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    Quote Originally Posted by Adityabhargav  [View Original Post]
    I am an experienced monger in Kolkata, having spent about a decade here. I do have good SP contacts from the city and willing to share. However, I am planning a night out today exploring the one segment I have not tried here. Dance bars. So I will be grateful if anyone can guide me as to which bars have the best girls and also how to proceed.
    This is a late reply but just my two cents on dance bars in cal in general. Dance bars are a different creature in itself. Its not a place geared up for granting promiscous action, although does it on the sly quite like spas. The modus operandi as I simply saw is as follows: Amid the performance the waiter comes to collect tips and you must tip well, else they won't pay you any attention. Then politely but firmly you have to ask the waiter collecting tips if you like someone in the group. He discusses with the band master IE the guy organising the girls for the performance, and numbers are then exchanged on paper napkins if a deal is struck. Costs, place all get settled this way. I received this education in princess at dharamtala more than two years back, though I understand that this practice has become more discreet now.

    Popular monger spots are Night queens and princess at dharamtala. Rocks at dharamtala is a good place IE the women are quite hot but its quite expensive. There are series of similar dance bars in and around bentinck street around creek row and I think they should all be somewhat similar. But don't make this as a regular venture as it can be quite expensive, plus there is no telling who you might meet there. One of my colleagues apparently met a close relative one week at a popular dance bar in VIP road and a few weeks later his boss at a similar place. Don't know how the conversation went though. So dance bars are actually quite popular in general but its not an usual or a preferred route to getting a hookup and should remain as a once in a while experience which you enjoy with some close friends where alcohol and some wild dancing is the main theme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DasAbhishek007  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Need some review on Tanushree number ending 696 referred by the legendary Priyanka.

    Anyone tried her or has some review on her?

    Please share or point me to the FR.

    PM active.
    You can find many reviews of hers in the forum. She is very bubbly and fun to be with. I will however recommend you negotiate hard on her rate (not sure what she has quoted you). PM me if you need more info.

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    Day 2 part 2. The warrior lady. PC.

    After stepping out of the room with Madhu all I wanted to do was grab some food and get home, but it was not to be. Saw PC sitting right there with a warm smile and asking if we were going to have some fun. Poor Johnny was tired and needed a break for a few hrs and so I patiently waited. Finally, go around to her after good 2 hrs and long chit chats.

    Started her up with a massage that went on to become a finger attack on her pussy. 10-15 minutes on that and then BJ was on. She was pretty darn good with that. When the time was right and my little guy was ready, had her come on WOT and man o man was she good on that. I actually stopped her in under 20 sec as I knew I won't be able to control so for next 20 odd minutes we tried many positions (with some like the doggy not really working out for stupid reasons). She did keep giving the occasional BJ to keep me going and not stopping. Finally for the finale made her do WOT one last time before unloading.

    What she is great for is shear force and strong sex. She is a warrior in bed and given that she was wearing beautiful piece of neckless on her the whole time she looked like a warrior. Extremely cooperative and fun babe to be with. I only wish she was my first shot of the day as she can sap out every bit of your energy. If you want her, you better be fucking strong. Not one for fast guns.


    Looks - 6.5-7/10 (has very sharp looks and for may she will be a easy 8) Loved her hair actually.

    Pussy - 8/10. Still not showing too much wear. She also used her strength to squeeze.

    BJ - 8/10.

    GFE - 7/10 She is a strong personality. Very Friendly and cooperative but for me she will need to be more endearing to get more.

    WIR - 100% with ton of energy and a full load. She better watch out.

    Attaching a pic.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WhatsApp Image 2019-02-21 at 15.28.32.jpg‎  

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    Day 2 part 1. Crazy mongering continued with Madhu.

    Much has been said about Madhu so no need to get into too much details.

    I started with a handjob on her and must have done that to her for at least 30 minutes till she begged to stop. Her BJ skills are good but not Meghna good (she is gold in my books). Where she scores is purely the fun element that she brings into the act much better than most girls. We would have engaged for good 40 minutes before I got hungry and decided to take her to grab some good biryani. She must have come at least 3-4 times in this period (from start to finish) even though she claimed the no to be much higher. Finally unloaded on her boobs.

    My ratings for her.

    Looks- 7 to 7.5/ 10 . She must have been a looker at one point but I think age is catching up.

    BJ - 7.5/10.

    Pussy - 8 /10 its was fun and she had good control on her muscles.

    GFE - 9/10 (I would have given a 10 but Meghna has spoilt me from previous day).

    WIR. Sure, but may want to go for 3 some with her and PC (review to follow).


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    Meghna the looks.

    Quote Originally Posted by SrayDisc  [View Original Post]
    What started out as an apprehensive outing has ended in one of the best days of my mongering life. FAW brother helped secure Meghna and I'm forever grateful for that. Its not just that this babe was the best BJ and GFE that I have had, its the whole atmosphere that came along with the place were we met. Without too much detail I can tell you I haven't had a better BJ between London, Barcelona, Bangalore, Goa and Kolkata (my limited exposure). She was amazing with her DFK and just went on and on and on.

    I may not be able to repeat her in the limited days that I have as I have lined up two more women in this period.

    My Ratings on her.

    1. Looks - 8/10.

    2. Pussy - 7/10.

    3. BJ - 100/10.

    4. GFE - 10/10..
    As there is some confusion on how she looks now, I'm sharing a relatively latest one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LuciferJohn01  [View Original Post]
    Hi friends,

    I am from Delhi and have to visit Kolkata once in blue moon for official work. This time I found lots of changes.

    Beckbegan spa is closed, LE activities in PB spa, MT spa no osmo mostly birds changed.

    Didn't have new contacts list, tried Adrija once.

    Thanks to Avik, fAW and Musafir bhaji for supporting me previously.

    Can some kind soul send me details of fresh birds, indies to support my this trip.

    Will reciprocate Delhi list and few Kolkata contacts. My PM is active.

    By the way what is current status of PB Spa anybody tried recently.


    PB Spa is alive and well. No recent LE incursions, although its just next to the police station. There are only 5 active WGs in the spa at the moment. Sweety, Moon, Guddi, Nikita and Mona. The first 4 are cool. Mona is best avoided though (personal pref) although she looks best in pics.

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    Miss Dibya (Kolkata Party Animal)

    Wanted to meet her on my trip to India in 2018 but somehow couldn't connect with her then. This time shared her Pic with all the SPs I know in Kolkata. 2 of them responded positively. One quoted 14 k / shot other 10 k shot. Met her at my hotel for 10 k, during the initial chit chat found her own price is 8 k. Here is the review in nutshell.

    Pros. Slim, very fair, good looking and classy, medium shape tight boobs and down quite tight too. Very much comfortable for DFK and BBJ. BBK technique was also good with the right pressure while sucking. Open to all positions.

    Cons. As she was arranged through SP she was making herself hurry to finish the deed. Not into anal.

    I generally meet the indes after having a good amount of the conversion before the meet. As this situation was different nothing to complain. Overall a decent experience. Now already started building rapport with her for a better next time. Now she became very friendly with me. As she is a regular in the Kolkata pub / party circle also promised to connect with her few good looking bong friends. Note she lives between Kolkata and Mumbai hence not always available in Kolkata.

    Her number will be shared in a restricted manner, first with them who met indes whom I connected them earlier and of course whom I know personally.

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    M spa at cc1

    Great FR. Just that the rate is high by at least 1 k more. The Thais in Kolkata are available between 2 k to 2.5 k anything more is high considering their standards in Kolkata. Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by Rahuls2304  [View Original Post]
    It was nice 2 days in Kolkata unable to meet the independent chicks which had been shared by the Calcutta forum thanks to Avik but had a good session at M spa at cc1 with Thai name Stephie 3.5 k FS and B2B and oral for 20 minutes. A good deal.

    In the next month visit will be much memorable as well.


    Rahul S.

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    My first time visiting a red-light-area.


    I am new here. I found this forum accidentally less than a month ago while doing some google searches. I read many posts and this helped me greatly with my first red-light experience in SG. Kudos y'all.

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    Tanushree review.

    Hi guys,

    Need some review on Tanushree number ending 696 referred by the legendary Priyanka.

    Anyone tried her or has some review on her?

    Please share or point me to the FR.

    PM active.

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    Chetla Street Pickup spot.

    Quote Originally Posted by MadMonkey2013  [View Original Post]
    Recently was traveling for work and passed by Chetla, saw a fair few hookers dressed in revealing attire and makeup. Tho the place is like a slum, the quality that was on offer seemed good, specially compared to the quality of indies we have to contend with. They all seemed to be in their early 20's. I got quite excited at the prospect but I know an expedition there is froth with danger. Anyone who has ventured there may please enlighten.
    I have been there a lot of times. Place is good and charges are very affordable. It's not safe after 10 pm due to LE. No issue of getting robbed or of harassment by locals. Most of the birds come from the outskirts of Kolkata.

    Price range is like 400 for a shot and 800 for an hour. Slowly the numbers of birds are decreasing. Don't know why. But earlier, lot of birds were found.

    Good luck!

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    Kolkata trip.


    I'm from Hyderabad visiting your city in March last week. Can you share Sana and Meghana contacts please?

    This is my first time visiting your city. Suggest a safe hotel too please. My PM is active. Thanks.

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    Help needed with this.

    A humble request to all my fellow mongers, please provide me the number and details of this girl whose pics I'm attaching below. Pm me. Want to try her.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20190218-WA0001.jpg‎   IMG-20190218-WA0000.jpg‎  

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    Since you already have park hotel in mind will recommend Swisotel. The restaurant is in top floor, so one can easily go to the rooms by pretending going to the restaurant.

    In budget you can try Platinum or Samilton.

    Quote Originally Posted by RaviOli  [View Original Post]
    Another visit to Kolkata is coming up. Since visiting only for a day I am planning to taste two birds. One in the afternoon and one for night.

    Guys please tell me which hotel would be suitable for this as OYO's require check in and most probably won't allow another girl after 1st check in.

    I have Park Hotel in mind as of now but I am not sure and in a fix. Please help me experienced Kolkata brothers.

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