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    Feedback needed for attached photo

    Anyone who have met the attached woman in person, please DM for a conversation. Not very keen on "one of my friends might have met her in 201 x" kind of responses.

    As of now, there are a few red flags, so I don't want to propagate the risk without knowing it for one way or other.
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    I thiy its berry Thai at hooodi circle.


    Quote Originally Posted by RameshHyd  [View Original Post]
    Hi bro,

    Can you give some pointers and hints for Oodi MP? Some neat landmark?



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    Second visit to J at XPM

    Had been longing for the awesome feel from last time. Hence repeated J spa Xpm nagar again.

    Called and booked a slot for ex-TN CM. Told her upfront what I'm looking for. Have to say that her massage skills are also top notch. Digs it into your skin.

    15 minutes into the massage off goes the dispo and a super good bum massage ensues. Kneads them like there's no tomorrow with occasional grazing and grabbing of Johny and his buddies.

    Flipped, continued with massage for a while and proceeded to a long and slow HJ. Her methods is what makes her stand our from the rest. Perfectly close to the lingam massages one would get in Annie's Bangkok. And to make it even more accurate, mid way into the slow and smooth rub, she rubbed her fingers over the a-hole a couple of times and in a while, off it goes inside exploring the depths. This continued for a while and the moment she twitched her finger inside rubbing what I believe is the prostate, Johny spat out.

    Do give her a try, mention that you're a regular and need bum massage.

    She asks for 2 k as damage, but negotiate and settle to not more than 1.2 k.

    Thank me later.

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    First post

    Long time lurker.

    Not an FR, but sharing my experience and trying to get some expert opinion.

    Never did mongering in my life, so after reading some posts decided to start with MP.

    Was on the road near God statue for some work, noticed an MP with decent reviews in Google, run by NE team. This is near to the LE station and SBI bank.

    Decided to try, my week ass guts couldn't ask for a massage right away, so asked for a haircut and during my haircut I enquired about massage. I said I'll take a massage after the haircut.

    Showed me the room and asked to wear the dispo.

    Room was bad (IMO), an empty space partitioned with plywood, but the doors have latches.

    In came a slim short petite NE. There was zero conversation, I tried initiating, asked her name from where and how things are in her life, just got some one word answers.

    The massage started with my butt, she pulled the dispo till half my butt cheeks, I thought today is going to be a good day. And that's where it ended, nothing after that. Kept my butt and Jhonny area covered with towel all the time even while turning to the other side.

    I thought I should ask for extras but wasn't sure as the hints were not convincing.

    Anyways, I did not feel anything in the massage, Just oil massage.

    Will try some more MPs not discussed here.

    I thought butt massage = extras. But I was wrong. Or she had change of mind after looking at my black hairy butt LOL.

    And, can anyone tell me how much time it takes to activate the subscription. I paid via Bitcoin and shared the transaction hash using the contact us link but nothing happened. I've also notified admin about this delay, still nothing happened.

    Appreciate if someone could give me some pointers to resolve this.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Ice Cream Flavour spa

    Late FR,

    I visited this spa last two weeks ago. I had been here a long ago. It is located at nhew Bhel (remove 'h' letter).

    A guy was seated over there and welcomed in a different manner, he sounds strange.

    He told 1.8 k inclusive of GST and I budged down the price to 1.4 k by letting him know I am an usual.

    After getting ready for the massage, I was wondering who might come as this spa was new to me.

    A tall women about 5'11' with beautiful looks and the boobs were quite handful. She spoke casually and asked the routine questions and told her name is miss s.

    Her massage was okay, no special touches nor anything near Johnny from back after a while when she made me turn around.

    A small touches but nothing much. I thought there might be no extra's but finally at the end, she asked me about extra's.

    She told B2B- 2.5 k, with a lot of effort she came to 1.8 k, she doesn't budge down that. The B2B was very good and had a nice ending.

    Figure: 8.5/10.

    Boobs: 8.5/10.

    Massage: 7/10.

    WIR: Yes.

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    Maid Fetish

    Quote Originally Posted by BadMan  [View Original Post]
    Why maid request here?

    Unless your planning to mix pleasure with house chores.
    For maid looking girls, people should ask in Chennai forum. They have lots of maid type girls, but costly!

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    Hint on No. 6

    Quote Originally Posted by SecretHusband  [View Original Post]

    1. Cali Miss X: Had her post lock down. Good looking brownie NE girl, Slim and curvy, excellent b2 b but no FS. Once she said yes for FS but quoted high. Politely declined as I'm strict about keeping prices in check. Damage massage+cab+2 k.

    2. Cali Miss X: Plump NE MILF, excellent massage and fucked her in missionary. She enjoyed the act. I don't like woman with big tummy. Not much GFE. Nothing much to brag about her but she is vfm if you are into milfs. Massage+cab+2 k.

    3. Cali Miss X: Soft looking NE MILF. Very sensual b2 b and no the. Excellent massage too. Vfm. Good boobs and body for her age. Artificial GFE.

    4. Cali miss X: South Indian therapist. Very good massage, she was into sensual B2B and started sucking me. I bursted out and washed up. She was sitting there with a sad face, I was surprised to see that and asked her whether she is upset as I didn't drill her. She said yes and I fucked her in few positions and made her happy. Same damaged as above.

    5. Cali Miss X: had this girl before lockdown. South girl, dark complexion and she is not available in Cali anymore. Very innocent and affectionate. She is absolute heaven and hard to get. She became my girl friend for that day. Fucked her thrice and she gave me awesome blowjobs a couple of times during the same long session.

    6. Cali Miss X: One of the best ever Cali has ever produced in past few years. Had amazing moments with her. No BJ but absolutely everything else. Amazing. Had an absolutely blissful time with her. Can't explain anything more..
    Please provide a hint on No. 6.

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    MR inde

    Is Mahira Nanda genuine? Please let me know. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GowTham389  [View Original Post]
    Is anyone has any luck with on receiving Roopa contact?
    No bro. You did DM. Waiting.

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    MP with FS

    I had been to MP in south blore the massage aunty is typical Kannada MILF he given reference of one more MP basically its just MP but you FS WG typical this aunty not good looker. But in bed she crazy if you talk nicely. They arrange other WG also. Single shot they charge 3.5 k try negotiate they will come down to 3 k. I m Looking for good looking MILF in south blore. Do not want travel long. If any one share the contacts I will share this number. If any one interested. DM for the number. Don't ask if you don't have anything to share in return.

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    Recent Ventures

    These were ventured out in last one week:

    Swarg: Even after lot of red flags I went ahead and tried this place. It was shitty hole and full deep shit place. No locks and still people were just having FS. Could hear sounds from other rooms. Didn't dare to go for FS and limited myself to HJ. Didn't feel to touch. Cost was including tips 1. 5 K. You can go for this unless you lost interest in everything and just want to pass time instead of going for a utter flop movie like meta nam joker. You might feel that movie would have been better option compared to going to this place. Near rm nagar.

    Chamak vell: It was also not hygienic place but sure shot HJ place. Counter charges somewhere around 1. 3 to 1. 5 and tips up to you which means you could go from 200 to no limit. No one especially demand here. Safer than above place but pretty small and limited options. Near rm nagar.

    TTT: Like second one not so hygienic and ok place. Sure shot HJ place. If you convince then you could get more than HJ. Total was somewhere around 2 K including tips. Not lookers. K village.

    Bips: No response in FB and number is also not working.

    Shreya: She is asking the person whoever referred to ping her. I guess this was first time I am hearing. Not sure if this is the case with others. So left it like that and didn't pursue further.

    Tried one middle aged MILF. I would say it was ok experience. Body and looks are worst. Ok BJ skills. 2 K. Don't even ask the number as I wouldn't recommend 1% also. It wasn't even worth 500. Save your money for someone else. This was worse than Above Swarg.

    Naidu: somewhere near Electricity city. Had this bird 4-5 years back and thinking was different one. After I saw her it was like damn. I spent 2 hours travelling there. Any way deed was ok which includes BBJ. Not a looker at all. Pass this bird and not worth anymore.

    At the end nothing was great in fact not even good till now. Anyone, please share indies if you think they are good and provide DFK and BBJ. Other contacts are all dead I feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer76  [View Original Post]
    Wow bro what a fetish. SI maid brownish and 40-50 years old. You should try to search in Anganwadi!
    Honestly I will also like give it a try. Just for variety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DudeMi98  [View Original Post]

    Anyone tried her? Got this pic from a friend of mine. Please post a feedback if you have done her earlier.



    Looks cool, what are the charges quoted?

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    Need help with sp check

    Got a number of sp ending 110. Had shared few profiles in pdf and goes by musa. Seniors please help.

    Need to check if it is a genuine or just another loot guy.

    Tia seniors.

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    Hyderabad contact

    Hi brothers,

    Going to Hyderabad for some time.

    Looking for contacts in Hyderabad. Please DM me.



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