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    SP Riya Number

    Quote Originally Posted by RascalsHole  [View Original Post]
    Anu from SP riya is far better than madhu.

    I have taken both.. Service of madhu is standard with DFK,CBJ then sex in multiple pos.. But Anu lick your entire body including balls and nipples.. She gives you a tingling experience all over your body.. She provides DFK,BBJ which are all better than madhu..

    Could you please give me SP Riya's number?

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    SG guide please to a thirsty visitor

    How does one go to premium buildings, which are they? How does it work?

    Here are better options. You will get much better quality, huge variety and endless live choices in 4200 at SG premium buildings and AC room too. Why bother about pics or Bangur?

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    Has anyone met this famous escort from Bangalore named Taniya, if you had please inbox me.

    Note. Please don't message for asking the contact.

    Safe Mongering.

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    Had the pleasure meeting Meghna from Paro's den a couple of weeks ago.

    I had booked an overnight romp with her in one of the 5 star hotels in Bypass area.

    She arrived on time and had dressed up casually to avoid any unwanted attention.

    She has a very pretty face and good size boobs.

    She is nice to talk to and we chatted, ate and drank for a good one hour before the deed.

    BBBJ was good and the sex was even better.

    Lots of moaning and could make out they were real. We both reached climax at the same time. It was awesome.

    Again some booze and on to round two.

    Every thing is on menu except anal.

    She tries hard to please.

    Treat her right and you would be rewarded.

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    Madhura from tinder

    Anyone tried this chic Madhura from tinder? Got in touch with her recently. Looking for sugar daddy, so going to be a costly affair. Any feedback will be appreciated. Please do not request me for her contact as I am yet to meet.
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    Mythili is close to 70 kg, short height, wheatish complexion. She is quoting 10 k for one shot and 30 k for night. You can get CIS or hot models in this price. Doesn't make sense to pay such high rates.

    Quote Originally Posted by MumbaiNudist  [View Original Post]

    I am in contact with her. Planning a meet. Why do you say she is ruse? Could you be more specific please? Would help me decide.


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    Roxy at Park + Aqua

    Quote Originally Posted by IndieFriend  [View Original Post]
    Alex. Try Roxy at Park hotel. Though I have not tried that but WGs I have met commented that they hang out there!

    I think you have to up your game a little bit and Good luck!
    Had a nap and woke up around 10:30 pm and was chatting with paro whose ref an old ISG fellow friend gave me. But club pickups is the thrill, to meet the unknown, to go where it is different and difficult. Was in Roxy at around 11:45 it is late as I saw many girls in groups of 2-4 leaving the club and it was a Sunday night so had to be a slow night anyway.

    There is 1 k entry if you are not a hotel guest but no worries for it living the club life in Dubai teaches you many sweet and crazy things. In the club in a flash it's a small place playing only trance music, the club must be like a big rectangle box with a small bar darkly lit and 2-4 tables with sofas. Didn't see any bottle action so was at the bar, decent crowd some a mix of all definitely more men then women as it is in any Indian place.

    Enjoying my drinks one by one and watching the crowd the Barman tries to acquaint himself with me when the hefty tips follow after every drinks.

    Two women from now where come and join me, very normal I feel like surely pickups but absolutely street types. Cigarette drinks and food is bought for them and they hang around at the bar and want me to dance near the DJ which is at the other side, definitely not my taste so I don't move but even those girls have uglier looking men following them asking them literally begging them to dance or go with them it's crazy to see all that but that's the fun at a pick up place you meet new people you don't know and you don't want to see in your life again after that night.

    Next too me are 2 women one in red dress your typically bong lady brown skin big eyes very sexy and gorgeous and extremely sensual and her friend in blue dress. Both the girls are into each other as two long lost friends chatting drinking and having fun. Can't do anything so I am enjoying my drinks one after the other after about 5-7 minutes after those two stupid females the pickup types have left my company for dancing to the DJ the blue one by mistake or intentionally comes towards my part of the bar and asks for water to the bar tender. Food and cigarettes are still lying at the bar and I offer her that she refuses to smoke telling me she likes hooka but tries the food and ice is broken. The girls join me at the bar and more drinks are ordered even there last order I tell the bartender to put on my tab. One of them is studying finance and the other one is medicine student.

    We hit off from there but it's a confusing thing both are sweet sexy typical bong which I love brown skin big eyes lips and they are hot in bed which is my weakness. Drinks, food, snacks. Talks chit chat hugging holding hands everything is on the reds one gets.

    A bit more cozy as we hit off more. Girls tell me the club is open till 4 am but by 2 am they start pack up. Girls want to drink more I want to to fuck the red one so badly by this time we were hugging holding hands and had 2-3 kisses on cheek, hand, forehead so it was getting there.

    Aqua it is for hooka as both the girls want to have more drinks, hooka and food. It's a nice place by the pool so we sit at the sofa and the red one is all hot and sexy kissing starts on a very intense style where one every one is watching but I don't care neither does she. It's a full on make out session she is hot and horny and so am I absolutely crazy. The blue one is managing things but things get a bit hot between us. At one point I asked her if I get a room opened in park only she said I just want you inside me.

    Now. The blue one has a call from another friend so she needs to go to lobby and leaves us both together and man the red one wants to ride me there and then and I could do anything to be inside her it was so fucking sensual. I have no idea if anyone or everyone or no one was watching. All I wanted was to fuck her. Then wtf happened the alcohol started to hit her as she had mixed her drinks. Gosh I had to call the blue one back so she could take the red one to wr. I requested the girls to come back to my place and I would cancel my tckt and stay one more day in Kolkata just to fuck the redone, but all of a sudden her mother starts to call her, crazy it was 3 or 4 in the morning at park.

    In the end had to send the girls away to there home and come back empty to my hotel but it was a crazy time, sexy first timer experience for and Kolkatta, city of joy. I feel women are more open in this city than other places, just need to know more clubs or bars like Roxy where single women come for drinks.

    Cheers and thanks to only ISG bro who gave the contact of paro, your number was saved in my phone since long. I don't even remember bro how and when I saved it. But thanks for your help again. I spent twice the amount of money what you told me for the paro girl just on alcohol maybe more and still didn't get laid but when I will show you the pic of 20 ye medicine girl you will go crazy loolllsss.


    See you again City of Joy.


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    Paro's den

    Can anyone confirm if Paro's den safe? Need to figure out if it I opt for her den or stick to stayuncle.

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    Good FR

    Quote Originally Posted by RascalsHole  [View Original Post]
    This report is a week old. Got sp riya no from a ISG member. Contacted her. She sent me three pics. On reaching her den, none of the girls in pic were available. She recommended me another woman present there. She had beautiful face, she was BBW. She must be around 25 years. her name was Annu... She quoted rs2500 for two shots. I didn't bargain as I thought it is reasonable. I paid the money and started the act. We chatted for a while. Then we both undressed. She licked and nibbled my entire body, my nipples, legs, my balls, sucked my dick. Then we kissed and she rode me in WOT and then I came in condom. After some rest she again kissed my entire body and dick and I got aroused. I then licked her boobs hard and French kissed her. I then fucked her in doggy style and then changed position and fucked her in missionary and came finally. Overall it was a great experience. No one had kissed my entire body like that before..
    Does she speak Hindi?

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    Help for security

    Dear mates,

    I am from BD and will be Kolkata in next week. I got super support from senior member for getting local birds and SPs. One of them matches with my budget. She said It will be difficult to book hotel for me as I am foreigner. Will ask ID. So she suggested for her known place in a flat. Will it be safe to go ahead or is there any other safest way as being foreigner.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RockerFz  [View Original Post]
    Any hints on where Esha is moving on to?
    Germany AFAIK.

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    She is moving to Germany, was facing a few hiccups in VISA documentation but seems like she has got it figured out now.

    Quote Originally Posted by RockerFz  [View Original Post]
    Any hints on where Esha is moving on to?

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    I wish every mongers should have fuck girlfriend

    Lucky you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dhruvninea  [View Original Post]
    Hi Guys,

    I have been out of scene for some time. So I was itching for long time and eventually called up my old SP cum paid girlfriend. Mithu. She arranged a room near Gitanjali metro where we spent about 2 hours with drinks and fuck. I met her after about 2 years and she looks still the same and her service was also very good. She showed me some nice fuckable birds as well whom she can arrange in 1 day notice. Overall spent a nice Sunday evening!!


    Bablu (Dhruv).

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    Sonu doesn't provide service any more. She has become a SP.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uber777  [View Original Post]
    Did someone recently meet the MILF Sonu from Tollygaunge? Number ends with 230?

    Can someone confirm if she is still in business?

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    Osmo Spa

    In the Osmo spa most of the old good girls are gone. Among the good one left is tangmo. Takei used to work there until recently but she has apparently quit. Probably joined some other spa in kolkata but cannot trace her. Many of us had enjoyed dona, luna, patty etc but now they are all gone. If anyone knows where takei is or can provide any info about good thai girls in spas would be very grateful. Thanks.


    Quote Originally Posted by IAmTheBest  [View Original Post]
    Sorry, I meant o2. Thanks for your response. Have you been to Osmo recently? Which are the Thais available now? Any feedback on their services and fees? Thanks.

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