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    Back Home.

    Hello Chennai,

    Am visiting home after a long time and been part of the hobby in the US. Good to connect with the international forum. A bit surprised to see / learn about the fee for private messaging and most reports don't have a link to the ad's. Quite the opposite of the US. Wonder why such rules for international being the same parent forum.

    Anyways, hope to catch up with some nice Chennai girls! Any recommendation of parlors to begin with is appreciated.

    Can always extend a hand if you are visiting the US (few states).

    Happy hunting!

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    Open Pakkam bat spa.


    Recently came to know that in open Pakkam bat spa, there is an south Indian. Please let me know if anyone has tried and any review in this.



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    Simple way to weed out scammers in loc.

    After some research, figured out that the bait quotient of ads posted in loc is extremely high and though some play the short game immediately asking for money, others play the long game.

    I have had some instances wherein the person claiming to be an independent would continue conversation of up to a week and then ask for money.

    These long gamers do not use the regular pay me to meet / chat / video call, but ask for around 2 k to book a room.

    Few things I have noticed common about these scammers.

    1. They always ask for paytm or phonepe or google pay. ALL of these have terms of service which says they are NOT responsible if you send money to unintended recipient.

    2. They will never come on video and show their face.

    3. They will almost never agree to a voice call either.

    4. Will be online most of the day.

    Scammers posing as pimps generally will ask for 25% initial amount before providing location.

    P.S: Although members here have made it clear, no money exchanges prior to seeing the girl, the long gamer created such a mirage that I fell for it.

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    Called up a few ads in Loc asking for service in shols, but apparently very few operate past 9 PM in this area.

    Finally found one who said he had a Bengali available, 3 k per shot.

    No other option so went with it.

    Nothing great, but knowing Hindi helped me converse and she likes to talk.

    Allowed all positions, but no kiss on lips or BJ.

    The loc post asks you to contact Shalini.

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    Nice massage with lots of extras.

    Went to the usual A2B spa, took a new one, her name starts with M and ends with A. She is in her late 30's, north east one, everyone else was busy. Since no choice, took her. As usual massage started, she knows very little English, asked me 'first time', I said regular. She removed my disposal without even asking, did a very good bum massage, used her hands well to arouse me. Asked me to turn, immediately after turning, she started kissing my johnny and slowly took it into her mouth, I wasn't expecting, she sucked it well, took care of the balls too, usually doesn't prefer BBJ, but couldn't resist her. She didn't talk about any tips and gave a very good service, paid 1 k and came out. Those who want to try, can try, she just has average looks.

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    Sinhala darkhorse. My first rimjob experience.


    A close friend of mine Lustyguy whom I was the first person in touch with reciprocated with a couple contact for sharing him ebony choco girl's contact. Thank you bro, will never forget your help. It took a while to fix actual deed as communication is only through whatsapp texts. Reason being some idiot was calling from another number in midnight and teasing for being a prostitute. So I advice all ISG member to treat women with respect so you will get the best service from them. The lady came to my place, Lets call her MILF Sins in short. Looks Wise, The lady is short, around 5"2 I would say and her weight would be between 55-60 kgs, Her skin tone is dusky-brown. Her face was not that much attractive to me but her friendly and calm nature with smiles when she spoke impressed me. Came to know she is an young aunty with kids. Later took her to room and closed the door. She came running toward me with open hands, immediately jumped upon me and started kissing me wildly. I carried her with ease as she was lightweight. Full open mouth kisses with lots of tongue play was exchanged. Now, that is real DFK!. After 10 minutes of pure DFK, we both agreed to strip down naked to wash ourselves for foreplay and oral sex. We both went to bathroom, opened shower, applied soap to each other, rubbing our naked body against each other and we were playing with water. It was romantic and playful, sex seemed fun with her.


    MILF Sins pushed me to bed, sat on top of me started kissing me from forehead, then to chin and again to lips. Man, this lady loves DFK to the core completely sucked my tongue out and was making loud moans which made more horny overtime. She licked, teased, bite did what all she could to my body as I was glazing her slutty eyes. Went to middle, bit both my nipples while started to stroke my penis hard. Then went down slowly and seeing my penis saluting her, she smiled in a naughty way. She bit her lips in lust while slowly started to lick the tip of my penis. Kiss, lick, kiss, lick then began swallowing. Her rhythm was from slow to fast to deep. I was deeply enjoying her blowing skills as I believe she is much experienced in what she does. Then all of a sudden, began deep throat heavily. I was amazed to see my penis vanish into her mouth completely. After 15 minutes of happy blowing, requested her for rimming. She obliged, I was excited to have my first rimjob. I turned with my face facing the bed, she came from back and started rimming my anal. My first experience I would say was unique and pleasurable. It was tingling as I was laughing. She was also laughing with me and was still rimming. Now I learned rimming is fun and every member should try this at least once.

    Now it's my turn so I made her lie down comfortably. Started kissing her from top to bottom. Again when came to lips, she didn't allow me to leave her lips. I would say DFK alone would be 20 minutes longs overall. Then proceeded to middle and her breast were actually big and attractive with nipples were of perfect size, not too small nor perky. Caressed, licked and sucked her nipples for good time and liked the way get was closing her eyes getting into mood. Seeing her nipples get erect, I confirmed she got equally horny as me. Afterwards, went further down to her sweet spot, her vagina. It was clean, no white deposits or bad smell of any kind as we washed ourselves before foreplay. Began my favorite foreplay, DATY. Found her clitoris and started with slow licks, then proceeded to faster, deep licking with lot of tongue rotations. Asked her how I was doing, she said she liked it very much. I could see her cumming halfway, so asked her to get on top and ride me crazy.

    The Sex.

    Started with Woman-on-top (WoT), I would say it was one of the best WoT I had so far. Her lightweight, good stamina and eye contact made WoT wilder and enjoyable. She was grinding back and forth while we were holding our hands together in love. She also began to squat up and down, Her energy levels were good. We both maintained eye contacts, exchanging dirty talks and I was playing with her boobs while she rode me crazy. After this during WoT, She hugged me and started to lie down. This time I was on top, supported her hips by placing a pillow under for best penetration angle. Began missionary position, started thrusting slowly then began more powerfully and roughly. She was about to cum as I went faster and faster. I could see herself spreading her legs much further and saying "faster, faster."After sometime, her legs were shivering which meant she had cum. Asked whether she enjoyed, she said yes. A little bit of loose fat & very light stretch marks on her belly didn't bother me when we were really enjoying sex. Then, proceeded to doggy style position. Her back view was very exotic due to her dusky skin and curves were really good. Her ass was perfect for her petite body, neither big nor small. I couldn't get my hands off her ass while doggy, It was like my hands were glued to her ass cheeks. Spread her ass cheeks so I could get the deepest penetration as possible. Started as usual, tempo was rising second after second and finally began rough doggy. The speed & contact during doggy sounded like someone was clapping loudly. Her moaning was just like icing on the cake. The only mistake is I forgot to try anal, it would have been a new experience for me since she was open to all.

    Later, we took off from bed. Carried her and started lift-up-fuck. Lady was really enjoying it and again started DFK. Was fucking and kissing her simultaneously. It was a proper one as even I had lift-up-fuck with another petite lady before but the FR is not worth writing because she lacks looks. 10 minutes of pure fucking-kissing. She told she wanted to blow me again, took off the condom and started 2nd round of wild blowing. Now, I took control of by moving her head up and down. This lady was co operative and receptive to all positions. Sex now clocked more than an hour and I asked her to call it off. She insisted on getting me cum even said extra 10-15 minutes is not a problem for her at all. Guys, this is very good attitude from her side. Not a time watcher and people pleaser. Pushed me to bed again, started blowing and jerking together. In the end, After 85 minutes of pure hardcore sex. We decided to call it off happily.


    We both hugged and went to bathroom together, opened shower and washed our tools. Talked a little bit about ourselves and developed a bit a trust for each other. Then, washed ourselves, put on dress and came out. She didn't open the topic of money to the last end!. I took my purse and paid her 3 k in the end. Gave a goodbye kiss and waved her goodbye outside my place. I asked her permission to refer, she told me only refer genuine people who are not problematic, don't ask personal questions, just enjoy sex & leave. Those are the qualities which she prefers.


    Sinhala darkhorse MILF S.

    Dusky, petite housewife with nice assets.

    Blow - 10/10 (experienced & wild. Knows how to please and tease).

    Kiss - 10/10 (Kissing alone would clocked 20 minutes, full open mouthed and wild tongue biting).

    Anal rimming - 9/10 (Was pleasurable and tingling at same time, was laughing during rimming).

    Boobs - 8/10 (Good, big enough for her petite body. Perfect nipples, neither too pointy or flat).

    Ass - 10/10 (Curvy view during doggy, enjoyed touching and slapping her ass).

    Anal - ?/10 (didn't try so next time will try and update).

    Cum-in-mouth and even cum-on-face (facial) was available. Didn't try so can't comment.

    Damage - 3 k (Again 101% value for money).


    Face - 5/10 (Average facial looks, wasn't that much attractive so people who wants good face may be disappointed in her).

    Little loose tummy fat and very little stretch marks was there. I made the room little dim so didn't notice much.

    She is short, around 5"2 so people who prefer tall women may be disappointed.

    She is dusky so people who like fair won't prefer this lady.

    Who can try this?

    Genuine members who care for her privacy, don't ask too much personal questions, not problematic and patient (it took me more than 1 week to fix appointment) can try. Also, expect for average facial looks. Members prioritize great hardcore sex, attitude and co operation without any restrictions will love her.

    If you feel you are perfect fit for this contact, feel free to drop a PM. I don't want any reciprocation. Just being helpful to the forum.

    Happy mongering.


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    Second visit to ayurvedic spa near IT hub toll.

    Being denied FS first time and having nothing to do, went at around 7.30 pm.

    Unfortunately, there was no lady in the counter and one of the so called therapists asked me if I have been there before.

    Told yes, but everyone now seems new. That's when the counter lady peaked out of the room and quoted 1.5 k massage, 2 k B2B and 3 k FS.

    Unfortunately, she was tied up with another client. Had 2 options picked one that was tall and a little less plump.

    Nothing great, but she did try to please. The massage table was too narrow to get footing for wot and too tall for missionary.

    She repeatedly got calls, after the 3rd ring, picked up the phone and yelled in Telugu and my tool immediately lost interest.

    Still she tried, but nothing worked.

    Probably will return to test out the counter girl. She had a nice body and big racks.

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    Help needed.

    Manin maindhan, need some Indies contact. Just bought subscription. Please help me brothers. Sent few private messages. Please respond. Just stepping into mongering.

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    Bk in Chennai for work!

    Reports follow.

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    The girl next door

    This happened before a couple of weeks. I got this contact from a fellow isgian and planned to meet her at my home. She came in deo bike with fully masked face and guided her to my home by following my car. She was lean, quite fair seemed tanned by sun and had a soft innocent face, silky hair, diastemic teeth attired with a clothes not so fresh. I love slim girls but thought with bit of a flesh and makeup on she would have been much better. I imagined something else from the pics but wasn't that impressed with her looks. She said she is on diet and shed some weight. She didn't have a condom so I went and bought with some eatables for her to munch. We kept talking for a long time and were watching tv.

    We moved into the bedroom without switching off the tv and had our conversation to continue holding each other hands and moving our bodies closer. For some reason I kinda felt frantic like a beginner and she herself was an amateur. She asked me to handle her delicately and can't handle it hard. I took so much time to initiate a kiss with talks on, actually I wasn't that seduced by her but I made myself to like her and went with the flow. I had my way of kissing through out her face and then to her lips to which she was giving herself nicely by eating each other lips. But I withdrew after few minutes than the way I usually do. We had a foreplay hugging smooching at each other with different angles. Once it was like she was sitting on my lap with both her legs draping around my trunk facing the mirror. Then She was on her back leaning against me while I was sitting behind her, massaging her boobs, caressing her silky hair, with a DFK, talking with her like a girl friend. Since she was so lean I handled her like a doll switching positions, thought binding against her lean body wasn't that tempting.

    Then we lay on bed shedding our clothes cuddling and switching our positions top and bottom. She had a flat physique with mediocre boobs and asked her to suck on my shlong. She said she never do DFK and bbj usually but obliged to suck. She started to suck on gently with her protruding lips proceeding further and further. She did a a nice job for a beginner and said her mouth is paining. After some time she continued to suck with.

    Three to four bbj betwixt brief hiatus to which she made me wanting more. I thought of giving her own medicine back but couldn't get past her smelly vagina. Then took the condom and asked her to roll over my wiener. She said she ain't know to do and I had quite a hassle to fit it myself. It was usually the girls who does it for me and this time we were like first timers struggling to use the thing.

    We started with missionary and again it was quite a task to fit her hole and ride in a balanced position. Since she wasn't that prone to sex I had to do the tricks. So finally I was into her invading her slowly.

    I started to thrust inside her forgetting her words to handle her delicately smooching hot air and sweating. We switched and she came on top of me and lack of her skills showed she wasn't a rider. So switched back to missionary and what felt like a never ending fuck ended after a vigorous strokes. Then she took bath, had some snacks, asked me to call often and left after 4 hours. She was overall a girl friend material and not a time watcher to the least. For some reason mostly I don't keep in touch with them after the deed but she keeps texting everyday even if I don't reciprocate. Thanks to pethidine bro for the contact.

    Damage-5 k for 4 hrs.

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    Thank you subscribed PM active.

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolSp  [View Original Post]
    Become a paid memeber. Only then you can communicate with others.
    Thank you Cool sp.

    Subscribed now PM is active now.

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    Independent thru loc

    Had tried various indes thru loc, but all kelpidis only for me, whatever the price is. Even in star hotel Escorts who are expensive also doesn't give satisfaction what we expect. I think it is not worth searching in locanto. But it's too late recognizing after trying more than 10 times in a year.

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    Independent thor pak.

    Any idea about milp P, (famous name of actress sri in superstar starer which shows Singapore) who stays near college in omr, thor pakkam. Suppose to be a experienced. Going to try. Any FR on her please let me know.

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    Finally registered.

    I have been a silent observer in the Chennai forum for the last 3-4 months. Made trials and errors based on the reviews by the seniors members for MPs. Most of them failures (because of poor decoding) except BAT. I really appreciate the way seniors members like Cumload, coolsp, what love etc encouraging newbies here. Looking forward for subscription.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChennaiVaasi  [View Original Post]
    Music SP still active? There was talk about LE activity. Is it real?

    Any reviews on her girl with same name as Congress Amma?
    Yes she is still active and had her service 2 weeks back. Regarding the cong Amma gal you mentioned she is good as well. Bit talkative and good GFE with tight hole.

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