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    Contacts needed

    Hey seniors,

    It would be great help if anyone could provide me any contacts. Have bookes the radisson near the airport and looking to have some fun.

    Would be of great help if some seniors can open the contacts to a fellow mongerer.

    Thank you guys.

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    Avoid NL for few days. There was raid few days back and many girls, SP and customers were taken in custody.

    Spoke with few SP there and it will be closed for few weeks no.

    NL is getting riskier as raids are getting regular. I recall last raid was in April this year.

    Quote Originally Posted by LordFoklun  [View Original Post]
    Hi Seniors,

    My PM is not active.

    Can some smart soul encode SP p**m from NL or any other good SP who could help me.

    Hope they have some Mr or loc profile.

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    Encounter at J SPa

    Hey brethren,
    I mostly had a dry run in the Mumbai region. Had pinged quite a few brothers but wasn't lucky enough to receive a message back from them. Might be that the people are selective & choosy in sharing their contacts with new people. Anyways I am on frequent visits to Mumbai from Pune mostly for a day or two which are quite unplanned visits and decided just a day before the visit. This experience is of the first week of this month and had got lucky when I received a reply to my message from Guru Bhai (long applause), he shared with me J Spa contact which I had asked for and was kind enough to share another inde contact as well. J from the Spa knows Guru Bhai well and responds well when his name is referred to. As I was new to the spa I had asked for suggestions from him to which he courteously replied and I had read the forum posts as well so I decided to go ahead with Bella. J messaged me the address and asked me to call once I reach the location. J was running late and asked me to visit the place and wait for her and she arrived 5 min later. She is a nice lady who offered me water and asked me about my choice of therapist. She doesn't allow to choose the therapist, it's good in a way because all the therapists there are pretty good and similar in service and just to get the creepy guys out of the way. I chose Bella and she told me that she is running late so I can wait for her or can try the new girl Bee who had just arrived. I didn't know much about the other girls and she didn't allow me to choose so I thought of not taking the chance, I told her I will wait for Bella. After 10-12 minutes Bella arrived and went inside to change. I handed J the cash 2 k for 90 min (it's 1. 5 k for 60 min). She guided me to the room and asked me for my mobile and kept it in a wooden basket and under a drawer, near the wooden shelf in the same room (it's for safety purposes I believe) She asked me to change and said she will send Bella in. Bella arrived in a few minutes by the time I had changed in the dispo and as soon as she arrived she apologized for being late. I said it's OK, she started with the massage and must say she is pretty good at it. I had told her to apply good pressure as I had a bit of leg pain to which she did a nice job. She liked my ass and was naughtily slapping it in between the massage. I asked her to remove the dispo and give a nice bum massage she started by sitting in between my legs and applying oil over the buns. She was enjoying it too the way her hands were all over, in between she started teasing the johnny buoy and he was all ready to plunge out from the bottom. I have had a dry week so didn't want to waste any time I turned and johnny was saluting the lady and was all ready to get some action. We discussed the price she quoted 4 k for FS. I told her I wanted to boom twice then she said 6 k I started negotiating and settled for 4. 5 k for 2. She took her little purse and started cleaning my johnny buoy with wet wipes. I literally counted she used 6 wipes to clean my little brother not like it was smelly or unclean but just that she was ready to explore each and every area around the buoy which I learned later. She started licking everything from top to bottom and gave a decent DFK she has some good lips and was able to chew it a bit during the deed. She continued to my nipples and was hungrily licking all around it. I took her erect nipples in my mouth and was sucking it hard while she was stroking and getting my tool ready for the big day. I guided her downstairs and she was all ready to plunge on it, she has good BJ skills she licks it like a lollipop with good friction and no teeth she was licking each and every skin tissue around my tool including the teabags I had pressed my legs around her while she was sucking at it. I was about to release so stopped her and asked her to lie down and let me explore her body nicely with all my hands running around her up and down and squeezing that little ass with both my hands she didn't complain and was enjoying it. I asked for condi, wore it, and then asked her to come on top and she immediately obliged and in no time she was thrusting hard with full speed. She was very much excited as I was really pressing her ass cheeks with both of my hands and helping in her thrusts this continued for another 3-4 minutes and I was enjoying it so much that I didn't want to delay more and gave in and released my load. She got down and went to the bathroom to clean herself and after which I cleaned myself and came back. She continued the massage for another 20 min or so and in between, I was playing with her smooth body and my hands were everywhere, she really has very smooth and fair skin like most of the Thai chicks have. She told me about her home back and parents and she told me that she will be leaving for Thailand in 10-12 days. After some talks, she started getting my buoy up from the zizz and he was again saluting in no time. She was happy to see him alive and ready we again started kissing each other passionately and exploring our bodies like lost fuck buddies and this time asked her to bend, wanted to take her in doggy position. She was ready and I started thumping her hard from behind while my hands were holding her small boobies and had a nice 5 min intense fuck and told her to again sit on my tool and ride 'them harder this time. She was riding so hard she literally was about to lose her balance and fall of the table and we laughed hysterically at this for quite some time in the meantime my tool was disappointed and lost momentum. She again made him ready by taking it in this time in the mouth we continued for quite some time and then finally ended the round in missionary position. We both went in the shower she cleaned me like a baby and we both were applying soaps to our bodies and had a nice shower. Paid her 500 more than what was discussed and wished her all the best for her journey to her hometown. Thanked J for the service and left a happy man.

    I have seen some people complaining about services at J spa and whether they are real or fictitious but I must say the people who have visited know that it's real and if you want to visit do message Guru Bhai he is a very helpful guy. I won't be sharing the contact unless Guru Bhai approves as it's his contact and it's actually better if you go through him for a good experience.

    Looks: 7 (typ thai).

    Body: 8 (smooth and fair).

    Boobs: 7 (small but perky nipples).

    Ass: 7 (decent grabbable).

    Service: 9 (really good).

    Experience: 10 (Satisfied).

    WIR: Yes for sure.

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    Has any one tried this profile??

    Been trying to meet here for a long time since loc was the only source. Had a lot of reviews.

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    Visiting July end

    Hello fellas,

    In a senior in US forum, check rayband2 if you need too. I'll be visiting Panvel / Belapur last week of July and first week August. Looking for some action. I've not had any contacts there and no idea how this work there. Lot of websites though but very sceptic about those. Can you help a newbie at that location?

    Thank and stay safe.


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    Travelling to Mumbai


    Can any kind soul help with indie contacts in Mumbai?

    Travelling next week and will reciprocate with Hyderabad contacts.

    Its been a fantasy to bang in Bombay.

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    Thank you for the contacts seniors

    Was getting bored and was not getting my PM on, tried searching for a few seniors usernames on TG and bam found pretty helpful souls who were shocked to find a ping from a member. Sorry for the surprise but learnt few things.

    1. Don't use a username same as of your TG or IG profiles which could be an issue. It's super easy to find.

    2. Secondry profiles without much personal details will be helpfull till your get your PM active.

    Any ways thank you for the love and support. Cheers!

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    Help with contacts of p**m from NL

    Hi Seniors,

    My PM is not active.

    Can some smart soul encode SP p**m from NL or any other good SP who could help me.

    Hope they have some Mr or loc profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank1232  [View Original Post]
    Hello friends,

    Posting this FR after a long time. The incident happened back in March. Thanks to some friends from the forum, got contacts. Decided to go with Niki from Rabale. We met at a place near airport, don't remember the name. Deal was fixed for 3 k for 2. She is mostly into blowing rather than penetration.

    Now this is the part that scared the shit out of me. I was somewhat drunk, but very much into senses. She is very talkative as many of you would know! Had put on the condom for the deed as I prefer with condom Eve if in the girl is giving BJ. But interestingly she cleaned the tip of my covered Jhonny with some cloth. After that she started sucking me and then I penetrated into her. We were in spoon position so that her top and bottom access was better. Now, I came after about 20 min. However, to my surprise when I removed myself, the condom was broken!

    This made me really tensed. I immediately went to the bathroom and washed myself thoroughly with soap. I didn't show anything in front of her. But I was really depressed and frightened and frankly all sorts of thoughts were going through my mind right from guilt to STD. I made up my mind that I will never monger every again. She seemed to be clean enough, but still the thought of getting some sort of infection was always on my mind. I just made up my mind that never, ever again in my life I would return to paid sex! To the point that I even refrained myself from writing this post. Did contact few chics in that time, but didn't go with anyone after this incident took place!

    Got myself tested as adviced and by God's grace things were negative. A few lessons learnt.

    1) Never drink and have sex, the most important lesson that I learned the hard way.

    2) Never allow the girl to clean the condom. It's not meant to be cleaned.

    3) Always examine the condom after you are done.

    4) You do not always feel when it breaks.

    5) Never try to rub clit, a thing which I really enjoy while having it. You may incidentally damage the covering with your nails as that may cause a tear!

    One other lesson that I learnt was to stay away from mongering. However after controlling for all this time, I again have very strong urges of trying someone out. I don't know if I will be doing it or not. One part of me is very much against it while the other very much wants it!

    Anyways guys; PLAY SAFE. Take care. Have a good time!
    Hope you had a final HIV Test and STD Test after three months?

    90 Days test report's are said to be conclusive.

    Glad you learnt your lesson.


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    Found a spot near 3 petrol pump

    Quote Originally Posted by Valley432  [View Original Post]
    I am from estate as well brother. Agreed there are no good MP nearby.
    Will be trying another one near 3 petrol pump this weekend, hope this will be better in terms of massage service and no nakhras. Have heard quite a bit, shouldn't be a mechanical den which is just intended to churn money.

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    Cracked it

    Quote Originally Posted by Melody6543  [View Original Post]
    If I am right it'in lokhandwala market, in residential bldg and on 4th floor.

    Close to one of the famous fast food chain restaurant.

    I may need digits from you if I am mistaken.

    Thanks buddy.
    This makes it easy to find the place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TempStories  [View Original Post]
    Got a call from a girl who I used to fuck in Bangalore few years back. She is in Mumbai and in late 20's. Wanted to meet. Few days back when I was in Mumbai, fixed a time to meet with her in a 5 star hotel room. She has gained some weight now, was earlier thin but now in plump category (not fat). Her name is Sonali and she is a submissive girl. I got small size whiskey bottle for me since she never used to drink. Looks like that had changed.

    We got going with few glasses of whiskey and ordered some starters. Once she was high, I asked her to take bath. She came out wearing just the towel. We kissed a bit, I then took off her towel and asked her to kneel down. She took my dick in her mouth and started sucking looking at me. Her technique was good earlier but it has improved significantly now. After a few minutes, we went on the bed. I asked her to continue the BBBJ. She knows I like long, deep and slurpy BJs. She was churning my dick in her mouth like one would churn butter out of milk. Whenever I felt I was going to explode, I would ask her to lick my dick or my balls. She wanted me to cum in her mouth, so it was an interesting tussle between the two of us. After sometime, I thought let me enjoy her boobs. Asked her to lie down the kissed on the neck and her nipples. That allowed me to cool down. Then asked her for some more BJ. Then put the condi and started fucking her in missionary position. She has always enjoyed sex with me and same after 10 min of hard fucking. Took my condom off and got another slurpy BJ from her. She thought I was going to come now, but I wanted to see her ass from behind while fucking her. Got her into doggy style, put the condom and fucked her for some more time. I prefer coming in her mouth, so in the end, asked for another BJ. She was massaging my balls with her hands, dick was deep in her mouth, whenever she gagged, I would allow her to take her neck 1-2 inch back and then again force fully back. I let the nature take her course and finally delivered the sperms in her mouth. She was gagging but that's what I like, so that's what I did.

    Both of us washed after the act. Ordered for dinner. She wore my shirt and boxers, and we ate food together. She had another peg and we went to the second round. I switched on my porn of some busty stars (Lana Rhoades, amber moore and others). The porn was playing laptop, she was massaging my balls, slurping on my dick and her head was on my stomach. Few times when I felt I would come, I would ask her to lick the balls. After 25-30 min of sucking, I again delivered the semen to where it belonged. Her mouth. She washed, dressed and went back home.

    Her rates are 5 k for 1 shot and 8 k for 2 shots. I will surely repeat her next I am in Mumbai. She also travels, was saying that she was in Goa few days back. Asked her to do yoga, she is into running right now. In Mumbai and Chandīgarh, she has a few friends with whom she has done 3 somes and 4 somes.

    Sharing her pic. I will only share her contacts with friends who have helped me in past or who will share amazing indies in Delhi / Mumbai / Bangalore. Others, please DO NOT pursue me.
    Hi! Can you share her details? Pm is open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyZunk  [View Original Post]
    I am first time contacting an SP / Agency. He provided this pic. Agreed for 3 k for 2 hrs.

    Asked me to book hotel. Didn't ask any advance yet.

    Anything to lookout for to prevent getting scammed?
    Do a reverse image search.

    To me this sounds too good to be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macron  [View Original Post]
    Hey mongers,

    Pinged Mumtaj bhabhi as wanted to taste a lactating lady. She immediately replied. Called her to my place. She was really fair, busty, leggy, tall and mind blowing. I couldn't even imagine she is a mother of a baby. After I closed the room, she became comfortable. Slowly slowly I peeled her clothes off and then pushed her to the bed. Her milky boobs popped up and I tore her blouse and saaya and began drinking her milk. She was moaning in pleasure and I was in heaven tasting her big fat milky nipples. After a while she got horny and started a really nice BBJ. And then I banged her to heaven. Repeated the 2nd round in similar way with lots of sucking and fucking. I got a real wife like to experience. Just don't miss this lady guys, she is awesome..
    Hey, you mind sharing her number?

    Pm is available.

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    Mumbai SA / Babyontime and Kindmusician


    Has anyone done any of these two ladies? Am in touch with them and have not made any clear views.

    BabyonTime. Gujju girl, I think looks ok, speaks well, but a little chubby for my taste. Sounds a little desperate, willing to get down to 10 K for 24 h, unlimited everything.


    First ask is 25 k for an evening. But I am sure that can be discussed. Speaks well.

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