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    LS from fb.

    Quote Originally Posted by Narasimablr  [View Original Post]
    Hi brethren,

    Did anyone try Lavanya Sharma from FB? If so, can you please shed some feedback?
    Did you get a chance to meet her. Can you share your experience?

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    Banaswadi Spa. Purple#Orchid.

    Dangerous. Looted 13.5 k.

    Dear fellow mongers.

    I have never had such a bad experience in my life. I was staying in Hebbal, came from Kerala for some work in Bangalore.

    Called up some numbers and they asked me to come near fire station in Banaswadi. Later, I was redirected to cmr college and nearby and visited a spa nearby.

    When I entered the spa, it was so shady with so much noise inside between customers and the lady at the reception. You cannot call it a proper spa. It just has some rooms on top.

    What followed was a sequence of nightmare for me. Paid 3 k upfront, and when I entered the room they asked me for 3.

    5 k extra. When I resisted, gundas surrounded me and finally I had to pay.

    They persisted me to pay extra 5.5 k instead of 3 k for sandwich massage.

    The ladies inside forced me to pay extra 4 k too.

    I know it was too much much money wasted. I am pretty experienced and still faced this situation.

    Please avoid this spa## read clearly before going to. Anything near Banaswadi.

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    Bangalore Contacts.

    Hi guys,

    I'll be in Bangalore later this week and am looking for some good inde contacts. On previous visits to other parts of the country I was helped generously and was able to reciprocate when 2 of those guys visited Texas with good indie contacts. Cheers.

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    Mostly they will give only bum massage, some times they may touch balls.

    Quote Originally Posted by RakeshSharma  [View Original Post]
    No luck bro. Visited 6 times. Got Solid BUM massage every time from J.

    Any one got lucky in Akasa spa, ex pm nagar. Please PM me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kkali  [View Original Post]
    Check your pm for Asha contact.
    Can you share her digits! I am new to this and reading the threads she seems interesting for a start!

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    Hubli / Hospet.

    Does anyone have any leads of Indie in Hubli or Hospet area? Urgent help please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterPark  [View Original Post]
    I paid 5 K bro, was pushing for 4 K, but he was not budging.
    Yes he is not at all coming down!

    Those days are gone, we had st for 3 k.

    Most of the SP are doing the same in blr.

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    Cheats with full night

    I opted for full night twice and got cheated in similar ways. Only go for ST and if you like pay her more for next. Full night has 90% cheating risk.

    Quote Originally Posted by SandyChkp  [View Original Post]
    Today I faced a cheating experience in Bangalore. I came in contact with this SP (number ending with 812) from loc and struck a deal with a girl "evening" (number ending 246) for 12 k full night. She came in right time to my hotel. I was waiting for her by ordering dinner in room. Then I got call from the SP enquiring whether she reached. Then he told me to give phone to her. After the call, she demanded the money saying that the SP has this process. I gave the money and + 500 as cab rent.

    We had dinner together. Then started the deed. Everything was usual without any BJ or kissing. Once I finished the deed, the drama started. She got a call as soon as we finished. She was speaking to someone which she said was her friend and she met with an accident and is hospitalised. She hurriedly got up, dressed and started going out, saying she will be back in an hour. I immediately sensed fishy. So I told her that she need not come back and return 6 k out of the money I gave her. She can keep 6 k for the 1 deed and no need to return. But she literally ran out of room..

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    Feed back please

    Hi Guys,

    Anybody tasted this young bird. Asking price 6 k st.
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    First post first FR for Expm area.

    This is my first post. This FR is consolidated one. For the past several days / months. The FR will be very long, hence I will split area-wise with diff posts on the forum. My English lang is not that good, but will try to communicate.

    I was following this forum for several months. Decoded some of the names, went to spas. Thanks to the members who provided coded information. Always stuck to MPs, like to continue the same. Not interested in FS, hence never ventured to that extent.

    Ex pm area.

    At initial stages I thought code name refers to P'nagar, because one more pm resides here. Without bothering of decoding entered one of the MP at exp pm area, then realized the area referred by the code name ex pm area. I would not discuss here the damages, as the amounts paid are more than the numbers in this forum. In future will try to keep these numbers to the standards mentioned here. Words about ambience, cleanliness, etc, are personal, others may differ.


    Visited once. Was assigned one therapist from Sikkim, name not able to recall. Massage was ok, applied lot of oil as if bathing in oil. Extras only HJ (was mechanical) with TA was allowed, nothing other than this was offered. Rooms and Bathrooms are ok.

    Number Alpha.

    Visited once. Took miss M as suggested by one of the members here. Massage was good with pressure almost equal to two therapists, never experienced such pressure in any of the MPs, teasing was good. Extras BBBJ (was mechanical) with TA was allowed. One of the economical MPs. Rooms & bathrooms are fine. Would recommend and will repeat.


    Visited once. Therapist name not able to recall. Massage was good. Extras B2B with full access, she was massaging brother from the area just beside her private area. For a second got pissed off. No protection, but she took care not to happen anything. Room & bathroom allotted was big equal to two rooms of some of the MPs. Pricey MP. Would recommend and will repeat.


    First Visit was assigned therapist by name M, NE. Massage was good. No Extras offered, was denied. For the price Room & bathroom are not up to the mark. RB was better in this. Pricey MP. Would not recommend and will not repeat.

    Second Visit. Was assigned a therapist from Thai. Massage was OK OK. She voluntarily asked for HJ. Would not recommend and will not repeat.

    Book store.

    Visited once. LE would definitely visit once more, there was LE action in April17. Once enter the building, everybody at GF would stare at as if they have not seen such human being. They have only two offers B2B & SW. Took SW, was assigned Ms and and one more name not able to recall. Massage was OK, teasing by Ms and was good. Only TA, no BA, but due to their inability to finish the deed, later obliged to provide BA. Rooms and bathrooms are OK. Would not recommend and will not repeat.

    Thai on 100 ft road, 3rd or 4th floor.

    Visited once. Was assigned Ms M. Massage was OK, teasing was OK. When asked about extras, she was pricey and lot of nakras, hence did not bother to take any. Pricey for all, did not take any extra. Rooms and bathrooms are fine but pricey. Would not recommend and will not repeat.

    Withdraw from situated at top floor of complex on 100 ft road.

    Visited once. Therapist Mr. J was assigned, NE or thai, don't remember. Massage was good with good pressure and teasing. Extras B2B with TA was good. She was good to look. Room & bathroom allotted was fine. Economical MP. Would recommend and will repeat.

    A village in Estonia.

    Went there saw the price and came back. Would not recommend.

    Neighboring area of ex pm nagar.


    Visited once. Therapist Ms. Mn was assigned, NE. Massage was good with good pressure. No teasing, extra was denied. She was good to look. Room & bathroom allotted was fine, common bath room. Not that Economical MP. Would recommend and will repeat for the massage. Recently read one FR where extra was offered.

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    Indie or college girls contacts.

    Hello senior members,

    I'm visiting India next week for a 2 week stay in Bangalore. It would be really helpful, if you share contacts of SP or direct bird number.


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    I am new here.

    Hi guys,

    I am new here, I stay near Jalahalli. Could you please share any digits near Peenya or Yeshwanthpur.

    Please also share any good digit for GFE.

    Best regards.

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    Electronics City help.

    Dear friends,

    Occasional monger visiting Bangalore for few days and would be grateful if forumites could help me by sharing MP / indie contacts in Electronics City. Tried the search function but not many hits. PM is open. Can help with few Delhi contacts to reciprocate. Thanks!

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    Any reviews.

    Does anyone has experience with these girls? SP from M'Halli shared these.
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    Fraud alert!

    These sounds fishy bro. Don't ever trust such phobic conversations and never ever pay anything to anyone in advance. 10 k is a big amount. Save it for a sure shot trusted SP / indie. Hope that helps.

    Quote Originally Posted by SamiJohn09  [View Original Post]
    Hello all,

    I had a chat with one of the Social media site stating like "unsatisfied women looking for young dicks".

    I checked with her she wants us to register with the service and she can provide the contacts of those babes registration fee is 10 k.

    She is reluctant in sharing her number. She is not sharing the number. Who has already availed the service.

    Is she prompt in telling this? Or she is again another fake like others.

    Let me know.

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