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    Quote Originally Posted by VermaJi123  [View Original Post]

    I am planning to meet Anju.

    Any reviews will be highly appreciated.

    Multiple spam reports on the number. Proceed with caution.

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    What happened to brothel

    Very sensitive and careful discussion may be seniors can also discuss. There use to be a brothel in bachelor crowd in the city (crack this I am not good at pointers).

    I use to visit that place frequently shown to me by my friend. You can bang a good housewife from 500 to 700.

    Full wife kind of support. Time no limit. Keep sucking as long as you want. Do you know where is similar place in Bangalore.

    Last time I visited the place was rebuild and the aunt left that place who use to run it. Do any monger brother have get contact. Even the guy who helped me connect has disappeared. Any pointers or help will be appreciated.

    Last I was in touch was before COVID.

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    Af T report

    Thanks to bro Mark Inspire, who shared no of tumiso. As informed by others she hates our country.

    She was complete turn off for me based on looks and assets. The fact that spent 2 hours and could not release.

    Face - 0.

    Body - 2.

    Johnny clean up - 10.

    I only liked that she helped me clean Johnny.

    Avoid her a big turn off stop paying 5 k which is not even worth 2 k. People who are informing she is clean. No using creams and vapor is not being clean. She mostly cleans dick heads. Not safe.

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    Been going through the forum posts and was wondering what is 'Cali'?

    Is it an abbreviation or name of a spa?

    Tried searching old posta but couldn't find any meaning. Help please.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMagic36  [View Original Post]
    Firstly most of the hotels ask for guests to show the ID card if they go to check-in / reception. If she is comfortable with sharing her ID, then I would ask you to go with Townhouse, Capital O or Collection O. Spot On is the worst even for a single person to stay, let alone with a girl.

    I have personally stayed at all the three types mentioned by me and they are all comfortable and doesn't bother much.
    Thanks, really appreciate it.

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    Today thought of utilizing the services of a profile from massage republic. Named "Shakshi independent hifi girl". The profile pic seemed very nice, hence proceeded to chat-up in whatsapp. The rates confirmed was 6 k for 2 hrs and one session. Asked for pics and the ones which were shared with me were of a damn beautiful girl. Little one got interested and gave thumbs up. Booked a hotel for 2. 5 k and called her over. The girl who cam over was like from a completely different pole than the ones whose pics were shared. Horrible looking and downright ugly. Thought of sending her back immediately after paying the transport charges. But again little john played spoilsport and I went ahead. She asked for 6 k which was agreed for a session and 2 hrs, upfront. I complied and transferred the amount. Then asked to pay for transport charges 700 to and fro from btm to ecity which I also paid. Then started the deed. Well it was no deed at all, she just lay with legs spread. Refused to kiss, give BBBJ (all which were agreed). Little johnny failed to rise up to expectations seeing that horrible looking lady and failed to cum. Exactly after 30 minutes, the lady said she has to go off to another client and left. 6700 gone down the drain. The hotel was booked for entire night hence I chatted with Penang spa and opted for Tika. In she came within 30 minutes. As usual, great service from her. 2 k for 1 HR massage and 3. 6 for the b2 b, BBBJ and rimming (really awesome rimming, she literally sucks on asshole). She may not be a looker but thousand times better option than the MR option in both looks and service. Thought of giving heads-up to my monger bros here so they can avoid wasting their time and money on "Shakshi independent hifi girl". I think the spa girls are much better than those indies who post fake photos and profiles in sites like Massage republic. We need to be very cautious.

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    Heaven Hora and Rainy day

    Hi brother,

    I think after visiting to heaven I don't think I will get place even in hell after death. So started my day with spa venture! Went to Bel'za diagonally opposite to heaven's!

    Basic counter of 1500 for an hour massage! Assigned with a NE from Ghty! Short height and curvy. Massage was good and almost I felt alseep. Ended with a HJ+TA (1 K).

    When I came out of home only thing was to try heaven anyhow! Too much crowd even in the weekdays and oogling eyes from the gentleman standing near anil bar!

    Decided to skip the branch and planned for horamavu one. Reached and collection was pathetic. Only good thing was my Assamese gal was in the reception today (she got relocated to work from horamavu for Today). But she wasn't available as she needs to leave. Checked the other collection my gosh I don't want my eyes to see that again! Diabolic collection! All milfs (2 NI and 1 Nepali) all are milfs. Choosed the nepali MILF (couldn't see she having vitiligo saw while fucking) all over her. Went inside and changed to dispo. Massage started I gues its more like 'maalish' in local barbar shop. I guess they do better there. She was reluctant to do so! After 35 minutes she was 'time is over' what else do you want. Also had chit chat with her and she is basically a nepali MILF from Siliguri. I said 'sex' 1 k which she rejected that it won't be possible. Anyhow settled the same at 1300. Removed her lower and directly told she won't remove the top. Even I got disinterested seeing the vitiligo and scars in her hand (possibly due to cigerette burn). Money was paid! Rolled the Durex and started fucking in missionary. Smell started coming out from her pussy. I hope she doesn't have any infection or ailments. So turn off! Anyhow finished the deed and came out without taking shower.

    I guess horamavu branch is pathetically bad. Rammurthy nagar was still fine atleast decent: here it was pathetic.

    Bowing not to visit this branch anyday! I just liked my Assamese receptionist and told her next time will meet her for massage in the RM nagar branch.

    Had 3 plates momos and 1 plate golgappa! Will have some beer and forget the evening! Heaven showed me hell!

    Wish! Could have paid the same to some afros or m and N duo !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokerr  [View Original Post]
    This spa was the talk of the forum some years ago, dalmia circle.

    30 minutes of boredom I tried to renegotiate and she said final price is 6 k that too for one shot, I knew this is a botched up deal & I got to cut my losses, she was a looker, fair but had a bit of fat around the waist and tummy. I asked if BBBJ is on the menu, and she demanded 2 k, HJ 1.5 k with TA. I asked her to leave, and here they don't allow the change of therapist so took shower and exited.

    Damages: 2. 3 k (they hiked the charges) + no tips as I decided to cut my loss & exit.

    Pro tip: Carry a condom + don't go for NI. Bongs or SI will be better. Didn't see any NE girls during my visits.
    A newbie here. Visited HHI today. Walked straight up to the 5th floor. The lady at the counter who I assume poker is referring to asked me for the number and how I got to know about this place. When I mentioned I got to know through a friend, she asked for the friends number too. LOL. I told her I do not know and ended the conversation.

    They have different massages with rates on the card. 90 minutes was priced at 2.8 k. After a lot of negotiation, she came down to 2.5k She also asked to hand over the mobile and watch. Once done, she asked for SI or NI. Chose SI.

    The room's a small one with a bed and a sliding door. It does NOT have a lock.

    SI- Fat plump lady from North Karnataka. She kept blabbering and asking if she looked nice and asked if I'd frequented the place before. Told her I had not. She then started a dry massage with her hands and after a long of talking in the local language asked me for extras. Was not willing to budge below 2 k for just a HJ. She said she needs to pay the lady at the counter too (1 k) to proceed with extras. Did not want to pay so much but ended up doing it to try. She left midway to pay the lady at the counter and came back which was weird. The HJ was average.

    She left and another lady came in after 45 minutes stating she would continue as it was a long 90 min session.

    I just wanted to get done with and let her do her thing of massaging with some cream. The massage was ok. She was also a plump lady in her 30's and not attractive. She popped the question of extras to which I refused. Left without showering.

    FS was ruled out by both ladies.

    WIR- NO.

    Damage - 2.5 k counter +2 k HJ.

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    New arrival in Bangalore

    Hey folks!

    This bird was earlier in NCR but has now shifted to Bangalore and is open to meeting gentlemen there. She's educated, well spoken and fluent in English, and was working with some company in NCR earlier.

    She's wheatish in complexion, a bit chubby but very chilled out, sweet to talk to and can hold a conversation. She's comfortable with all services except anal, golden shower and such extremes.

    She doesn't have an incall option but is up for meeting for outcall during day time for 2-3 hours and she's expecting about 7-8 k (2 shots) in return. You can further negotiate depending on your skills.

    In any monger is serious about meeting her, you can drop a PM but please don't flood my inbox unnecessarily if you're only intent on collecting contacts.


    -A fellow monger from Delhi.
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    Russian Spa

    Hello guys,

    I'll be in Bangalore for a week starting this weekend.

    Any sources for Russian spas or SP to help your dear brother out?

    I'll post the FR for them also after I visit.

    Thank you.

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    Info needed

    Hey bro,

    Has anyone met this girl before.

    If yes, what's your experience.

    What are the damages.

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    Second that

    Quote Originally Posted by VijayPathiSeth  [View Original Post]
    This is an old MP Maya precious metal merged into this due to LE guest visits. There are more cams.


    Will definitely be busted again.

    Pokerr bro. Appreciate the fact that you are trying places and posting. But your modus operandi seems to be that you give directions to the well not only after your thirst is quenched; but also after the well has long dried up.

    All your birds have flown the coup.

    Now don't get offended, 4 of your post have already been deleted.

    Pun intended.

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    FR for Anju MR


    I am planning to meet Anju.

    Any reviews will be highly appreciated.


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    FR 6 - NU Spa K'halli

    Was around the area and wanted to try something other than T3, saw this place with decent reviews on google and thought of giving it a try. It's just down the road from T3.

    Unfortunately No Extras! Took a 60 mnts Swedish + 15 mnts Steam & Shower for 1. 3 k. Honestly the place is just a room with a Plexiboard dividing it into 2, the board doesn't even go to the ceiling. You can clearly hear others in the next cabin. Room was also small with one of those portable massage beds that Urbanclap kind of people bring, No AC only Fan, but there was light music & incense diffuser. NE therapist came Not a looker at all, was thoroughly disappointed by the place and thought waste of money.

    But then the Massage started, and I was genuinely impressed by the actual massage. Good technique, perfect pressure, and she scrubbed down every inch of my body. She pulled the dispo into the crack kinda like a G String to properly massage on the bum (but not the crack). And I mean a proper massage with technique, not in a sensual way. While massaging inner thighs, her hands were practically into my crotch so that she could massage every bit of the thighs, all of which gave me few thoughts that maybe extras are available. Followed by a great back and shoulder massage. Turned, and same story while massaging near the thighs, and this time her hands where brushing against balls and johnny so he got excited, and I just popped the question. Unfortunately she said No No Sir, We don't do anything here, Just full massage. I left it at that, and enjoyed the rest of the actually good massage. Then took a steam, shower and left.

    Girl looks - 5.

    Massage - 9.

    Extras - 0.

    Damage - 1.3 k VFM.

    WIR. Only if I need an actual good massage.

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    I need advice


    First week of August 2022, I am coming to Bangalore. I am from London and coming to Bangalore for business.

    Can you boys suggest a good 5* hotel in an area where messages are available.

    I'm 34 years old but always fancied meeting up with an older South Indian lady? Have you guys got any suggestions?

    I would be happy to review too.



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