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    Please read post fully.

    Brothers please Read the postfully.

    Two things are very Important - 1. Kolkata persons, she is reluctant to meet. And 2. Anyone who wants to meet her should leave Name and contact no in PM. She will verify and if I can give your name and contact only then meeting will be possible.

    Received mant PMs asking for contact, tried to oblige those who have followed the requests. As for others please forgive. If you want some other contacts, its fine.

    Another thing noticeable that this forum members of kolkata have forgotten the process of sharing. Brothers, let us follow the process of give and take. It can't be one way all the time.

    Cheers! And happy mongering.


    Quote Originally Posted by FunAtWork  [View Original Post]
    The headline says it all. Has hardly met 2 persons till date. Very fresh and very new though in age group 0 f 30-35. Slim, 5'6" nearly, Friendly, sexy (great assets) and totally unprofessional Bengali rosogulla. Pamper her and treat her like a queen and I assure you that you will get the treated like a king. No anal though. So Ass lovers please forgive. Available for Persons who are visiting Kolkata and is staying at hotel. Local Kolkata persons no need to PM as contact will not be shared. She has no place so please don't ask for same, and neither can she arrange. Contacts will be shared with limited persons. She will not be meeting more than 2-3 persons in a month. And the date has to be confirmed at least 1 day before..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nufella  [View Original Post]
    Planning to go to Osmo spa this week. Whom do you recommend for FS? Also the best rates to stick to?
    Rates at Max 2 k. There are one or 2 Thai therapist who have joined.

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    Planning to go to Osmo spa this week. Whom do you recommend for FS? Also the best rates to stick to?

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    Russian or similar.

    Dear seniors,

    Planned to visit Kolkata within soon. If there is any option for Russian or other similar girls please let me know with the charge.

    Hope seniors will not disappoint me. Take my heartiest thanks in advance. My PM option is open.



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    Orchid thai spa, biyu.

    My body was aching since long and I was also longing for female touch but I just couldn't make out the time for a massage due to hectic office schedule.

    Finally today I managed to leave office early and booked an appointment for Orchid Thai spa on SB road.

    Reached on time and was allotted biyu, an innocent looking tall thai chick with decent meat.

    Massage was average, not upto Thai levels.

    I didn't go there for extras, just massage.

    She was quiet during the entire session.

    Neither did she pop up the question of extras nor did I bother to ask.

    Overall she seems quite well, a great looker, good height, seemed to have a bit of meat also, but zero level interaction.

    WIR. Only if you are looking to fuck a tall good looking Thai with zero interaction.

    Note-H2O on SB road has changed its name to hamam spa and is currently closed for renovations.

    Again. Do not PM, all has been said.


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    MP Report: Lavana CC.

    Headed to Lavana (near CC) on a rainy Kolkata afternoon.

    Asked for a Local therapist and was allotted Deepa for 60 minutes oil massage. Counter charges was about 2.5 k.

    Nice clean rooms, the girl did really put an effort during the massage. After few minutes enquired about B2B. It was available for 2.5 k; bargained to 2 k. The deed started and she undressed. The girl has the biggest set of tits I have ever seen. I mean they were huge and soft and I was fulfilled my tit-fuck fantasies to my heart's content. Overall the girl is on the chubbier side however very soft spoken and eager to please personality. FS available for 3 k but you have to carry protection.

    I used a SP recently who has girls ranging from 5 k to 30 k. Took services of a girl for 10 k overnight. Tight 40 kg chick and a pleasant girl next door personality. Will take subscription soon and share the contact.

    If someone can recommend a MP with a slim girl having big tits I shall be forever grateful.

    Have fun guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dick1107  [View Original Post]
    Is any action going in at Uttarpara, Konnagar, Serampur, Risra. Would like to have pussy.

    Please help.

    PM active.
    Fondness for soft pussy.

    Please reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThereForYou  [View Original Post]
    Just got hold to a new MILF in North Kolkata. Not a looker. Saggy Boobs, loose pussy.

    Makes it up with her service. 2 shot at 2500. Plus 3 beer.

    First shot CIM and second shot in pussy.

    Great sucker and great host.

    I think it is a value for money service. In total its a worth to spend 3 hrs with her in this amount.

    I am satisfied and relaxed.
    Would appreciate if you can help with the contact?

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    For Jasson.

    Quote Originally Posted by STC2017  [View Original Post]
    Your inbox is full.
    Sorry for the confusion. This message was for Jasson and his inbox is still overflowing.

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    Share her details please.

    She seems like one not to be missed. Would appreciate if you would share her details with me.


    Quote Originally Posted by CoolGuyJasson  [View Original Post]
    Before I start this FR, I would quickly thank FAW for supporting with miss S. Thanks bro.

    Its been some time I am writing a FR. I spent 2 solid months in Kolkata in leisure and lust. Got hold of few indis who are my types, BBWs. Not drilling much into those experiences as they have few takers.

    But recently came across a MILF who is new in Town. Got her details from Sonu who is now a SP.

    She is charging 2 k per shot and you need to have your own place. I took her to park and it was a pure bliss.

    Seniors are free to get her details from me. I am expecting few BBW contacts from you and if possible Adrija's number.


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    Same bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by AvikForU  [View Original Post]
    I paid her 4.5 k. How much she quoted you? Not sure why in FRs no one mentions about damage openly anymore. A FR should have remuneration contribution as well so that everyone in the forum is aware of it and don't end up in paying more by mistake.
    She quoted me the same. You are right about it. Thanks a lot boss.

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    Fantastic BJ Experiences.

    As you guys already know I am a boob lover. I had few spa outings recently and would like to share the details with you guys. If anyone wants the contact do provide contact of big boob girl in a spa or else don't expect a reply.

    Sophisticated Hot Bong: Recently met her in a spa. She had big boobs and the biggest nipples I have ever seen in my life. Super Confident and Sophisticated Girl unlike spas. Her technique of handjob and blowjob both were the same as we see in porn and is a passionate sucker of cock. She will suck you till you go dry. Age 22-23 odd.

    Thai CIM Sucker: Again met her in a spa. Massage was really good. She loves sucking sock like anything. She won't stop even if you try to stop. Literally forced me to cum in her mouth with her on her knees. It was purely a bliss. Age must be 30-32 but she was the best blowjob and CIM I ever had.

    Have more pending experiences but will post them later.

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    Share the link.

    Quote Originally Posted by MarcTooHot  [View Original Post]
    Search Diya Sen in Kolkata Locanto. She is Adrija. Her digits ends with 607. Sorry bro I don't have subscription but I guess the leads are enough for you to be able to find her. Could you also provide pointers for this MILF.



    Can you please share the link of adrija on locanto.

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    Howrah bandel line.

    Is any action going in at Uttarpara, Konnagar, Serampur, Risra. Would like to have pussy.

    Please help.

    PM active.

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