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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    Old FR

    This FR is a year and few months old.

    I had come to Mumbai. First time of Mongering there.

    Personally asked some seniors. One person from the thread reached out and asked for my whatsapp. I was naive and shared with him.

    He called and explained a bit (was very new to mongering at that time) got connected me to her.

    Got in touch with this model who shifted to Mumbai for work but was unable to. Heard her sobbing storywhich I felt was fake. She mentioned that she is very selective. Does this only in emergencies (Must not be true).

    I was staying at a hotel, called her and booked her for 2 shots. It was okayish but she kept on nagging about her story which made it bit unbearable.

    I am not sure if she is still active with these.

    Face - 6. 5/10.

    Boobs - 7/10.

    Pussy - 8/10 okayish clean.

    Ass: Non existent.

    WIR: No.

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    Help please. Failed mission.

    Hi guys landed in Mumbai yesterday. Requested many for contacts but to no avail. Had a contact from a senior about 2 years old. Contacted her and she sent pics which were good and fixed her for 2 sessions. When she came she was same in pic but 10 kgs heavier. But dick was ruling and I took her. Had shower together and in bed when I went kissing down her pussy smelled very bad like dead rotten fish. I almost puked but put on condom and banged her. Ordered some dinner and chatted with her and asked her to leave without second round. Cleaned my dick twice with soap. I am in juhu. I would be happy if anyone can share reference of Jenny spa or any Thai spa where FS is possible.

    I am leaving in 2 days. Thanks.

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    CH contact

    Can someone please DM me CH SP contact with damages if you don't mind?

    Want to try CH.

    Thank you.

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    Visiting Mumbai / Navi Mumbai

    Hi there Brethren! I would be visiting Mumbai later in July for a month. Would like to explore the mongering scene in Mumbai / Navi Mumbai. Appreciate if genuine contacts of couples or SP would be shared with me please. Thanks in advance.

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    Shalini bhardwaj couple navi Mumbai

    Hi guys,

    Has anybody met couple based at kharghar. The wife goes by name shalini bhardwaj. They have a profile on X also.

    If any body has takenthen kindly advice if recommended to meet. She looks pretty tall and has a good figure specially ass but seems little aged. Not sure how she will look in person.


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    Sandwitch Massage

    Hi mongers,

    As previously reported for sec 17 in Vashi, was keen to meet my favorite lady named Witness at SPA Fruit. Called in advance and reached the place expecting that she would be waiting for me. To my surprise, there was a mix up and she was busy. Was about to leave for another place, suddenly she came out and saw me. I told her what happened, she asked me to wait for no more than 15 minutes. I said ok.

    We entered the room and hugged each other tightly, I was grabbing her larger ass when she gave me bad news. She said I have periods so FS not possible. I was disappointed again!. I came all the way to have great massage and FS. Anyways she convinced me that I can take massage from her and FS from somebody else. Now this was a pleasant surprise to me but I kept a serious face. I said ok let us start. 10 minutes into great massage, she said would I like sandwich massage with FS with another lady? Price was quite high so I was in two mind, but anyways baburam took decision for me and I said ok. In came a new lady named Smile. She was also quite attractive with good assets. Both, rather we all three in no time were in our birthday suites and what started was 45 minutes of bliss. Both were friends and perhaps have done such session together many times, so great bonding between the two was so obvious. We were chatting, joking and playing while I was enjoying great massage. I was just enjoying with four hands of massage and my two hands exploring two young sexy beautiful bodies!! I wished this can go for ever. Their patli kamariyas were another turn on and I was just slipping my hands all over them. At about 40 minutes, Witenss went to shower leaving Smile with me for FS. It was another good session with a new lady for me. I ended up doing DFK, miss, doggy, cowgirl and ended in on her tummy by hand, off course cover was used.

    I thanked both of them for a memorable session of sandwich massage. Would I repeat them? Yes but perhaps every other month. Total cost 2+7 k.

    Cheers guys. Go have a blast till baburm is working.

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    Sweet, Sexy Aubrey

    This FR is a couple of mths old. Had read a couple of reviews and made up my mind to see her. For those who don't knw her, she claims she is a Singaporean. So stealthily met her at her hotel, almost felt like a James Bond Movie. Go straight from the reception, don't make eye contact with anyone, take the lift, on the 5th floor, step put and take first right, take the last door, call before it was funny but all in a good way.

    I am usually skeptical with south east asians with a voice always praying inside of me that hope its not a post ops. When she opened the door, she was slim slender and very prettily dressed in a tight black skirt. She immediately hugged and kissed me. I tried looking for clues if she was a post ops but cldnt find any and then uske baad, aur kya. I surrendered to Johnny. Post my shower, had a blast with different positions, like pussy on the face, DATY, missionary, doggo, on the couch, chair and everywhere, a terrific first session.

    We then chit chatted for a while and after that I had to get on a work related online video meeting for 30 minutes which I had told her of as soon as I met her. So I put just my t-shirt on and got on the call, whilst she was busy on her laptop. After about 10 minutes, she suddenly came from nowhere and went down on me and startled me by blowing me hornily, whilst I was on a video call. Now this was a first for me and Johny had never been so hard with this excitement whilst I am trying to keep a straight face in the camera and also intentionally coughing each time she made those slurrp noises whilst on my dick. Funnily somewhere I didn't want the video call to end. Caressing her, slapping my dick on her tongue and all this whilst I am on the call felt next level. I somehow held up well and giving an excuse that I had to rush for another meeting, I managed to shorten the call by about 5-10 mins. And then after that, you can imagine another great session. Fully satisfied.

    Face - 7/10.

    Boobs - 9/10 (she kept urging me to bite her tits).

    DFK - 8/10.

    Pussy - 10/10 extremely clean.

    Ass. Can spank it all day long 9/10.

    WIR. Yes (provided you can get your doubts of a post ops out of your head).

    Charges. INR 15 k /2, not a time watcher at all.

    Missed watching my usual Savdhan India episode, but left a happy man with a video call to remember Happy Mongering!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eanf2003  [View Original Post]
    Have a first years student from SA who would want to meet good folks. She is not a looker but good assets and someone who is nice and open to COF and CIM too. Cute talkative chick. Anyone wants to talk to her and plan let me knw.
    Can you share her seeking ID or telegram ID.



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    I am still looking out for a PYT (Pretty Young Thing), decent, educated, high on personal hygiene and good company from central lines, in range of 7-8 k for 2-3 hrs. Refer only known & good one. Thanks.

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    SA Contact

    Quote Originally Posted by Eanf2003  [View Original Post]
    Have a first years student from SA who would want to meet good folks. She is not a looker but good assets and someone who is nice and open to COF and CIM too. Cute talkative chick. Anyone wants to talk to her and plan let me knw.
    You need to clear your mailbox bro.

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    CH Visit

    This is late FR, I went to CH 3 weeks back on Friday. I reached there around 9. 30 pm. My regular SP came to me and I I went with him. He showed new lineup and I chose Miss Tulsi. Afterwards, I handover the money to SP and closed the door. I had beer with me so we had it while kissing and making out with each other. She was quite talkative and friendly, however it took her while to start the deed, that's the only reason I'll think twice before going to her again. Otherwise the deed was exotic. DFK, BJ followed by WOT and Missi.

    We had more beer and cigs before starting second deed. We followed same sequence but I finished in dogi.

    Service: 7/10 (Chats alot).

    Looks: 8/10 (Well maintained body with perfect assets).

    Attitude: 9/10.

    Damage: 3. 5 k for 2.

    WIR: Maybe.

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    SA contact

    Have a first years student from SA who would want to meet good folks. She is not a looker but good assets and someone who is nice and open to COF and CIM too. Cute talkative chick. Anyone wants to talk to her and plan let me knw.

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    Any review?

    Any review of this profile? Sent me a video saying what I had asked for. Not agreeing for VC without hotel booking.

    Looking for some indies. Anyone have any other leads, please share. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahuls2304  [View Original Post]
    Avoid rica above McDonald's. Hygienic issues and therapist as well arrogant counter person. Tried ground floor place good and well maintained. Thai birds and worth.
    Check your DM. Request help.

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    Wrong Location

    Quote Originally Posted by OnTheWings  [View Original Post]
    Drenched under the torrential rains. Decided to drench & quench the inner carnal desires- so headed to Kings Bar, Turbhe. Out the Rly. Station when enquired. The first auto guy blinked so moved to another one who also was not sure of Kings bar. Encouraged the auto guy giving him address details landmark of Hotel Celebration. Started. Moving here and there finally stopped in front of a Hotel in MIDC area. Auto guy enquired the Hotel Security and few guys standing nearby. One person approached me and informed that Kings Bar got closed long back and even if it is back to action. It would be risky due to raid and LEs. Mymy. So no more venturing. Back to Station.

    While leaving that Hotel Guy gave one interesting offer. Incall Facility in that Hotel with choices to one's taste. But for me, not this time.
    It's situated in Vashi Apmc.

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