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    Night of Joy with Miss R.

    I was visiting City of Joy for just one night. There was need felt in depth of my souls and balls for release. It had to be soulful release from depth of my balls this planned for a night jaunt. Requested in forum as well as many PMs. Big shout out to Avik and others for prompt reply. However, I bow to helpful and incredible assistance from FAW.

    Got many options, finally homed on to Paromita stable. Many options but they reduce for full night out. Finally, with constant guidance from FAW based on availability fixed on Rima. Priya had her monthly red flag days, Tanushree not available for night out and Meghna was not well.

    I was looking for big bazookas coupled with good communication skills besides bed skills. She fit the bill in all aspects. Had booked double occupancy in Hotel in CC2 Mall. Check in was easy, though had to wait 30 minutes for her arrival. Got comfortable, talked about everything under sun and moon, had light food and vodka. Finally started DFK and man it was like a hurricane sucked my tongue and breathe away. Went on and on and on. Slowly regained some blood back in cerebrum and started undressing, lo behold the bazookas were big with no drop and superb. Everything off and licking cum biting session denegrated into BBJ. Got out before I came and moved for DATY, but could not go full hog as their was strong pussy smell. Some like it but not me so got back up and started the ride. WOT, Doggy, missionary and then had to blast out. It was a long session with both sweating, panting and smiling. Greatest part was she trying to adjust to my girth initially (said it's quite thick. A big boost to any male's ego).

    Wash up followed by snuggled bed time and few hours of sleep. Got up after few with a boner, turned her around and entered spooning which finally ended with a leisurely missionary. By then it was time for her to move off and me to catch few winks before moving to airport.


    Looks 7/10.

    Boobs 9/10.

    Pussy 7/10.

    Attitude 8/10.

    GFE 9/10.

    BBJ 9/10.

    Anal. Did not ask.

    Cost - 12 K for the night.

    WIR. Hell yeah.

    Thanks FAW brother. Sharing by him only as his find.

    Calcutta rocks.

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    Sharing is caring bro. Second on the line.

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolGuyJasson  [View Original Post]
    I can share that number in case you need it. However..

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    Let me know

    Quote Originally Posted by PleasureForYou  [View Original Post]
    I also doesn't have that number.
    I can share that number in case you need it. However.

    , you need to give me couple of days time as my phone is in service station, broken display 😆.

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    Debosmitaa Any one tried?

    Hi friends,

    I got the number of Debosmitaa bird who lives in garia area and her number is ending with 991. She is indep. Does any monger tried her, unfortunately the reference that I gave is not working with her, if anyone here have tried her then kindly give the reference in PM.



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    Unaware about that number.

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolGuyJasson  [View Original Post]
    Jolly uses another number which is her personal number. That number is having watsapp activated.
    I also doesn't have that number.

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    [Message to Admin deleted]

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    Kolkata connect.

    Please enable your PM for personal message to connect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Asb1120  [View Original Post]
    I am new in Kolkata and its frustrating sometimes as I don't know this city. FRs from fellow mongers help a lot but I am reluctant to venture out all alone. I was trying my luck on Tinder for some company and matched with this girl Kiran. She said that she is a local and directly mentioned her charges. Voila! Anyways, experienced mongers from Kolkata, please see the attached image and suggest if you have already experienced her and is she worth 12 K for a night?

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    Hello Guys,

    Anyone know the attached birds and about service? Can you please share the experiences?

    First one asking for friends with benefits. 31 yrs old single doing PG. Benefits not discussed till.

    Second one asking for 5 k 3 hours from Howrah 22 yrs old.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Screenshot_20190419-003744_Mingle2[1].jpg‎   Screenshot_20190419-003352_WhatsApp[1].jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunAtWork  [View Original Post]
    Please update your information brother. She is Light Smoker (gold flake lights) and Light Drinker. Black Dog. It is not that she drinks and smokes regularly or is addicted to both. She is addicted to none. If any person doesn't like it (1 out of 10) it is advised that please let her know the same. She will neither drink nor smoke in that case on the day of meeting.


    LOL! During our discussion she told she doesn't!! Guess she was apprehensive of me taking it negatively when I asked! 2 be frank I just wanted to chck if she has 1 to spare.

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    She has a different number

    Quote Originally Posted by PleasureForYou  [View Original Post]
    Sorry guys she is being too busy till 15th. And her phone is mostly switched off.
    Jolly uses another number which is her personal number. That number is having watsapp activated.

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    Again SP From Dumdum

    I arrived at Kolkata from Siliguri and was in transit so nothing better than Riya. So called her up and asked for a big boobs lady. She said she has Madhu for me. As I have been twice and had Anita and Anu now very much familiar with them. I straight away took a cab and went to their place. Madhu was ready for me. She is quite matured and has two sons one is almost 18 years. But she is around 36 and fair. Skin is also smooth. As she undressed I humped on her big boobs. They are around 38 size and more over they are lactating. So just went wild on them. In fact I was so crazy that I almost leaked before the first deed. Had her twice and left the place with my baggage.

    Also took bath. All arrangements they have. So it's a win win situation for us who are not from Kolkata. I left my watch and they asked me to collect next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhodrolok  [View Original Post]
    Had a similar experience on tinder, but she asked for advance so I declined. She immediately unmatched me. Either she was just going to fly away with the advance money or, she has too many clients / matches to persuade someone not willing to pay the advance money. I'd be careful going to unknown places just from a tinder match. Always meet at a public place first. There are some horrifying stories in other threads about tinder matches and thefts.
    You are right. However, she is not demanding money beforehand and wants to meet in a club first. I am staying in the hotel next to CC2 and planning to meet in one of the clubs in the mall. Also, the hotel allows guests inside the room during daytime and only charges for extra occupancy only the "extra" person stays during night. Of course they need an ID. Local or out station does not matter. Let me know if any of the fellow monger is interested in enjoying together and has a good lead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max75  [View Original Post]
    The last time I visited Sonagachi was in 2001, neel kamal was the in thing then. Any changes now? Took one chick standing from the road who was sweet and voluptuous, damage then was about 400-500 rs a shot. Came out, bought a glass of hot milk and then took another nice Nepali chick for a second shot. Those were the days!
    I am enjoying sg since 1995! Rates in neelkamal was 150 only. Till 2010 I went there for 500 short time. Nepali were for 50 only.

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    Good FR.

    Good FR. Fatal Fuck is extremely helpful and a true monger in every sense. He will always help you bring down the prices unlike many in the forum who promote the 10 k stuff unnecessarily. As for Miss L, her service is never questionable, her hurry and constant lies are though. Haha. Once she has 2 puffs of weed, she becomes real hot. I remember her making my tool stand erect after 6-7 pegs. Was not in fucking mood that day and very few can make it stand up with me in a bad mood and 6-7 pegs down. Her wetness inside was responsible for the same also, and the rhythm of her strokes. She is also one of the very few struggling models who enjoys sex to the core. She understands the rhythm of your body and can reciprocate in the same manner matching beat by beat. Once try her with weed. She, Priya and Debolina can nake you feel the effect of weed and the psychological effects of the same. Step by step, beat by beat. Yes you need to create the ideal atmosphere for the same. Once tried it in group with Debolina and Lucky, but didn't workout because of personality conflict between the two.



    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixSun  [View Original Post]
    Hello & greetings to one & all,

    A big thanks to FatalFuck for promptly providing me the contacts of Miss L & Miss T. Since T wasn't free, I went with L for a single shot. I had an amazing time with her. She's a tall dusky (in a hot way) 22 year old girl. Beautiful and engages in a decent conversation as well. Since bookings were full at The Park hotel. I booked a room at PanAsia. No problems with entry as she arrived later and local ID is allowed.

    All she wanted was a bottle of beer. Had a really good 2 hours with her. Lots of foreplay. I was able to arouse her enough I guess. I presume so because of her moans and clutching of me when I nibbled or caressed the erogenous parts of her body. She responded and returned the favour very well. It was followed with an intense love making session. She was game to try all positions. After around 30 minutes or so, I came. She also had a couple of orgasms, I'm guessing after she shuddered during the act..

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    She is Light Smoker and Light Drinker. Black Dog.

    Please update your information brother. She is Light Smoker (gold flake lights) and Light Drinker. Black Dog. It is not that she drinks and smokes regularly or is addicted to both. She is addicted to none. If any person doesn't like it (1 out of 10) it is advised that please let her know the same. She will neither drink nor smoke in that case on the day of meeting.



    Quote Originally Posted by MaddyJ88  [View Original Post]
    You sure it was Meghna?? As far as I know, she doesn't smoke.

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