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    Quote Originally Posted by IntMale  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    I want to know how can I contact a SP for the first time without sharing my contact details. WhatsApp not do not allow virtual numbers and I don't want to risk sharing my contact with the person I am not done any business with.

    Please suggest.
    My recommendation is to use a separate SIM for mongering.

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    Replied now

    Sorry brother. It was marked as read. Saw your new message.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkKid85  [View Original Post]
    I did send a PM. Try logging off and logging in.

    Also, try on a private window by clearing cookie & cache.

    Hope this helps.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ScubaDo  [View Original Post]
    The receptionist is very pretty but did not crack even a little smile. Does she do massages?

    I got a therapist same name as Anil Kapoor's daughter, I think I had her in the Indiranagar branch too. Friendly but no FS.

    Can anyone who has tried please PM me which therapist provides FS in Menlaa Jayanagar and should I ask at counter or to therapist only?

    Thanks a lot.
    There's a gorgeous receptionist at menlaa Jayanagar, but she doesn't do any massage and with regards to asking about the FS at counter, are you kidding me? Don't do this at any spa let alone menlaa, you will land into trouble.

    I do not remember the name but I have taken service from Ms. A (don't know the complete name) 2 times, she is lean fair and does only HJ and nothing more but a very good one. I have went there when I didn't have any other options, some brother had mentioned a therapist does FS, maybe you can get the details from him directly. I have decided to skip this place further because the place is too stingy, uncleaned rooms and plenty of mosquitoes, I would not suggest someone to go here for service and come out with dengue.

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    Regarding privacy on contacting SP for the first time.

    Hi guys,

    I want to know how can I contact a SP for the first time without sharing my contact details. WhatsApp not do not allow virtual numbers and I don't want to risk sharing my contact with the person I am not done any business with.

    Please suggest.

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    Not able to PM you.

    Quote Originally Posted by HydHunterr  [View Original Post]
    Thanks smoothraj for sharing new digits of the.

    My fetish for 3 some was successful with two Afros this time. Not a great afro fan but wanted to taste the wilds in the bed. Pinged the in the night and got immediate response with rates and address. 6 k for 2 shots. Fixed the time. Went there.

    Saw her, a short Afro with big ass invited me inside and gave a hug and offered water. Face is not so great but talking nicely. L, a tall Afro with one metal teeth and face is a big turnoff. She was in jeans and top, changed to revealing frock.

    Myself undressed settled in the bed, two naked chicks lied on both sides, one DFK and other my nips, one is stroking the dick and other shaking balls, I am fingering both the holes from behind and pressing butts, they gave CBJ in turns, cleaning my ears with their tongue and tit fuck..
    "HydHunterr has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him / her. "

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    ID card Cali spa.

    I WhatsApp'd Cali spa guy and opted for a visit to his den, he is asking for my photo ID. Is that how it was for you guys?


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    Pro spa.

    Quote Originally Posted by Happy2017  [View Original Post]
    Dear friend be careful.

    Recently I have seen many fake reviews about spa / MPs. For last few days there is suddenly increased number of reviews about spa / MPs. Some people here are misguiding stating that they got extras / FS in professional spa's. I don't know what benefits they will get by posting fake reports. Visiting such MPs expecting Extras and FS will be pure waste of money.

    There are only few members here whose reports can be trusted about Spa / MPs.
    Well I do not know whether he mislead us by saying a pro spa. He even told 3 some can get form there. Not sure. If he is right, that means you have to visit spa multiple times to show them as you are a good & regular customer. So that they offer you extra. This means a guy with patience can check it. But it will not a VFM I am sure.

    I am now trying a pro spa NE therapist, so far I took her 4 times in my 5 visit. Still no hit. But she now know my name and number (which I called to book) even reception lady did not ask last time whom you want. Straight away told she is free after I told my name. Well here I am trying my luck let see what happen.

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    Too High for an Afro.


    Often the Afros in meet me do not keep / give their original photos, have a video call for confirmation. Also 6 k for 2 h is way too much for an Afro in Bangalore. Start asking from 2.5 k and do not go above 4 k for 2 h, if above that reject it and go to other girls, there is plenty of fish in the sea bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by NikTheDevil  [View Original Post]
    She is quoting 6 k for 2 hrs, anyone tried her before?

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    Same problem with me

    Quote Originally Posted by JackTR  [View Original Post]
    So good to see that ISG is back. However I'm facing some weird problem. It's showing I have an unread message in notification, but no messages in the inbox. Anyone else facing the same?
    Yes bro, I am also facing the same issue. Maybe some tech glitch.

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    Thanks bro.

    You saved my time and money!

    Quote Originally Posted by Luckyguy7198  [View Original Post]
    Don't waste your money. Not worth at all.

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    S. Naidu (B Grade actress) contact.

    This may not be a breaking news. I saw a post on her page where she is giving her contact detail (For Whatsapp).

    I found this amusing. She does VC for 5 K transferred to her account in her status LOL.

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    SP Sonu girls any review?

    SP Sonu has 1 Indian and 1 NE bird now, quoting 7 k.

    Birds are good looking.

    Anyone got any experience with him recently? Please share.

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    Hey isgian.

    I'm getting lucky next week! For 3 weeks I get to use my friends flat! So.


    Looking for indes I have few contacts for exchange 2, 3 genuine indes from SA and other mutual friends contacts!! I'm hoping generous people are going to come forward and help.

    Me out! Sa used to be a great hunting place now its saturated with, Apsara Shety, Merlin, Bipasha and other fb pros and pimps!! Not interested in any SP! Teena started charging double and Mimi is not willing to send any girls for out call, so I'm kinda dry now looking for new indes! I m not interested in any SP number I have a ton of numbers which I don't use! I just have very few genuine ones, little expensive! We can't find cheap and genuine ones anymore in Bangalore! I'm looking forward for your messages!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Velms  [View Original Post]
    She is a CIS, but Usman marketing her as Indian.

    Little English, typical Uzbek aunty in her mid 30's.

    Pics are at least 10 years old.

    He started with 12. My friend settled the deal for 9 k.

    If she is with Arun, probably he might charge 5 k.
    Can you attach some pics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KuteGuy  [View Original Post]
    Does Bangalore not have a red light area? I have gone a few times to Kamathipura in Mumbai and had a really good time with very very good value for money service.

    Would love to know if similar in Bangalore?

    I am moving there in 3 weeks time so looking to do a session every other day.
    Bangalore and VFM don't go together in one sentence. Stay away from majestic massage parlors (its supposedly the red light area in Bangalore).

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