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    I know most of us are looking for GFE aka Girl friend experience. This a a slightly tricky area because what each one wants in different and what each oen mean by the term is also different.

    Any way I came across a way to get a real gfe and wanted to share it with you guys. This applies to middle scale escorts and is actually a breach in the way they work. The method is simple talk to the girls before hand and befriend them and let me assure you that the experience will be worth while.

    Now half of the experienced crowd must be laughing as they would know it very difficult to talk directly to escorts of any agency before business. That is exactly why I call it a breach. As you guys know there are consignments of gals that flow across metros as a measure for better security and most of the gals will have a petty case of prostitution in their home town making it difficult for them to work. SO they are send to other metro by their agents in some kind of exchange process.

    The gals have there own mobile number and by freak accident I came across two of the numbers. One of my earlier gals have left the agency and the number is with a new gal and another one picked the phone when the first one was sleeping and I got one more.

    These gals don't work independently but you can always get the contact of the agency from the gals. And you can ask the agency for the specific gal citing reference from a friend. The modus operandi being befriend the gal first and then get her through her agency.

    It is a long process and recommended only for people looking for genuine gfe. The cost maybe 4k-6k and look in range 5-7. But the experience will be par excellence.

    Warning: Don't get emotionally involved. Be aware of your goal and be nice to the but never promise them a life or never get too sentimental lest you want to get married to one of them.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Screwed this baby recently.

    Very docile and very cooperative.
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    Coming to India for a few weeks

    Fellow Mongers,

    I will be in India for a few weeks. Will be in Mumbai, Bangalore & possibly Pune.

    Any suggestions on good gfe girls.


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    MP's in lokhandwala complex

    Are there any good massage parlours in or near Lokhandwala complex Andheri? Good looking girls with bj/hj. What are the rates?

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Thanks to Senior Members

    I have to express my gratitude and thanks to Senior Members who shared data and helped me to have a gala time in Mumbai.

    Day One

    I contacted the given number and after getting satisfied that I am a real mongerer,she agreed to visit me at my hotel on Sunday afternoon.

    Looks 4

    Attitude 5

    Cooperation 4

    The girl is in early 20s,slim built and bosom appered quite well built.Upon stripping I found it was courtesy the bra.

    She was willing to get rid of me as soon as possible,straight off bent to give a bj,and after the young one was hungary,she invited for misionary posotion,within a short while she pulled it out and made me cum in her hands.

    Given a choice I would never go for her again.

    The good thing she did was to refer a new girl,and gave her number.

    The total damage was INR 4500.

    After about couple of hours I called the number and within an hour the lady arrived,and appeared to be semi Indian,on enquiry found out she was half Burmese and half Indian.

    Very well endowed,she spoke excellent English,and expressed desire to have a bottle of Red Wine,was expensive like hell at the hotel,but the after effects were excellent.

    She kneeled down and gave an excellent bj,spread me over the bed,had 36 c tits,nice shape,silky skin and we indulged in doggy,misionary and even standing,at the end of the day,she insisted I come in her mouth,and boy,it was like she would drain out every drop.

    We had dinner and after a while we were at it again,and slept cosily.

    In the morning she gave a wonderful wake up call,another mind boggling bj,she had an art.

    Total damage INR 10000+bottle of wine.

    The next in Mumbai I will defintely utilise her services.

    Overall a nice experience.

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    bar scene

    Delta Echo,
    Every cent that you spend for membership on adult friend finder is worth it. I have come across about a dozen women (including p4p) all genuine and worth it.

    As far as the bar scene is concerned from Bandra to Andheri, it can be summed up in one word "Pathetic". I personally go to Sonal in Malad which is next to the subway on the eastern side. It is open till at least 0330 (that is when i get out). Only the waitresses exit by 2330. The rest of the women are there throughout. There are a coupe of ex dancers (punju's) with terrific racks who are available. But you need to visit a couple of times build a relationship and then pitch your offer. Do not spend more than 500 on each. And the best part is that they offer you quarters.

    regards to all.

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    Has any one tried

    Is it good or is it a waste of money?

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    Action in Bandra

    This was about a month ago. After a late booze session, five of us decided to explore. First was the well known lounges on SV Road, pretty dry.

    Decided to go for real action and halted at Macdonalds. The joint was closed at 0100 hrs! There were pimps outside who said they cannot offer any choice, take whatever they can provide at 4k each.

    Drove up to Hill Road - opposite some big market or mall. A guy named Vishnu asked us to wait. Got three ricks full of gals, one after other. We picked 5 out of 9 or 10 that he showed. The selected ones waited in their ricks about half a km away. Once we selected the five, they got into our two cars - 2in one and 3 in another. <ost of them wore western clothes and spoke decent English. Vishnu started with 4k each, and we made a wholesale offer of 12k for 5. Payment upfront.

    The gals took us to a hotel in byelanes of Khar, called Amardeep or something with A. Room was 1250 each, AC - bad sheets and old towels though. here the wholesale trick did not work as the customers were queuing up like mad!

    We chose randomly, I got dark complexioned bing, looks 6/10 body maybe 7. Too much of booze already but the usual positions. No BJ. Not bad overall. Others too had more or less similar experience.

    There were some really amazing babes in the queue, but they were with respective clients. Wonder where these lucky guys came from.

    Total damage 2400 prepaid+ 1250 room plus 150 tips in the hotel+ 200 tip/rick fare to the gal.

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    Bar scene

    LE have become quite strict and all lady employees, including orchestra singers have to vacate the premises by 9.30 PM.

    This is what is being observed last week in the western suburbs from Bandra to Andheri.

    Any inputs from Central and northern suburbs?

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    Payal- no go

    Visited the Payal bar on new link road last weekend. It has the normal bar frontage but action happens in a separate A/c section. The lighting is very dim here, more so to hide the quality of girls, which would be 2-3 on 10. This, was a big turn off, and I was out after a quick round, despite the continuous persuasions of the waiters and manager.

    Would not recommend the joint to you guys, untill and unless you are real desperate.

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    My two cents.

    Thanks for the (lack of) advice guys. After scouring this forum I decided to try out a place or two.

    Before I go into detail I want to note for the benefit of foreign visitors coming from any 1st world region that in my humble opinion Mumbai is a different kettle of fish entirely. Yes. I did point out the obvious, but until you really have to experience it for yourself. You need to set aside any expectations, and understand that it is different.

    Voodoo Lounge

    Thanks to Mach0 for his Google map. I took a taxi to the Taj Hotel and took a stroll south towards Radio City. Voodoo Lounge entrance stands out like a sore thumb on the main road (sorry don't know the name). The huge red sign saying "Voodoo" outside makes it obvious this is the place.

    Yes. It was Saturday night and I am acutely aware that Saturday night is gay night, but I did read a thread saying there were still women there worth a look in.

    300Y entrance. 140Y for a beer. One beer, and 10 mins later I am out of the door. Perhaps the selection on a Saturday night is not representative but the women in here were of poor quality and looked old and tired. I took a position by the bar and 1 women did approach me and firmly grip my arm for a second and walked on. I didn't reciprocate and took a look around. Upstairs there were couples sitting chatting. Downstairs leads towards the toilets. A distinct aroma fills the air down there. Very nice.

    Leamington Road (MP, Brothel, not sure what to call it)

    I find a taxi, and decide to head home. On the way I ask the driver if he can suggest anywhere with attractive girls. He said there was a place 4km north. Verbatim, his words were "Very beautiful girls, 3k". Hmmm. OK. He drives to a place on Leamington Road. We park outside the Oriental Pharmacy, and walk up a narrow road directly adjecant to te Pharmacy. I don't know the name of this place but to me, it's in a neighborhood where a foreigner would stand out like a sore thumb. I had an acute feeling of being unsafe, but my driver was reassurring. We go inside a dark dirty building, 1 fight of stairs up we arrive to an apartment entrance, a steel door which looks suprisingly clean and of good quality. I get there and there is a queue. The guy in front of me was a big African guy and his driver.

    One thing to note about this place is that they have hired lookouts in the alleyway, doorway, ground floor, first floor, door entrance. Looks like they are on the lookout for the cops.

    Inside, the waiting area is clean. I'm introduced to a tall, suave looking young guy who must have been the boss/pimp. I'm led to a small room, it looks reasonably clean, a/see, toilet with a bucket of water. He said I can look then decide. One by one he brings in a girl, the girl introduces her name, and then there is a 1 second pause. I didn't say anything, and then the guy ushers the girl out, next girl comes in. I saw 4 girls, none took my fancy. They really were of poor quality, none were what I would consider pretty, or in shape. I would say 3/4 out of 10. Finally, a fifth girl came in, and she looked ok. I decided to take her. She was 20 yo. Originally from Calcutta and was a student studying IT.

    Before my girl re-entered I negotiated the price with the pimp. He said 4k. My expectation was 3k. I accept the price. I tell him I want his contact and will do business with him for better girls another time. He said he wouldn't let me down.

    Things started off badly. She was taking phone calls, and the phone kept running and she was asking to be silent. I'm none too plussed, but considering the quality I just want a HJ and be done. Another reason for not wanting FS is because she had hairy legs. I couldn't work it out as why she'the have a cleanly shaven pussy, but hairy legs. Her arm pits were also smooth too. After chatting, and getting to know the girl, it turned out that she had a really nice personality. The real turn off for me really was that at close inspection the place was not clean. I could see other peoples body hairs embedded in the white sheets. Dude! From then on my plan was to extricate myself from the place with minimal physical contact and get home for a shower.

    I won't be going back to that place. 4k 100 USD. Cheap, relatively speaking, but not good value.

    Villa House

    On the way home I ask the driver to take me to the Red Light District nearby. He said this area was Villa House and I wanted to see it for myself. Holy cow this place is a shit hole! I would be amazed if foreigners have the balls to solicit here. I had the feeling I wouldn't last 5 minutes here. If you are going to do it, do it from a taxi and quickly get in, grab and get out.

    BTW. Yesterday I went to a regular disco at Gordon Hse near the Taj. Very plush place, 800Rm to get in, but you get a bunch of newspaper sized drink coupons that got you 3-4 drinks. Lots of eye candy of the quality I'the like to do but all the girls had their own personal body guards protecting them. Guys cannot step on the dancefloor alone. You have to be accompanied by a girl. It was funny seeing the groups of single guys trying to stealthly get onto the dance floor, before bouncers caught them. Fun place. I met a bunch of Swedish student's over here on post grad study trip. It was fun, but no Swedish Massage that night. I did get their email addresses though, but I doubt there'll be time or the inclination to work something in the next 2 weeks.

    I'm going to hold out for some digits for some model, air hostess, or movie star. I don't think I have what it takes to go local.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    over pay

    you bet Guys,
    When you pay over and above what i pay that guy sure is gonna remember you for a loooong time .. LOL as i said before lemme know before you use so that i tweak their balls to keep it in their place. regards

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    Delhi/bong girls in mumbai

    For some time the business model of swapping girls across areas has been a practice in the industry. The reason touted being that its lot more safer to have a shorter history in one place.

    Mumbai nowadays in teeming with girls from Delhi and Kolkotta. I was talking to one of them and she said she was in Chennai and Hyderabad for a month each. I was amazed because the action seems so dry from ISG forums on chennai and AP

    Anyways I would suggest anyone who is interested to look up for 1 Jessica in TOI. They have both incall and out call services.

    I have personal phone number sof few of these gals but they do not operate independently. They are brought on contract basis for some like a lakh INR for a month. So they prefer to work with the agency.

    @ Santa Raju/Parmesh called me to ask when i coming next to mumbai. I am very surprised he remembers me form my single visit. I guess i overpaid a dhe is too eager to make another kill

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    Visit to Voodoo

    Dear Brothers,

    As promised am reporting on my visit to Voodoo last week on Sunday. The place is as described in the forum although one might miss the entrance (which I did and spent some 10 minutes walking all around it). Anyways for the sake of repetition it's within 25 meters of Radio house, on the same side of the road as the radio house entrance.

    Paid 250 and entered just before 11. There were a few guys at the bar in the ground floor, music blasting and a few females on top who looked like the dance bar types.

    There were more men in the place than women, but the good thing is one could pick up any women he wanted. I spotted a cute, dark girl, wearing short black skirt (which displayed her sexy legs) and a white top, very western and very chic, she also had a huge tits. Her name was Jyothi, she is an old timer there, in case any of you do go there, I suggest you try her.

    The reason I didn't was because I failed her on attitute a little bit. But next time I go will definately have her.

    Went up with a beer. Saw a cute girl 8/10 on looks, tall, snooty, I think her name was sweety or something, went and sat on her table, wanted a conversation but she wanted a deal, asked me, will you take me out or not? I asked how much, she said 4K, I said 2K, she was ready to go for 3, however, I remember some advice on not taking dance bar girls and moved on.

    Finally I latched on to a petite girl, with a cute smile. Looks 6/10, but she said she was bengali (I love bengalis, and my suggestions to all would be to try bengali babes, their attitue is unbeatable). So fixed her for 3K, for 2 rounds ST. I didn't want to take the hotel room upstairs, so went to Tardeo (her recommendation), got a clean room, not plush, got good service from her, great attitued, nice BBBJ (not excellent), nice tight pussy. Should have taken the number for the forum but forgot. Will do so next time.

    All in all, nice experience considering the indian scene, but nothing compared to any club abroad. If there are similar places in Mumbai would love to hear.


    Quote Originally Posted by ApplePolish
    Although I personally haven't used the Taj, I believe this is a fairly safe hotel to get girls and there are no problems. This is based on info from girls I have had in Mumbai, and some of the pimps.

    Anyways I would be going to Voodoo this Sunday to check it out, first time there for me. Will send an update after that for all.


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    Charity starts HERE ---

    I can vouch for what Jackson is sayin cause I used the Credit card option and my CC statement showed the particular payment of 12.99$ against a charity. I myself felt good watching that part of the statement, secretly wishing that someone checks my statement and pat my back for the benevolent deed . Anyways we all doin a good deed of helping each other in this forum and Jackson is running this site with the help of the small donation we contributing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Banta24
    Hello, Jackson,

    Its not that I can't pay $13 but its like I can't use the Credit Card Payment Option or paypal, if thers any other option I wuold hav definately taken it.

    C. C. Payment mode I can't use 'because the statements come directly to my dad and when he see International sex guide in it he is then gonna screw my a*s like ny thing. Thnx.



    Hi Banta24,

    Please read the subscription FAQ.

    The credit card charge will be in the name of a fake charity. I can't write the name completely here because it will be picked up by the search engines, but if you read the subscription FAQ page you will see the name in an image, and the name has no connection with the ISG. In fact, if anyone does a search of the name whey will find a legitimate website that rases food to feed children in Argentina.


    So now what's you excuse?



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