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    Please share her digits.

    Hello BlackTornado7,

    I have read your reviews on afro Leena & Diana and would like to try them too as I had some good experience with Afros in the past.

    Can you share the digits? Your inbox is full.

    Will reciprocate with some Afro contacts I have.


    Quote Originally Posted by BlackTornado7  [View Original Post]
    Wanted to have a decent session so tried contacting this one very VFM contact. Fixed the session and it was pretty good as usual. This woman was in lingerie and wanted to have some action madly. Pretty clean and decent tight pussy and have a safe place of her own what else can you get in 2 k in a place like Bangalore. Stop wasting money on aunties seriously and give Afro a shot for real sessions.

    Nothing more to add as I have reviewed her in detail.

    Great Exp in 2 k.

    Ass: 7/10.

    Pussy: 9/10.

    BJ: 8/10.

    Boobs: 7/10.

    VFM: 11/10.

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    Help with Indie MILFS Contacts.

    Hi folks,

    I want to try out an Indie MILF next weekend.

    Can some one help me with the contacts?

    Will post the FR and reciprocate if I get any new contacts.

    My PM is open.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Urgent: Need help in Bangalore


    I m in Bangalore for a day. I'm a regular monger in Chennai and Mumbai. In Blr for a day on Monday. Appreciate any good inde / SP contact. Will reciprocate with Chennai and mum ones. Prefer younger and petite ones.

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    Question on the FB Names.

    Quote Originally Posted by NewExp  [View Original Post]
    Guys any suggestion or review on the FB couple? Planning to meet.
    Is there a rule to no post the FB Profile Names?

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    Back again. Need some contacts. Will return the favour.

    Hello guys,

    I am back to love mongering after a break.

    I would appreciate if somebody can PM me some Outcall contacts.

    I will return the favour.


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    New type of fraud

    Guys. A new type of fraud is being introduced by Some ISGians here. Those are the people unfortunately don't understand the actual point of a forum. I am verifying this back ans shall report back on this.



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    Sar Raj FB couple

    Guys any suggestion or review on the FB couple? Planning to meet.
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    Need more details about the Spas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lalu111  [View Original Post]
    Most of the spas in Sanjay Nagar and New BEL road offer FS. Also the Sony signal Ayur spa is a sure shot place. One behind Sanjay Nagar P.S. At the corner offers 3 some also. They do not have massage tables but mattresses on the floor with latches on the doors and attached bath rooms but little expensive. Good Luck.
    Hello Lalu111,

    Please tell me the names of the Spas in North Bangalore offering FS? You can PM me. I tried sending you one but your capacity is full.

    Which therapist to ask for and are they as clean and hygienic as O2 or the Thai spa?

    Let me know if you need any Indie contact and your taste so that I can help accordingly.


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    Memories of Rain. Please PM whereabouts of NI therapist.

    Good NIs. The sultry variety are not very easy to find in Namma Bengaluru. There used to be a therapist "Rain" at the "Queens Country" Spa on Double Road Indiranagar. She had fantastic breasts. Nice and juicy with nipples that beckoned. I think she was NI or maybe Maharashtrarian. Unfortunately she left and obviously the spa will not say where she went, neither will the other therapists.

    She had a way of seducing that gave me a hard on. She used to wear a low cut top and when she bent down to wash your feet pre-massage, she gave you an eyeful for a good amount of time. YOu could see the tops and more than three-fourths of those juicy breasts. Then she would look up, straight into your eyes and say with a smile "accha lag raha hai?" pretending she was asking about the foot wash. She knew exactly where your eyes were, and the effect those boobs had on your dick. She was a MILF, but hot. I don't fancy MILFs but this one's breasts and teasing gave me masturbation material for days!

    Any idea where she is now? If someone dies know the answer, please PM only.

    May we find her soon. Or may we find someone similar. I was reminded of this "rain" woman as I was chatting with another fellow ISG monger.


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    Spa Koramangala.

    Hi all,

    While I was on a business travel to Bangalore (had few great experience in Mumbai too, will share soon), I went to a Spa in Koramangala. Its a small and nice setup with approx 5 rooms and place was decent in terms of maintenance. I was allocated miss A and wow what a beauty she was. She was slim and quite good looking however for boobs lover please avoid as its small (really small). Her forefather is from Tibet and she has been working in Bangalore for last 1 yr. Her English was amazing as compared to Northeaster girls I have had till now. It was a above average massage for first 30 mins with enough hints like bum massage without being asked for etc. And it was fun to talk to her on variety of topics (she had great awareness of various things happening which made it quite fun to talk to). Finally when I turned around question of extra popped up and we agreed on 1. 5 k for B2B after few minutes of negotiation (I think I slightly overpaid but seeing her beautiful face I was fine actually). Her body was perfect and warm which made the cuddling fun. Sucked her small boobs to my heart content and she was very cooperative however no DFK. Fingered her for 5-10 minutes while she was stroking my jonny. My jonny was the first one to give up. Had a bath and headed back to my hotel. Indi scene is poor here but had a great experience in this SPA which I look forward to repeat.

    Face 9/10.

    Boobs 2/10.

    GFE 8/10.

    DFK 0/10.

    WIR? Yes certainly on my next visit to this SPA but might try a different girl next time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JackTR  [View Original Post]
    Yes bro. I meant the same. Not fixated to any particular spa, I just like trying new places everytime. And thanks a lot for the warning. I'll look for another option. If there is any other place you recommend please do message me.
    The place is shitty. Those therapists are still there. But in different spas.



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    Can some one help me with contacts in Bangalore? Would like the try Afros if possible. Happy to reciprocate with Chennai contacts.

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    Me in K'mangala.

    I was in Blr for a day. Sent out a PM to a couple of Blr members, no response so after going through lot of FRs made my way to this spa in K-mangala. Which is another word for "I". Was assigned a Thai therapist whose name sounds like the month before June.

    Very average massage. From what I receive in Pune from Thais. No great skills. Cutting story short. Turned around, popped the usual Q she said 6 K for B2B. In my mind I said FO and told her I can only pay 1 K and we settled for a HJ with touching for 1.5. Very average, very mechanical, came fast, showered and left and told the counter as well that the service was nothing great.

    Be careful here, the counter will try to sell you other therapies. Like she sold to me a therapy called Speer mint. There was Nothing minty about it. And the oil smelled as good or as bad as regular olive oil. But she fleeced a 0. 5 K extra from me for that. I fell for it. You guys don't fall for it and waste your money.

    The room has no latches. The shower was OK. But by the end of the shower you will find yourself ankle deep in water. The drain was recently choked.

    Counter 2.8 after lot of haggling.

    Therapist 1.5.

    Very mediocre massage.

    WIR? May be to try other therapists with the usual aroma and not fall for their sales bull shit. Saw other attractive NE girls out there.

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    Cam session with loc girl.

    Hi all,

    This is bit old report. After many failed attempts in locanto found a genuine contact. Here goes report. She asked me to take demo. Confirmed and paid for main. Next 10 to 15 minutes is nice. She had good assets and fair color. Speaks Hindi and English bit.

    After this repeated girl for 5 to 6 sessions.


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    Feedback on bird?

    Got it from a known SP but wanted feed back on the quality of service.
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