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    Is Maria still on the scene? She had few good girls, number ending with 289.

    She is not responding to calls.

    Thank you.

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    Had been there just before Covid closures, is it still open? Heard from non-ISG folks it was closed for a long time last year. Much beyond lockdown.

    Quote Originally Posted by NitKur  [View Original Post]
    Anybody try Roots spa in Mwaram of late?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptchaSucks  [View Original Post]

    It's been a wonderful 1 year of ISG for me. And it's probably time to take a break from it all, at least for a while. I hear it's unhealthy for the mind, LOL.

    Thought I'd share a few of my favorites. No one's perfect, everyone's got their quirks.

    Bum and HJ: Pooja from MTD. If you're into a nice massage and a good happy ending, you're probably missing out if you haven't met her yet.

    BJ and Rimming: Tika from Bolgatty Care. She's super gentle. Yeah she talks a lot but it's only the first time. I enjoy meeting her all the time.

    VFM bang: Pooja BTM. Used to meet her regularly during lockdown. Sadly she stopped banging but she has women in rotation, mostly bong girls..
    Good pointers mate.

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    Tips for Mysore

    Hello guys,

    As I am in Mysore for few days.

    Any tips or contact will be great help.


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    Ms are at TTT Spa

    Visited the famous TTT spa in Kamanahalli. Did a walk-in and the NE chick at the counter recommended Ms. Are (line in Hindi). She was friendly and the rooms were fairly clean with attached bath. In walked Me are, a tall chubby NE. She gave a good massage and was very friendly. Chatted her up and made a lot of jokes. Halfway into the massage broached the subject of extras. She said HJ + TA was available. I said I am regular here and usually get BBBJ here. She declined saying she was a virgin and has never done BJ in her life. Settled on HJ + TA. She was smiling and cooperative all the time. Allowed full access to her huge soft boobies. Sucked them to my hearts content. She also allowed me to finger her kitty for a while too. Overall a pleasant experience as she was always smiling and nice. The only put off was the big tummy which I ignored.

    Negotiated 1 K counter charge for 45 mins and paid 700 bucks to Ms. R inside. She asked for 1 K which I said I will pay if she gives BBBJ. Maybe next time she said.

    I read in another brothers FR that he usually takes Ms. Jen. Can any brother share information about what services are offered by Ms J? Does she do BJ or FS? And what are her rates?

    Keep mongering.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptchaSucks  [View Original Post]

    It's been a wonderful 1 year of ISG for me. And it's probably time to take a break from it all, at least for a while. I hear it's unhealthy for the mind, LOL.

    Honestly, captcha sucks.
    Good to have known you buddy. Have a great sabbatical!

    And yeah, captcha does suck!

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    Pay for video call?

    Quote Originally Posted by SugarD01  [View Original Post]
    She quoted 7 K for 2 shots and 2 K for video call. To be doubly sure, I went for video call for 1 K.

    She is old ugly lady with shaggy jugs, nothing near to pics on MR. Complete waste of time and money.
    You should have just let it go, it was a red flag when she asked to pay for video call.

    Anyways good job by posting about it, itl help others.

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    A no from me

    Quote Originally Posted by Taddap  [View Original Post]
    Was exploring the site and see rut and Naina to be good looking. How is their service? Feedback please guys.
    I didn't like the looks of Ruth, the pictures are complete opposite of how she looks she has some scars on body and face has lot of acne. And to top that she is manipulative. I tried B2B, the massage was different she doesn't know to massage but gets naked and does some sensual stuff and the B2B was intimate but wouldn't call it a massage.

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    Sarjapura any SP / INDI?


    Just now located to near Sarjapura town. Wonder is there anybody has any exp in this area. Please do share.


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    M spa HSR

    All the therapists have changed here. I have tried a new gal Mona. Asking 1 k for HJ and 2 k for touching. Tried negotiating, but was not coming down. Told no thanks and came out.

    Quote Originally Posted by NeverFg  [View Original Post]
    You can try mksha wllnss in hsr. Extras are available but you have to negotiate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamzIndia  [View Original Post]
    Damn. This is how the price is getting hiked at Bangalore. MTD is a budget spa with tips between 500 to 1000 maximum. 500 to 700/ max for HJ plus TA.


    Look at my previous posts asking for help being a newbie.

    The problem is no body helps when asked for suggestion but seniors jump in only to cribble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoniG  [View Original Post]
    Gleeden is waste. I wasted close to 5 k should have taken SA membership. There coin system looks better at first but is expensive then SA. Send a message 5 coins so you can send message to 12 for 60 coins and that's is 3 k. But if you see some one online and start chat, it takes 4 coin but next day you need to pay the same to start discussions with same persion.

    And regarding profile, only few has profile pics. There are many 30+. Some of them reply, some of them don't.

    I found, three who are geniune. And they happen to be known WG already discussed but with different name. So no success there. Number of profiles are less too. So you need to spend more coin to hit some good one.

    As per the one girl there are many guys with girls profile. It is free for girl to send and read messages. So not easier to find geniune ones.
    Thank you. I was tempted to take the subscription as it was less compared with SA. But again compared to SA, this has a lot of limitations when it comes to spending the coins.

    Will pass on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baley  [View Original Post]
    I had tried Naina recently. She is good looking dusky babe with a nice tall figure. Gave a very good fully nude B2B, in fact it was one of the best I have had till date. Great body slides and nice use of her boobs. Might provide FS for repeat but mentioned she charges extra.

    Happy and safe mongering.

    Thanks mate, what is the additional tips / damage for B2B / FS with her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YesThrill  [View Original Post]

    Please just ensure extra tip prices are not hiked, MTD has been economical MP for many of us all here.
    What is the usual tip for BJ + topless at mtd?

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    MILF Roopa

    Can somebody please share the contact of MILF Roopa, I can reciprocate well and now much well in Mumbai and Delhi as well.

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