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    How much it cost bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by TonyKimpkin  [View Original Post]
    Had this beauty last week.

    She is from Delhi but will travel if you set it up.

    Absolute joy to be with.

    Booked her for full night.

    No Anal or rimming but everything else was just awesome.

    Very nice shaven and fair colored pussy which was a surprise as Indian girls generally have dark pussies.

    Small but perky boobs. BJ skills are just awesome.

    Best kisser I've ever came across. She just rolls the tongue inside your mouth and makes you crazy.

    She loves to be pounded in missionary but is open to all positions.

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    Looking for a afro contact which was there in MR few months back I met her 2 times bit on a expensive side but I was happy paying her compared to her service. Now her number is coming switched off. Her old number ending is 466. She used to stay with her sis in a very clean 2 bhk apartment with her sis if anyone has her new digits please pass on.

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    SP Joy

    Quote Originally Posted by Tubelite  [View Original Post]

    Anyone please share contacts for Lactating therapist, indies. Have a long time kink on trying them. If any spa have those girls or indies / sp operating let me know.

    What you are looking for buddy SP Joy has it.

    Payed 6 k for 2.

    BBBJ is good too.

    Attaching pic for your reference. Pic are bit old.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails received_265306015202105.jpg‎  

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    Recent FR

    Thanks to VictorStar for sharing details. Had an amazing NE recently for 3.5 k. Tight cat. Very cooperative but not too into it. Would attach image but victor has already done that.


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    Spa Details help


    Can anyone help me out with the spa / MP where I can get extras in Whitefield / Kundanhalli / hoodi / kadugodi near by areas.

    Please can somebody help me out with the name of the spa and which therapist would be better and what all can I get. Need help urgently. Going to stay in Bangalore for two days only.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi friends,

    Can any of kind souls help me with any Afro who can do CIM?


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    Spa FR

    This is my first FR, will improve in writing in future. Spa Kashyam near marathalli above sketchers. FR is posted by another member already. Charges are 1.5 k counter. Coming to the deed B2B + BBBJ 3 k. Price is bit high but went with anyway.

    Guys need your help. Is there risk with BBBJ and what should be done. Thanks.

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    Thank you

    Finally would like to thank all the senior members of the Bangalore Forum you guys Rock. Very prompt replies and very very helpful. Thank you guys.

    At Mickeyduck1208, badman, bangmonger69, dudemi98.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BadMan  [View Original Post]

    It's completely individual taste.

    There are many who don't care a shit about the color. Assets, GFE and conversations are more important factors.

    Not all of us have pink dicks either.

    Well said buddy. Some of the black girls that I have been with had fabulous skin tone, that was good enough to rock my boat. Other factors like connection, stats and service are what make a difference.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Arjun31  [View Original Post]
    Another pic for your pleasure now don't tell me that it doesn't create interest.
    Love the poking nub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyDuck1208  [View Original Post]
    90% dark chocolate is even better for health bro. Haha.

    Thats not bad actually given how some of the Afros in Bangalore are charging.
    Yeah, dark chocolate, good comparison.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arjun31  [View Original Post]
    Haha service was very pleasing buddy and she looks somewhat like Black Pathers ( movie) sister. I had a contact of a SP from a fellow monger who sent someone from Delhi. Pics attached claimed is a VIP service provider etc etc. She was no where closed to the pictures, not even shaved and had a smelly P. I just avoided and finished with a HJ and sent her out. 7 k + cab down the drain but shit happens when we monger. Compared to that Riley was better.
    Sometimes Delhi girls are also hyped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rajccj  [View Original Post]

    Any of you had her?

    Apparently she is from Jenny's place.

    Do let me know if you know her name and number.

    If I try, will share the review with you all.

    Is this Jenny the Sikkim girl? Nepali SP?

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    Thanks for the clarification

    Quote Originally Posted by TheGood  [View Original Post]
    Pooja is different, neither fat nor lean body, dusky skin tone. Age is around mid 30. But she is not my type, others may like.

    Quite talkative.
    Thanks bro.

    What extras she offer and what are the rates please share as well.

    I'm interested in B2B or FS only.

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    Thanks a lot

    Quote Originally Posted by Xxxvk  [View Original Post]
    That's Anitha bro. Pooja is decent looking.
    Thanks bro for the clarification.

    Will definitely try Poo.

    What are her charges for extras?

    I'm interested in B2B or FS only.

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