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    P (Moti) Spa Kora

    TL; DR: 1.5 k counter + 2.5 K (Masseur).

    Face - 7/10.

    Body - 9/10.

    Service - 10/10 (BJ, B2B, DFK, DATY).

    Massage - 4/10.

    Ambience. Ok Ok.

    WIR. Yes.

    Long Version.

    Visited the P spa yesterday. Was assigned Miss J (rhymes with famous yesteryear Bollywood actress). She claimed she from Manipur.

    Once in, she said for you the dispo is short, I said take it off, Miss. She said don't hesitate, just speak your mind. I was like LOL, yeah, I know.

    15 min into the massage, she started giving hints by venturing in the restricted areas. Asked her what she has in her mind, she asked what you need. She offered HJ with Top Access, I denied and asked for B2B + BJ. After sparing couple of minutes, she turned off the lights & came on top of me & whispered "What will pay me?. I said grab my wallet & take whatever you can find. She was shocked & thought I'm going to offer her just few pennies, but she took 2.5 k from the 3 K I had. Since it was first time with her, I let her take it as I expected a good service. Bashers can revert.

    Trust me, it was amazing from a spa standard & I was almost on the verge of penetrating her sadly I did not had the see. She was wet & offered DATY. I asked her to clean herself & I provided the pleasure she needed. BTW, she is 20 yo & just 2 weeks into the business so it was like cherishing a raw fruit.


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    Bro, Is it Ruth or Ritu

    Bro, Is it Ruth or Ritu.

    Quote Originally Posted by RajRiya  [View Original Post]
    Meet Ruth in California, she is just amazing, with everything, just loved her ass it's feel like heaven, here Booby are amazing nipple, and she is very hygienic person with good service just loved it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicious25  [View Original Post]
    What is SA?
    Seeking app bro.

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    [[Non-English text deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited to remove text not in English. While I encourage contributions from all volunteers, the Forum is an English-only website. Please do not post reports in any language other than English. If you wish to post text in any language other than English, then please include a full English translation.Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floyds  [View Original Post]
    Well you seem to be the one who've triggered this storm in here. Not sure of your intentions. Good or bad. But then didn't it strike that you can't post a picture of a woman without her consent. If you did then why so much of hassles. Looking at your history you seem to be a senior member but then your actions are contradictory. And this is exactly why I read comments of people complaining or wining about b'lore forum. Cheers!
    Sadly, you are wrong here. Reports with photos are welcome for future mongers to take informed decision to indulge with that WG or not, specially considering many many rosy and superlative reports about ugly horrible looking dumps. Nandini, divya, preeti BTM girl and many more in the years I have spent here and in mongering world. Plus the forum administrator is very clear, photos of women are allowed. And when a girl enters trade and shares pics, its at her own peril, with a risk of pics coming in public domain! Who are you and I to object? While the good old adage beauty lies in the eyes of beholder maybe true, there's a universal lower threshold to beauty. Almost all these girls are below that threshold. We as humans always tend to justify the bad choices we make, and therefore many rosy FRs about these less than acceptable looks Wgs.

    So whatever your grouse be with the photo poster, photos are always welcome for future prospective customers of the WG to take an informed decision. You will learn this going forward, if you are not experienced enough yet (if I go by your # of posts, I may be wrong). Afterall its hard earned (I guess) money we give, so we deserve some quality both in looks and service.

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    Not worth

    Quote Originally Posted by VictorStar  [View Original Post]
    Got her no from fellow monger who took from MR. Name was sagrika.

    Planned to meet but couldn't as she was busy with her brother's wedding. Few days before wedding she agreed to meet for 10 k. Told at max I can give only 8 k with room and moved on.
    I'd rather donate that 8 K instead of spending on this ugly one. What's wrong in Bangalore these days!

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    Jimmy's number


    Can someone share Jimmy's contact. I have lost it.

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    Just checked. Not its not the Diana which is currently there in MR.

    Quote Originally Posted by HotBamboo  [View Original Post]
    Is the same Diana. At kammnah.

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    Need help with inde contacts


    Been a silent reader for years on this forum, recently took subscription.

    Can any kind senior share inde local contacts either Kannada or Telugu, would love to start experience with local inde for full night. I tried reaching one senior directly over PM but didn't work.

    Budget is not an issue for now, but I promise to keep price low.

    Thanks in advance.

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    How do we reach her?

    Quote Originally Posted by SamGreenValley  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    Heard a positive news that Manya from Delhi (quite discussed on this forum before) is back in Bangalore once again. Pic attached for reference.
    Have read positive about her services. Can you DM her digits? & ref?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamalify  [View Original Post]
    Hey everyone,

    Very new to this awesome forum. L always wanted to bang a heavenly Muslim chick. My bday is in a week wanted to make it a memorable one. So please any kind seniors help me out and fulfill my wish with the best one I can try.

    Place doesn't matter. I'm even willing to travel for the same.

    Will share & kickoff my ISG journey with that report.

    Thank you all so much!
    Did you get any leads? Have PMed you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RajRiya  [View Original Post]
    Meet Ruth in California, she is just amazing, with everything, just loved her ass it's feel like heaven, here Booby are amazing nipple, and she is very hygienic person with good service just loved it.
    Ruth is hygienic, but this review is over hyped. And the photos are heavily edited. There are lots of black marks on her body. B2B and FS is not up to the mark. There are better options are available at California. One of the best therapist at California was Christine, but unfortunately she is not working anymore there.



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    Has anyone sampled Ruth?

    Was planning on taking her service! Any advice?

    Quote Originally Posted by VictorStar  [View Original Post]
    LOL I seriously wish this was not posted by Ruth herself. LOL.

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    Not sure. Share profile?

    I tried to search but couldn't. Yes she stays in kammanh.

    Quote Originally Posted by HotBamboo  [View Original Post]
    Is the same Diana. At kammnah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotBamboo  [View Original Post]
    Mate, please can you share her digits.

    I tried but failed because I don't have a subscription. Just keep looking for hints on this and my next FR.

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