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    If you please find her please share the contact.

    She looks pretty.

    Quote Originally Posted by RajDuke  [View Original Post]
    Hi All,

    Can anyone share me any leads or info if you guys know about this girl. She was with my regular sp but I missed due to my ill health.

    I'm very desperate for her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerFed  [View Original Post]
    Gave details in PM.
    Thanks responded with what I know in the area based on your interest, even though you didn't ask for it explicitly.

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    Looking for some FS contacts. Please PM me some inde contacts in Blr.


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    Inde contacts.

    Hello mongers,

    Any kind soul here who could help me with a few inde contacts?

    I can reciprocate with few contacts that I have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atrimat  [View Original Post]
    The DB scene in Bangalore now is cold as no dance and even no music too. Only girls standing and talking from a distance, and still drinks expensive as before. May the scene will improve as they said, when I visited two DBs yesterday. However, it is good to see lot many young NE chicks together in jeans and tip and high heals. Also they wore same colour top which was really wonderful sight.

    Since no action in DB, went to disco club and a lot of action with girls (dancing, disco, drinks, flirting, Fifa WC live and so on).

    So overall good VFM experience.

    Girls in disco club: 6-7/10, they wear short dresses, heals and take tips for flirting and dancing, may be available for action, depends upon them.

    WIR: yes.

    The club has entry fee (Rs 1.2 k which fetches two drinks).
    Hey Atri,

    Can you please tell which DBs are you referring to? I know of only one. The KKR similar name in Domlur. Are there more DBs in dry BLR? Also, which Disco club was that. I have tried Monkey and IBar.

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    There are several sites and few very informative on how to overcome this problem. This problem will not get solved overnight but will take several weeks but is worth it. There are examples with pictures on how the improvement is seen week on week with regular exercise and effort. Its simple; straightforward and gives result. The only thing is focus and making sure you are doing it every day. You can do the reading and start it. It will show improvement every week. The basic thing that you are able to roll back your foreskin when flaccid means that circumcision is not needed. If you are not ready to put in the effort and want a easy solution then circumcision is the way. Remember once done you can't get your foreskin back.

    Your head is sensitive as it has not been exposed much to the outside. There are various things that you can do to make it less insensitive. If its too sensitive you will face problems during sex when your foreskin retracts back.

    Betamethasone is not a miracle cream. That is the reason doctor didn't recommend you. It works only with stretching exercises and if done properly. It just helps in making the skin there slightly thinner.

    So far most docs recommend circumcision immediately. PM me if you need any specific help. I would be glad to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunner6392  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    I visited a urologist at NU Hospital as recommended by a fellow monger.

    The doctor recommended for circumcision.

    He did not mention about any cream to loosen the skin.

    I have doubts regarding getting circumcision.

    My head is quite sensitive, so worried how comfortable it will be after removing the skin.

    Should I take a second opinion from another urologist?

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    Nisha. Water Spa.

    Called water spa JP Nagar for an appointment with Miss Nisha and got to know that they have fired her as they got to know that she offered extras. The female on the phone then stressed that they are a professional spa.

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    Threesome with Afros.

    Hello fellow monsters,

    Writing my second FR.

    Firstly thanks to HydHunterr for sharing digits of Afro the.

    I wanted to try threesome with them after reading various FRs here.

    Pinged her on WA one day before and got a positive reply.

    She sent location map.

    So next day booked cab to her location.

    Reached the sent location, so called her for directions to the house.

    She is bad with giving directions, so you need to be patient.

    The place is clean and safe.

    The welcomed with a hug and kiss, while L was getting ready.

    Moved to the room and Started with the deed.

    Started with FK with both and we all were in our bday suits soon.

    First I sucked the's melons to my heart's content.

    Meanwhile L was playing with jhonny.

    Loved the way they put cover on, with their mouth.

    L started with CBJ.

    CBJ was nice and slow, bit teethy.

    The was sucking me all over the body, specially nipps.

    1st session started with L WOT.

    Her pussy was little dry, though she was riding in a nice motion.

    Was playing with the's melons simultaneously.

    Both of them were moaning, though seemed fake.

    Came after 10 minutes.

    Took a break and chit chatted for 5 minutes.

    2nd Session with the.

    Started with little DATY.

    This made her wet and was genuinely moaning.

    She asked not to finger so obliged.

    Changed cover and started in miss postn. And was banging real hard.

    L meanwhile was playing with balls from behind.

    Miss lasted for 7-8 minutes and switched to doggy.

    This was by far the best view with the with her huge butt.

    Finally switched to WoT with the.

    She was really wet and made me cum in 5 minutes.

    All three of us cleaned and got dressed.

    My review:

    Attitude: 8 (Cheerful and friendly always).

    Looks: 5.

    GFE: 8 (Both did their best to please).

    Pussy: Leena- 6, Diana- 8.

    Ass: Leena- 5, Diana- 8.

    Boobs: Leena- 7, Diana- 6.

    Damages: 6 k, two shots, two birds, +1 k travel in cab (My house is far).

    VFM: Totally yes.

    WIR: Yes after some time as distance is alot.


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    There is NO NEED for any report to be written with UNNECESSARY HARD RETURNS at the end of every line of text.

    If you are adding these hard returns at the end of every line by using the ENTER key, then please stop. Instead, when typing simply allow the text to "wrap" automatically at the end of each line. The ENTER key is only needed to separate the paragraphs.

    However, if the unnecessary hard returns were the result of you having pasted the text into the forum from another source (such as a news website), then your option is to either edit out the unnecessary hard returns or don't post the text.

    Please do not post text with unnecessary hard returns in the Forum. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HariharanMohan  [View Original Post]
    Hi boys,

    Need reviews for the bird "Mahi". Attaching pic. Planning for whole night this weekend and she is quoting 15 k. Whether she is worth it?
    Sorry for long and eventful FR.

    Meet this bird yesterday in Rammurty nagar hotel, fair, white and sexy as per pic.

    Took half advance before deed which was a turn off.

    Anyways Ordered her fav beverages and talked for a while, bird was chirpy and eager to know about me. Girl is from Mumbai and visits Bangalore every month.

    After few drinks we decided to have fun.

    Undressed her first and she was dead gorgeous naked and Jhonny was up and running. She gave decent BJ and DFK.

    Started of with mission, and then doggie. Pumping her tight pussy she enjoyed most of the act and urging me to continue finally.

    Came out after good 15 -20 minutes.

    Took rest, smoked together and went out for dinner.

    2nd session:

    After a good meal we came back and I decided to let her to do all the moves. She first started in Wot, reverse cowboy and finally came out mission.

    Watched TV, smoked and finished the beverages and now the bird was on a high. She insisted on having ice cream.

    Tried hotel reception but they said no ice scream available at middle of night. Now she started throwing tantrums and I was bit worried if others residing in rooms would complain. Luckily I checked in swiggy and behold I found ice cream "Cream stone" available and ordered and got it delivered at around 12 midnight.

    Finally she calmed down after having ice cream and she dozed off peacefully.

    I half awake did not touch Ice cream. Thinking whether I should've avoided her into excessive drinking or should've left / stayed in hotel to avoid suspicious neighbourhood rooms.

    She woke up next morning and apologies for the ruckus. I was ready to leave but she insisted to stay for a session, I agreed for the same.

    We both went to bath tub and had a steamy session, took bath together and I finally felt happy. Paid her remaining agreed amount and agreed to meet her another session before she leaves.

    Hugged and kissed and left.

    Face: 8.

    Body: 9.

    Boobs: 7.

    Pussy: 7.

    WIR: Yes before she leaves, one of the best GFE in my mongering days.

    Note: Contacts already shared to trusted members, please contact if you are seriously interested. She will leave Mumbai on Wednesday.

    P.S.: don't make her drink heavily or else carry of Icecream along with protection!

    I am not promoting "Swiggy".

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    Need advice!

    Dear horny brethren,

    Although Bangalore's scene is quite pathetic, but still I seek advice from the forum experts to arrange a couple of indies for a boys night out party. Expectations are for a good company, decent conversation, drinks and banging. Its a reunion of sorts for my group of five old friends travelling from abroad. I am trying my best to keep their expectations in check but you know how it goes when you meet after a long time. Any help will be appreciated, PM is active.



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    Any idea how is Preeti digits end with 868?

    I m meeting her on Monday. Is she worth? Does she do DFK?

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    Puzzle question at a spa.

    Hello bros,

    I have been to a spa in the area famous for its lake and has a metro station as well. During my first visit, no hint about extras appeared. So I mustered courage and asked the therapist if extras are on the table, for which she said that their's was a professional spa. However after sometime she asked if I have received it previously in that spa. I tried to bluff and said yes. Immediately she demanded the name of the therapist and tried hard to get that name from me. She even listed all the therapists in their spa for me to identify the one who offered me extras. I immediately cut the matter saying I was just bluffing. During my second time with another therapist the same pattern repeated. When enquired about extras, she said it was a professional spa and asked the same question if anyone from that spa had given it previously.

    What I am struggling to understand is if they were making sure that I was safe person or trying to find that one hypothetical therapist who gave extras. During both visit, I feared that if I selected any random name she would loose her job.

    Enlighten me with your experience brothers.

    Damage: 1200 each visit with unsuccessful attempt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac  [View Original Post]
    This female was discussed here 3-4 months ago, has anyone really tried her?

    She asks for Paytm transfer before entering the flat.
    Is she the one having her ad in Locanto also?

    Heard she is active in Goa and Hyderabad also. Looks aunty type and out of shape. And more surprisingly is is ready for anal and CIM also which is something doubtful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mammuin  [View Original Post]

    Initially I thought of not responding, but I felt it might be hypocritical, and why should I feel shy. I remembered recent posts by seniors, TheNone and VijaySekhar.

    Till early last year, I couldn't retract my foreskin completely even when flaccid. Also I got prostratis, ptostate infection. I consulted two Urologists, they suggested Circuimcision outright.

    I was apprehensve to go for circumcission. Read lot of material on Internet, many answers on Quora, Reddit.

    Finally Based on below.

    I visited NU hospital and doctor there said I don't have Phimosis but have a tight frenulum. He has taught me the technique how to retract, initially my head / glans was very sensitive and over period of time I got accustomed.

    However doctor said to me that I might have discomfort during sex as foreskin is tight when erected and prone for infections due to foreskin cuts and asked me to take a call.

    When I asked him about complications or risks, he said that apart from post surgery infection danger, it will take few months for the penile glans sensitivity to subside.

    You might want to take second opinion as well.

    I have a friend working as Doc in Army. Right now he is busy in the field posting. I want to take a decision finally after discussing with him.
    I will put up some of my thoughts here. I have been circumcised even before I learnt ABCD, due to some medical condition.

    To be kind I have not felt foreskin in my life.

    I will just mention Advantages and Disadvantages of Circumcision.


    Circumcision makes your dick look more cleaner and attractive.

    You will be less prone to infections, and a non smelly dick as it is easily cleaned.

    Even comparitively you will have lesser risk to STD infection than Uncircumcised.


    The biggest disadvantage is your head sensitivity will loose gradually, as foreskin is meant to protect the head and it's sensitivity, you may gradually loose it's sensitivity.

    Your climax time may increase due to this, but certainly less pleasure.

    When you do natural sex I mean without condom, sex is smoother with uncircumcised Dick as the foreskin smoothens the act.

    This is a tricky one, many girls claim that dick with foreskin gives them more pleasure and feels them smooth inside their pussy and they enjoy more with uncircumcised dick comparing to circumcised.

    Conclusion. Natural will always be better than modification, but if you have real health issue then better go for circumcision as it does not have any side effect once healed.

    Safe mongering.

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    Blore GFE.

    Fellow mongers,

    I would like to know if anyone has lately tried blore GFE site. The keywords are enough to get you the site name.


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