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    Spa Adventure

    Hi guys,

    Been inactive in this forum for a long time.

    Posting a recent experience in Mumbai.

    Bought full body massage coupon off nb. Nearest place was m**and* spa at ground floor of condom name mall at kurla west.

    Got a cute girl from nagaland, Mimi. Excellent massage for 60 minutes.

    Johnny got a bit hard after stomach massage and I communicated that to her to which she giggled. Should have gone for extras, which I enquired about telling her ill visit again in 2 days. She advised to try the local girl available in the spa or a Thai girl who was also available. Mimi is from nagaland and seems to be quite shy but will open up after chatting a bit. She seems a bit wary of giving up extras to new customers though.

    Will check out again and report back.

    Massage 10/10.

    Looks 7/10.

    Need to try the local girl next time.

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    Mumbai contacts

    Visiting Mumbai next week after a long gap.

    Had satisfactory encounters with Fiza in earlier visits. Any updates on how she is now?

    Would like to explore new indies. I prefer young slim ones. Mumbai seniors are requested to share good contacts.


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    Thanks bro Kamdeva420, for providing with Miss Smile details.

    Tried her and my experience was similar.

    She is very polite, though a little slow in responding. May be because of her job.

    Looks- 7.

    Boobs- 9 very soft.

    Figure- BBW.

    Service- 8.

    Damage- negotiated successfully to 3 k for 2.

    Guys keep negotiating and keep damages in control. So far to whomsoever I have shared my contacts, they have tried to control damage except one. So keep prices in check.

    Please reach out to kamdeva420 for the details.

    Thanks again kamdeva420.
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    Bang on

    Quote Originally Posted by BengalTiger78  [View Original Post]
    Nice FR bro. Seems like you are talking about this gal. Please confirm.
    Yes she is the one. I can't view the full pic being a regular member but can make out from the thumbnail. It is one of the pics I received too.

    Have you tried her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lastbencher  [View Original Post]
    How do we contact you bro. Please if you could buy subscription. No offence meant but I can buy it for you to get Ananya's contact.


    Thanks for the kind gesture bro but I don't think it would be possible. And I am a bit skeptical about the bitcoin thing so searching for some other way to buy a subscription. I would always prefer paying by card which is not possible now.

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    DM me please

    Guys, urgently looking for references please. Can someone help me out? I have received one contact from a kind soul (name withheld) but she is not replying to my messages.



    Quote Originally Posted by Bangathon  [View Original Post]
    Brethren, I will be visiting Mumbai for a business+leisure trip for 2 nights. Will be free from Friday evening till Saturday night. Can you kind souls suggest some good Girl Friendly hotels and also some suggestions for a night session. I am looking for a girl with whom you can strike a good conversation as that is eventually a turn on for me. I have read many FRs on the Mumbai forums and I believe some seniors members can definitely help me out. In reciprocation, whenever any of you are in Bangalore and want to try sure shot B2 B experience then just ping me.



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    Mirvlada bro.

    Thank you Mirvlada bro.

    For your wonderful posts and listing of girls.

    I'm a big fan of your.

    I'm not posting this for any exchange of contracts or reference. Just want to say Thank you for FR and posts.

    Keep it up bro. And thank you so much.


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    Quote Originally Posted by VivekJain  [View Original Post]

    I would avoid her!

    I've been in conversation with her as well. She sent me a long e-mail saying which particular area she can meet and stuff. Also, she sent me 6-7 images. Now when I cross checked the images which you uploaded with the ones she emailed me, both are completely different. Something fishy in this for sure!
    Yes I booked hotel, sent confirmation and sent her then she shared her mobile no. Then done video call she was not as pic wheatish dusky.

    Cancelled her.

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    Restart to old ways


    My First ever FR.

    Bit of background about me before getting started.

    I had taken a long break from mongering for almost 7-8 years now. After taking a break I was quite sexually active so I didn't feel the need to monger and look for any paid action during that time.

    But recently I have restarted with my old mongering life after so many years. Reason? Well, a lot of work, I'm always busy, not much time for friends or even seeing new people.

    Work made my friends and other relationships fade out over time. But I do love my work so I've no issues there. It is a bit difficult to form new relationships now. Not saying m a loner I do have friends and my life is fine that way. Just not much Sex is my issue. So anyway I decided to restart my old mongering life. Quick sex, pure NSA and Smooth life.

    My short mongering history. I was quite active with SP in hotels / lodges near my city, Some SP provided in there own flat. It was difficult for me to find Indies back then. I was so young and bit naive and also no Whatsapp or easy means of communication. To get some You just have to be there kind of deal it was.

    I have also been in the DB scene, it was great but never made any girl dance. Only took them for Entry. Towards the end of my mongering, I did found 2-3 indies then. I explored a lot of NL, CH, KB, TB in my time Mostly NL and CH. And then I quit for good.

    Okay so Let's begin for some time I have been reading a lot of FR's here to get me started and have a perspective on how things are in 2020. As where I come from the whole city is changed and is not what it was back in the old time. I didn't know where to begin. This forum did help me with some basic stuff and the current scene of indies and other services. But I didn't know where would I begin. The only thing I had was past experience from my old mongering days.

    I knew if I wanted quick action one could always get at NL or CH. But wanted to avoid traveling that far and didn't know any SP at NL so dropped the plan started recce in nearby locations. To start with I kept my budge min to 3. 5 k and max 5 k it was worth it. I didn't want to overspend without knowing the current scene nearby. I visited a few places I knew to only find all are closed and nothing here. I thought let's start with some Bar and think over the options later.

    Luckily I remembered an SB called Solar City in the City of Lakes. I used to visit this SB in my old days when it was great. I was sure it might still be open so I tried my luck. Well, the place was open and running tried to go inside it was all dark and shady and some milfs. All SBs are Dark by the way. I thought let's check it out. I liked one girl she is around 27-28 Oriya gal named Miss J. Slightly fair but good assets. We talked for some time and started with kissing, groping, etc she had firm and nice tits. She didn't allow DFK she said I met you for the first time when you visit again we can do it then. I said alright. Then just LLK and continued with the session. She kissed my neck and all while I was groping feeling her firm tits and sucking on them. It was great. She had good sets. Her warm chest felt good while she was stroking me and then she finished me with a good HJ.

    Finished our beer had a smoke. I asked her to share her number with me which she did. I also asked her if she could meet me outside to which she said visit me next time then we will talk about it. I was cool with it.

    Left the bar with good Happy Ending and relaxed mood.

    Damage. Total - 1.6 k.

    Girl - 500.

    Beer - 500 x 2.

    Tip - 100.

    It was just evening and wanted some more good action but no indie contact what to do? So I started looking around went to known places found some hotels and lodges. Tried few and asked around said they don't provide any sort. Left the place searching for another one. After much searching and recce found one lodge on Bandar road.

    I directly went up and talked to the room boy about rates and extras. I confidently told him I was here a month back, took some random guy name said he provided me last time when I was here nice. Guess he bought it and showed me some pictures on his phone. There were quite a lot of good looking milfs and girls the one I selected she was very fair bit tall and had good assets. I asked for her to which the SP said she looks great but not so much in bed. He Showed a few more selected another MILF to which he said she is really good in bed and enjoys the act a lot. I said let's try her out. Selected the MILF must be in her 30's with a slim body and nice medium size boobs. Waited like 30 minutes for her to come while sipping some Rum. In comes the MILF nice saree short in height 5'1 or 2 maybe. She seemed to be in a really good mood as she was giving all the vibe and was feeling a bit active. Paid the SP and he left.

    Her name was Light. 30 something. She wanted some beer before we started, So ordered 2 beers for us. As some songs were playing on the TV she started to dance slowly-moving her body it was nice to someone doing that after a long time.

    She did dance for a few minutes and took my hand and asked me to join her. M no dancer I can barely like move but didn't care as she was doing all the moves. Slowly she started to grind as I caressed her whole body from top to bottom very slowly. Pushed her towards the wall and We start slow LFK and to nice DFK. I slowly removed her saree while she was turning around. I experienced this first time. I left her in her blouse as I fondled with her tits. Her hands reached in my pants as she slowly started to feel my Gun. I really liked the way she was touching. I stripped down and she went from kissing my face, neck, arms, chest all over the place and headed down for a really good BBBJ. She sucked for good 10 minutes being on her knees.

    But I wanted to go in so wore the cap there only and saluted standing. I tried doing it standing against the wall playing with her clit and then finally entering. I love the standing position a lot. As she was short in height it was easy to hold her and slight lift her. Did here standing for 10-15 minutes as it was getting uncomfortable. Almost lightly threw her on the bed and started with doggy for another 15 minutes. She was great in this position and her slim body was great to grab around her waist tightly enough. She can really move in this position. I came into this position after some time. Round 1 was great. We smoked and had some more beer for 30 minutes before starting round 2. This round was pretty straight forward. As we had too much foreplay earlier so skipped this time as everything was still HOT between us. She started kissing my the this time like all around the place but not taking in completely which I liked a lot as she was teasing me her tongue and lips. Finally Gave a good BBJ It felt so great was so great after all that teasing and all nice 5-10 minutes BJ after she started with WOT it was good but after some time I felt she was getting a bit tired so I let her submit this time with Missy. The best part of Missy is you get to kiss her lips suck her tits and overall enjoy any women's body in this position. Did her in missy for another 15 minutes before finishing off the session. Smoked one last time together. Finished the beer, hugged and one good long DFK before leaving. Was really satisfied with the girl. Met the SP on the way out gave him Rs 200 tip for sending nice badass girl. Took his number. He also showed me some more girls to try next time, I liked one and wanted to try her there and then only but I thought I just had two sessions. I left the place thinking I was done for tonight as it was almost 10 pm and was also feeling relaxed.

    Met a friend had some light dinner and a pint together and we left. It was almost 12:30 am I was a bit drunk and was again in the mood for some action but it was late but I had decided I would like to get laid again.

    P. S. Part 2 I will post in some time or else this post would be quite long.

    Overall good Exp after so long.


    Attitude 8/10.

    Boobs 7/10.

    Face 5/10.

    Pussy 8/10.

    Body 9/10.

    Damage SP asked 3.5 k for 2 with the place but negotiated to 3.2 k for 2.

    Alcohol Rum Rs200 for 180 ML.

    Beer Rs240 x4.

    Room Service Rs50.

    WIR. Yes and also try different birds from the same SP he had quite a few of them.

    All in all good start for me from the City of Lakes. I have good 2 indies contact from a friend. One of whom m going to try in the evening. There are some other Lodges also here that will try those as well. But I would like to explore more indie options. I guess this whole week is going to be my mongering week.

    Feels good to be back. Next FR's I will keep it short. This was my first one.

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    Get activated

    Easy way to get a bitcoin subscription.


    Part 1= Buying Bitcoins.

    Step 1: Register and create an account in

    Step 2: Verify your account using your mobile number. (A simple SMS will be sent with code, we need to enter it).

    Step 3: Once verified, in the home page, Select Quick Buy (This will be selected by default).

    Step 4: Enter the amount in INR that you want to buy bitcoins for and click search.

    Note: Even though the amount required for subscription is $25, which is around 2.5 k INR, its best to buy for an extra amount (say 3000 INR) as it will cover the transaction costs too.

    Step 5: From the populated list of sellers, go through each seller and their "terms of trade" (Click the sellers name and not the "Buy" button on right) to see who match your preferences.

    Note: Best if they don't ask for any photo ID or address proof and support Tez, Google Pay or IMPS. Also make sure check the rating and reputation of buyer.

    Step 6: Once all are okay, click on the buy button for that particular seller.

    Step 7: In the chat window, the seller will inform his preferred method of payment and send you the payment details.

    Step 8: Once you have payed the amount, attach the screenshot confirmation and send a message to the buyer (all inside localbitcoins website itself).

    Step 9: Once seller verifies payment, he will release the amount into your localbitcoins wallet.

    Step 10: You can see the credited bitcoins in the top right menu bar.

    Part 2= Sending bitcoins for forum subscription.

    Step 1: Click the bitcoins icon on the top left menu bar.

    Step 2: By default, the option in the new page will be "Send bitcoins". If not, select "Send Bitcoins".

    Step 3: Enter the bitcoin wallet specified in subscription page under "Receiving bitcoin address".

    Step 4: Enter amount in bitcoins worth $25 USD.

    Note: If not sure, use the "Amount" drop down under "More Options". In that drop down select "USD" and enter 25 in the text box near it. It will automatically populate the equivalent bitcoins once it loses focus.

    Step 5: Click continue after verifying the details finally.

    Step 6: Click the "Transactions" option from the same window as "Send Bitcoins".

    Step 7: Your payment is now under process. Wait for a minute or so and refresh the page for the Txid (Transaction ID) to be generated.

    Step 8: Once Txid is obtained, use "Contact Us" in forum and send the txid to the admin. They will activate the account as soon as they can (Probably within a day).

    Voila, you are now a subscribed member.

    Please PM me if you have any queries or concerns. I will be glad to help you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminous  [View Original Post]
    Been mongering in Mumbai for quiet sometime now but silently. Decided to add to the forum. This is about an indie from Andheri. A MILF BBW basically but horny like there's no day tomorrow. In her mid 30's.

    Does both in call and out call. Got her number from locanto under the adds for couple and surprisingly was a genuine horny contact. They are ready for a MMF but I have been with her thrice all one to one. She is voluptuous with big boobs, good pussy, ready to try different positions and very active.

    Charges-4 k one pop in call.

    4.6 k one pop outcall.

    Would share the number but figuring out how get a subscription. Shall wait till then.

    Happy mongering.

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    Is she the one?

    Quote Originally Posted by ShyDavid  [View Original Post]
    Tried Gujju MILF Anannya Desai last week. Got her contact through a friend who is also a member here. Was in contact with her for three days before finally meeting her last weekend. Not an expert in the act as she is new, but tried her best to please me. Very pretty face and petite. She called me to a flat in Navi Mumbai, owner she knew.

    Started the act after a little chit chat with a long and passionate kiss. She removed her clothes and asked me to help her unhook her bra. As I was playing with her medium sized boobs she revealed that she has a five months old baby and she is lactating. Asked me to go slow with her boobs as her boobs were aching due to the milk accumulating. I asked her to show, she squirted a jet of milk which fell right on my chest. I asked her if I could suck, she agreed. Then I started sucking those small ripe pear. Warm sweet milk flowing inside my mouth. At one stage I had to stop and take some breathe as the milk was flowing in gallons. I had a hard ON and started the real act. Interestingly she had a tight pussy though she has delivered a baby just few months back. I came after stroking for around 10 minutes in missionary.

    After the first round we started discussing life. She told me that she is still looking for a good job so that she can quit this life. I had taken along two cans of beer with me. Offered her one but she refused as she was still nursing her baby..
    Nice FR bro. Seems like you are talking about this gal. Please confirm.
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    Worth for 10-12 k. Not worth 30 k. That's for sure. Had her long very long time back at 10 k.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger2411  [View Original Post]
    I have met them a few months ago at a hotel in darkness area. Hayat will not bargain at all and he talks forever on the phone trying to convince you that she's worth the ₹. The first time I spoke about reducing the fees he shut the phone on me (I felt it was rude). He got back to me after a few days of his own volition and still wouldn't budge. Did meet up as previously stated, but would not spend that for her. BTW, I did not give an advance before we met, only when we met at the hotel.

    She was amazing and had awesome Deep throat skills, but to be honest, not worth 30 K for 2 shots. But if you are in the mood for adventure, go ahead give it a try.

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    Hello bro

    If you share the details then it wud be a great help. Hope you wud share a few. Inturn I will help you with a few in Delhi.

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    Hey Susho5,

    Trying to message you back. Can you clear your inbox?

    Quote Originally Posted by Susho5  [View Original Post]
    Was searching for contacts and ran into a rabbit hole of contacts and chose this chick from the list as I had some work in the area fixed the meeting and was called into a private flat. She was guiding me through phone as I made it at night 10 went to the room and as I saw was hugely disappointed because she was 45+, will not get into much details. Full marks for BBJ but overall experience was not that good.

    Damages: 4 k.

    WIR: No!

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    Dipika tak.

    Quote Originally Posted by MumbaiBoy23  [View Original Post]
    What is the name of the ex-renovar girl name.

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