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    Petite Inde Ms T.

    Had a great experience with this petite, young Inde Ms T.

    Got her contact from a friend and started chatting over WA. Claims to be a student, about 20 years of age and great height and figure.

    She is new to this, so no tantrums and really ready to please. Infact ready to do everything asked for.

    Met her as decided and took to the Oyo room in sec 2, no questions asked.

    She is good to talk to, and we were both very comfortable in a very short chat.

    Started with fondle and as had discussed all the requirements earlier over WA, so there was no confusion, everything flowed on its own. It was like we both understood mutual comforts.

    All available except anal. Great BJ which lasted about 20 mins with deep throat s also.

    Tried all positions, she takes it well, good GFE.

    Boobs: 8/10.

    Figure: 8/10.

    Service: 9/10.

    Damage: 4. 5 k incall.

    Will be glad to share digits, with selected serious fellow only.

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    Country Aura Spa.

    Had to make a quick work trip to Calcutta and was free in the afternoon. After a quick RTFF, realized that a spa experience would be best. As I was staying at the Hyatt, Salt Lake, the closest reviews were of City Center Mall 1, that I could make out. The popular ones were of Country Aura Spa & Country Spa. Based on reviews went to Country Aura Spa.

    Once inside negotiated with the desk. A youngish chap mans the desk and he did not negotiate much. However managed to get an oil massage for 2750/ he had started with 3600- for 60 minutes. Asked for a Thai. He mentioned that they do not have any coupons for this outlet and are not on nearby or any other such app.

    Proceeded to the room I. E room 2. The room is well appointed so no complaints there. Changed into the dispo and waited. The therapist was a Thai, Rinki was what she told me was her name. As soon as she came in, we could hear thrusting and moaning from the next room. Smiles all around. She started the massage and for 25 minutes worked up from back to legs to hands and then finally to groin. I asked for extra's and she was like what took you so long. For fucky sucky she quoted 4000/- but I guess RTFF has its advantages. After a few words we settled at 2500/ I am sure I could have done better but by now she had stripped and I guess it was not the brain that was doing the thinking. A number of OP have indicated the range of 2000 to 2500/- so I did not believe that I was incrementally increasing the prices. In addition coming from Mumbai where the price is 5000 to 7000 it was a steal. She handed me my pants and gave the said sum to her.

    We went for a quick bath and then she proceeded to give me a BJ. I prefer CBJ and she magically pulled out a number of condoms. Post which we went for WOT and she started her fake moans. However it takes me a while so after a bit we shifted to miss. Given the noise from the other room earlier, pretenses were off. So I too participated in the cacophony of sounds and then came. She cleaned me and proceeded with the remainder of the massage for another 5-10 minutes. Had expected a happy ending hand job in the end but she asked for 500/- more which I was in no mood to give. I guess by then blood had returned to the brain. She put on clothes and left. Had a good shower and I too left.

    All in all, an afternoon well spent. Thank You Cal.

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    Threesome with model duo.

    This is a month old FR. Met two model cum struggling actresses. Had met model 1 earlier through a SP. Model 1 introduced me with model 2 and offered for threesome. Have tried threesome earlier as well but had never experienced a proper girl into girl. This was my first experience where I was watching two girls making out live In front of me.

    Won't go into details of the session. The session had everything except a level. Highlights of the session were girl into girl oral and making model 2 squirt with their vibrator.

    Now have received invitation for foursome with model 3.

    Damages 12 k incall 2 hrs 2 sessions.

    This contact will not be shared with all. I will share this with only few serious monger. Those who had taken contacts from me in past and have contacted the girls but did not meet please excuse.

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    Russian News Agency Spa

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandy31  [View Original Post]
    Met a friend in Kol, was telling me about this spa near to nazrul mancha.

    Any fees back about this spa. Charges 2 k at counter.
    Extras definitely available. Good ambiance, attached bath, doors can be locked from inside, soothing music. Very confusingly, there is a warning notice in massage rooms not to be involved in mongering or soliciting stuck behind the door. Been there last during DeMonetisation days, so can't suggest therapists.

    Counter charges, at least on weekday afternoons and early evenings, are negotiable to some extent.

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    Thank you fellows. Great forum.

    As I pack my stuff to return from Kolkata early next week, I would like to acknowledge help I received from fellow mongers over the last few weeks.

    I have received helpful responses to my PMs from FunAtWork, AK1912, TomiSaac, AvikForU and very special helps from Mushafir and Uziuzi. (Hope I have not missed anybody).

    For want of time primarily, I could have only 1 meet. The experience was very good, and I shared my detailed feedback with the person whose reference I had used to meet the girl. Both the referring friend as well as the girl specifically wants to avoid limelight, so there would be no public FR. I hope the true connoisseurs would understand and appreciate my position.

    I hope to utilize some of the contacts that has been made available to me generously this time during my next trip (Likely to be around end-August).

    If any of you or your friends need information help in Bangalore, do get in touch with me.

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    Try Lavana. Chadni Chowk. Good options.

    Quote Originally Posted by QuiteKiller  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Coming to Kolkata in few hours read the forum about osmosis spa was thinking of trying it but I don't think it's a good option now and Bangur is quite far for me can anyone help me with a spa name for great service like MT near Howrah, Kasba or Ballygunge area.


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    Need Help

    Hi guys,

    Coming to Kolkata in few hours read the forum about osmosis spa was thinking of trying it but I don't think it's a good option now and Bangur is quite far for me can anyone help me with a spa name for great service like MT near Howrah, Kasba or Ballygunge area.


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    Kolkata escapades.

    1. MT Bangur. Was in Kolkata again and went back to trusted MT Bangur with much talked about Riya. Well I was a bit inquisitive and got all the girls paraded first. But then liked Riya, so ISG seniors, full marks for making the choosing part so much easier.

    Went in and the girl came in. As usual counter charges 4.5 k. We all know about it so paid up. Laid with the disposables on and started with back massage. The girl is petite and sweet looking. I loved the touch of her smooth hands. She does not talk much but then opens up if you prod her. Some massaging skills she has got but alas was not there for her massage. So just pulled her and started with DFK. She responded non much but then as I said, opens up with time.

    We both got naked, got her on top and did WOT. Not long before I came. Loved her motions on top of me. Started with the massage again. This time in no hurry. The massage finished long before the time was over. I had thought of doing her again but johny was in no mood. So talked to her more, took bath together and came out satisfied.

    I liked her sweet attitude. But then looks like she has been in the trade for long and feelings have died down with time. Could not find the connect as I had a lot of times earlier. Still a good bet.

    WIR. There are lot of fishes in the ocean. And the connect is missing. So NO.

    GFE. No. Does everything you want but then no chemistry so flop show.

    2. Adrija. Got this reference of a beautiful girl Adrija from FunAtWork. Special thanks. For starters, she is real beautiful but a bit on the higher side of weight category. Photo already there in forum so not posting again. Hope Bengali girls start looking after their weight more but then the junk eating culture is in the high in west Bengal and you find too many roadside stalls all selling junk. Lack of gym and sports culture, so results show.

    OK, coming back to the girl, send her a lot of msgs in whatsapp and she was really good and sporty. Decided to meet in a CCD but then on the final day she msg me saying she is waiting in a food joint, so turned there. She had her lunch and I paid for the same. Took a taxi and took her to a OYO. Alas I was not sure the hotel took no local IDs but suggested me the nearest one. OYO customer care was real good and allotted me on no additional charges. The girl was super supportive. Full marks for being a sport. BTW she is got a beautiful smile.

    Checked in the hotel, had 3 hours so was taking it slow. First negative, she refused to bath with me. Well, I prefer that in the beginning, but alas. Asked me to wash myself and the deed started in missionary. Did not take time to cum since it was the first time. Talked with her for some time and johny saluted again.

    A problem happened now. She would hold the johny too tight with the whole hand whenever I tried penetration. Generally girls hold the base of johny to keep it from going numb but she would hold the whole damn thing with so much might that I would loose erection. She needs to learn it more man. I could get some erection at least 3-4 times in the next couple of hours, but every time she did the same thing. I don't know who taught this technique to her. Every time was a failure. I would loose all the hardness before I could do it. When you hold the thing with your full hand, hardly any thing is left to put inside. It was a disaster.

    Final report. Looks 7 but 9 if you love chubby and heavy weight. , GFE 8/9. DFK 8, skills 2/3. She looks like new in trade, needs to learn. WIR may be no, she needs to learn first and off course so many fishes out there. Demage 6 k for 3 hrs, 2 k for hotel.

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    MT Bangur: Riya & Bristi.

    Had a trip to Kolkata. It was my first time visit to MT Bangur. Called the spa when I reached near the spa area however they told me over phone that Ria is not available for the whole day. Still decide to try my luck & went directly to counter & asked about Ria. The counter girl was not willing to give Ria however, the spa owner was seated in the reception & he arranged Ria for me. Upon asking Ria, she told that he had an appointment just 5 minutes after I reached, so they were reluctant. So, I guess prior appointment doesn't work if the owner is there & you t not there at right time. Better directly call the owner & fix the deal rather than calling in reception.

    Now coming to the deed, dispo was removed within 1 min & a minimal massage was done. Then she started B2 B & rimming. It was a pure bliss for around 20 minutes. Then she asked to turn & BJ was started. Heavenly BJ. However, she don't do anal. On negative side, loose pussy & saggy boobs. However, service was excellent.

    Same thing applicable for Bristi with a difference that she does a good massage & her B2B skill is better than Ria. However, in BJ & looks, Riya is way ahead of Bristi.

    Damage: 4.5 k at counter / per girl including all.

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    Osmo. Dona less.

    Donna not there.

    Quote Originally Posted by RaviKapoor1  [View Original Post]
    Is Donna back. Who else is there in Thai nowadays.

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    I have never met her so can't say what is the real fact. If she was removed because of vitiligo then nothing more shameful than this. As you rightly said vitiligo is not an STD, neither it is contagious. It is just loosing skin colour in patches. When will our society grow up to stop discriminating on all these things. However according to my intel it was due to bossiness of Mahua there was a conflict between Meethi and Mahua. Meethi herself quit Bangur and joined Aum. Right now she is not working. May join some spa soon. However she is available as indie.

    Please don't ask me for her contact. She is not my direct contact. So I won't share her digits. Also she told me she is not comfortable in bringing all her old clients to her new work place. She is in touch with few of her old clients whom she will inform about her new place.

    Quote Originally Posted by KhealiJubak  [View Original Post]
    As I have already written earlier, my 1st encounter in MT Bangur was disappointing since I was refused FS, or to be specific, any service except Massage. Then there came those LE threats and all so I didn't visit there for few months. But after reading many other reviews about recent encounters in MT, decided to give another try. Called in advance and confirmed extra svc pkg of 4.5 k with Riya since Barsha was not available due to Jamai Sasthi (she is married). Anyway, coming to the actual point, this is the best svc I have received from any Indie / bong for a long time. Only comparable with Osmo Thais like Noona or Jasmine or Tina. Hoping to repeat in future. Anyone received MT like service elsewhere must post their FRs. Regarding Meethi came to know she had Vitiligo which spread quite a bit so she was removed. This is not STD or any easily contagious disease.

    Maybe true. Someone told he has her number. Can he share which spa she is now working as Big Bazaar spa is raided and closed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barelund  [View Original Post]
    Dona is available now. Some said that, he left it and returned back to Thailand.
    Is Donna back. Who else is there in Thai nowadays.

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    Revisited KD.

    After about one year got an opportunity to revisit KD, the blowjob Heven. Situation is same as earlier. Except some stars like Aloo, Vina, Preeti are absent. Got a new girl Puja. Service is same KD standard. Rate is as usual 600 per hour. Anyway enjoyed the season. Definitely a budget place with full security.

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    MILF contact.

    Has anyone got any MILF contacts near dumdum area? Has anyone tried MILF / boudi near dumdum, number ending 016? Search on truecaller shows boudi dum dum. Is she genuine? Please shed some light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barelund  [View Original Post]
    Dona is available now. Some said that, he left it and returned back to Thailand.
    Who else is back apart from Donna?

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