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    Russians in spa

    Hello brothers,

    Can you let me know any Russians in spa open for extras?

    Please pm.

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    KLPD at regular spa

    I used to visit the spanish 'beautiful' spa in btm. Counter will try to sell you 90 min massage, they have no attached baths. My regular girl had left the spa and was assigned a mallu ms Hope in hindi. Turned out to be hopeless. Looks below average, maids look better. Massage skills non existent. She herself popped question about extras and I asked the rates. 0. 5 k for HJ, another 0. 5 k for top access. I told her I normally pay 0. 5 k for HJ+access. After a bit of haggling she agreed. The moment I touched her boobs, nakras started. Don't touch my nipples they are sensitive, certain other areas in upper body she doesn't like being touched, blah blah. Terrible attitude. I asked her why don't you tattoo the 2 to 3 points where you allow touching as this suspense of where to touch was more confusing than solving a rubik's cube. HJ was so mechanical I thought she would fracture johnny LOL. I asked her to stop and said I wouldn't pay for shitty extras. She tried negotiating and apologized but I didn't care. True KLPD. This was the very spa where my regular girl almost screamed when she came due to all the fun we used to have. Back to new spa hunt.

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    Honey and Sathiya

    Anyone have digits of Honey from m&s ayur spa kora? I had it earlier but lost it. Also Sathiya's digits from spanish 'beautiful' spa btm? I didn't have her number and she has left the spa.

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    Manasa Rao.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmares  [View Original Post]
    Manasa rao has changed her ID to Maya rao, check old FR under manasa rao.
    She is offering 2 shots for 8 k and 5 k for one shot. Photos look good but I didn't take the service. Heart said No.

    She is in FB under the name is Maya Rao and also promoting m2m encounter for her friend.


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    Visiting Bangalore this weekend April 27.

    Hi all,

    Am new to this site and don't know much about this. Am visiting Bangalore this weekend. So am looking for a genuine girl for some fun. Can someone inbox me the contacts. Please. Am searched on locanto and all but all fakes there.

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    Skokie review.

    Yo All.

    Any luck with Skokka? I tried and got no where. Here is what I found.

    The Afro ones seem to be genuine, followed by escort services ads. "Independent" go to agents mostly. Will continue to try for few days as this seems like a hit and trial method to success.


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    Fraud alert.

    Manaswini is fraud. She asked for 500 as advance in exchange of pics and details. Then disappeared. And such was my first exp.

    P.S. New to ISG.

    Quote Originally Posted by DicPussy  [View Original Post]
    I have managed to gather couple of contacts from escort sites as the ads were unique and simple.

    I managed to contact these & couldn't proceed as I was not fully convinced. I am ready to share.

    With people who want to explore. Note that it might happen that these contacts can turn into.

    Hoax or already mentioned in reviews.

    1. Contact of PG girl: Convo with her went normal and pics was shared from other side (mistake of not taking a back up & is lost)..
    This manaswini is fraud. She asked for 500 as advance in exchange of pics and details. Then disappeared. And such was my first experience.

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    Safe share.

    Even if the ID is exposed, the guy can come back with new ID. Seniors may share contact with same guy again. So its always better to share famous contacts with newbies and gems with trusted person. IMO. I believe that's the rule here.

    Quote Originally Posted by PhrozenPhreak  [View Original Post]
    This is exactly how we should expose these losers. It's because of them Bangalore forum has gone this low. We have had similar cases in recent past but I am surprised why no one reveals the username, this way atleast other mongers know whom to avoid and seniors won't share to such guys by mistake.

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    Feedback required please


    One of the trusted SP gave the enclosed pics. Has any one tried. Charges asked are on slightly higher side (10-15 k).

    Do let me know if anyone tried and possible damages.

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    Thanks saved my bucks. She sent very stunning cupid horny pics.

    I was almost ducked to visit her.

    Is there Any indie who s worth to pay 15 k?

    Quote Originally Posted by DecentMan84  [View Original Post]
    I met her once around 6 months before. She is not worth 10 k. Too mechanical not a good GFE.

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    First Timer here. Need help.

    Hi members,

    First timer here and really need help with some contacts and understand how things work around here.

    Will really appreciate if someone can guide me to some contacts or through some of the codes going around here.


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    Good work bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by SexyMan1  [View Original Post]
    Yes bro,

    We all should bring down the prices otherwise after couple of years these girls will ask rocket prices.

    When she asked 2 k, I made my mind that I will not go for it if she doesn't come down to my price.
    Congrats bro you need appreciation for bring price.

    I did mistake before, but past 2-3 years I got courage to say no when my body really want it. I can see it working almost all case expect few times in high profile Thai spa, were old rich uncles are in queue with 3-5 k in there pocket.

    I know many of them having this issue, finding difficulty to negotiate price down when you are almost half naked and girl is tempting you, best way to survive this is go with min amount of money in your wallet, no cards and no Paytm and other e-wallets, if she ask about e-wallet say you only use one and that do not have money. (since if you said you do not use any she won't trust you, saying you are lying).

    If they tell only HJ and TA available, then you have to ask for BJ. Don't be shy, if they tell B2B ask for bottom access. If more people start demanding like this. Some of them will compromise.

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    Miracle NE Pic attached.

    Attachments are not working on Mobile.

    Quote Originally Posted by SmoothCriminal  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Can anyone help with the NE girl miracle who was an inde long back and have lost contact with her. She was the best I've had mainly due to the cutest NE face I've ever seen and the service of course!. I'll reciprocal appropriately.

    Happy mongering.
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    Thank you

    Thank you for the feedback.

    For others, who have requested the contact in PM, the SP is not responding. Got the photo 3 weeks before. Will update accordingly.


    Quote Originally Posted by IAmRamesh86  [View Original Post]
    She is such a sweet girl on earth it was a full GFE! She drinks and smokes, whisky is her favorite drink!!amazing in bed I met her 2 years ago in blore she is from Sikkim I guess, I paid 5 k 2 shots for 4 hours, I had her number I can't remember her name such a sweet girl on earth it was so intense she is one of the best girl I have ever been with 4 hours of eternal bliss I still remember she was so hot in bed ii had posted an FR on her with pics I believe! Good luck and all the best!

    P.S.-No genuine seniors in ISG will offer or take money from any member be it DSP and inde contacts we mostly exchange contacts after confirmation or share it for free among valid senior members!

    Please note no seniors from ISG will ask you any money in exchange of contacts!! If anyone asks you money they are SPs like john miller I guess he have multiple profile so it is hard to track him avoid such douchebags and report them!


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    First buy subscription. I can't help you without that.

    Quote Originally Posted by StevenFry3  [View Original Post]
    Hi everyone,

    I'm visiting BLR from overseas and have just until the end of the week to monger. I stumbled upon this forum during my last visit a year ago but haven't had a chance to monger due to lack of network here. After reading through the forum, I felt SP A is a reliable guy and I'm trying to find his contact info. Since I'm here only for another 4 days, getting a subscription isn't worth it. Can anyone share partial phone number or website / link to where I can get in touch with SP A?

    Thanks and I can reciprocate with contacts in NY, DC, Chicago and Bay Area.

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