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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanysh11  [View Original Post]
    Yes she is doable in the market for last two odd years tried her, huge boobs and ass and good service, I lost her number (current number which I have ending with 5283 not working) can you help with new number please, on PM.
    Ending number 283: 2 shot 6000 before.

    New number ending 870: 2 shot 6000.

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    Online Service or Video call experience

    Hello friends,

    There is a lot of demand for online service and video calls during this lockdown and scare of infection.

    I would like to share my Video Call experience.

    You can easily find no. For video call on MR and Locanto.

    The rate is around 600 to 1000 rs for 15 to 20 min.

    More then that is completely useless, my recommendation is please don't pay more then rate mention.

    You are just paying to see her, not even touch her, or even banging her, always keep that in mind and don't get carried away.

    In this lockdown, I had online service twice, both times I found no. On MR.

    I found online service completely useless, and a complete waste of money.

    I would now prefer seeing porn websites and having fun rather than have a video call.

    I am regular monger and thought video call would be fun, but trust me guy it is a complete waste of money.

    It feels so unnatural, no position is taken properly, most of the time you can't even see parts properly because of camera position.

    Note for fraud:

    There have been many cases where post-payment you will be blocked.

    Please have a small normal video call for 1 or 2 min before making any payment.

    If they don't agree, just leave that no. It is 100% fraud.

    Try some other girl no. From MR or Locanto.

    Please remember never pay without having a proper short simple video call.


    Stay safe and have fun.

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    Individual WM andheri

    Attached photo is directly got it from SP and in direct contact now.

    She is good in service except A.

    All you can demand in cheap rate to 3 k.

    Let me know if anyone met her or need contact.

    Also please share with me any HW contact.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_20200604_134836.jpg‎  

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    Hotel or Lodge near Ghatkopar Station

    Hello friends,

    Need your help. Please Suggest.

    Does anyone know any hotel or lodge near Ghatkopar station.

    If any, then what will they charge for 2 hrs.

    Need it for 2 hrs for some fun.

    Please any help will very be useful.


    Stay Safe.

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    Share SP number

    Hi bro,

    Can you share SP number in my PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dondu  [View Original Post]
    After a long time got updates from Nrao8465 about a SP who keeps quality stuff and that you good looking North Indian girls.

    As my johnny was having a strong craving for a Punjabi girl, Delhi types, asked the SP and he gave me a good option, pic of which I have attached.

    Wow, I must say some Sp here have good collection and that too Punjabi stuff.

    The girl was a perfect one for me, tall, fair, beautiful, good boobs, nice legs and a perfectly shaped round ass.

    SP assured me that her service is good. I took her for full night at the price of 10 k.

    I was mongering after a while and happy to get a good girl for 10 k full night.

    Sp is a valuable guy, gave me other good options also which I will try again.


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    Alternatives to P&P

    While pay and play remains the mainstay of most, I have over the last year switched to having a contractual arrangement. Initially I used to think I am paying a lot but the virus has suddenly made it all seem worthwhile. I can still indulge in my bareback forever policy with far reduced risk and have been able to train the lady in question over the last year to my exact specification. It has been tiring but being able to control every aspect of her life including her diet, clothes, color of her hair and her weight has been fun.

    The only lesson which has come about specially for men above a certain age, it pays not to gallivant around for variety, but a contractual arrangement with a woman half your age seems to be the best way to go. The real charm of a younger girl is not her beauty, but her willingness to adjust and adapt to your need and one can push the envelope over a period of time.

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    Number please

    Hi bro,

    Can you PM me her contact as your PM not active.

    Quote Originally Posted by StudRomeo  [View Original Post]
    Tried this chick.

    She arranged a place in Kandivali.

    Looks good, tall, fair, ample of assets and a great ass.

    Started with awesome BBBJ for about 2 minutes but then she stopped and said can't do it anymore.

    Tried multiple positions and cooperative. The best part is seeing her ass while doing doggy. Big, fat, fair and sways a lot while doing her. No CIM, rim.

    Nothing special. Just another fuck.

    Total damage 7 K (2 times with room).

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    SP number

    Can you share NL SP number.

    Quote Originally Posted by StudRomeo  [View Original Post]
    Whenever super horny and in kinky mood, this is my go to place.

    Reached 2B1 f (Krishna Place).

    Took Raddha.

    Age- 35, Fat, brown, tall, big rack, big ass, slutty face.

    Game for everything.

    2 rounds, multiple positions ended with CIM and swallow. Pure cum vacuum machine.

    Total cost 7 K + 500 Condom guy.

    2B2 f (Nitin place).

    Took Sulekha.

    Age 40, thin but loose, fair, big rack, small ass, innocent housewife face.

    Have been taking her for many years now. She knows the routine with me..

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    Your pm if full help if you could provide contact

    Quote Originally Posted by Mirvlada  [View Original Post]
    Met with this awesome housewife.

    Shuttles between north and Mumbai, works independent. Low income, so doing discreetly.

    Met with proper reference. Introduced by proper reference.

    Looks- 7.

    Figure- everything is in proportion, her husband is very lucky guy, showed me her husband photo, I must say that guy is average looking with a maal wife.

    Service- 9, amazingly she is still lactating a little. Her son is quite grown up.

    Damage- 6 for 3 Pops. Without place.
    Hey bro, you seem to be seasoned in mongering in Mumbai can you please provide contact as I will soon be coming to Mumbai.

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    I have SP number

    I have 1 SP who provides girl you can select as per his option.

    Price may range from 3 - 4 k.

    PM me I can provide contact in exchange of any other contact if you have.

    Quote Originally Posted by VeryLonely  [View Original Post]
    Hello guys,

    I'm living in Palava city with place, can someone help me with contacts in this area? I have been trying hard to search some but cannot find any decent girl in this area. Please help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LangdaTyagi  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for bringing back the memories. I was in Gurgoan for a few weeks last year and it was awesome time. I had 4-5 sessions in the same amount that I have 1 (maybe 2) in Mumbai. The spa's are the best part there. So much choices and less hassle. Not a lot of up selling.

    Will make a trip again once the situation becomes normal.


    Yes buddy, I had been going to Gurgaon for last one and a half years occasionally on office work and having my fill. The variety, the options and the VFM is awesome. Now I guess we have to wait till next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anandashish  [View Original Post]
    If you have fetish for housewife in saree you can try her from Massage Republic. You can find her in Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore cities on MR. Name starts with S and ends in I.

    She is a South Indian with hairy beneath. Does not show face. Available only at Charges 800 for 15 minutes.
    Thanks for your help, buddy.

    Was able to find her on MR.

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    WR. You are helping Mumbai mongers too. You are a treasure.

    Quote Originally Posted by WickedRoger  [View Original Post]
    You only want to see Indian ladies on cam? As I know a few nice Filipinas but is always cash up front not after and they have rules which if you follow you are rewarded but if not then you get nothing. Simple and I play by them and is good.

    Best PM me for details and their rules.

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    Gurgoan is definetely up there

    Thanks for bringing back the memories. I was in Gurgoan for a few weeks last year and it was awesome time. I had 4-5 sessions in the same amount that I have 1 (maybe 2) in Mumbai. The spa's are the best part there. So much choices and less hassle. Not a lot of up selling.

    Will make a trip again once the situation becomes normal.



    Quote Originally Posted by SnoozyBoozy  [View Original Post]
    Gurgaon is the best, lots of spas, and each and every one of them offer FS with BBJ and some even offer RIM & ANAL.

    I have lived these 3 years ago for about 6 months, and had a great time.

    If it wasn't for this lockdown, I had planned a trip over the weekend to GGN, and wanted to re-visit all those spas, and bang some asses. But now looks like I'll have to postpone by plans.

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    You have a valid point

    Your point is valid. I was just cautioning against paying the non-regulars. I have received WhatsApp texts from a few WGs that I have seen only once or twice for meetings in the future (they need cash now). You are one of the lucky ones to have special regulars, however not everyone is in the same boat as you.



    Quote Originally Posted by Kamsutra69  [View Original Post]
    That's why it is important that the girls you help are your regulars. The ones who respond to your naughty messages with a sexy pic in the middle of the night when you are horny. The ones who had surprised you by taking their tongue to your asshole without you asking for it. The special ones. I have rarely fallen for the fake ones. Happened only once in Mumbai and once in Detroit. But I still fucked them and moved on with my life.

    There are many good ones. It's a pity if you haven't found those yet.

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