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    Yutika not Gitika typo error

    Quote Originally Posted by LoverBoy35  [View Original Post]
    "Yutika is very average. Looks are very ordinary not the one to excite me and her body is very saggy and it's like she is used hundred times it was just very mechanical with her. The memory about my encounter with her does not excite me at all I would not repeat her again. Paid her 7 k for one shot.

    Looks - 5.

    Service - 7.

    Body - 3.

    Not the kind I would like to repeat.
    "Sorry typo error it's yutika not gitika.

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    Mumbai Trip

    Coming to Mumbai next week and this will be my return to mongering after 7 years. Mumbai forum has been been rejuvenated with the recent influx of new members and their amazing finds.

    Would really appreciate help with some inde contacts.

    Specially activated my subscription for this trip so help will be deeply cherished.


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    Visiting Mumbai. MP contacts

    Hello Mumbai brothers!

    I will be visiting Mumbai this week. Can any kind souls PM me some MP details and therapist names who would provide good b2 b experience. I will be staying in South Mumbai (CST). I am a regular monger from Hyderabad and can help you guys there.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieSheen69  [View Original Post]
    No they don't. I asked indirectly to the therapist & she did not even respond.
    Yes they do FS. I have taken FS at every Country branch in the city. Maybe you had a one off or some other reason but FS is available there for sure.

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    Feel she is overrated bro

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieSheen69  [View Original Post]
    Nah she's genuine but out of our league (or most of us here).

    She obviously has big wealthy clients (obviously businessmen) who shower money on her & thus the high rates.
    If what you say is true, its the ultra rich folks who have created this niche market for her but still feel one can get better or equal girls for much less. One just has to search.

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    Ms P

    I connected with her during my last visit to Mumbai but she was unavailable. Shared the same pic with me though. Does she look the same as in PIC? Interesting FR so I guess it was VFM.

    Please connect on PM.


    Quote Originally Posted by AkashRoy  [View Original Post]
    Payal Airoli 406.

    Met her today at vashi. She is short, average looks, fair skin, has tummy, very friendly girl.

    1st session- DFK, then foreplay, fingering while rimming her, she released, then took BBBJ, deepthroat while fingering her ass with lube, so could feel contraction on dick as well as on finger. Then wore condom and took in missionary followed by doggy, after good amount of humping removed condom and put the dick in mouth and finger in ass and finally CIM. Then chitchat continued. 2nd session started with BBBJ deepthroat while I was lying. Then made her lie and kept her head on bed corner and I was standing and inserted dick in her throat and fucked. I could see dick hitting her throat. She couldn't take more in this position. Wore condom and started doggy followed by flat doggy. She was squeezing pussy and it felt so tight that I came huge. Later she told she also came in that position, that position is week point for her. Got fresh paid and tata goodbye khatam gaya.


    Service: 10/10.

    BJ: 10/10.

    Damage: 4 k + 500 hotel.

    WIR: not sure, I am not getting kink in CIM.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have been away for almost 2-3 years and now RTFF. Currently shuffling between Pune and Mumbai on work.

    So I did manage to connect with some buddies last week and thanks for the leads but haven't been able to try them yet.

    I saw a few profiles on MR. Ankita / Riya Independent / Rituza / Priya and many more.

    Did chat with Ankita and she asked for advance. So didn't connect with any others.

    Are they even real?? Did see some abusive reviews on Riya's profile.

    Let me know your thoughts. I will be in Mumbai next week so any leads would be appreciated.

    Do connect via PM for further discussions.

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    Just one word for you! "My man!"

    Awesome score there buddy and good to see that Mumbai is still the mongering capital: the though recently one may find more VFM & good looking ones in Delhi.

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    Does her number end in 354?

    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyDuck1208  [View Original Post]
    Had planned to meet Shruti (MR profile) last week. Chatted and also had a video call with her. Genuine profile IMO, local student. Desperate for money, can come down to 5-7 K for 2. Chose not to meet her due to other priorities.
    Does her number end in 354?

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    Sana number ending 1118

    In touch with Sana. Says she is from mumbra. Anyone tried and can give feedback? Planning was today.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 72341A4E-7C47-417B-A2FC-FD95A8AC2135.jpg‎   263D8463-6E6B-425D-B592-76AA98C53692.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanJusams  [View Original Post]
    Hello all,

    I am returning to Mumbai after a gap of few years. I used to be active in the forum with the handle JSFRFUN. I did loose due to the lost access to that email ID. I have sent private messages to few of the members here who had recent FR's. Could you please help with some contacts who could provide a good GFE. Really appreciate all the help guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by DrDino  [View Original Post]
    She charges Rs 200,000 for short time and wants 25 K as confirmation for advance. She has a manager who will finalize the plan and after receiving advance she will speak on the phone.
    If she asks for advance she can scam you nicely too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidLuke  [View Original Post]
    Bro you shld have negotiated or check previous reviews. You can bring her rates down to 12 for 2.
    She is not negotiable as per I know. She doesn't come below 10 k for 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuyForU  [View Original Post]
    " I totally agree with kryptographer because as I have also met her looks are 7 which I agree she is just nothing great in looks service yes is good figure is not at all 9 the rating is too way over rated and she is charging 10 k for 2 rounds. This is what I have paid for her ".
    She has hiked her price.

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    Shruti. MR profile

    Had planned to meet Shruti (MR profile) last week. Chatted and also had a video call with her. Genuine profile IMO, local student. Desperate for money, can come down to 5-7 K for 2. Chose not to meet her due to other priorities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryptographer  [View Original Post]
    Few days back I posted about a SP that I know of who provides mid to high end stuffs. Got a bunch of immediate requests for contacts.

    Shared the contact with few of them (all Senior Members. Need a screen? Will share that too.). Out of all these I shared, I got a reply of "Thanks" from just one (1) guy. Rest others vanished after getting the contact.

    I later replied to that guy and thanked him for at least having the courtesy to "Thank" me. Shared with him my reference for the SP too. (Without reference, this SP won't even entertain.).

    This forum is for sharing. If anyone wishes to keep the girl for yourself and not share, you should probably be marrying her then! Keep her for life!

    Anyway, I hope things are better in the time to come.

    Hey buddy,

    Mind sharing the contact? I promise not to be non active.


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