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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsMark  [View Original Post]
    Since when did Facebook start asking ID proofs! Anyway, you can check other sites like MR. Massage republic (Afros, Piyaa) and Mewe (Manasa Rao and others).
    It was surprising when I got the notification, but it does occur.

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnyGaddar13  [View Original Post]
    Yes it's in english and starts with "S". It is very new spa may be just 2 weeks since opening so not sure it is available on NB.
    Can we get more hints.

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    Bee NA

    Quote Originally Posted by Rajvij  [View Original Post]
    Is this same Beena who was in va. And. La spa in new bale rode? Can you provide contact or link of the blog. I was searching for her contact. Can anyone pm the detail or spa where she is put up now. Would appreciate. Thanks in advance. Raj.
    She is the one from Dutch spa. Can share her number.

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    Manasa rate

    Quote Originally Posted by MohitJais  [View Original Post]

    Both girls are reviewed in past and they are not the worth they quote. Both take around 15 k or so for 2. Manasa is ugly but heard she is kinky. Not at all VFM IMO. If you need vfm girls, try to search in spa and get some leads from there.
    I could not met her due to changes in schedule, but had negotiated it to 5 k for 1 HR. This was around 5 months back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyLoon  [View Original Post]
    Going to be visiting in a few weeks for business.

    A lot of posts seem to be from people who already know what's up in the area.

    I see posts regarding facebook, but I don't have an account.

    I tried to create one, but FB asked for ID verification.

    I prefer my anonymity.

    Would someone share some info to start with? Sites (other than facebook?

    I'm used to Asia, where you could even find action in the hotel spa or get an outcall.

    Something easy for a first timer.

    I rarely travel.
    Since when did Facebook start asking ID proofs! Anyway, you can check other sites like MR. Massage republic (Afros, Piyaa) and Mewe (Manasa Rao and others).

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    I told the Bangalore brothers to be cautious of possible LE activities in city in my yesterday's post.

    Quote Originally Posted by DudeMi98  [View Original Post]

    Bro yesterday's news. Raid at Koramangala.

    Be careful guys.

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    No use, total waste

    No use, it's total waste of money.

    Quote Originally Posted by BloreHunter  [View Original Post]
    I'm waiting at relatively new spa at least to me. (expm nagar).

    Please wish of good session.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DudeMi98  [View Original Post]

    Bro yesterday's news. Raid at Koramangala.

    Be careful guys.
    Feb and March, LE actions will. Be always high. Better stay Way from MP'S. Still if you want to visit spas better opt for high end spas.



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    Interested in cam. Beware of these 2 profiles. Sexy Sam and Divya from MR

    Quote Originally Posted by Gentleman12  [View Original Post]
    He has this profile on Mumbai MR also as angel Mona. If you check the review posted in question section it is from same ID. Puri Prakash or ms Dhoni. He must have played recorded video.

    I have mentioned earlier about a genuine housewife profile Swathi, her charges are also less. But her profile is not paid but you can find her on Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, I think almost all cities on MR. I think she provides watersports and hardsports also for extra charges on cam.
    One brother had reported about Simi and all being fake. But that guy has come up with another fake profile. Sexy Sam and Divya. In MR. So beware. Every time someone is able to post reviews on MR which is tough. He changes the profile. Don't be tempted by the pics. And lose money.

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    Bad choice, hairdo k'halli

    I read an old FR from 2018 on hair do, k'halli in hurry and went ahead as I had free time to enjoy. It said the monger has never left the spa without extras. Also another monger mentioned about B2B and BBJ at 1.3 k or so.

    Disappointment started from reception itself. It was a fat NE with weird eyes and a fat SI. Was hoping at least the therapist will be good. Bargained counter charges to 1.7 k from 2 k. She wrote a bill. Then I saw a board, professional. No tips. Thought it is for formality and was hoping FR still holds good.

    Receptionist took me to the room which has curtains and no doors. Holy shit I felt. Thought will make excuse and leave back but didn't want a mess as she had written off a bill too. And jhonny's excitement just ended and went to hibernation right away.

    Stripped to dispo and lied down with a towel on dispo. A short NI came and covered me with a longer, bigger sheet on top of that and then removed towel. Now I was clear that I am not going to get extras.

    Her hands came nowhere near to inner thighs or bum. When she asked to flip, I asked for bum massage and she said politely that it's professional only and no bum massage. I decided it's time to go to sleep. I let her do whatever she wanted and waited for her to wake me up. Cleaned up and left.

    WIR, no. Nowadays, I want to go to spa with extras or to upscale spa for good massage. No intermediate ones without extras. I think most mongers are of same opinion.

    Let me know if someone got lucky here.

    Lady from Water spa above linen world had called few days ago saying they have new therapists. But their numbers were not reachable today.

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    Got it

    Ok so that's the fuss about. Not been to Delhi forum for a while. I will agree too that Delhi is a wonderful forum. Guys are quite open, but I think it's unfair to compare the two cities. The market is quite different. The reason why most people are hesitant to share here is the fear that prices will be jacked up. But in a market like Delhi where the supply is so abundant that fear is minimum.

    In fact in Delhi you don't need a lot of help. Literally I walked into a random spa and was able to bang a twenty year old good looking girl for a total cost of 2 k.

    Someday Bangalore will also reach that level.

    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyDuck1208  [View Original Post]
    There was someone in Delhi forum praising the forum saying that people share contacts unlike Bangalore and gave that as an example.

    For all you know, it might be someone sucking up so that he gets contacts shared. Written words do not show emotion, so it is difficult to judge the intent of posts.

    There was a fight in Kolkata forum sometime back with people accusing each other. Delhi had the outsiders and insiders arguments recently. None of us are saints, if we were we would not be on ISG. LOL!!

    Enjoy what comes your way and chill guys.

    Safe mongering!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HailRider  [View Original Post]
    Nice flex. Now PM me some details.
    Money talks bro. The kind of ball I had today was just mind boggling. If I just post the pics here with face covered so many will masturbate for days, LOL. Now to be real honest, this kind of crowd is not meant for the 2 wheeler group. Where they count every penny. My philosophy in life. Make good money and enjoy to fullest. Who really knows about re-birth etc? We get this life only once. Have the best if the best provided your pockets support you, why run behind the cheap CSWs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomaRas180  [View Original Post]
    Is the pic attached of Sunita from jenny den. Can any body confirm.
    Yes, she is but nowhere near the pics shared in looks.

    Service is OK.

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    Caution. Spa raid

    Bro yesterday's news. Raid at Koramangala.

    Be careful guys.

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    New spa

    I'm waiting at relatively new spa at least to me. (expm nagar).

    Please wish of good session.

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