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    Metro Spa

    Quote Originally Posted by Crazyblr  [View Original Post]
    Everyone provides FS. They charges 5 K total for FS.
    Not everyone provides FS. Some provide only HJ with top / bottm access and some B2 B. Only few provide FS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarterBlaster  [View Original Post]
    Hey Brother,

    A genuine warning. Enthuer bro has been a good story writer in this forum. Not sure if contacts have been shared.

    Don't be disappointed is all I can say in case you don't get anything in return.

    Please educate me if someone has got contacts from Enthuer bro I'll personally apologise him for this post!

    He's the Arse hole in this forum. Don't believe him. Only fake FR's and a contact collector.

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    HSR spas

    Vegas nothing other than good massage. Been there couple of times and clearly asked. Bluntly denied all time.

    Nira yes definitely when there were thai therapists. Have not visited after lockdown. Counter charges are high.

    Try the ones near SS apartment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tubelite  [View Original Post]

    Any reviews on these spa's. Have anyone got extra's. Kindly share feedback. 1. Moksha-spa 2. Nira-spa 3. Vegas-spa. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SandyCkm  [View Original Post]
    Posting after long time. Had stopped mongering from March due to fear of corona. Finally tried it after long wait.

    This was a Punjabi girl suggested by SP Aliya. Lucky contact indeed.

    She gave nice girl friend experience with 2 shots. No BJ.

    Budget: 7 k (excluding hotel).
    Hi bro,

    Will be grateful if you could please share her contact. Even if you share the contact of the SP will manage.

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    Very useful

    Please check out this link. I used this link to buy bitcoins and then send it to ISG. Instead of Rs 3000 amount, I used 2500.

    Enjoyed reading your spa adventures.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pankajj  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    Logged into the forum after a long gap of years. Tried posting, not sure why the post is not visible for first time. I was active in the scene and managed to monger on my own. My mongering is limited to nagarbhavi and hebbal around areas as I don't like traveling. Here are my few encounters.

    Spa close to nagarbhavi circle near a famous hotel:

    Visited at least 4 times. They have one NI and couple of SIs. Have taken all. NI is the cutest I ever had. Counter charges are always 1. 5 k. Girls charges 1 k for HJ and TA. Sure shot place.

    Spa at the nagarbhavi circle (exactly):

    They just have SIs. Avg massage skills. Visited 2 times with different girls. No extras. Must be avoided. Paid 1 k both the time.

    Spa on mudalapalya road above sweets shop:

    They have only SIs. Visited 2 times. Got extras both the times. Counter charges 1 k. 1 k to the girls. Only HJ and top access. Once convinced a girl for 2 hjs. Will visit here again.

    Spa near the attiguppe metro opposite kanva.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Intercourser  [View Original Post]
    Still haven't received any response from any of the indies. Only Shreya from MR has replied. Her prices seem high and I'm only willing to pay higher than 10 k only for bips or pencil. I usually prefer someone who isn't a clock watcher.

    Any recent FR on Menaka Raj, Angelina Angela or Manasa Rao?
    Menaka Raj asks advance. So didn't met. Never pay advance, that's the rule. I learned it the hard way.

    Manasa if you are meeting in your place, then not a time watcher. Her place it depends on her in-laws. She will be hurry if they are out and coming back. But she is a worth a try. Ready to entertain all of your fantasy.

    Not tried Angelina.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PumpUHard7  [View Original Post]
    You must be stinking rich bro. LOL. No offense please.
    Haha, new monger bro. I tried to nego as much as possible. Would appreciate any seniors sharing any independent NI contacts / good SPs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnB2020  [View Original Post]
    Met her today. 3 shots for 7 k not bad services, she tries, but nothing to crave for!
    You must be stinking rich bro. LOL. No offense please.

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    Some Recent FRs

    I was super busy in some work stuff and personal stuff. Wifey got high on period and one friend jokingly said we all monger and she was in full blown divorce mode. Anyways we all are super lier manipulative bastards and period stays max 5-7 days on PCOD as well. So even tough I did my weekly ritual mongering but was fire fighting in both my firm and my long distance family.

    Sohpie Repeat: Last time I really enjoyed her. Booked her again. I came outside. Cali site was sucking as usual. So came eearly. Saw Sophie walking toward me. She was dressed in a black plazzo but on distance seemed like Burqa. I like those muslim girls. Super fair skin in a Burqa clad face just keeps my dick high. Though this was not Burqa, but looked super hot. Took her to room, service was like last time. General hard and soft massage. I asked her to bring some oil for endgame as well. We chit-chatted a lot, while she played with my dick. I just find it super horny when a girl just casually plays with my dick, looks at me and holds a normal conversation. Sophie is really good in that. Standard HJ at the end.

    Damage: 3 k.

    Next week again Booked Sophie. But she told she can only come if I take B2 be and pay her total 4 k. Okay, sometime I think with my dick, specially on Friday and Saturday, but not on Thursdays. I told her bye bye. Then booked Christine. Told my requirement that I want GFE and cuddling and foreplay and no B2 be. She was not fine. Fuck you. So contacted one old spa girl who used to work in a old spa. She is a mallu lady, and as all mallus very horny also. Surprisingly she told she will be nearby next day, so offered her all in 1800. She agreed. Also asked her to dress in Saree. She cam ein a while + blue combo dress. Started with a decent bum massage. Teasing between butts on penis. Regular massage happend for 30 minutes. Then I asked her to sit beside me and cuddle. She herself started with DFK. Now It was a very passionate DFK, while she was playing with my dick the whole time. Overall it was great only issue was conversation was in English and I like dirty talking in hindi or bengali. I am bad in english overall. But carried on. Lot of foreplay and cleavage licking. I asked her to give me footjob a bit. She stood and give, felt, weird, then she herself told, long ago she gave it to her husband and did that technique. She sat beside me, wrapped her legs on my dick and kept them upping and downing. Felt a logistic issue, I recall in porn people usually use lotions. Okay lesson learnt for next time. But it was not the end. Next I asked for natural lotion. I asked her ptolitely that can she give me a BJ. She was hesitant a bit then then agreed. Damn, one of the best BBJ experience in my life. She was playing with ball and at the same time licking my dick head. Then did the up-down deep throating kind of thing. Went for some time. Then she came to kiss me, it felt weird as just before she gave me BJ. But who cares. Then 1 hour was almost over and she started finishing with HJ.

    Damage: 1800.

    Tomorrow I have another in plan lets see how it goes. Also my flatmate is leaving and I will be in BLR till 10th Oct. So if any mongerer friend whom I personally know in whatsapp and want to monger at my place and follows some simple rules, whatsapp me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustiKyzer  [View Original Post]
    15 k for afros is wayyyy too high LOL.

    Negotiate for 3-4 k they usually come down to that price.
    Met her today. 3 shots for 7 k not bad services, she tries, but nothing to crave for!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeheheReddy  [View Original Post]
    I contacted her for outcall quoting 15 k, what's her usual rate?

    Do anyone have her photo please PM me.
    15 k for afros is wayyyy too high LOL.

    Negotiate for 3-4 k they usually come down to that price.

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    Spa's in and around hsr


    Any reviews on these spa's. Have anyone got extra's. Kindly share feedback. 1. Moksha-spa 2. Nira-spa 3. Vegas-spa. Thanks.

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    New monger, little experience, super thankful!

    Hey guys,

    I am relatively a new monger in town, created this account today. Have been reading FRs and getting helpful leads from this forum. Thanks to all the contributors.

    Via this forum, I have explored FB couples (pencil too, around March this year). Explored a few sites like MR, Mingle 2, and few MPs nearby (hennur). Thanks and please keep the support flowing. Will try to contribute towards the forum and help others too.

    I realise that mongering scene is getting quite expensive in Bangalore vs. Delhi (minor experience there). Would love for seniors to share any Indie especially NI contacts in Bangalore. I realise that us newbies exploring contacts leads to high payouts for these ladies and in the long term take prices up! Let's be united and help each other and ensure VFM remains in the market! Welcome your thoughts.

    P.S. working on getting a subscription. Even buying Bitcoins requires a lot of account verifications!

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    PM activated

    Surprised at how fast the admins activated my account. Would like to thank them for that.

    I'm looking to reopen my mongering account again. Would like to share what I'm looking for on this forum.

    I prefer desi women.

    If someone can guide me towards spa / MP having hot SI / NI, I'd be grateful. The thing I like about spa is the anticipation phase and the possibility of meeting the girls outside spa.

    If you can provide me any contact of SP who offers local SI girls and NI, that would be really helpful as well.

    FB Indies haven't replied. Manasa asking for 12 k for 2 hours of GFE.

    Also looking to start mongering using the dating apps. Any tips would be welcomed. If you are OK with sharing any non-pro women that you have met via a dating app, then please do it!

    Thanks for taking your time to read this post.

    My PM has been activated. Please feel free to help me.

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    Clear your inbox buddy

    Can't PM you. Clear your inbox please.

    Quote Originally Posted by Enthuer  [View Original Post]
    Got a good spa with 3 SIs in man ga la. Tried two of them.

    First: Tamil.

    The therapist was too hot. She was wearing a tight top. At the end of the massage, made me nude and gave a slow HJ with TA.

    Second: Kannadiga.

    Avg looks. Avg massage. Gave HJ at the end of the massage for 20 minutes.

    I can share this for any spa with SI, NI therapist. (No NE please) Please mention name of the therapist. Will reciprocate the same.

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