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    Meera-Caring Girl--Raj Legacy

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunandoghosh  [View Original Post]

    Same experience two years back.

    Yet to come cross any one like her. (anyways I have not ventured much). True value for money.

    I was told here by respected senior members in few posts below that Myra from MR is someone worth and can be at level of Elisha but based on all other posts while she may be classy sophisticated genuine GFE but look wise she is very average.

    Wish there was option to get someone beautiful and GFE like Elisha or even better but a genuine one.

    Yes might be expensive but indulgence once in one year to expensive choice is not that bad..

    Old days remind me of Caring girl--Meera. She was a gem / my first taste of escort.

    Any one know about her and in contact?

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    Need details for lactating millfs


    Have new fetish for lactating milfs. Read a few FRS regarding the same in Mumbai forum. Got a chance to visit Mumbai for couple of days. Can brothers in this group help with details. I will reciprocate with Bangalore contacts. My PM is open, can someone help in satisfying my fetish.

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    Apartment option

    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyDuck1208  [View Original Post]
    Yes, there has been threads in the past where seniors asked for others to join to pool for an apartment. Bangalore threads for sure I have seen.

    Definitely a good option for regulars.
    One should go with the apartment option only with people you know well and trust or else you could also end up in trouble if someone else does some foolishness in the common apartment. Saving a few bucks here could cost you a lot more down the line. Its a thin line but good option with people you trust very well. Also the bird will come to know your place and if they are scamsters then they may try to extort from you.

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    My Stupid Foolish Bad Experience knowing almost

    OK so in spite of almost knowing and having a gut feeling and all signs saying that this is fake.

    I ventured in.

    What I did:

    My idea was to see the girl on cam and then if I like go for real deal to avoid any disappointment and significant financial damage later.

    So asked for cam show which profile says she provides. Agreed for 3 k for 10 minutes.

    Obviously was asked to pay in advance. Did gpay. All along I was knowing very well that I am going to lose 3 k as it's a fake profile and also.

    All other signs which we learn over time (like pics face visible on profile etc).

    But don't know somehow ended up paying still hoping against the hope.

    As expected the incoming WhatsApp call was from same number but showing pre recorded video and was muted.

    Why I did what I did:

    I guess it was desperation in me to be able to see before committing the real act to prevent more financial damage.

    In most cases be it from MR or SA we are not able to see the girl face pics or overall appearance before booking a 5 star and until she arrives.

    But that's too late if we don't like.

    Anyways just shared above so that some others who may a bit desperate like me can hold and not waste money even if it be 3 k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoteBhai  [View Original Post]
    Looks wise Mahi / Sonam is a stunner but not sure about her service. I have heard negative reviews about her so not sure and also she charges a bomb.
    Mahi / Sonam. ANy hint where I can get this profile or contact?

    Also if its negative reviews then no point notwithstanding beauty as I am sure crucial GFE exp would be missing which would be a huge turn off after spending a bomb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techno2021  [View Original Post]
    She is genuine, not fake. But has a golden pussy syndrome. Will upcharge you. She charges above 50. And then will show all kind of attitude. She feels she is a Bollywood actress.
    Wow what a beautiful description of facts. Cheers.

    The word "golden pussy syndrome" captures the essence.

    Yes in all my conversations with her in last 2 days she thinks no less than miss world or miss universe of herself.

    She says ravi shashtri, Uday Kotak, kapil dev are her regular clients.

    Too much to digest.

    Best avoided to not feel cheated hugely at end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunForSandy  [View Original Post]
    This reeks of scam, avoid.
    Yupe and that too a potentially too costly one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuyForU  [View Original Post]
    " I totally agree I have meet many girls from SA and MR you really need to scan and a few I felt were fake and were agency it is difficult to search but the one I got they all were genuine I have really paid them a bomb but they were worth it.
    Wow the last line.

    It would be a dream to get a beautiful young college look like girl with GFE even if it costs a bomb once in a bluemoon.

    The highest bar for me was Elisha 2 years back. Wish the bar could be much much higher by someone else.

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    Never seen any spa advertising on its website B2 b, hot girls, naked etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ajay2984  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Read a lot about Avantara spa in the forum. Almost all the FRs were encouraging. But the price part was bothering me. After lot of contemplation decided to try it once. The receptionist who later introduced herself as the owner was quite hot. But she didn't budge on two things. One cost and second she didn't agree to give me a massage. Nevertheless, saw the lineup and found all kinda average. The owner said she will get me some other therapist from nearby branches of her and started showing me pics. I was running short of time and decided to try one of her recommendations from same branch. The girl was young short and curvy. Not too good but okayish. I had paid 9 k at the counter so said no to massage and started with services directly. Enjoyed her nicely, her young body with a curvy ass was good. Convinced her for BBBJ which was good and kinda nice. She was able to make it more hard and I thought I would come soon. Decided to put on rubber and bang her hard and nice. She was moaning. Finished in missionary. Had to leave early so decided to skip jacuzzi with her and took shower.

    Overall an okayish kinda experience and honestly feel that the spa has been hyped without actual content. Its too costly too. There are better spas with better girls and at reasonable rates too.

    Well, yes, am okay to pay 10 k if the owner cum receptionist decides to get inside the room with me!

    Cheers guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBrando  [View Original Post]
    She is everywhere on all sites and all over the forums. She demands huge money and is not worth.
    Yes conversed with her. Demands huge money and want everything by her terms without sharing any details. Even if one gets her wonder how much she will cooperate given her tantrums on bed.

    Don't know but it seems either she is too beautiful or too arrogant.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted because it was an attempt by the author to encourage members to CONTACT HIM on ANOTHER WEBSITE. In the future, please refrain from posting requests for forum members to contact you on another website. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaaco  [View Original Post]
    Hi Everyone,

    Can someone please suggest girl friendly hotels upto 5-6 k a night in the Bandra Khar Juhu Andheri area. Preferably where I can bring in a different girl on different days.

    Please PM me urgently.

    Thanks in advance.

    "Mostly all five star hotels are girl friendly ".

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoteBhai  [View Original Post]
    Check Bawa international or VITs international.
    Depending on your dates you can also check Orchid or holiday inn for rates. If you have to bring in different girls ensure you check in one girl, the rest you have to manage and see if you can get two keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuneGuy2006  [View Original Post]

    Anyone tried Nayla from seeking arrangement, she seems to be from Mumbai.
    I have not tried but have chatted with her seen her pics. Quoted 15 k for short term.

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    Avantara receptionist

    Quote Originally Posted by Anakata12  [View Original Post]
    Yes the receptionist / owner is indeed quite hot such a huge ass that I'd bury my face in it. Surprising that she said no to you she told me she is available as well but I decided to go with the actual lineup instead.
    Yes bro, she has a meaty ass. I could not take my eyes off her butts. Well, in that case, I think I should pursue her for a session.

    Let's see if I get lucky. Would be happy to taste her.


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