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    Another Muslim beauty baby

    My regular SP from Andheri who always give Muslim baby pinged me to have a good food discovered. Saw pic and got a kick to taste that. Reached her den. New changed place. Girl was also there. Not as attractive as in picture but doable. But I had to eat so started the deed.

    Finished in 15 minutes.

    Brief card.

    Girl. 5/10.

    DFK. 1/10.

    Pussy. 6/7.

    Boob:- 6/7.

    WIR: no.

    Damage: 4 k.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaradPune  [View Original Post]
    Hey seniors,

    I will be visiting Bombay, can someone please share the details of Nuri model / miss and. I want to try her. In exchange I can help you in Pune and Delhi.

    I request you all to please help your brother out.

    Thank you.
    Hey, please share the contact of Miss and / Nuri model.

    I can reciprocate with some Delhi / Pune contacts if needed.

    I am in Bombay and I want to try Miss and. Please help out your brother.

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    Miss V Darkness

    Met miss V. We all know her full name. Newly discovered gem. Very young and sexy girl with nice big boobs. She is college going type looks girl. You can take her anywhere without raising any issues in hotels, disc etc. We had nice fun in my room.

    Looks- 9.

    Figure- 8.

    Service- 8.

    Boobs- 8.

    Pussy- 9.

    Damage- 5 k for 2.

    WIR- yes, very vfm for me.
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    Please Help.

    Hello all,

    I am returning to Mumbai after a gap of few years. I used to be active in the forum with the handle JSFRFUN. I did loose due to the lost access to that email ID. I have sent private messages to few of the members here who had recent FR's. Could you please help with some contacts who could provide a good GFE. Really appreciate all the help guys.



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    Quote Originally Posted by XanderGarv  [View Original Post]
    I was talking about this girl -

    Anyone had her service?
    She charges Rs 200,000 for short time and wants 25 K as confirmation for advance. She has a manager who will finalize the plan and after receiving advance she will speak on the phone.

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    Request info

    Quote Originally Posted by XanderGarv  [View Original Post]

    Has anyone tried KarishmaKar. The insta girl. Had reached out to her seeking GFE and she replied to do a video call on insta and then discuss further. Was wondering if any one has tried her out? How is her service and what are her rates? She mentioned she is willing to travel to any city.
    I was talking about this girl -

    Anyone had her service?
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    Suvarna MR feedback

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking to try Suvarna from thane this weekend.

    Any feedback on her? Couldn't find any FRs on the forum.

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    Do you ever know that miss Vero of country one is the sister of miss Vale of country refresh spa. Cheers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Foanony50  [View Original Post]
    That is one of the Ms. Vs at Country, not Country Refresh. And she is pretty upfront about not being Thai.

    Jaaco. Unfortunate that you didn't have a good experience. Mine have been good with her. Also I found the rooms to be much better than those at Country. Maybe she was tired, did you visit her late on a weekend? She is usually in high demand on weekends. If you have the time, patience and money to give Refresh another go then try Ms. O (Popeye's girlfriend).

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    Looking for BJs in spas in HSR

    Dude, Is she in Bangalore?

    Quote Originally Posted by AkashRoy  [View Original Post]
    Payal Airoli 406.

    Met her today at vashi. She is short, average looks, fair skin, has tummy, very friendly girl.

    1st session- DFK, then foreplay, fingering while rimming her, she released, then took BBBJ, deepthroat while fingering her ass with lube, so could feel contraction on dick as well as on finger. Then wore condom and took in missionary followed by doggy, after good amount of humping removed condom and put the dick in mouth and finger in ass and finally CIM. Then chitchat continued. 2nd session started with BBBJ deepthroat while I was lying. Then made her lie and kept her head on bed corner and I was standing and inserted dick in her throat and fucked. I could see dick hitting her throat. She couldn't take more in this position. Wore condom and started doggy followed by flat doggy. She was squeezing pussy and it felt so tight that I came huge. Later she told she also came in that position, that position is week point for her. Got fresh paid and tata goodbye khatam gaya..

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    Thanks for providing feedback. I dropped the idea for now. Navi Mumbai would be hell of traveling too.

    Would be really helpful if you guys can share an indi in western line more from a long time perspective. 7-8 hours.

    Quote Originally Posted by ApacheGuy  [View Original Post]
    In touch with this girl. Asking 5 k for 2 shots and 3 k for 1 shot.

    Anybody tried and can give feedback.

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    NL / CH visit

    Planning to visit NL / CH tonight.

    Any recommendations for birds with services offered will be appreciated. Looking for something more than the usual vanilla stuff. (Intense DFK, DT, Rimming, maybe anal for an extra tip).



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    Quote Originally Posted by Leisure1  [View Original Post]
    Charges would be 7 k for 2.
    I am not able to recall her name but plenty of review available for her in 2017-18. May be any senior can help here. Avoid if you can.

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    I would avoid

    Quote Originally Posted by ApacheGuy  [View Original Post]
    In touch with this girl. Asking 5 k for 2 shots and 3 k for 1 shot.

    Anybody tried and can give feedback.
    Highly edited pics. She is old. I would avoid.

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    Lovely Catch.

    Would be thankful if you could share the digits. PM is open. Will reciprocate likewise.

    Cheers to Mongering.


    Quote Originally Posted by Yuta14  [View Original Post]
    Met this Muslim model girl. Miss N. What a beautiful girl. Mind blowing. She's got flesh at the right places. And unlike any model, she is very humble and comes from a humble background. You find these kind of girls in SA only, or other dating sources.

    Looks- 9 killer.

    Figure- 9 killer.

    Service - 8 awesome.

    Price- 4 k for 2. Please don't hike prices she is in need of money. Enjoy her slowly slowly guys. She has been reviewed earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApacheGuy  [View Original Post]
    In touch with this girl. Asking 5 k for 2 shots and 3 k for 1 shot.

    Anybody tried and can give feedback.
    Have tried her & put FR also you can check.

    She's good. Speaks good English. Intense DFK & Boobs are little more than medium, I won't say big but the boob to body ratio is nice (as can be seen from the pics). If you're meeting her in Nerul, she can come within 15 mins (she lives nearby I guess).

    Friendly nature. The only downside was, she smokes, so if you don't like smoke smell (or taste during DFK) then tell her beforehand to not to smoke & come.

    She was 4 k /2 or 4.5 k including place. Try to negotiate more.

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