it into the waste bin. She finished massaging me for about 20 minutes then I got dressed and left.

    I had to pay way too much like 300. I'm just posting this contribute and hopefully someone can.

    Post some info about Jinan.

    Be safe my brothers.

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    Weihai Sauna action?

    It appears I might be assigned to Weihai soon.

    I have no clue where I would be staying yet.

    But I want to know whether there are any good sauna clubs in Weihai?

    I mean the ones like the sauna clubs in Shanghai.

    Used the search forum and found a couple posts about KTVs in Weihai.

    But I never was much of a fan of KTVs in Shanghai to begin with.

    Alternatively, any reliable outcall service providers?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Xinxiang, Henan.

    I will not say I am a sucker of the girls from dating sites. But this girl makes me to visit Xinxiang city to meet her (We met in DIA). I arrived Xinxiang before I start my work at south and east cities of China. Since it was known that from 14th Feb China is going to close for new year festival and I was in urge and in risk to finish my work before the closing date line. Even that I arrived in the snow covered Xinxiang city on 30th January.

    How she looks? She was just a white Halley Berry the Bond girl. Prompt and smart in English; unlikely Chinese girls, because she is an English teacher in school. I enjoyed watching her bathing on cam in QQ, I enjoyed our erotic talks. We exchanged lots of sex video clips. I feel her highly innovative in sex and eager to experience the experiments in sex.

    While I started my journey to Xinxiang city I texted my every updates and she replied properly. I check in Xinxiang Hotel, Pingyuan Road, at 6. 00 pm and it was Friday evening. At 8. 0 pm she texted "sweetie I cannot meet you tonight but tomorrow morning sure I will meet". Oh, it was a killing message and makes me supper off. I was just thinking I had taken a risk to meet her instead of starting my work in Gunagzhou.

    Next morning at 10.00 am I get text from her "sweetie m in the Mcdonald taking my breakfast, will you please meet me there". It was just on the gate of my hotel and was easy for me to quickly come down. I found her having her coffee in the morning. I cannot complain for the late breakfast of her because it was snowing January in Xinxiang city and was freezing cold outside. Even that she arrived and I expressed her lots of thanks for her effort.

    We went quickly to room. We started kissing just from the door. But that's all to say and the rest are all disappointment. Even using room heater it was not warm enough in the room. So after undress we quickly run under the blanket. The disappointment started with in few minutes of sex. She screamed "I finish, I cum" and pull me out from her. And I fully failed to make her ready again for sex. Even in extreme cold, I am out of the blanket, seat on the edge of bed throwing my legs outside and fully naked.

    I don't know how long I was seated like that; when she pull me again under the blanket. This time she try to ride on me but things happened the same. Within few minutes she stopped and claiming she has done. I remain without cum.

    Next Sunday morning I leave the city and leave her forever.

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    Third-tier city in Hebei, famous for lurou huoshao ("donkey burgers") and just as polluted as Beijing, if not more so. I had very little info to go on, so did the "jump in a taxi" thing. Drivers told me that the only option was to go to a bathhouse (xiyu). Maybe there are KTV possibilities too, but that wasn't really a viable option for me. Well, I visited four. The first three were disappointing. The first said "no foreigners" straight up. The second said ok but I'd have to pay the "foreigner price" of 500. The local price is 300. (The guy was quite explicit about this.) Got a selection of 5 girls, chose one and retired to the room. After an initial discussion involving her concerns about size, limited time (30 minutes, but could I be quicker), no BBBJ without extra cash, only one position, I decided it wasn't worth it. Of course, leaving without paying anything wasn't possible, so I ended up being stung for 200. At the third place, I was told there were many girls available, and I checked more on details about service, but in the end only three girls were willing to see the laowai, and they were all not at all appealing to me. On to the forth place. Couldn't be more different. Or maybe I was just lucky. Lovely girl, 18 yo (she said) and pretty, but willing and able to please. Not exactly GFE, but an enjoyable experience. Contact details by PM if you are interested.


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    Hi Guys,

    I'm going the next days to Weifang.

    Do you have any information about good bars or massage center, where I can find girls.

    Or do you have websites. Like 141?

    I want to go to Pullman Hotel. Or do you have here also suggestions?

    Thanks for the answers.

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    Interested in any information about this city: KTV, sauna, bathhouse, massage, freelancer spots, even good bars.

    Will report on findings.


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    Need help in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province

    Visiting Shijiazhuang, Hebei province for couple of days. Any help with massage parlors, spa centers, sauna centers, KTV, pickup places, bars recommended will be highly appreciated.

    You can PM me with details.

    Thanks in advance.

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