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    Anyone actually needing to use Cali service can easily decode my post

    Quote Originally Posted by WsgRahul  [View Original Post]
    Mention the name at least so that others won't repeat same mistake you did.
    Anybody who checks Cali profiles will know.

    TIP: My title has it.

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    Shalom spa

    Can anyone confirm, Kanchan from Murugeshpaly spa does give inside top access?

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    Clarification needed

    Do Senior Members also required to pay yearly subscription fee to avail PM facility?

    Please clarify senior folks.


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    I have extended help to as many friends who sent PM, but have not any good experience so far.

    Request friends on this forum to share any good references around south Bangalore.


    P.S: thanks in advance.

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    Saumya AKA Manisha Medical Student intruduced by BlrSugarDad

    Folks back in game after long and want to start where I left. Is Soumya. Manisha. Or a new alias. Is she still available. Appreciate if any of the fellows could share. Digits.

    Quote Originally Posted by MalluMacha  [View Original Post]
    Wow. So that's a grand total of 4 inde Divyas, and counting! BBW medical student Divya (introduced here by BlrSugarDad) also uses the alias Manisha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBlack0070  [View Original Post]
    Hi buddy,

    First of all I am no one to comment on her looks. Apologies for doing that.

    My opinion is she is plump and has dusky to dark complexion. (Again sorry).

    My first time in MTD was with her and she has everything on plate but I didn't feel like taking anything other than.

    TA + HJ for 500 bucks.

    There are many other birds you can try out.

    If you are into high quality massage and only want a HJ then go with Marcy. (,She will not do anything else so don't budge her mood. If you are lucky she may give you a TA at max).
    Marcys boobs are firm and awesome (but medium size) with medium size nips that are firm but without any stretch marks or any blemishes and smooth as silk and she is clean though she is not very cute in looks than some other birds there (for some reason her makeup especially the way her eyebrows were, turned me off a bit for some reason. I had a good time last week but as the other bro mentioned she did not seem to be interested in B2 B or FS straight away. I was able to strike good conversation with her and she said she liked guys who are jovial and not silent and serious. She was cooperative to some extent but I think since it was my first time with her she didn't go much further though she allowed sucking as mush as I wanted and asked me to book her next time too. But as you mentioned there are other birds who offer much more with much less effort. MTD have raised the charges though. I was told that its 1.5 k for 60 minutes now and 2. 2 for 90 minutes (the one opposite on 1st floor is charging 1800 for 90 minutes) and extras are available though the petite one with blonde hair that had name starting with P has left I heard.

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    Cali review

    Sapna and Ritu are seasoned in this field, you getting FS from therm is more than other 2.

    I haven't tried Erick but based on feedback I don't think you will get it. Soniya is too petite, even B2 B is not recommended with her.

    Caution: Do not go by pics. All pics are photoshopped.

    Quote Originally Posted by UniversalCrazy  [View Original Post]
    Hello fellow mongers,

    Who among the following provides FS in Cali.

    1) Sapna.

    2) Erick.

    3) Soniya.

    4) Ritu.

    Thanks in advance!

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    SP Priya active?

    Is Priya active? Number ending with 506. Can someone provide feedback on her den and chicks? Damage, vfm, etc. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrundleFly78  [View Original Post]
    I second your opinion Bro! Manvi was the best you could get. Pure fun with no strings attached. Total Paisa Vasool!

    Sad for us that she quit but her husband will be one hell of a lucky guy! She had told me that she will swallow during CIM & do anal only for her husband. Sigh.


    It's really sad for us. Will need to wait for some other gem to be unearthed. I feel boyfriend / husband of lot of polished WG such as Bips Shetty etc are lucky chaps. They are all nymphomaniacs and would be getting all their fantasies fulfilled.

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    Cali review please

    Hello fellow mongers,

    Who among the following provides FS in Cali.

    1) Sapna.

    2) Erick.

    3) Soniya.

    4) Ritu.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manishk012  [View Original Post]
    Edit of previous post. Hi Mates, Anybody know any SI Therapist with strong and Wide Palm. Let me know. Thanks.
    Try any Kerala ayurvedic massage centres. You will get your strong massage by a SI.

    P.S.: you will get your massage done by a man. That seems like your preferences. If not close your eye and imagine your favourite girl.

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    Mention the name at least so that others won't repeat same mistake you did

    Mention the name at least so that others won't repeat same mistake you did.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramher6978  [View Original Post]
    This is just to share my experience with door step spa recently. Had selected a therapist, not a looker and very talkative. Was able to pick her up on time and rates were all as usual.

    Not a great massage. Average pressure.

    Only thing I liked she gave a good bum massage with rubbing the crack for a long time. Asked for rimming she denied.

    Will not repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChooseChoosy  [View Original Post]
    Hi could you share the spa name.
    Hey brother,

    Yeah, could you share the name of the spa?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SugaryBatman  [View Original Post]
    I've had Hammam before but not in Bangalore. You basically lie down on a table and get your entire body scrubbed with some kind of scrub mixed with soap and you also get washed with water. Beware the technique is usually rough to exfoliate and not pleasant IMO. I had it done by a good looking NE but by the time I was done with the bath, my skin was kind of itchy and my dispo was wet. The scrub was all over my body. I was definitely not in the mood for extras. All I wanted was a good long shower to get rid of that scrub and itch.

    YMMV but 7 k ain't worth it IMO.
    Thanks for the info. I took the basic massage and had a look around of the env and other therapists. No gal looks good. Will be staying away from this place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChooseChoosy  [View Original Post]
    Hi could you share the spa name.
    The name sounds similar to Karishma.

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