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    That's an actress from Tamil Films Vedhika

    Quote Originally Posted by Jadugar  [View Original Post]

    Found this ad on mr as ankita arora.

    Thru caller says yuvika.

    Number home bihar.

    Picture looks good.

    Anyone has tried.

    Please tell review if anyone had it.
    She also acted alongside Emraan in "The Body".

    When in doubt always reverse search the image in google images.
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    Fun days in lockdown

    Everyday bango with my cutie NE is heaven for me. Sharing thoughts about her life and her family a good chemistry. Nevertheless person is totally transparent about her work now. Soon taking her out from this hell and she is mostly known to people but always hiding her identity as well. Everyday she tells today let's do bango always making horny everyday as always with me.

    New jumping as of had a word with my old SP who said Sen is open so met him and discussed about whom is available his old staff only available deal done bango 2 pops 4 K fixed.

    2nd SP who is lady who also gives a good chicks so tried her food on Friday so a chick of 25 years of she introduced so reached at her place and bango after her bango told lady SP to join after her served dish fucked.

    3 hours 2 Bangor damaged only 3 pops 5 k.

    Sunday's will be the rest for Johnny god knows if my ne called me for meet at her place. Again will be heaven for me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by OnlyBigBoobs  [View Original Post]
    I met my friend housewife through social media at her home. Awesome raw sex and she finished with CIM. She is a horny woman and too active in bed.

    New girl called Seema. Decent looking and good in bed. Enjoyed well with her.

    Next day took another girl from Thane called sunita. Decent looks a the decent service. Good BBBJ.

    Another housewife met her at ghatkopar where she took me to her regular lodge. Had 2 sessions. Good BBBJ. She was very wet not tight though. Very fair milky body. Liked her softness. She is polite and good otherwise. Damage - 6 k + 1.5 k for lodge room.

    Hi bro, hope you are doing well. Mind sharing the digits. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForTheLulz  [View Original Post]
    Came across this profile on a dating app, said precious as her name on profile which I don't think is the case, truecaller has her as Africa Nala Liu tho, anyone taken service from her?

    Whatsapp pic attached, please share your experience if you've come across this profile?
    I had her once before, almost a year ago. She flies in and out of the city. From what I remember, her DFK and BJ isn't that great. She'll go through the motions, but nothing exciting in particular.

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    FR- Arabic Instrument

    After making inquiries, I wasn't getting any decent answers so decided to go to the Arabic Instrument Spa in Monkey. It's up and running. Booked Ms. A on the recommendation of fellow colleagues.

    I got there and they were sanitizing the place. Another one called see was also available. Apparently they sanitize after every customer. At the counter, the receptionist was asking 3 k for 1 hour, but was able to bring it down to 2 k. Went to the room.

    Ms. A entered even before I was able to change into the disposable, and she just stood there while I stripped naked and changed. I knew at that moment that something was definitely on. Started with a massage and 5 minutes into it she told me I could remove the disposable. Then the negotiations began. I wasn't feeling upto a FS, so asked for B2 B and BJ. She asked for 4 k and I literally started laughing. Told her it's okay, I wasn't interested. After about 20 minutes, she realized I wasn't going to budge and so she started negotiating again. Ended up confirming on 2 k for B2 B, BJ, top access, and bottom access. No DFK because of corona.

    Her B2 B and HJ was amazing. Unfortunately, her BJ left me a little bored. Ended up finishing, did a shower together. She hinted that she was up for meeting outside as well, but I was put off with the BJ and said I'd consider it. They tried with the usual membership stuff, and I said I'd decide after trying others.

    Looks: 6.

    Figure: 7.

    Pussy: Very tight. A solid 8.

    Service: Apart from the BJ, I'd say 8. With BJ, I'd say 5.

    Damange: 2+2.

    WIR: Probably not. This was a result of frustration. For 4 k, independents are easily available right now.

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    Review on Meher

    Hi Team,

    In my previous post I asked for suggestion on ball shave / wax place around Ironman.

    Also, hear some members asking about Meher.

    She's good. A little on heavier side but speaks really well and confident about herself.

    10 k is what she charges, which is not bad considering there are many average looking chics asking for the same amount.

    Overall would rate her 8/10.

    Planning to see Priyal Ahuja from MR next.

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    Info on potential bird

    Does anyone have any reviews or information on this bird? I was going to meet her last night but she demanded a partial advance. Alarm bells immediately went off and I cancelled the meet, but another person told me she's genuine. In the Iron Man area, number ending 685.
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    Need review of Yuvika aka ankita arora on mr


    Found this ad on mr as ankita arora.

    Thru caller says yuvika.

    Number home bihar.

    Picture looks good.

    Anyone has tried.

    Please tell review if anyone had it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahuls2304  [View Original Post]
    It's Miss J and Miss S Thai chicks who work in known places of Bandra and Andheri places each.

    Is it Romeo's J? Is she still around?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragz97  [View Original Post]

    I'd be grateful if someone could message me contacts of girls for hire.

    Location. Andheri-Kandivali (Preferred Malad / Goregaon West).

    Duration. Hourly / Per shot.

    Budget - 5-8 k.

    Thanks a lot.
    You obviously haven't read the instructions at the top of the page?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahuls2304  [View Original Post]
    It's Miss J and Miss S Thai chicks who work in known places of Bandra and Andheri places each.

    Good on you. I tried setting up something with Miss J for after hours, but just as I felt I was making progress the Lockdown hit and I lost all contact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsenic02  [View Original Post]

    Can anyone share Zeenat digits, I guess most happening thing in blog.

    PM is active.

    Clean you are inbox.

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    Looking for Help!


    I'd be grateful if someone could message me contacts of girls for hire.

    Location. Andheri-Kandivali (Preferred Malad / Goregaon West).

    Duration. Hourly / Per shot.

    Budget - 5-8 k.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pratap44  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to pcock bro for info on opening up of this spa. Booked an appointment yesterday. Just chose a random therapist NE named are and went there. Counter charge was quoted 2. 6 and after some nego got down to 2. 3 not sure if it's going price. Alloted a room with nice ambience was worried they will get me a small partition room with curtains but this one was quite good and attached. In comes the therapist are slightly built body. I was not wrapping the towel and she did not insist and started with just the white undi. While doing dry massage stretch ups she was nicely rubbing her boobs against my body. Her soft touch of hands and boobs brush were nice. Then the oil massage and interestingly no much hints apart from boobs brushing. Massage was really nice that I almost slept. When last 5 min were left she asked if I needed any extras as it was less time and first time not sure of prices politely said next time. They have a package it seems 7 hours for 10 k. May be we will take after 1-2 more rounds. The receptionist was also cute and nice talkative.

    Can seniors suggest me the ongoing price for extras here. Being a new member to Mumbai did not want to jack up prices and stick to going rates. Hence the request.

    Even without extras would give full vfm at package rates for message as it was quite relaxing.

    On safety these people have temp sensor and oxygen check on finger and sanitiser. Over all looked quite clean.
    Be careful about this one- while it's recommended, there was a raid here last month.

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    Hints needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Rahuls2304  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    Got so many dm about the spa details and non WG girls contact details.

    In COVID time I myself also dried up till June but slowly and steadily started getting contacts again with proper authentication and with safety 1st. In 2 months visited 13 spas in which many are working without permissions as you all know but remember safety as in which 4 spas didn't follow the sanetization protocols where is straight rejected the repeates even at 1st visits told managers to clean and sanetization the rooms and then will start therapy or return the counter changers even got repeated calls for the visits again. Recently I am visiting places where sanetization is better and cleanliness matters as always along with a good chicks who always be with you all. Try to keep a rappo with the girls and with spa managers as it's better for you all to get a better paisa vassol thing with your chicks. Now banging 2 Thai and one NE is heaven for me as screening girls is always matters. I saw many NE gives FS with the amount of 1500/- understand that's their need to survive but we also need to see about the history of the visits once as less rate more customers Nd the same places don't have a COVID cleanliness protocols to be followed. Monger safely and be careful. It's like wait for someday and try for FS with your rappo chicks as always patience is the key for you all to keep Johnny safe and happy always. Your rappo and the bond and trust also matters between both.

    As again I am telling all mongers as now shops are open. Go to place where you better protocols has been followed if not then try to visit the places where you have sanetization protocol followed along with better service.

    Take your time but don't risk yourself as still no vaccines available.

    My two cents.
    Dude for god's sake can you at least share some hints about these places. Give some hints like where it is located as mentioned in forum previously for others spas for eg iron man Mercedes spa or kamdhenu Spanish spa etc. Its difficult to know place without any hints. Sharing is caring dude, appreciate if you can write a post mentioning where it is and let mongers decode.

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