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    Read my recent report. Pm me if you need more info.

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesGuess  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys! Visiting Delhi. Will be staying in Mahipalpur for 2 days. Are these spas all over this area safe? Do they provide extras? Any hint on prices and suggestions much needed. Can reciprocate with info on MP with extras in Bangalore, Jaipur. Thanks.

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    Locanto Hunt

    This FR is almost one month old. On a Sunday morning I was in office and completed my work early. I have a habit of checking locanto regularly. I have few contacts there which I want to give a try whenever I am ready. So I had a number from this app and I contacted her over WA. Lets keep her name Prans**I as I have seen same girl with around 10 diff names on Locanto. Johny ruled mind and she was open for incall in 2. 5 k. Went to her place somewhere in sec 23. She sent me pics. In pics she was ok kind of girl but in real she is in between urban and rural mix breed.

    Started with Little Foreplay, No Lip to Lip kiss or may be she was reluctant. If girl is not ok or don't show interest, I don't go for it. Handful tight boobs. Did forplay for a good amount of time and then she gave CBJ. She was not ok with BBJ. Then finished in miss and came back. Overall above average experience but will not repeat as I am a BBJ guy and don't feel complete without it.

    Number is there on locanto. Next day she offered one of her friend by saying she is married bhabhi but didn't send pics so never tried.

    Stay Safe and Keep Mongering!

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    Hi guys! Visiting Delhi. Will be staying in Mahipalpur for 2 days. Are these spas all over this area safe? Do they provide extras? Any hint on prices and suggestions much needed. Can reciprocate with info on MP with extras in Bangalore, Jaipur. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BongEngineer  [View Original Post]
    Dear Bros,

    I scanned through my phone contacts and found digits of three Indies whom I have not tried so far. On Whatsapp, each one of them asked for 8 k /2 shots on outcall. I am attaching their pics in order to get a review. Will go for the best one as next week have an off day.

    Golden hair gal seems like Neha. Not a gud one. Also active on SA.

    Red duppata gal is komal. She will come in 6 k. She pinged on daily basis to meet. Already meet her twice.


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    Good one!

    Could you please inbox me the contact details.



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    First Massage

    Silent reader of this forum from last one year. Got Subscription today.

    So started sharing my experience till now.

    My First massage experience was at Karawang in Indonesia in 2015. Hotel itself have Spa with VIP Massage Package. VIP Massage include Happy Ending. Therapist was a Thai girl. It was a best massage in term of sensual massage till now. I don't remember much now but what I can't forget that she put my both leg in her lap with my face down and rubbing my groin area and I was in heaven. Gives HJ in the end and help me in shower.

    Massage 10/10.

    No BJ.

    HJ 8/10.

    Light Kiss on lips 5/10.

    No FS.

    Will share more my experience soon.

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    My advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Arjun31  [View Original Post]
    Just a suggestion bro, why don't you ask them pictures taken in India.

    I somehow have a bad feeling as all the pictures shared aren't taken here.

    Stay Safe so that you can play later.
    Any Afro posting modelling pics or pics in exotic location is 99% times fake. Best to avoid and save money.

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    All these are friends. J, K and the is missing in pix

    Last year they were at 2 k for one round. Now it seems we have heavy inflation. These group of friends have been well utilized and now the old stuff is 4 times. Infact Jasxx was quoting 20 k. Someone had mentioned.

    All are young and OK looking.

    Quote Originally Posted by VikWacky  [View Original Post]
    Have tried 3rd one (miss K) in suit recently, will post a detailed FR soon.

    She is good. Nice BBBJ. Good figure and good looks as well. Nice services, responds well while in act. GFE attitude.

    She has started quoting 8 k /2 now but she will easily come to 7 k /2. She has dropped me msg today morning itself that she is free today and was asking me if I can meet her. I have told her not free but I will ask if any of friends are free to meet her. Apparently I feel that she in need of money.

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    A spa, Arjun road.

    Tried Saifs daughter an NE at A S oppostie H*FC* ban* in the the*F-1 market. Ggn.

    She is cubby, did b2% for 2 k. Is very cute looking but seems well used. Was ready for FS but at 3 k, did not went ahead. However attitude was she was ok and supportive. Goes out also for short duration at 8 k.

    Said thanku. Take the load on your back and good bye.

    You can also try luck. Why there she is also a tall NE and well supportive.

    It a Sp. A at a residence and has good rooms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayMe  [View Original Post]
    Another Afro indie. Anyone taken her services?
    Just a suggestion bro, why don't you ask them pictures taken in India.

    I somehow have a bad feeling as all the pictures shared aren't taken here.

    Stay Safe so that you can play later.

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    Private cam show

    Had been out of action since long due to personal reasons. Now decided to take a dip back but was not able to find some reliable indi and was wary of trying spa due to LE strictness.

    Then decided to try the concept of private nude shows. Had a show with paidgirlgayatri and it was good. It's a good substitute guys when you can't or don't want to travel or when budget is less.

    Do let me know if there is anyone better or any recommendable indi.


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    Nice write up.

    In this act, if they are hungry for you, they should have paid you. .

    Quote Originally Posted by HardSolidNThik  [View Original Post]
    At the onset let me apologise for putting this really long FR bit late. Actually, was extremely caught up with some official work.

    I was there in Delhi in the first week of November just for a day on official tour. Old mates like Samshah, BongEngineer, Dan, etc extended their help and offered suggestions. In addition some surfing through locanto and my old contacts were enough to serve as a back-up plan.

    At one point they were having a mock catfight too. They both said that rarely they get to see such a huge boner like mine. My 8 incher with its extreme hardness (thanks to 25 MG blue pill taken before leaving the hotel) was like the prize that they both wanted to possess. I simultaneously fingered both of them. At one point of time it was a no return situation for me. 30 minutes were already gone in this foreplay. They both had dripping pussies. I was not in a position to hold anymore. Rose understood my situation and asked me to blow my load in her moth. Though I had plan to fill her other mouth, but right at that moment her major suction was giving me a far better feel than many of the pussies that I have tried. So, blew my cum. She sucked till the last drop and then opened her mouth to show me my jizz. Then they spoke something in thai, which I wasn't able to understand. Mona looked a bit disappointed. Rose, with my cum in her mouth, told me smilingly, 'tasty'. Then she went to the bathroom and spitted out. Then she came back and told me, Mona was finding my precum o be tasty and that's why she wanted the load in her mouth. Now, since Rose had it, Mona is feeling sad.

    Then we started chitchatting. We had lot of talks about the spa and related LE scene in Delhi. Rose categorically enquired about Kolkata. They want to make a week visit to Kolkata. Asked me if I can manage mongers out in my city. Yes, they will charge 8-10 K instead of 6 in Kolkata, but the service they offer is beyond imagination. Am seriously thinking about such arrangements in Kolkata. Lets see, what the future has in store. All this talking continued for another 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile both the ladies were continuously caressing my body. After sometime Rose took me in her lap and started massaging my head. Her beautiful and nude melons were dangling infront of my eyes, and time and often I was sucking and mauling them. I kept on pulling her nips teasingly and she was moaning. At the same time Mona turned her attention to my privates. Lot of caressing, sloppiest BBJs, titty fucking, etc followed. I again had a roaring hardon. Then I wanted to try Mona's kitty. But once again, Rose said, my cum tastes too good (I simply have no knowledge on this and I presume that every cum tastes the same). She requested to offload my cum in Mona's mouth as Mona missed it last time. I was wanted to try the snatch. But Rose insisted and it was a genuine request (not a trick). She even said that if I want to go for a third time with anyone of them, they are ready and I don't need to pay anything extra for that. After a long time they have met someone and played with a boner which have made them really horny. So, it's a request. I felt some genuineness and obliged. Viola! Mona just gulped it down. I couldn't believe my eyes. She said she liked it very much..

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    Fbd MILF

    Quote Originally Posted by Shanti7  [View Original Post]
    Good decision. Also reiterating that she's old and not at all beautiful or attractive. As the adage says "cover the face and..."Cheers guys!.
    Same here. 5 k 2 pop 2 HR which seemed inflated quotes for her. Put her on hold for time being.

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    Delhi already turned expensive

    Delhi has turned expensive. Every wg these days is asking 8 k /10 k /12 k. Even the once who are worth 5 k are quoting the same price.

    This is one aspect that vikwacky bro is telling. I agree with him. But there is other aspect too, that is, I was with a popular indie of this forum once and she showed me her WA chat. There were msgs like a person with this name / number will contact you. Quote this much amount for this much time / deed. I will not take names though. But what will this be called? This is also not fair and not expected from brothers of this forum.

    Only solution is use your discretion and bargain hard. Like in FR it says damage is 8 k then might be she can come for 6 k or 7 k. So always bargain. If the wg does not agree then give some time. She will come later!

    Quote Originally Posted by VikWacky  [View Original Post]
    2 k / pop. 8 k / night + 1000 taxi inclusive of 4 pops is standard going rate but bargain hard. I paid 7 k /4 pops for night plus I have booked cab for girl using ola / uber for both sides which was around ₹400 in total.

    Sp from south Delhi only sent you pm.

    Now coming to contact sharing (not pointed towards Paidalyatri brother) but for everyone. This is sp's contact so will share with everyone like I have done in past. However going forward indies will be shared on my discretion with senior members only. Till now I used to share with anyone without any restrictions. But some morons and douche bags are active now in Delhi forum. Now this breed of people are cheap as fuck and can't persuade the girl for a good service on their own so they start farting from their mouths. This breed of people were recently highlighted by Bongengineer and some other seniors as well. I have also encountered a few off lately.

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    Probably have

    Quote Originally Posted by PlayMe  [View Original Post]
    Another Afro indie. Anyone taken her services?
    These are not her pics, if the address is in Khirki extension. Got her number from B. Service was so bad that I just lost the hard on. If not in khirki, do try an post.

    Regards roman.

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