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    Quote Originally Posted by HiThereAloha  [View Original Post]
    My trip is confirmed finally! Next week I land.

    I've gotten massive help from a lot of you Blore Seniors. Thanks!

    While I seem to have a surfeit (word for our Tharoor type Monger, I still haven't gotten any real solid leads on NEs, and SIs.

    I can travel to do In-Calls so would appreciate some NEs and SIs.

    Also is Bipasha Sharma the same as the forum fave Bips?
    Mahalo, for that individual mention; hehe! Bit of Bible humor; Jeremiah 33:3 says and I quote, "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not!

    Thus, here I am. Check your inbox for the accompanying deluge & superfluity of contacts; of precise race & ethnicity as asked for. Cheers, ahem; ALOHA!

    P.S. - No offense meant to any pious, devout and orthodox Christians over my blasphemous application of the Scripture. Although I'm led to wonder what you all are doing here. Principally, you're breaking one of the Ten Commandments (adultery) & also, the Catholic forum for lycanthropic paedophiles isn't on this space. JK.

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    Coolguy Masti

    Hello brother,

    Please clear your inbox. Let me know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WhyOhWhy  [View Original Post]
    I think you have overpaid. I'd look for a better service if I'm paying 20 k, and for the ratings you've shared, I'd not be willing to pay so much.
    May be you are right bro however who knows unless one has similar options at better price. I guess sometimes you pay for looks & sometimes you pay for service. I have met below average looks girls with amazing service too. BTW I am trying to meet her Ukrainian friend in Mumbai who is not ready to budge below 25 K. Finally it ends up to demand & supply and guess limited supply of good looking foreign gals creates some premium. Just for a record I am not justifying the price paid & would be happy if you or anyone can negotiate it down!

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    Miss M Pucs.

    Quote Originally Posted by StealthBoy  [View Original Post]
    Who is the SP? And can you upload a pic.
    Pics attached. Though as mentioned she is better than her pics (looks wise) which are on chubby side.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails C5EE908C-582B-4177-A725-72F848690245.jpg‎   A3149107-0C72-4699-BCAC-96940A18E445.jpg‎   76DE109E-99B8-455B-90E5-63FBD3B5A3BB.jpg‎   93977EBF-0252-4B6B-9C42-2C06CA2C98A6.jpg‎  

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    Exhibitionist request.

    Posting here as a last resort. Anyone know a good gal who is a exhibitionist (stockings, lingerie, kinky etc). I already tried fetlife, collarspace etc No luck.

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    FB profile girls.

    Looks some of the old FB girls are used by fake handlers and asking money in advance or pay for sharing contacts etc.

    This is 100% scam. There is no doubt about it.

    So be careful and cautious when any FB profile asks for money.

    Happy mongering.

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    K spa, silk signal

    The spa is a branch of the popular M&S spa located near the silk signal. Read the reviews earlier and have been a loyal visitor of the kora branch, even though I am not a fan of the spa.

    The spa has a weird lift but stairs are available too. Went up to the spa. Paid the normal 1.5 k and was asked to select the masseurs. I asked for a north Indian. In came a therapist from WB with name starting with and. She was seductive with a lot of lipstick and huge tits. Had no idea about massage but kept doing something. At the end, I asked about extras. The only thing on offer was 2 k for TA and HJ. Negotiated for 800 for TA and HJ. The HJ was manual. Tried asking for more but rejected outright.

    Would try some other "therapist" next time.

    About the spa, this spa is actually clean and has lot more space. Even the bathrooms are bigger. From the previous reviews, where there were concerns around a lot of rowing eyes, surprising I didn't find anyone. The entire building had just the owner and the masseurs.

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    MR Zenar.


    Anybody had a chance to ride the Zenar car from MR?

    Looks like got a flabby mid section. Tries to hide it in pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinghLive  [View Original Post]
    Got a new contact from a friend. Name is Anju but don't know her personally be willing to try. Lmk if anyone tried her or know her price range.
    Last name Joseph? Mallu chick? Had a few bad reports long time ago. She didn't respond so I had to delete her digits. Tread carefully!

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    HI BSD,

    It looks like your in box is over flooded. Remember our previous PM exchanges, been trying send you a message. Please do clear it as soon as possible.

    Best Regards & Take Care.


    Quote Originally Posted by BlrSugarDad  [View Original Post]
    Welcome bro. Just ping me when you are in BLR.

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    Finally! Blacks (found), NEs, SIs (still waiting for some good leads). Bips?

    My trip is confirmed finally! Next week I land.

    I've gotten massive help from a lot of you Blore Seniors. Thanks!

    While I seem to have a surfeit (word for our Tharoor type Monger, I still haven't gotten any real solid leads on NEs, and SIs.

    I can travel to do In-Calls so would appreciate some NEs and SIs.

    Also is Bipasha Sharma the same as the forum fave Bips?

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    New bird- Need suggestion.


    Got attached bird pics from my SP, claims to be a Kannada serial actress. Asking 16 for two pops. Do anyone knows her?. Please help me with suggestions.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20190626-WA0031.jpg‎   IMG-20190626-WA0029.jpg‎   IMG-20190626-WA0028.jpg‎   IMG-20190626-WA0032.jpg‎  

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    Trustable SP 's, Indies contact in Bommanahalli, hsr area?

    Hi all,

    Can someone please share contacts in South Bangalore?

    I have SP A no, took his service in Expm nagar. Looking for some one in EC, HSR area.

    Thank you.

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    Indie in Bangalore

    Hello friends,

    I will be coming to Bangalore for a couple of days in second week of July.

    Was wondering if any indie (preferably chinky) could make my stay memorable.

    Thanks for any leads.


    Kunal from Goa.

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    Welcome over & thanks for stopping by!

    Quote Originally Posted by Salspak  [View Original Post]
    I visit the site on and off and my word, your writing is absolute class!

    I don't visit Bangalore. But Sir, you are stylish and charming. How I wish I could write any where like you have.

    It may sound gibberish. I read your note twice, just to get the nuances of the language at a forum which could be or is a taboo!

    Wish to read more. Believe me; get into writing! Only if you aren't a author already.
    Exceptional instance, wherein a member doesn't reach out in commendation under a false pretense always; without an ulterior motive for personal gain (Read: Contacts). Am truly humbled to have chanced upon a member as thyself, of an exiguous nature. As elusive as the female orgasm / G-spot or the 'Abominable Yeti'! You have my veneration. As for whether the forum's taboo or not; human tendency dictates that the forbidden fruit tastes the best, if you catch my drift. Perennial occurrence since Adam & Eve, Genesis itself.

    Have a pleasant noon.

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