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    Thank you note

    Quote Originally Posted by Samshah  [View Original Post]
    She offers BJ and DFK both. I have had both. You should always demand for it. Better if you do it in advance.
    Thank you buddy for your valuable suggestion. I'll definitely take the command next time as I was bit nervous this time.

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    Yeah can relate

    LOL, once I was in this TnG MP and asked the desi girl while she was BBJing me to go down under. She was like very confused and was like where else. LOL. Twas funny. I think the girl who does Rimming will get to it without even asking, but no harm asking but its really tough to make understand it to desi and inexperienced birds.

    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleDeckers  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys!

    Been here for quite a while and been there for quite a while!

    A question still remains!! How do you ask for rimming? I mean. Do you just ask for it? Or describe the thing in simpler words without being vulgar?! Asking for BJ, FS or B2B is quite straight forward. But don't know about rimming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diwan  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to Samsah bro for sharing the number of this another thai lady.

    Pinged her and fixed the meet up for next day. Reached the place easily as I know this area now. Sam bro warned me that she can be moody and may show tantrums in the act which some other ISG brothers faced before. So was not sure what lies ahead.

    Reached her room 40 minutes late due to heavy traffic (due to rain in the morning). Took me 1. 25 hours to cover 14 km. Anyway, she greeted with smiled and asked if I want coffee. I refused and asked for water. She is cute and was wearing a short skirt and top. She is around 5'2" in height. She told me, I will give you massage first. I took off the clothes and lied on bed. Next 30 minutes were amazing. These thai ladies really know this art...

    She is good.


    Nice figure also.

    She love to talk.

    Will try her this week again.

    Enjoy mongering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyJagga  [View Original Post]
    OK, Before I start this is not a good one, but not a KLPD also, why? Cause I got my money back. Then why bad you may ask, cause MP in GGN have started going up towards down-pun intended.

    I was inside a mall in golf course road which also has a club with the name of famous Hugh Hefner product. In the ground floor is the chain of on the spa which is very predominant in Gurgaon. After having two beers I was strolling when the MP caught my eye and I went inside. Was greeted by a very beautiful receptionist dressed in white with awesome smile, or may be it was booze!.


    Will make plan for party.

    Like last time.

    Booze girl dance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicksBlogger  [View Original Post]
    So after 1st day's little KLPD I reached miss K's place before time but I have to wait little more as she said she's doing bridal makeup in her parlour but the wait was worth of performance she does. And everything about her has been written on the forum already so I will make it cut short. First she tried to make me comfortable with her while doing chit chat and sipping 2 packs of vodka each and first deed starts which ended in CIM. It was my 1st CIM exp of my life and I enjoyed it a lot. She took all my cum in her mouth without even wasting a single drop of my cum. So after 1st deed we rested for while. Meanwhile I was wondering that she didn't loose interest in me as I have noticed some girls try to ignore you after the deed (I think it happens only with me).

    Again we drink some more vodka. So 2nd deed starts with nice B2B and ends with another CIM. Overall it was a best oral experience of my life till now and I think I'll not be able to forget that in my whole life. Here are some things that I liked and disliked about her..

    Next time try Thaii rose also.

    Similar service.

    Threesome foursome available.

    Enjoy mongering.

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    Thanks for this.

    Quote Originally Posted by IosFux  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to JkPunch bro for sharing the contact he found on Locanto. As said by him, she truly has the saggiest boobs you'll ever find.

    Service wise she is open to everything. She provided a minimal massage to start with, followed by CBJ (she was open for BBBJ), all positions, some more CBJ (change of condom) and ending with COF.

    Massage - 0/10.

    CBJ - 8/10.

    Sex - 8/10.

    COF - 10/10.

    I paid her a little more as I had booked her once and was unable to make it that time, so paid for her time for that day as well.

    Usual charges are 1000/ shot.

    WIR. Yes, but after trying others.

    Pic. Already posted by JkPunch bro.


    Thanks for this bro!!

    I shared Pooja MILF and Saggy boobs number with nearly 150 people and you are the only one who turned up with FR.

    Not only saggy boobs have such boobs she has ugliest of boobs, even she is ashamed of her boobs.



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    Tried and tested

    Tried 2,5,7 bird. The 7 bird is hell yeah all the time. She is so cute and always in act. I took 3 services of night and she damn good. GFE experience.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vikasji  [View Original Post]
    Got a bunch of pics from SP no ending 795. Let me know if you guys have any feedback.

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    Hi guys!

    Been here for quite a while and been there for quite a while!

    A question still remains!! How do you ask for rimming? I mean. Do you just ask for it? Or describe the thing in simpler words without being vulgar?! Asking for BJ, FS or B2B is quite straight forward. But don't know about rimming!

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    Great FR Suarabh

    Quote Originally Posted by Saurabhs69  [View Original Post]
    Hi everybody,

    I am a newbie and have been reading this forum for about 2 weeks now. I was not aware about this treasure trove untill now and was totally amazed by it. Presently looking for a way to buy subscription anonymously. But thought I should start with my contribution in the meanwhile.

    So visited this MP on the 3rd floor of a mall nearby to.

    Famous metro station of Ggn. Asked about what therapists were available and was offered NI as well as NE. Normally I prefer NE for they are better masseuse but decided to go with NI for a change. Room was pretty clean with good ambience where changed into the dispo. Here I deliberately left jhonny peaking through the sides as I have experienced that to be the easiest way to gauge the availability of extras. The girl walked in and though was not a looker but had a nice figure. So proceeded with the massage. Massage was OK-ish and not too great to mention separately..
    Bhai, your FR is great. Nice experience and good negotiation, and you got what Johnny wanted. That's what VFM mongering is all about. Getting Johnny 100% satisfied with 50-60% of the expected outlay!

    Well done bro. I loved your "animal position" description. I suppose it was the domesticated animal position! And leaving Johnny peeking out from the sides to have a view of what's going on. Total lolll!

    Good luck and good fuck to you bro. Good discovery of spa.


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    Help in lucknow

    Hi guys,

    Is there anyone here who can help me getting a contact in Lucknow or can share a number of any SP offering full service in Lucknow. I will be very thankful and if he needs any help in Lucknow I will be there for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magustuls  [View Original Post]

    At my several stay at Raddison Blue Mahipalpur, I found it very couple friendly. I usually check in afternoon, when the bird came during night, the hotel staff was courteous enough to allow bird even without ID even though I asked him whether he wants ID of girl.

    Also damages for stay usually remain between 4-5 k.
    Thank you so much at magustuls.

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    Shaboo or rose

    Gents does anyone know shabnams new number? The one I have ending in 4035 is off. Alternatively can anyone share rose from snm number? TIA as always.

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    Scam or genuine?

    Hi guys,

    When we open our beloved site. InternationalSexguide, on the left hand side you can see several advertisements, one of those is escort-galleries, where you can further filter for country and city and get some hits.

    Wanted to ask all the senior members and regulars, has anyone tried this site and it's legit? Or is it a fake like almost all sites about escort services / even sites like locanto and skokka is full of scams mostly.

    Pardon me if this has been asked before, I get really apprehensive about sites after reading about some stuff online. Some of the names mentioned on that site are. Sunaina Kaur, Shruti Housewife, Tanya Sharma, Megha Malik, Soniya, Puja etc.

    Do tell me if this particular site can be trusted, only asking because it was advertised on ISG, as otherwise I assume all online sites as scams.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LonelyGuy38  [View Original Post]
    Every Indian Banks already announced they seize accounts if they found you are using account for Buying / Selling / Trading in Cryptocurrency. Here's RBI about notification about it:

    Althought people buy / sell Bitcoin through anonymouse private vendor or from localbitcoin, they pay via bank account or other online method without mentioning bitcoin or crypto in remark section. If you do not want to follow KYC norms you can buy BTC from by depositing cash to provided bank account (tried and tested), they have higher fee but provide complete anonymity.
    Please re read the notification, the banks are forbidden to open accounts for any because dealing in crypto currency, what the exchanges have done is when you deposit money you deposit into an account of a person who is withdrawing and not the exchange.

    This is perfectly legal.

    Crypto has not been declared illegal.

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    Olllld old hangout!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamers60  [View Original Post]
    Hello guys,

    Coming back to Delhi after long time. Need some help to catch up with the past, there was a spa in Saket mall Spa Ce there was a NE girl miss Ka Anyone have any info?
    Oh dude! You've really taken memory down the lane! It was a good spa with good memories!

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