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    GJ. A tender 22 yr old!

    GJ is a Tamil girl, merely 22 yrs old and looks good (aspiring to be an actress and told she's going to play a lead role in some TV serial). Originally a contact of Pethidine, shared to me by YoloPolo. Thanks to both you guys for this contact. Fresh from college last year, I was able to get a feel of what's going in college circle these days after spending 2 hours with her. After a couple of ditched attempts, finally got to meet her 2 weeks ago on a Thursday afternoon. Pinged her casually a day before to see if she was available and without a delay, she replied yes. After 10 minutes of back and forth texting, she booked the room and sent me a proof of the reservation as a pic (a nice gesture from her to book the room herself though I obviously paid for it).

    Picked her up at 11.45 from the fixed spot and without any hesitation, she hugged me from behind in the bike like a GF hugging her BF. Felt so good by that and thanks to all the time well spent on Whatsapp previously, she felt at ease the moment she got on the bike. She asked me to buy cigarettes as she likes a puff before the deed to get the mood going. Again, a feel good factor as she voluntarily was interested to set the right mood. After a 10 minute bike ride, went to the place and she used her ID for check in during when I paid. Got the room allocated and we took the lift to go to the room. A small room though cozy, AC was good. Got to see her face for the first time as she was covered by her duppatta all the while & I was absolutely happy that she looked the same in pic, though much leaner than the pics. I'd call her "petite".

    I went to the bathroom, freshened up a bit and threw her the pack of Total. She started to smoke and I took a puff from her. Had some casual chat for a few minutes and she was enjoying her puff. Meanwhile, she got a couple of calls from her friends but made sure to keep them short so as not to disappoint me much. She apologized for those calls too saying she had to pick those as they were supposed to meet her after the deed and she didn't want to give any suspicions about her illicit activity of this. Started slowly with a kiss on her forehead and she felt shy. Then again some talks and kisses on her arms and neck. The deeds that usually arouse a girl rather than forcefully pushing her to do it. Made her to stand in front of the mirror so that she too can she her facial reactions on it. She obeyed to all that I asked without a second thought although she wasn't an initiator. She smelled really good, maybe due to my clear instructions on whatsapp about being hygienic.

    Played with her navel for a few minutes by kissing, licking and biting it before asking her to remover her tops. She wore a padded red bra and kissed her cleavage to my heart's content. Turned her back and kissed her back for a few minutes. Now comes the best part. Being so much of a petite, I was able to lift her easily. She was surprised by that and was blushing a lot. Lifted her all the way up till her navel was accessible to my tongue and continued licking it. Back to bed again and took off her bra to see her boobs naked. A divine sight. A handful boobs, not too small, not too big but just the perfectly sized melons to hold inside a hand, though her nipples was bigger. Sucked, bit and played with them for a few minutes and she had her eyes totally closed during all such acts. Then removed her pants to see her pink colored panties (red bra and pink panties. Not a bad combo) and she was very clean down there. Neatly shaved and devoid of any smell at all. Since I don't do DATY with any WG, didn't try for it but kept teasing her clitoris and vagina and outer lips with my fingers. Her hole was too damn tight, she confessed that her way too tight vagina was the reason she didn't agree for 2 shots as it is extremely difficult for her to accommodate. Trust me, I haven't seen such a tight vagina where even my index finger found it difficult to go. So, spent a lot of time lubricating it with my fingers and making her wet.

    Asked her to blow me and she obliged like she did all this while. Though she wears braces, did a very good job of sucking me like a pro. She said that the braces makes it painful for her to suck so she may take pauses in between and I was floored by that gesture. Again, brownie points for such a nice attitude. I must say that she's an extremely good sucker and does it with so ease and lot of enthusiasm. Took her hands and placed them on my balls and she slowly started massaging them. I could feel that my cock was getting bigger in her mouth by her acts and then asked her to sleep after sometime when I felt like cumming. Placed a few kisses, boob plays and again asked to her to suck. She sucked slow and steady taking it deep inside. Asked her to lick my balls and she again did it without any fuss.

    Finally, after little more than an hour, started pumping her. It took some effort to penetrate but once it was in, gosh. It was so fucking tight and felt awesome for my thick cock to fuck that tight ****. A few minutes after slow and hard banging, cummed the most I've ever ejaculated. Felt thankful for such a fine session.

    Both of us washed, she took another cigarette and puffed. She asked if she can have the rest of the pack of Total too, to which I gladly agreed. Left the place as a happy and satisfied man.

    Report Card:

    Looks - 8/10.

    Boobs - 8/10.

    Pussy - 9/10.

    Attitude - 20/10.

    WIR. Maybe yes, but not for now. Can share number with her consensus if I get good ones.

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    Kk spa

    Can you provide some more hints of this spa.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rockhardsam  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys!

    This is Rockhard sam. Have been an observer for a long time so decided to share my experience here!

    I have been a monger for past few years so have my share of good times and really worst time. But recently few weeks have got good action. Had been to a massage parlor in KK nagar had from a lady looks good and smile. I would rate her 3.5 out of 5. Firm breast. And feels nice when you cup them. And suck it. The way she massages is really sensual specially with her nails running smoothly on my skin. Still get the goosebumps. I am sure most of the guys like it the same way. Just sitting on my body and that smile when she was top of me with those firm breast and teasing me. Woooah. Made my dick hard in no second. Smooth hands rubbing. Trust me before I could enjoy more with her my juice was boiling and ready to burst. Her name is or was Divya or Deepa. Sorry with such a exp I forgot the name. Am ready to share the contact.

    1. Counter rate 1500.

    2. tip 2000 k (well you can bargain if you want I did not even try cause I liked her look and body).

    Have the number. Have been going to that spa for more than 5 months. They keep getting diff girls but this one was awesome.

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    Kaanum pongal fun.

    As had holiday a friend and me planned a session on kaanum pongal, my friend had received an new SP contact and he sent us some pics of birds on wa and we selected two birds with an place was also arranged by SP at 5 k per person with multiple shots, six hours, and exchange of birds and the session was planned for the holiday. We called him around 11 am and he asked us to come to s_ gramam and guided us to an service apartment which was OK not very clean but the ac was working with 2 bedrooms and he sent 2 birds one was good but the other was not to our liking so he showed another one which we chose. About the birds bot where from mamta land one was in her early 30's the other was hardly 20,the older one told her name was r_Y_a and the other one was n_u_r_th we had carried some liquor and we and the older one had a few drinks and we all got into the mood, my friend wanted to taste the younger bird first so he went to one bedroom while I took the other bird to the other bedroom as soon I closed the door she hugged and gave a long DFK and started rubbing little johnny over the jeans, I also was rubbing her bum over her dress which were a nice handfull, she then asked me take off the shirt while she removed her top in a flash her boobs looked good in the bra and were an handfull which I pressed to my hearts content but when I removed her bra they were sagging but were ok. The best part was her attitude was great like an GFE which I have rarely seen in India. She did CBJ and took the punishment with a smile, she claimed she came when I started in missionary and then I finished in doggie, was a good session. My friend had already finished and was sitting in the hall when asked he told me the younger babe was not very cooperative as no DFK no BJ was allowed. We ordered food on swiggy had some more liquor and exchanged the birds and went for second round the younger babe was cute with small tits and a tight bottom but was like a dead fish with only a smile on her face. Nothing to write about just an mechanical session. My friend also had a good time with the older bird. Then we took rest for an hour or so and around had session three with the older where she gave an BBJ and did wot and made me cum after a long session. My friend had an OK session with the younger bird. We were satisfied with money well spent and value for money.

    Friends I know we all want contacts I too want to check out new birds, but please reciprocate with your contacts which are genuine, after my last FR regarding an MP a fellow ISGian shared info about an closed MP while I genuinely shared my contact. So friends kindly do not flood my pm with requests for contacts.

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    Consult a doc before you take it.

    Quote Originally Posted by OnTheWings  [View Original Post]
    Long Lasting Erections. Was just smiling while reading your comments on Caverta. Its not so, dude.

    Maximum is may last for 3 - 4 hours only. Warming of Inner Thighs and Back are the immediate symptoms. I have not felt any headache or vomiting sensation. 50 MG will be more appropriate for Age Under 50. If you are looking for 100 MG. Better have a word with Doc. Whatever it is. One tablet one day. Take care.

    One of my friend took this tablet 50 MG and had a tough time recovering, he had lot of side effects and doctor blasted him for taking this without consultation, he had no other health issues before taking the tablet. It is better to talk with doc and get a opinion before you take it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LocalLion  [View Original Post]
    Her name is not what you say. It starts with m. She is from Mumbai. The one whose name starts with p is a middle aged one and quite arrogant. She is from Kolkata. Am very regular there so know.
    That's the name she told me dude, I can still remember it, based on the tips and customer, they tend to do different services I suppose, that's what I have seen in my experience.

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    First experience.

    Guess mid-life crisis struck and started browsing looking for experiences having never tried any of this before.

    Tried looking online and many forums only to find many more forums advising caution. Found the forums here but then again I am bad at clues.

    Gave up and tried number in loc. Was called to come hear the famous hospital. Drove there and called him, he asked for vehicle details and after another 20 minutes, and apparently someone surveyed and gave info back to him and he called again and asked to go to a pharmacy where another person would guide.

    Went, one guy in his 20's got on and took me to an apartment. Took the cash and asked me to get into the bed room.

    The girl was apparently sleeping, not groomed and looked tired. Went in, she didn't say a word, just asked if I had cover, took it.

    Tried talking to her, don't know if it was a language problem, but she didn't respond. Just stripped and put the cover, gave a CBJ for exactly 5 seconds, lied down with her legs raised up to her head.

    Told her wanted to be close, hug kiss etc. She simply said no. Told her I would like to try doggy, said no.

    Got annoyed, didn't feel like doing the deed. Told her to give me a HJ and left. Total time spent - 15 minutes. Damage 3 k + demanded tips. Gave 250.

    Would avoid her at all costs.

    I can attack photo if asked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BahuBali007  [View Original Post]
    Went to usual ECR A2B near spa, took a Hindi one, looked little bit plump to my liking, but she was only free, took her.

    Surprised to know she was very young around 20+, she did a decent massage, then came the question about extras.

    She initiated things, went naked, was ready for FS, but didn't had cover, so took the usual HJ + B2B.

    Her name starts with P and ends with L, whoever wants to try her.

    Damages 2 k + 1 k (tips).
    Her name is not what you say. It starts with m. She is from Mumbai. The one whose name starts with p is a middle aged one and quite arrogant. She is from Kolkata. Am very regular there so know.

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    Inside an apartment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zingza  [View Original Post]
    Is it Dreams near total?
    This is inside an apartment opposite to the gas station road. Not a professional one.

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    OYO no more safe.

    Details of checkin and check out are going to be shared with LE on real time using whatsApp. Not in southern states as of now. But soon it will be done.

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    Good time at ECR spa.

    Went to usual ECR A2B near spa, took a Hindi one, looked little bit plump to my liking, but she was only free, took her.

    Surprised to know she was very young around 20+, she did a decent massage, then came the question about extras.

    She initiated things, went naked, was ready for FS, but didn't had cover, so took the usual HJ + B2B.

    Her name starts with P and ends with L, whoever wants to try her.

    Damages 2 k + 1 k (tips).

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    Is it Dreams near total?

    Quote Originally Posted by DudeMax  [View Original Post]
    This is MP is located near the famous gas station. Called and reached the location. Assigned an SI. Changed to dispo. She came in and gave the usual but good massage. After sometime came the question of extras. Opted for B2B. Out came a beautiful pair of boobs. Rubbed it all over my body. She removed the panty only till her knees. Said she won't completely remove those. Came over me and gave WOT like massage. Finally came after 10 minutes..

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    I would suggest, always start with the lowest dose which is 25 MG. If you are otherwise healthy, that will pretty much do the job. You can take 50 MG if 25 MG did not do the trick. If you are taking any other medications for other Heath reasons, please consult a doctor before use irrespective of the dosage.

    Quote Originally Posted by DxbStallion  [View Original Post]
    Indeed a good tablet. The best flag mast effects can be obtained if taken before 1 to 2 hours before action. Effects are doubled if you take Coke or Pepsi 10/15 mts before. The caffeine and high dose sugar boosts the circulation. Usually if you are not obese and do a regime of exercise, the effects are guaranteed to last for multiple deeds. Some experience minor side effects but nothing dangerous or bothersome. Check with Doc if you are on Statins. Auyu-Vigo is a Ayurvedic prep that can be safely taken Morning and night. ED medications cannot be taken more than once in a day. Enjoy.

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    Is any Afro in Chennai? I don't see any FR in Chennai forum. Any reference?



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    Sipcot Area near novatel.

    Any pointers, tips, suggestions? I need to make this trip a better experience.

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    Any leads in Salem?

    Hi Friends,

    I'm from the Bangalore Forum. Visiting Salem for a couple of day. Wonder if anyone from Chennai has mongered there and / or has any contacts.

    PM Active.

    Many Thanks!


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