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    Quote Originally Posted by AbhiSingh  [View Original Post]
    Bro, is her number ending in 42 or 92?
    3042 are her last 4 digits.

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    Bali hopeless

    Got an SMS. Invited to new spa in Juhu. Went. 1 k for half and HR. Neat and clean so decided to try. NI therapist. Hopeless service. 3 k. Insisted on sandwich massage. Firmly said no. Not recommended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjLucifer  [View Original Post]
    Had a good session with miss K BBW from Chembur. She generally prefers your place. But on insisting took to a lodge opp a mall. Filthy place, but had to do. Huge melons, very responsive to touch. She has many fantasies which she is ready to act out. But is BBW so some positions are difficult. Not a great fan of her BBBJ. But overall good for the damages for short time. Paid 3 K plus 800 lodge.
    Bro, is her number ending in 42 or 92?

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    Visiting Mumbai

    I am visiting Mumbai in 4th week of September can anyone share a contact of any bird who is very fair Indian girl.

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    New to ISG

    Hello, kind souls. I am new to ISG, can anyone give me some ears in Mumbai. Thanks.

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    I am a new member here.

    Hope to gain knowledge and share experiences.

    Relatively new monger.

    Fooled a couple of times by Locanto.

    Any tips appreciated.

    Read a lot of posts, couldn't understand a lot of abbreviations though.

    Thank you.

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    New in the city

    Hello seniors,

    I am just shifted to Mumbai. And I am new to ISG. Can anyone help me providing some guidance. Looking for independent chicks. And please share your experience as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oceanmonger  [View Original Post]
    I have recently discovered ISG and feeling bad that it took me so long to look for and find this amazing Forum after so many wasted mongering quests in India, mostly in Mumbai.

    Did you find any good girls in MR who are good and reasonable? The rates quoted in MR seem too high in most cases.

    Just joined here a day back and no digits for exchange etc as of now, but will definitely remember the favor and will return in due time. TIA.
    MR you can find profiles, but the difficult thing is to know whether they are indie or SP postings. For example, there was this girl Payal, who taking 6 k for 2 and she was a decent fuck with her place. Similarly there are SP promoted girls who quote 15 k for 2 which is simply waste of money. Add to that trans Filipinos who are either indies or promoted by SP who quote exorbitant prices. You need to be selective in your choices.

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    City girl in mountains / miss S

    I went to leh as a tourist, since I was solo I picked up the hostel & best part it was run by the collage students. So there was party almost every night hash / booze going on entire night.

    Since I don't drink / nor smoke was more interested in collage young blood. But met a friend of a girl who runs a hostel. Best part she works in the beauty parlour in Delhi, but here home town in kargil & came on vacation to Leh.

    So tried to hit her, came to know she was 24 & her husband was 35 , married for a year but stayed for 20 days together (Since she work in Delhi & husband works in kargil), later on husband has afar with other girl, she saw chat on husband mobile & she had a fight and came to leh. So in all it was long story. Tried to console her. Later on topic changed to physical need & she was lonely & cold, don't get enough love.

    I already knew her from past two days, we talked her lot about her husband history, I was prepared & already spoke with hostel manager aka friend for a room and had condom along.

    Took her inside, initially she was shy, but some how convince her to remove cloths, the skin was fair & smooth as butter. Not a single hair neck below. That's the best part, being beautician she take care of herself.

    I started fingering & eating her up. Damn man she was so horny, that she started taking my cock in her mouth & had to stop her because, I want to enjoy forplay & sex later on, don't want to cum early.

    Switch to 69 my fav position, she sat on my face, the her pussy / ass was butter smooth not a single hair. Ate her boobs like anything.

    Than it was time had her in different position WOT / miss / Doggy, she was so high & vocal had to keep her quite, since it was hostel.

    Did her twice, & it was already late night & time for her to go to her friends home.

    In all Damage 30 Rs for condom, She didn't take / not I offered a single penny.

    Boobs: 9/10.

    Body: 9/10.

    Pussy: 11/10 (shaved and butter smooth).

    Ass: 8/10 almost perfect, little loose so had jelly effect when doing in doggy.

    Can't repeat, since she is in Delhi & I am from Mumbai.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenjhon  [View Original Post]
    Hello seniors,

    I have been reading lots of reports of meeting.

    Women on MR. Could some one explain the.

    Long form of MR?

    I know abut sa is seeking arrangements.
    Massage republic.

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    Her name was actress from pretty woman.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheHotKing  [View Original Post]
    I have had similar experience and have been visiting this branch since it opened few years back and with experience learned that avoid going there on Sundays and the trick for everyone is once the back and leg massage is done usually 30 minutes are over so if you plan to spend more time then take a 90 minutes to begin with or go on a weekday -- other branches like Andheri and Kurla are usually less crowded and you get it peacefully there.

    Please tell me the name is it actress from pretty woman or old movie with a famous song.

    Enjoy it till it lasts -- I have also used this spa in siliguri west bengal with good services.

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    SA have also become like locanto mostly operated by SP, So have to be careful, I have not renewed the subscription long back not because of scan the reason was I found all girls were quoting exorbitant rate. S

    Quote Originally Posted by Bholu  [View Original Post]
    Some SP make profile on SA too like Mahi, fix deal than she ask to book hotel, when I asked her to cahekin to gather she insisted book hotel and give room no she come after that, red flag, I told her share her name on I'the and no to give hotel, so she can come smoothly she give that, than I found that this is not the same girl whom pics share, simply msg her leave it I m not interested in her terms she no msg there after, I saved my money, if I book hotel and she comes later, and not the same girl she can create Sean, any way I escaped, and save money, be careful monger SA have some fake I'the too.

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    Firstly take subscription share your experience and once you move into trusted zone few will will extend arms to help you.

    Quote Originally Posted by James3335  [View Original Post]

    I'm traveling to Mumbai next weekend and would need some good contacts to spend time with.

    Around 20 k INR for 2 sessions.

    Please let me know, appreciate your help! And by the way this forum rocks!



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    Nice review, good to know that Russian salads are available in Mumbai also.

    Quote Originally Posted by GermanShepherd  [View Original Post]
    Hey folks,

    Its a month old FR and the model has left back so would request everyone not to ask for her contact through pm.

    An absolute bliss and a wishful hunger finally came to an end to have Russian salad in our town. She was 19 yr old 5. 10" in height.

    She was offered by a friend for 12 k per pop and immediately grab the offer, as it was quite some time I had pink pussy / nipples. Was invited to a hotel near airport.

    Reached before time, who wouldn't as its kinda delight to have such in Mumbai. Won't go much into the detail but she was an amazing stunner and total GFE which was..

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    New to this group, any kind soul to help


    I am new to ISG. Looking for some in Mumbai, please share some information. Thanks.

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