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    Ritu & Sheweta.

    Try Ritu at Laxmi Nagar at 2 K / Shot.

    Shweta at Ex-PM Puarm at 2 K / Shot.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnakinSkywalke  [View Original Post]
    Can anyone please share contact of some MILF contacts it would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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    Miss K from Peackock Vihar.

    Have been out of mongering from quite sometime.

    Could someone confirm if Miss K from Peackock Vihar has started rear services also?

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    Pic of previous FR.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20190616-WA0015.jpg‎   IMG-20190616-WA0014.jpg‎  

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    Old FR.

    Tries this girl in the beginning of June. Contact of SP Akash was provided by Rahul bhai. Called him up and he shared few pictures in high range which according to me were not worth. Selected this girl which was available for 10 k night. This also seemed high but was too late at night and had no other option. She is from Sikkim and FR have already been posted in the group about her. They were not favourable but still tried her. Decided to go with her. Booked an OYO in Chhatarpur area. Girl reached in 15 minutes. Girl seemed exactly like pictures.

    Had a few smokes before starting the deed. Started the deed. Nothing special. Was a little reluctant in DFK. But after persuasion, she gave in. She was adamant in turning the lights off. Gave a decent blow job. Boobs are nothing to talk about. Was wearing a padded bra. Wanted to get over the first shot quickly but I took control. Fucked her in missionary, doggy and WOT. It was decent.

    Ordered some food and had dinner late at night. She told me her story and how she hates guys who sweet talks as she knows most of them are bullshit. Watched some Netflix. Started 2nd session. Pretty much the same. Slept after that. 3rd session was in the morning after breakfast. Had shower together after that. Kissed her goodbye. Slept for few hours and left.

    Boobs: 5 (Didn't let me suck much).

    Pussy: 8 (Fairly tight, clean and shaven).

    DFK: 7 (Made up later in the night).

    Body: 8 (Petite with small boobs).

    GFE: 7 (Marks for trying).

    WIR: SP maybe. Girl no.

    Damage: 10 k night.

    Trying to find some good contacts for high end indie and SP apart from Sunil and Sid. Want to get out of their small network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahul5567  [View Original Post]
    Go with the trusted SP.

    Many things could go wrong with a new SP.

    This is just my view.
    Yes bro, I was already reluctant but then sp later shared some more pics, a simple reverse search on Google and better sense prevailed.

    Quote Originally Posted by MongerBaba  [View Original Post]
    Last 3 pics chick was with sp sid. There are couple of FR on this girl in the thread, go back pages and read. It wasn't a great FR though so I gave it a miss. If you try please give your feedback.
    Thank you for the heads up brother.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZaphodBeeble  [View Original Post]
    Is the first pic Namrata through Tushar. Tall, tom boyish but unsophisticated, hurried experience. I didn't find her worth repeating or recommending. The other pics look too good to be true. Meet the girl first. No Advance.
    No brother she is not Namrata from sp T, she is with some other sp I have used his services in past. I have dropped the idea of other girl that sp turned out to be disingenuous.

    Quote Originally Posted by PakkaIdiots11  [View Original Post]
    The first pic is totally waste of money.

    Forger her.
    Thank you for the heads up brother. Do you mind sharing the details, I hope you are not mixing her with someone else. Anyways this girl is on her monthly subscription as of now sp confirmed today, I was planning to take her for whole night today, stuck on this girl. Waiting for your response.

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    Had this girl today in malviya nagar den. Claims to be from Kolkata. Open to all positions (don't know about 69). BBJ is on menu. Tried her in doggy, missionary, wot and standing.

    Looks. Pic attached.

    Boobs. Medium.

    Pussy. Tight.

    GFE. Yes.

    WIR. Maybe.

    Damage - 3 k / shot.

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    Amazing GF Experience in Delhi.

    Dear nongers,

    While Johny was sleeping all day, Johny wanted some action in the evening.

    I had messaged my regular SP in north Delhi, he shared a pic of a new girl and asked for 3 k per shot.

    The girl was new in the profession and was in need of work, (As confirmed by SP) and she came to him in the afternoon only.

    I had no control over myself, start the car and reached there in 15 minutes.

    The girl was much prettier than in the pic, (Probably because of makeup), Paid 3 k to him and take her immediately.

    She came into the room, undressed her and me and quickly did it, we had a shower in the bathroom post completion.

    Here is the report card.

    Age: 30.

    Body type: Slim.

    Height 5'7'.

    Boobs: 10/10.

    GFE: 10/10.

    Pussy: average (But clean), nice smell.

    Anal: I didn't ask.

    Overall Experience: 7/10.

    The girl was in a bit hurry due to match and did it quickly.

    Nice food to try in 3 k.

    Maybe will look ahead to try her in future, there were other pretty girls at SP.

    Seems Standard of north Delhi MPS has increased.

    I am very eager to try CIS other than Russian and Nepali, any ref. Friends.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CodedGod  [View Original Post]
    Can anyone confirm if the news true, coming to Delhi was planning on using SP T services.

    All are safe.

    It's just some fake report.

    Who posted even he also don't know.

    Just one more fake post.

    Safe mongering.

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    Ate this food recently.

    She came after a year.

    Same as usual.

    Rim CIM jolly girl with dance.

    Enjoy mongering.

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    Pickup Bars.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZaphodBeeble  [View Original Post]

    There is a bar at the corner of no and where. Exactly 'nowhere' you'll be able to pick up birds especially if you've never been to one. However you might find some action in Sahara mall Gurgaon or Hauz Khas Village.
    Did not get the nowhere hint.

    Which bars in HKV or Sahara would you suggest for mongering scene? I am not sure whether top clubs offer it or have indies lurking there.

    Is Sydney services still active?

    Looking for FS or pickup for a night, and scoring indie no's to leave FR here.

    Heard of college girls spending time at ITC Maurya for 8 k+ / night starting, and even picked up a LSR chick last year through Tinder for a night.

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    Russian Beauty Night.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hurry2006  [View Original Post]
    Hello ISGians,

    Exp. On Wednesday!

    So city was getting in some moody weather and so was I in the afternoon.

    Contact some Indies but didn't got any response in time, might be possible in eve most of them gets scheduled. So contacted SP Sid (quite famous on FR here) with high damages too. But now as I was in mood so was not looking at that aspect. Contacted him and got all the many different pics. But this time I wanted to go with someone except Indian so chose the Russian Miss S (pic attached) (my first time with a foreigner).

    In an hour or so reached her hotel and her room. She welcomed me with a hug and trust me guys when you such a girl in front of you, you just go blank. She knew little English but still we managed to talk for 30 minutes while I was having my drink (took a bottle with me). She was not in any hurry and after drinks I went to washroom and as soon as I came back all the lights were dimmed and she was sitting on the side if the bed in s**why pink lingerie. The feeling can't be expressed in words. She hold my hand and started DFK while stripping me and soon she was on top of me. For quite long she kissed me and her nipples got very hard. She gave me a covered BJ which I felt was much better than many of my not covered BJ, she was playing some tricks with her tongue..
    Do you know the damages for a full night with this item?

    Can she speak English?

    Seems to fit into my specific request perfectly, second pic seems satisfying.

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    Mechanical service.

    I tried service in Mahipalpur hotel and maximum do mechanical ser. So its better to go with ISG trusted contacts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paidalyatri  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday called many spas in Mahipalpur by Justdial. Surprisingly many of them were sp inviting for russian. What is real behind it?

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    Hello mongers,

    I have recently joined the forum and am really glad I did so. Have had a chance to talk over PM with some of you, thank you guys who shared the valuable digits of famous SP's of this forum.

    So I will be in Delhi from 15 Jul to 17 Jul. And I was thinking of booking a Farmhouse in the NCR region and having a big party. Now this may seem like a stupid post but I am dead serious. I have just turned 30, about to get married and I want to have a god damn orgy before I even think of leaving the mongering scene.

    Picture this. Beer, alcohol, music & girls for 2 days and 2 nights. Now, the cost of such a party will be high but I am sure we enough of us pool in, we can have an amazing party without burning a hole in our pockets. Any mongers interested in joining me kindly PM and lets make this a plan!

    PM is active.

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    Plenty options

    Quote Originally Posted by AnakinSkywalke  [View Original Post]
    Hello brothers,

    Which hotel would you guys suggest for mongering?
    You can book oyo, many hotels in aerocity book anyone all are girl friendly make a booking for 2 adults and you will be sorted. Cheers.

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    Last 3 pics

    Quote Originally Posted by VikWacky  [View Original Post]
    Hi all fellow brothers, requesting feedback of attached pics.

    Looking for some decent action after last 2 bad episodes.

    1st girl (last 3 pics) is from a new sp digits ending 422, he has asked me to meet at Moolchand metro station, there is a very high probability of a scam but then girl looks tempting. Kindly share your views, price quoted is 12 k night yet to negotiate.

    1st pic is from a trusted sp, NE chick.

    Kindly provide your valuable inputs.

    Happy hunting.
    Last 3 pics chick was with sp sid. There are couple of FR on this girl in the thread, go back pages and read. It wasn't a great FR though so I gave it a miss. If you try please give your feedback.

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