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    Hi bro,

    How are you.

    Good to see you back on ISG after a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SbkBlr69  [View Original Post]
    Now I am avoiding few of my usual MP's for price up. I have 5-6 places there before no only 2 . Were I can get FS for 2.5 k, or BBJ for 1 k. Other place now they are asking 1.5 k for HJ or 2.5 k for HJ +TA. Now I am stopped sharing FR or contacts or info's, sorry for that.
    Well said buddy, this is why I had totally stopped sharing FR and contacts. Still I had shared contacts with couple of people whom I knew for a long time.



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    Spa Visit saga

    I tried this be Spa new branch in Ex-pm nagar. The receptionist offered NB and I opted for a Thai therapist.

    The room was decent with attached shower. In came therapist miss K in spandex. Her curves were inviting but her face was average. She began an average massage. A regular chit chat gave some direction and asked her to remove my dispo, which she responded positively.

    Her fingers on my balls asked on a special service to Johnny. I being less HJ enthusiast, asked for B2 B. The price and nego began and settled for 3 K. I prepaid and she was in no time stripped herself.

    I think that's where the spandex came handy! She did not remove her panty though.

    I demanded her to remove her panty and had to recall my KLPD at one spa where it was post-op. She obliged and removed. She began massaging Johnny with her average tits. She lubed mine and started grinding. My hands were reaching her cracks and feeling her soft tushy. She seemed worried on me not climaxing and was panicking. I told her to relax and asked her to place her tushy on my chest so that I can taste those soft cheeks. She did what I said but did not allow my fingers to enter her pussy. Finally, Johnny with touch of her tits came heavily. She dressed herself and finished the massage for the leftover time. She was happy and mentioned that she will not hurry next time (I took the shower, she helped my back and left.

    I also noticed that they have SI too. This not my frequent visit place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BangLust  [View Original Post]
    Got in touch with my provider who works in a * hotel and asked for the lady who blew me during our last action.

    For some reason, she again some how tried to provide other lady, but told her that I don't like this lady and want the same lady, I already met and expressed my mad love for her. After 1 weeks time, she obliged and quoted the same cost I paid last time for a day.

    Yesterday morning, met her at the designated spot and my hotty was on the way. The sp lady her self is hoott and I have tasted her once and shared her masked pic in my old FR. Sat opp. To her, was talking & glanzing thr her assets and told her that she is soo tempting and want to taste her next time, she smiled and said sure. By the time, my hoty has arrived in a black saree. She recognized me and exchanged a smile. My heart was beating heavily. Sp lady offered a hand shake, wished all the best with a mischievous smile and departed.

    I took hoty to my car and offered chocos and jasmine flower, I had bought already. She felt surprised to get jasmine & wore it and its mesmerizing fragrance with in the car, enhanced by a / see started arousing things inside. On the way, talked about work & personal life mutually and did not talk anything dirty restricting all those to imagination only..
    I already shared two indi contacts with you.

    Till now you not shared the digits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eshwy  [View Original Post]
    Hi Guys,

    Dolly shared this pic of a car. Can anyone give a review?

    Not good. Picture is photoshopped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smkd617  [View Original Post]
    Did anyone tried Manasa recently, she is posting very tempting pictures and Videos in Mewe recently. CIM, Anal not sure this is with everyone or she has a dedicated partner for these deeds. How to contact her, is it through her Gmail. What's the latest rates. Can anyone shed some lights.
    Just to save everyone their time in creating an account and finding her profile, here you go. FYI, to the people worried about consent, in the website she has uploaded far degrading photos of her own will and I am just copying the same shit here. Go check it out. One of my colleague contacted her long back and she / they only communicate through email.

    P. S: I saw her entire profile and still unable to understand the reaction she has received for each and every photo. My johnny went into shock after seeing those photos, I'm afraid she is not my cup of tea.
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    Why'Pur Spa recommendations.

    I am staying near y'Pur railway station. Johnny wants some action. Any good spas near this place? I have looked and there are quite a few spas in this area but not sure if any is monger friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzyBoy  [View Original Post]
    She is an old accomplice of Dolly. Kavya is her name. MILF in 30's.
    Thanks Bro. Any review of her service?

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    Bird from Dolly

    Hi Guys,

    Dolly shared this pic of a car. Can anyone give a review?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails PHOTO-2019-07-06-11-52-25.jpg‎  

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    Bat spa

    Knowing from past experience how difficult getting contacts here form the Bangalore forum is, I pinged some of the seniors in the Chennai forum in which I actively participate in. I cam to know that the Chennai forum famous BAT spa had one branch in Indiranagar, Bangalore. I booked an appointment and asked the therapist details to which she responded Thai, Bali, NE and NI. Booked the Bali (safe bet) and proceeded to the massage room. Had a good conversation and an excellent Balinese oil massage. I told her that I am a regular in Chennai branches and she got the hint as to what I am looking for. She then started teasing whenever she got near the bums and I responded by widening my legs to which she did more teasing. Flipped over and massaged fully, then the question of extras came up. I wanted a BJ but that was off the menu, agreed for 1 k for HJ plus back access (She had an amazing booty. Soft like a baby's). After 10 minutes, I came, went ahead with the shower and left.

    For those who don't know about this place, Its a pretty premium place where all therapists give very good massage (mostly) but price is also proportionate. The cleanliness of the spa and hygiene is top-notch.

    Damage - 2.5 k (counter) + 1 k (tips).

    WIR. For massage a BIG YES. I will maybe checkout another staff.

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    Hema Malini

    Could anyone help me with verifying this contact, her number ends with 114. I haven't contacted her, wanted to check with you all beforehand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewBie1992  [View Original Post]
    Are there any red light areas in Bangalore just like budhwar peth in Pune / kamathipura in Mumbai?

    Apart from that are there any pick up points where we can go, pickup girls and bring them to our place?

    Any Bros here if they have any info on this please shed some light.
    There are no such fixed places in Bangalore. Very rarely you may find some at trinity circle along the 5 star hotel compound or around cubbon road. Sometimes on hebbal before flyover on way to airport. Most of them are trannys very rarely a genuine girl who is reasonably clean.

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    Manasa Rao

    Did anyone tried Manasa recently, she is posting very tempting pictures and Videos in Mewe recently. CIM, Anal not sure this is with everyone or she has a dedicated partner for these deeds. How to contact her, is it through her Gmail. What's the latest rates. Can anyone shed some lights.

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    Fb girl, Sikita Sriya

    Wonder whether babes share this FB profile aS Fb talks about mangalore girl but turns out to be a Telgu girl!!However young babe, 24 yrs old, is always a treat for a change, notwithstanding that modern babes are too much into partying leading to unwanted tyre around waist! For 2 days was following up with her through messenger but seems busy and at last caught her up in afternoon at her friend's pad on Banerghatta road, Hulimavu. Babe is a graduate, cool girl, average height, average look but decent attitude, not a time watcher! In spite of professed rate on messenger, rendezvous turned out to be much cheaper as she felt that impressed by patience betrayed in handling talk with her.

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    Hats off to the price control intent!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bbdbbd  [View Original Post]
    Finally tried my hand at the Afro game. Went to the Judwaa pub which is infamous for Afros. There was an exodus from within during the closing time. Have to be careful. During the weekend, there are a lot of guys on bikes and in cars waiting for the same during the closing time of the pub. Pretty obvious.

    Anyway, talked to a petite Afro Laila and locked down for 2 k for a shot. She had her own place. How it works is that when the pub closes, there is a crowd of people, cars and bikes around the pub. Some are actively looking for action, the others are just jobless and are ogling at the WGs. Because there is a lot of focus on them, they move from one block to another. Very interestingly, the crowd of people, cars and bikes also moves with them. The pub closes at around 1230. The LE come at around 1. So mongers have a short window of opportunity to lock down a prey.

    Once locked down, it's a very interesting modus operandi. I locked down for 2 k one shot. She asked me for an advance of 1 k. Having read the forum, I was skeptical. Then I found out that they take an advance and sit in an auto and head home. You should follow the auto to the home. I reached her place and she asked me to follow her quietly. Got to her home, and her sister was there with another monger. Turns out, he didn't have cash, so he had to step out to withdraw from an ATM LOL. Meanwhile, Laila and I went into the bedroom of the small 1 bhk and got busy. She didn't waste any time in removing her clothes, and asking me to remove mine. However, when I asked her to remove her bra, she refused, and said that for that she needs more money. I didn't appreciate that. Anyway, she took off her panties, and played with junior to get his attention. As soon as he stood up, she covered him with a ribbed one. I was sitting on a thick mattress on the floor, and she sat on covered junior. Fucked for a couple of minutes while sitting. Then I asked her for missionary. Pounded her in miss for almost 15 minutes. I love that you can see the expressions on the face while doing miss. Personally, that's the position that gets me the deepest into her. Pounded the pussy like I paid for it (I did LOL). While I was pounding, I remember being surprised that I lasted so long, and still had more in the tank. I guess it's because the pussy wasn't tight at all. Pretty loose. Since I wasn't cumming in missionary (which was a surprise), we changed to doggy. Pounded her from behind, slapped her ass, made sure her sister heard in the hall. Also groped her petite boobs within the bra. She didn't object, or couldn't. After a surprisingly long jackhammer session, I finally cummed into the condom while doggy. She seemed relieved. I usually don't last that long. Definitely because of the loose kitty. Anyway, finished, cleaned up and went into the hall, so that her sister and the other monger can get busy in the room. Cleaned myself up in the restroom, and left. Had paid the remaining 1.5 k before the deed, so exchanged numbers and told her that next time, I'll fuck her for 1.5 k. She agreed without hesitation.

    On my way out, I had a feeling that a fuck can be had maybe during the weekdays for 1 k. Being a value oriented monger, I've set that as my goal. Let's see how it goes.

    Loved the FR. Especially the intent to bring down prices. Cheers. Epl.

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