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    Ira. Russian MILF

    I am been to Ira den more than 5 times after the lockdown, I visited her first time when there was restriction and road were all empty way back in May.

    Ira is almost 40 I guess as she cross that MILF age as well but she is like old wine, she smells really good and the her house is really clean and hygienic, I feels good and safe.

    She give really good Blowjob and rides really well CIM is also on menu.

    She is not for everyone, the people who wants to relaxed and have sex without too much hacking then she is great choice.

    Everyone know her in forum already, just sharing my experiences.

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    Fucked TV journalist of top Hindi New Channel


    I got number from ISG member in 2019 but she didn't reply properly and was asking for Incall in Noida and she don't do outcall in OYO so didn't meet her.

    After COVID Delhi border opened and I need to fuck someone I message her and she was also desperate, we settled for unlimited shots and BBJ 3 hours.

    When I went there she was working from home and writing some script or article for website about Rhea Chokroborty, she told me she is on SA and she got one BBW friend as well l.

    Service was good and next visit I went to her friends place and we had threesome, her friend also works as reporter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer76  [View Original Post]
    Yes, SP Sagar always quotes 20 k for cheap looking Uzbek birds. And every time he creates a hype.
    Better, we shouldn't even entertain him.

    There are plenty fishes / punters in the market, most of you have surely known them.

    ABCDE 41665 Russian Affordable 3.5 K.

    ABCDE 35485 Russian BellyDancer 5 K.

    ABCDE 33785 Russian Hotel 5-8 K.

    ABCDE 47852 Russian HiFi 10-12 K.

    ABCDE 80286 Russian Tushar 3.5 K to 5 K.
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    Sapna Housewife on MR


    I contacted Sapna Housewife of MR, she can't type English or even Hindi on WhatsApp asking for 7 k for 3 hours 2-shot with BBJ also on menu.

    Did anyone tried her, any reviews?

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    Girls of Massage republic Delhi

    Can Anyone suggest some good girls from massagerepublic for Delhi (they should have incalls). Also my budget is under 10 k and it is my first time so looking for some GFE action. I don't have my PM open so please give names by quoting this.


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    Thanks for the information

    Quote Originally Posted by MainDoc  [View Original Post]
    SP Sid is well known in this forum and quite frequently new members are seen searching for his contact somehow. Here is a narration of recent experience with him and his birds. Pics 1-3 are of Bird 1, Pics 4-6 are of Bird 2 and Pics 7-9 are of Bird 3.

    So was in mongering capital and wanted to try something plush. Contacted Sid and he sent about 20 pics. Not that I was contacting him for first time nor were previous experiences good but still thought to give a try as things keep changing and there is always scope of improvement. Sid was very polite in speaking and addressed me as sir. Finalized Bird 1 and as usual he asked to come at the * hotel. He asked for 12 k which was brought down to 10 k. I specifically asked him to inform the bird to not to hurry (as is usual with these who just want to finish as soon as possible) and he replied that he will take care.

    Reached within 20 minutes and he asked to go to a specific room no.

    First Pointer- The room no he told didn't exist. I informed him immediately and he asked for 5 min time to reconfirm room no. That means it was not his bird, rather he was acting as an intermediary with some other SP. Anyway, he told the correct room no and now it was all up to me...
    Few reviews are really helpful for any new member. This is one of it.

    Thank you Br.

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    Sec 56 - the saga continues

    As per my last report, I found a GFE worth more than the money at a Gurugram spa. I had said that I would definitely try it again and I went back in two weeks. But, imagine my surprise when the owner guy said that she's left the spa! I was heartbroken. Nevertheless, I asked for another girl and went in a room, disappointed but curious to see how another one would be.

    A few minutes into the massage, I asked her about a B2B. Long story short. Damn, she did not disappoint! This NE was wilder than the previous one! She enjoys the act so much. I had only been kissing (actually, tongue-fucking her mouth) for five minutes and when I put my hand down on her mound, she was soaking wet. And boys, you know as well as I do that when your woman is wet, you are in control. So I put one, and then two fingers down her love hole and she started humping my fingers while tongue-fucking me with wild abandon. She came on my hand, then she jumped on me. Wiser than the last time, I quickly wore my see on my J and ordered her to ride me. I had not been with a woman in a loooong time who could lose her head to sex so much that she would lose all sense of the world. Intense stuff! The way she gyrated her hips and bounced on me, I came within 5 or 6 minutes even though I usually take more than 10 minutes to cum. No kidding. I fingered her off till she came again.

    Damage: 800 counter, 2 k tip. I had to haggle down a little from 2.5 k.

    Looks: 7/10.

    Upstairs: 9/10 (Nice rack on this one, just the right size).

    Downstairs: 8/10 (Not smelly at all and a tight pussy, but she could have trimmed it a little more).

    Service: 10/10. Blew my mind.

    WIR: For sure, but not too soon.

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    Rhymes with Delicious

    Quote Originally Posted by SankalpVerma  [View Original Post]
    Bro, please give some hint on spa name or initials of same.
    Question. What is an oral exam called in college?

    The answer will lead you there, my friend.

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    Thanking senior bro


    Thanks. I do not find the problem is not that much serious for me to go for a sexologist, I do mongering just to get extra pleasure, doing sex with my partner. I never have had such issue. It's a psychological issue, one brother rightly told that I must refrain myself from excessive thinking during act.

    Quote Originally Posted by DevilBrute  [View Original Post]

    I am no expert but I still want to give you one advice which every other guy must be telling you. Hope you are not masturbating very frequently. Try to avoid watching porn. Still if does not help see a doctor (sexologist) but a trusted one. Don't ask me I don't know any.

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    Need Feedback on Ms. Nena (MR)

    Had been touch with this girl Nena Sharma, who has her ad posted on MR for quite some time but then disappeared briefly.

    Now she is back in work again. Stays alone in F block, Lajpat Nagar. Quoted 4 K / one hour with everything on offer including DFK, BBBJ, CIM, COB. Though girl looks ordinary, speaks decent English and is offering GFE from her ad and my chats with her but still I am skeptical of taking her services. This same pics earlier were uploaded on MR from a different number by the name Sarika Sood so I have my doubts whether the chick is genuine or fraud.

    Need feedback / Review from any guys who have might have availed her services.

    Her number is mentioned on MR.

    Happy Mongering Guys.
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    For Silchar

    Quote Originally Posted by Mohit1692  [View Original Post]

    Planning to go to Tripura next week. Any mongering possible there? Please give some tips.
    For Silchar I can help you with MP scene. PM me if needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anel1985  [View Original Post]
    Same here bro. I need a sexy MILF too. If you have please inbox.
    Try sanjay riya of Noida. They use to charge 7 k for 2 shots. I don't know the current rate.

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    Mongering in Sikkim?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer76  [View Original Post]
    I think it's very dry over there. You can try something in Assam. It's remote corner of our country. In NE mongering is risky except in Assam or Sikkim.
    I'm surprised that you said Sikkim. I've been there a few times but had no action.

    Any tips on how to monger there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer76  [View Original Post]
    I think it's very dry over there. You can try something in Assam. It's remote corner of our country. In NE mongering is risky except in Assam or Sikkim.
    Rightly said. Try Silchar in Assam. Its almost at Tripura / Assam border and has dedicated WG area (like Sonagachi in Kolkata) named 14 no Gali. Any local Autowala can direct you there. But beware the quality is almost like GB road.

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    Looking for SP Contact for CIS birds

    Please PM me SP Dev or SP R's number. Looking for some CIS fun in Delhi. Any assistance is highly appreciated.


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