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    Quote Originally Posted by Cb106  [View Original Post]

    Have anyone tried this bird? I want to know how her service is. Asking 10 k for 3 hours.

    Did she sent you this pic or did you get it from someone else bro? The rates are correct. However it wasn't cool to just put her face out there in public since she's an inde and not an sp girl being pimped. People who know her know who this is and if you did know her trade name (because am guessing you wouldn't have got her pic otherwise) it would have been much easier just to ask with that in the forum rather than just splash her pic out here for all and sundry. Plus, if you didn't know already, she is also very much aware of the forum. This can only lead to the loss of yet another good inde. Sad!

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    Thanks bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by AGuyLikeYou  [View Original Post]
    Simple! Just type in Google as bat spa and hit enter!
    I found today morning after long research. Googled. What bat also called as. Searched encylpdia. Some how decoded. But I did not know the answer would be as simple as yours. Ha. Ha. After reading your post just googled. Felt like [Non-English text deleted by Admin] .

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    The SP?

    Name starts with P and ends with M?

    Quote Originally Posted by N7530  [View Original Post]
    Normally I do not post my FR. But this one impressed me. When you loiter in a high end mall or 5 star hotel you see some fema

    Cooperation: Very good for me, herself no time watcher, but SP was.

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    I have been there multiple times. Have got decent normal massage at very economical rates. Once or twice average HJ was available.

    Damage 1 k. In my view, not worth.

    Quote Originally Posted by AGuyLikeYou  [View Original Post]
    Have been to this 3 letter spa situated in thopkkam omr. First letter says color starting w and second letter flower starting o. Nearby rates looked cheap so went for it. NE therapist came and no hints of extras and I am afraid to ask too since first time here. Massage is OK. If anyone tried, please share extras available here.


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    Have anyone tried this bird? I want to know how her service is. Asking 10 k for 3 hours.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20190419-WA0003.jpg‎  

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    Classy but expensive spa in Mylapore

    Visited this Spa recently attached to the hotel I was staying. Went for a massage without high expectations since the last time I had been there got a thorough rub down of the no nonsense type. This time around though, it was a different girl and to my surprise the whole attitude of the lady masseuse was different. She was like. What all do you want types? Was offered a massage minus my briefs for the full 90 minutes including very intricate massage of the privates and ended with a wonderful HJ with access up and down. Overall fine experience. No fear of LFE either. PM with reciprocal contacts for details on how to go about it.

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    Simple! Just type in Google as bat spa and hit enter!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sexpriyan  [View Original Post]
    I have been to 4 MPs so far. I tried one Thai bird at Thrpkm. No luck. But what is this BAT spa. Some more clue needed to find the place.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thai Bird flew away.

    Quote Originally Posted by CIMboy  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    FR2: The next day I picked another Thai bird with the name which is the female version of Mickie mouse. Massage was great and at the end, the discussion about extras came up. After gaining her confidence she initially offered HJ for 1 k. I had taken a cover with me so after some convincing she agreed for FS for 2.5 k. Got a BBBJ, then pulled the pants down and started in doggie and finished in missionary. In all it must have lasted 15 minutes. I gave her my name (not my real name of course) and told her I will refer some of my good friends. One of my close friend tried and got the same result. Any seaained mongers here interested can ping me, I will share the reference which will make her comfortable.

    Cimboy, I called BAT spa today. Sad to hear female version of Mickey flew to Thailand back. Now you need to use your expert knowledge and convince the thick bird for missionary and give us reference.

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    Famous MILF.

    Thanks to a senior in forum. With the contact.

    Got the number of the famous MILF. Texted in WA. Deed fixed right away at her place.

    Reached her place and texted. Asked to enter the apartment without making eye contact with the watchman.

    Reached the place. She was waiting behind the door in the saree. Straight away realized was in for a treat to remember.

    Entered the bedroom. She got water and something to eat.

    She entered. I was starring at the giant bossom. Had a short chit chat with her. And meanwhile my hands were playing with her. While she was still dress. Removed her dress. Was stunned to look at the bazookas. Soft and large. Nice to play with. I feasted on them.

    She has a smooth skin. Was nicely reciprocating with kisses. Did DATY. And asked for BBBJ. She obliged and provided with one of the best BBBJ ever had.

    Then entered in MISH. A sight to watch the bazookas moving. And then in DS a heavenly sight with soft butt. Was even allowed to spank. On spanking turned red. Finished in MISH.

    Had some naught chit chat. Then started with the second round. In this she was wild. She took over in WOT and then moved on to Mish and DS.

    Ended. Spent some time with her. Left with a hug and kiss.

    Cost a bit on the heavy side. But a experience to remember.

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    Bat Spa.

    Yes. I'm also following this thread for a long time but unable to understand bat Spa. Seniors please shed some light on it. Will be helpful to the Juniors. Thanks in advance!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sexpriyan  [View Original Post]
    I have been to 4 MPs so far. I tried one Thai bird at Thrpkm. No luck. But what is this BAT spa. Some more clue needed to find the place.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Chennai visit.

    Hello Chennai mongers,

    I will be visiting this city soon. I want to go to a MP with extras. Please advise, and I can reciprocate with many Bangalore MP / SP.

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    Bro please sir the contact. I am Long time reader. Need some contact.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zephyr2019  [View Original Post]
    I am writing this post to thank two seniors: Cumload and Pethidine who were particularly helpful couple of months back when I was travelling to Chennai and was looking to monger. They very promptly replied to my message and were genuine in there feedback. Unfortunately I was not able to try the birds due to other commitments but would get in touch again in future when I'm visiting.

    Thanks guys.
    Contacts will not be misused. Will properly share if I get any good contacts. Thanks.

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    Met Mrs. Be at Mrs. P's Apartment

    Many thanks to Cumload Abhi Bro for sharing this contact.

    If you require the contact of the girl kindly ping Cumload Bro abhi.

    Mrs. Be is the first person in recent times to tell her location correctly. She said the area name, street name, Landmark and the name of Mrs. P's Apartment. The location was 100 percent correct and I was able to locate the place in Google Maps. I thought of this as a positive sign.

    I traveled from south Chennai for around 30 kms to meet Mrs. B. I whatsapped her and requested her for the session in the afternoon. But she said that she is available only in the morning at 11. In the evening she said she is going to her native. She said in whatsapp that she required money urgently for her sons school fees and asked me to help her. I said OK and I traveled from south Chennai to Mrs. P's Apartment which is 30 kms far.

    There was a watchman at the ground floor of the apartments. He was staring at me, but I did not see him at all, I was walking in to the apartment like as if I know the place But actually that was my first time to the apartment.

    My advice to other fellow mongers is that if you happen to visit an apartment which has a watchman, please do not ask for house number to the watchman because if many people ask for the same house number to the watchman, he may grow suspicious. Instead walk in to the apartments as if you know the place.

    Reached the apartment door correctly, I was welcomed by Mrs. Be. Mrs. Be was having a smiling face and she thanked me for coming. We went in to the room, the room was very small and there was a single COT which was not at all comfortable. There was ac in the room but that was not switched on. There was so much heat in the room which made me sweat.

    Had a chit chat with Mrs. Be. She said about her family problems and said that she does this only with known people. She also said all people who are referred by CumLoad abhi bro are decent and good.

    She said her son was playing in the other room. Mrs. P was in the main hall.

    Had a normal lip kiss. Hugged her. She is a buxom figure lady. Her melons were large, played with it. Tried to do DATY but backed off due to heavy smell.

    She did a basic BBBJ for 90 seconds and asked me to finish the deed as she had some work before going to her native. So I came in missionary. I paid her 2.5 k. 2 k is for 1 shot and. 5 for the room.

    The session finished quickly. I left the place thanking Mrs. Be and Mrs. P.

    Once again thanks to Cumload Abhi Bro for sharing this contact.



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    Help locate the spa.

    Can you help me identify the place?

    And the name of the therapist too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spafan  [View Original Post]
    Just came across a Nearbuy ad of a newly opened Spa in Royapettah. The Spa name is the color of military uniform and located above a famous supermarket chain.

    New place hence lot of work was going on. A / see rooms are small in size and no lock on the door.

    After checking with the manager, asked for a NE therapist. To my surprise the therapist came was the one known to me earlier from the Bali special Spa near Traders Nagar busy flyover Hotel.

    Was not in touch with her since she moved 2 years back from there to some other city. That made things easier and we moved the massage table to the door to block it and what followed was a dry massage for 30 minutes and lot of playing with the therapist for next half an hour. Finally she did a nice oily HJ. Overall good experience.

    Place: 7/10- Bit crowded area.

    Ambiance- 6/10 small room.

    Therapist - 8/10.

    Damage 1 k + 1 K tip. VFM.

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