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    So I found this new spa in LN, located near to the IT spa.

    So, I went there this Saturday and told them that I am visiting them for the first time since my regular girl was not available in IT Spa, so asked for exceptional service to make me a regular to his spa.

    The counter guy tried to calm me down and showed me the lineup.

    I said that the girls were all just average, nothing like my regular girl. So he insisted on this girl by the name of Jannat (boy she was!

    So, I got this room with a blow heater, in comes the girl. Started off with a decent massage and almost exactly after 30 minutes we started the session.

    Took off her clothes (this is what turns me on), unbuttoned and unzipped her.

    Had really big Mellons and a handful of bum, negligible belly fat so all in all a great body to begin with.

    Started off with a B2 B, fingerd her while sucking those Mellons, she got in all wet already. I wanted to do DATY but, restrained myself.

    I can compare her boob size to that of Arohi from snm.

    Did her is Missy, WOT and dogie and finished in about 15 minutes.

    Took a quick bath with her in hot water.

    Boobs: 11/10.

    Pussy: 8/10.

    Overall: 7/10 (not a looker).

    Damage: 1700 + 500 tip.

    Wir: probably yes.

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    Proton VPN

    Quote Originally Posted by Rambo95  [View Original Post]
    How to bypass with VPN any tutorial?

    Use proton VPN, best app for Android, free fast secure and safe, multiple server options available, Netherland servers are usually fast than USA, I use it to watch PH, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDumble  [View Original Post]
    Has someone tried her?
    Will look forward to the FR if you manage to lay her. She looks hot.

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    Feedback required

    Got this from an SP asking for 22 k night.

    Anyone tried her?

    Don't see this vfm so if have tried please tell the price to pay.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20211220-WA0008.jpg‎   IMG-20211220-WA0005.jpg‎   IMG-20211220-WA0004.jpg‎   IMG-20211220-WA0002.jpg‎  

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    Any lactating contacts? Please share

    Dear members,

    Can anyone of you please share lactating girls details please?

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    Russian or 3 some food

    I am trying to find SP or contact for either Russian or 3 some food. Any guidance. I would like to try it soon and would welcome any leads. Personal messaging is open.

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    Sp t

    I am a senior and a NRI. I will be visiting Delhi in 3 weeks time after almost 3 years.

    Could some brother send me the contact # of SP T and other reliable SPs.

    I have contributed to this and the Mumbai section. Thanks!

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    I see all of them active except 1 or 2.

    They may have blocked you.

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDumble  [View Original Post]
    Most of these profiles are inactive now.

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    Recent trip

    Firstly thanks to RockNProwl, ItsEnjoy & Metso.

    They all helped me in finalizing where to go.

    First went to Lilly in Parry Spa, amazing service looks not that great but her service is awesome, almost everything on menu.

    Damages- 800+1800.

    Was really exhausted but decided to visit Lee at snm but on enquiring got to know she wasn't available, so skipped and fixed appointment with Zareen.

    I do not know what to say about her she has plenty of haters but I think people are a bit harsh on her.

    She is not young but she really makes up for it with her service.

    Overall both the experiences were good.

    And once again thanks to all the seniors for helping me out Delhi thread I think is the most generous thread.

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    Raj Funloving

    Please clear your inbox I am not able to PM you.

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    Ankit SP

    Can someone provide me the reference for SP Ankit please. His number ends with 3646.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambo95  [View Original Post]
    How to bypass with VPN any tutorial?
    Use the VPN by selecting a country network which gives you faster loading speed. Activate and enjoy. Very easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SymonWestt  [View Original Post]
    She looks like Muskans friend.

    Available for 3 som with her.
    Is this Muskan from Ghaziabad?

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    Most of these profiles are inactive now.

    Quote Originally Posted by VivaVegas24  [View Original Post]
    I am not sure if should post here or on SA since am looking for feed back as well.


    Says she is part of a couple:

    Probably avg to look at 4-5/10.

    Will only meet during day and is not very clear on what's on the menu.

    2. Picture is very nice.

    Need more info.

    Has not responded to messages so far.

    3. hot on pic.

    Stopped responding after I asked for a direct Video call.

    Quotes 90 k for 3 hrs.

    4. Open to meet and nice pics.

    Has not quoted a sum as yet.

    Will post once I meet.

    5. Cute body but face is not that great.

    Good attitude. Not really classy seems educated.

    Standard menu nothing fancy.

    10 k for night.

    20 k is what she quotes: ymmv.

    6. pics are pretty: says she is looking for a longer arrangement but then agrees to a short time but did not quote a sum.

    High chance that she will flake. Not sure if I will pursue.


    Has not quoted a sum as yet.

    8. this one is a CIS very hot.

    Quoted 20 k for 3 hrs.

    Any info on any of the above will be appreciated.



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    Free solution. No ads. Full Privacy

    Cloudflare WARP.

    Google it. You will find more details.

    Quote Originally Posted by HungryBird15  [View Original Post]
    Since today morning I have several times got this message while going from one page to another: "This site is blocked as per the guidelines to Ministry of Electronics & Communication, Act 2000." (There may be some minor change in the text, as I did not take a screenshot or refer to the actual text while writing this.) Upon refreshing I could see the site appear again. But, I am afraid this site may get blocked any time soon. I am using Airtel mobile data.

    This post is to draw the attention of the admin / moderators of ISG to be aware of this issue. I also request other brothers to advise how this issue can be overcome if this unfortunate event actually happens in future.

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