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    Give some more info.

    Quote Originally Posted by LiveTamil  [View Original Post]
    I am trying bro not able 2 retrieve help required.
    We are not able to find the ad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodTimes5  [View Original Post]
    Looking for Afros too.
    Avoid. Kinda had a bad experience with them:

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    KTM diaries.

    Here is the small description of my deeds in KTM.

    Deed 1:

    I was complete tired due to travel and the weather was very cold. Second day in KTM decided to hit a spa in Thamel. Asked the hotel guy and he took me to one spa in cycle rickshaw. The spa was in a congested busy street. Paid 2 k NPR at the counter. There were three girls sitting on the sofa in front of the heater. I told the receptionist girl I will finish the lunch and will be back. After returning from lunch there was only one girl free. Luckily she was hot and beautiful. The spa had three rooms. First two separated by curtains and the last one had aluminum wall. I was allowed the last room and the hot girl. She was very bubbly. Straight away she asked you want FS. She quoted 5 k NPR. I declined since the hotel guy told me he will get one girl to my room for less than that. I gave her 1 k for TL only. First she started name sake back massage. After 10 min I turned up and asked her to show her boobs. She raised her thermal wear. I grabbed those melons and played with them. It were medium sized and firm and lot of cuddling happened. No bathroom. I put the clothes and returned to hotel room.

    Face: 8/10.

    Boobs: 8/10.

    Attitude: 9/10.

    Damage: 3 k NPR.

    Deed 2:

    On the next day after the spa session sked the hotel guy to bring one girl. He told she will come around 7:30 pm. At 7:45 she knocked the door. She is none other than one of girls in the spa that I visited. She had a smiling face. She was adamant to remove the clothes like a small kid since the weather was very cold outside. Somehow I made her naked. Her skin was milk white and very soft. She was hurrying telling that her child will cry. I sucked her boobs here and there and little bit cuddling. She asked me to put the cover and finish the deed. Finished on her in missionary.

    Face: 7/10.

    Boobs: 6/10.

    Attitude: 8/10.

    Damage: 4 k NPR.

    Deed 3:

    The night before my departure the hotel guy took me to a dance bar. It was four steps under ground. When I entered one girl was dancing to a Hindi song in low hip saree. We both sat on a couch. After her another lean girl came with mini blue skirt and big boobs and high heels. She did some name sake dance movements. Meanwhile a girl came and sat between us on the couch. We got introduced. She told she is from Delhi. She was hot. She was friendly since I was the only one Indian there. She also danced for Hindi songs. Had nice ass. She asked us to buy her red bull. After her dance she sat with us. The bar guy straight away asked me you want girls. I told not now since I was not in a mood to fuck and next morning flight was scheduled. At 12 midnight dance finished we left the bar. She gave body heat for that cold. It was very warm.


    Ass: 8/10.


    Damage: 2. 8 k NPR.

    Verdict: KTM is a good place for mongering with hot girls at cheap price.

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    Madipakkam spa

    As it is right alongside the bus stop, I had no difficulty to locate it.

    The receptionist is an SI lady. You can see a CCTV screen with four screens.

    Inside, the massage bed is elevated type. The doors come with latch.

    The therapist was NE, very friendly she was, full of curiosity about me.

    Some uncanny mind reading ability, I felt. Certain things she could guess.

    Without being told.

    The massage was nice, titillating, I enjoyed it. Only drawback was that when.

    It was time to wind up, the expected extras were denied. That too playfully.

    Ambience: 6/10.

    Therapist: 7/10.

    Massage: 7/10.

    Damages: 0. 8 K.

    Conclusion: recommended if you are expecting no addons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newbie788  [View Original Post]
    Had two experiences today.

    1 . Decided to take the plunge into FS and started searching in Locanto. All who replied were above my budget, but found an ad in tanglish and called it. The girl who answered the phone said 3 K for 1 HR and 5 K for 2 hrs and asked me to come to chai nagar. After reaching I called her and she told me she needs to book room and the 1 k needed for that is included with the 3 K. She gave me a number of a landlord and asked me to confirm my booking. The girl who answered the second call said she needed 1 K through Google pay and if I need service I must pay. I disconnected the call and proceeded to plan be. The digits in the ad end with 51 and 41.

    2. Had saved a MP no I found in Loc in case things go south. They did and I called up the number. A guy answered the call and asked me whether I can come to north palani orf eg+. I choose north palani. Guy at the reception charged 2 K for TL for 45 minutes..
    Great bro. Any hints on location please. Thanks in advance.

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    Mallu Girl and Tanjore girl.


    Thanks to CumLoad for the details.

    Mallu girl.

    Met the Mallu MILF / aunty!

    With regards to the service, she was polite, but no DFK and BBJ, which was informed in advance by CumLoad. The Service was nice.

    Will I return: yes.

    Tanjore Girl.

    From the same provider as the mallu. Her services were good, but slightly more restricted than the mallu.

    Both try to please, without taking too many risks.

    Will I return: probably.

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    Not able to find.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kgkk2018  [View Original Post]
    Good one! Thanks for the FR dude. Can you share the damage for the encounter?
    Help needed in regarding this.

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    Hi bro send me PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by HarishD  [View Original Post]
    Found an independent on loc and after a week of trying to schedule some time, finally managed to go to her today.

    Went to her apartment near Porur and she is almost exactly the same as the photos she shares on whatsapp.

    She is white, beautiful smile, nice demeanor, small boobs and a tight pussy.

    She only does missionary, allows to suck on her tender boobs and after some persuasion allowed kissing on her lips.

    If you have an infatuation with young girls of 20 or so, go for her. She is beautiful.

    To get the contact details, search for the following in loc.

    Search term. Tight vagina.

    Make sure turn on the filter to search within ads..
    I am trying bro not able 2 retrieve help required.

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    New Girl.

    After some gap the regular SP continuously pressing take new birds and tried this one Excellent time with name gold in Tamil aged 28th looks nice with some darker side but nice racks removed her top woow 38 c boob and small nipples taken juice out of her melons she liked my nipple wildly and talk very filthy p-I and m--I and allowed to squeeze boobs with mouth and asked to insert finger to her pussy and moaned loudly. During WOT she inserted wildly and different position f-the tdy. Nice experience. Small nipples more than 15 minutes allowed to soop and inserted finger.

    Boobs: 38 C (8/10).

    Pussy: 7/10 normal tight.

    GFE: 9/10.

    Damage: 4 K.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RajeshForFun13  [View Original Post]
    Hi fellas,

    I am seeing an ad in loc repeatedly in the name of chennaironak143 did any one tried this. Please post your FR.
    Quote Originally Posted by Barani  [View Original Post]
    I contacted the mentioned couple and they were asking for 50% advance which is a big NO to me. They quoted 5 k for 1 round /6 k for 1 HR.
    They quoted 10 k for me and 5 k for online transfer before meet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeniusNaruto  [View Original Post]
    I see that there are hardly any loc ads from Afros in Chennai as compared to Bangalore. Has anyone had good Afro experience here?
    Looking for Afros too.

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    Session with an Inde.

    I was away from the forum for quite long, and I had some "my own perceived fake" fears as well.

    So thought I would update my 3 month old FR with Aswin SP.

    So this happened on a day I took the P contact from Pethidine bro. But she caught fever, and so we couldn't meet.

    I have taken so many contacts from Pethidine bro, but so far not used even one (sorry bro).

    Anyway, I went to the place suggested by Aswin, and found an old Aunty there (The photo he shared must have been 10 years old).

    I walked out, and told them I'm not interested. After 10 minutes, they called back, and the apartment owner and wife suggested trying their neighbour girl (They said she's some college student and wanted money).

    So went back, and in came a pretty girl after 15 minutes.

    Started the session straight away. She was in her early 20's, cute, and cooperative.

    Started by sucking her medium handful boobs, and kissing all over the body. She was enjoying it, and cooperated well with some aahs.

    Proceeded to GOT, doggy and then missionary.

    Later, I took her number and messaged her. But she didn't respond at all. I shared the contact with Pethidine bro too, but even he didn't get a response from her.

    Guess that contact is lost in one shot.

    Now waiting for some good fresh hand in the market to come.

    Also, Cumload and Pethidine bro, my whatsapp number got deactivated, and I lost both of your number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RajeshForFun13  [View Original Post]
    Hi fellas,

    I am seeing an ad in loc repeatedly in the name of chennaironak143 did any one tried this. Please post your FR.
    I contacted the mentioned couple and they were asking for 50% advance which is a big NO to me. They quoted 5 k for 1 round /6 k for 1 HR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SantoshNc  [View Original Post]
    You may wish to try one place opposite EA Mall with the Twitter bar. Go the unadvertised Spa on the 3rd Floor. Bargain. Enjoy.
    Thanks, but I don't get the location. Twitter bar?

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    Has any one tried this couple.

    Hi fellas,

    I am seeing an ad in loc repeatedly in the name of chennaironak143 did any one tried this. Please post your FR.

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