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    Quote Originally Posted by SaranMonger31  [View Original Post]
    Anyone met this bird before SP asking 30 k full night.
    The SP is genuine.

    Met a Russian / Siberian bird provided by him about 4 months ago.

    Guided me on the phone through the *hotel to her room was received with a nice peck on the lips by this black haired slim bird.

    Made me really Comfortable offered me a cigarette I don't smoke so politely refused then offered me some some water which I took. Soon afterwards she came up behind me when I was sitting and started holding my face and licking my neck I slowly got up turned around and then she indulged in a very wet DFK (the DFK continued all through the act with brief stops here and there). She slowly moved me near the bed and made me undress her when on the bed she undressed me and started licking my body put a cover on then went on with CBJ which was really great. Invited me for DATY went down for few minutes and then got on top and pounded her in miss for a while and then proceeded to doggy she did a WoT and finally ended with miss.

    Went in for a shower when I came out got some more DFK from her as she offered me water.

    Finally said good bye and left. Overall it was a great experience.

    Attitude / cooperation 10/10.

    Boobs 8/10 sweet and soft.

    Body 9/10.

    Cat (not so lose not so tight) 7/10.

    Damage was 6 k for a hour.

    She definitely wasn't a time watcher.

    Had a good meal overall.

    As for the birds in the pics I'm also thinking of trying them out msgd the guy recently and he sent me some pics one girl is the same as in the picture you uploaded but 30 k for the night is too much bargain for 15 k. Guess he'll come to 20 k Indian birds are taking 15 k these days.

    And don't bother about the other noob who said it's a joke. Bengaluru is just as dried with some CIS milfs who take 5 k or 6 k for a shot do you think they ll come for 10 k a night the guy must be dreamin in his pants.

    Cheers bro.

    Happy mongering!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoamingGuru  [View Original Post]
    Seems Russian. 30 k for her is a joke. In Bangalore, her rate will be 10 k full night and 4 k ST.
    Even indies don't do a full night for 10 k. Step into the reality Everyone knows your Lovins sps Arun and Prakash are most of the time palming off old Russian milfs. LMAO and your talking about getting a CIS for 10 k for the night. No wonder delhites laugh their guts out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoamingGuru  [View Original Post]
    Seems Russian. 30 k for her is a joke. In Bangalore, her rate will be 10 k full night and 4 k ST.
    Seems your trying to pull a fast one Bangaloreans pay 4 k or 6 K for a shot so how would full night be 10 k. Come on Sir!

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    First Chennai FR

    To measure the supporting speed of Chennai mongers here is an best example, I have submitted a request report in the morning today, which has not yet posted till now. But I got the help from Pethidine bro and finished the first deed. Absolutely Chennai mongers will be close to my heart from now on.

    Let me take you to the first Chennai deed. As I mentioned Pethidine bro shared the digits, the bird Mrs. P texted in watsapp and navigated me to her apartment. Though Its easy to bypass the security and enter the gate. Its a absolute residential place with 100's of flats. It kick me the thrill to do in this place. She welcomed me in a black t shirt and short skirt.

    We had few minutes of discussion about absolutely non interesting no value topic for a name sake. I asked her to dim the light as a signal. She understood and started the deed. Nice boobs, awesome ass and a pretty long hair. She was really friendly and started enjoying the action soon. She started with a excellent BBJ, Tried with so many positions. Started with WOT and then she told missionary is her favourite so switched to that position for some time. Then I told doggy is my favourite so again we switched to different position. Next we moved in cowboy and finally finished in WOT Overall after 20 minutes of stroke both slipped into bed for few minutes. Had a good talk before leaving the place. Her nature was quiet and calm which is not my type actually. But over all I enjoyed and made the ball to hit he boundary.

    Pethidine bro you owe a drink for sure.

    Face - 6/10.

    Attitude -8/10.

    Boobs - 7/10.

    BBJ -8/10.

    Donated 6 k.

    WIR: may be.

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    Puducherry is rocking better than Chennai

    I went to the spa at the Coral today.

    Had Miss S for service.

    Total damage 3.5 k.

    TL & HE.



    Maybe tomorrow.

    Got leads from Miss S on other parlours / spa & she has given leads will try again after sometime or tomorrow.


    Quote Originally Posted by RahulPulkr  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    Happened to visit Pondicherry this week, Took the East coast road hence decided to try Bat spa near thalapakatti, was able to find the place with the help of google and pointers from the forum, thank you all for that, paid the counter fee and asked for a young therapist as most of them at the reception seemed a little mature for my liking, one of them was named as the famous friends character. I was given Miss L from Manipur, she said she was 27 but seemed older. Decent massage I wasn't interested in taking any extras as I was not into the therapist, finished the massage and walked out.

    Are all the therapist at BAT near Thalapakkati are mature women. ? Would appreciate if any of you could suggest the name of any younger therapist.

    Massage at Puducherry.

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    Coming to India.

    Quote Originally Posted by JackNJones23  [View Original Post]
    Trying sharing the contact bro. And where did you take her.
    Hey guys,

    I will be coming to Chennai next week for the first time, looking for a good massage place that offers extra's. Thanks in advance.

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    Til tok

    Lot of aunties in this app trying to expose and stuff, a lot of them have ig and other accounts tired up.

    My friend thinks all this is a ruse for WG.

    I know the app has been trying to filter most and I believe previously it had near pornographic content.

    But did any of you guys find any luck from these?

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    Monger Life in Chennai

    Dear fellow mongers,

    I am basically from tamilnadu but got shifted to Delhi for the last 5 years. Now I am back to my own pavilion. Yes I getting settled back in Chennai. Since it is the initial days of new mongering area, I used to compare the mongering scene from north to south.

    Scene in Delhi.

    Easy to get connected to indie and SP via dating apps.

    Most of the SP are using this ISG which is a pro as well as cons as well.

    Every mall may not have car parking but definitely a massage parlour will be there in top floor. And strictly only with extras. Without extras people consider the massage parlour as a medical shop kind of😂. You will Feels like Thailand shifted to India.

    So many Russian, Uzbek, African dens are stationed area wise.

    Senior mongers are really helpful in sharing details. I believe Chennai makkal is also with the same kind heart.

    So many girl pick up points, believe me pick up is not limited to pubs and bars, you have your cake from coffee shop too.

    Once you became friend to any NI WG, she will connect you yo her friends.

    Can't compare pricing at this point since I have not even made a single scene in Chennai. But I enquired the entry charges in a spa in 6 COT road, they said 4 k for an hour. I simply laughed huge and left the place.

    The biggest cons is As a Tamil paiyan I am not good in Hindi so communication seems to be sucking me all time. Can't expect good English from NI chicks so the there will be a connectivity issue all times.

    Now its a big request to all my Chennai bros to help me for a better start. I want to start with a friendly nature, not a time watcher Tamil speaking bird. I have some good digits from Delhi, happy to help if any one required.

    I am already in touch with the legend Cumload bro. Thank you so much for guiding. And Pethadine bro, I am big fan of your FR. I am following your post from a long time.

    Happy and safe mongering guys. Cheers.

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    Lot of good natured folks on this forum. Had a great time with P, a wannabe actress and a stunning Muslim beauty. Thanks to Cumload bro and Pethedine.

    Quote Originally Posted by SanJav  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to Pethidine bro for the reference and help. He is one of the good-natured souls in our forum. This contact completely belongs to him. Please don't ping me for reference.

    The session was so amazing with two CIM rounds after great smooching, MISH, doggy, WOT, 69, great BBBJ's. Sure, she is the Queen of seduction as mentioned by one other senior in earlier post. Had a great time.

    Next rest.

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    Bat Spa MRC

    This is a week old FR. After bad experience at and-bukkam branch, tried MRC. Was assigned Savitha. She is in the industry for last 10 years, she told. Is fat and MILFy types, but fun. Massage is above average. Was scared as this was her first time with me but opened up later. Full touch TL followed by TF and COT. Was allowed to kiss suck and do anything above waist. Her attitude and service was good so if anyone likes fat bods. Can visit. After session asked her if she will go all the way. She said she is shy and doesn't take off her pants, above you can do whatever you want. I asked what about BBBJ and CIM. She made a funny face and said she doesn't know how to do. I told her she is lying if she is in 10 years in industry and doesn't know how to give BJ. She jokingly said. Next time you can teach me. LOL. Will surely go next time I am in Chennai.

    Overall fun girl, but people looking for young ones or petite bodies may not like.

    Damages - 2. 5 k + 2 k.

    Safe Mongering,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky84  [View Original Post]
    I have heard that A2 B OMR details (with pic) have been splashed in news along with other spas who were into providing extras and looks OMR branch has been shut down. A friend of mine heard it from A2 B spa bird. Tread carefully fellow mongers.
    I'm going through the news, but can't find anything related. Any ideas which are the other spas that were hit bro?

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    If true, iam not surprised. The place was built like a brothel. But sad to see another place go down, as if the options werent already poor in chennai. Soon they will make it illegal for women to massage men and only male to male massage (fucking yuck).

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky84  [View Original Post]
    I have heard that A2 B OMR details (with pic) have been splashed in news along with other spas who were into providing extras and looks OMR branch has been shut down. A friend of mine heard it from A2 B spa bird. Tread carefully fellow mongers.

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    Looking for thick full bodied indie

    Have a craving for aunty type body after seeing one person in my office regularly. Preferably broad shoulders, large boobs and thick ass. Preferably tall also (around 5'7" I have never tried someone like this. Don't care about face. Will be great if they have great attitude and make eye contact. I have a feeling I will like Pakkathu Veetu Maami. Please pass on her contact if any of you have. I will be grateful. I am a newbie and stopped this habit because I got scared. But unable to control after seeing this aunty's s. In my office daily. Thank you so much.

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    Any clue to the location

    Quote Originally Posted by Karthik21  [View Original Post]
    I have become a regular at the Nalli spa and have gone there 3 times in the last 1 month. My experience has been awesome every time. There is a B2B charge of 3.5 at the desk and then I tell the mama to send the most cooperative girl in. I had Tamil girls all 3 times and it is a completely nude B2B for 1.5 k tips.

    Girl 1.

    She was 24 and was a little pudgy but gave amazing DFK and was great company. I fingered her to an orgasm and she enjoyed that.

    Girl 2.

    This one amazed me by speaking perfect English. She is an engineer and was earning 15 k. Now she earns 60 k. She was slim and fair and was great company.
    Please provide some clue like location and name.

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    Which SP is this

    Quote Originally Posted by Pestered90  [View Original Post]
    Hey people,

    Is there anyone who has recently tried a foreign bird and is still available in city. Who s deadly cooperative and also is worth meeting. I already have the one with SP Luv in my list. , Also trying to get to the other profile who s with a SP who calls people to the hotel and ask them to wait at the lobby and den asks for ID proof and says without ID cannot provide service. This has happened twice with the SP. Not sure if he s fake or really has that profile.

    If anyone can help me in this regards would be great.


    Play safe.

    Got a couple of white birds who are put up in * star hotels. Any pics of her. SP's are quoting high prices in the pictures some look like milfs don't think they are worth that much and most of them are Uzbeks. How much damage for the bird you had near Citi centre hotel. Just curious to know.

    Though it was long back.

    Cheers and safe mongering.

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