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    Video recording during the act

    Has anybody made a video of their act with a girl? I have tried to secretly record videos but the quality has never been that good. Wondering how to make a great quality video. Tips would be appreciated.

    Also, has anybody tried the spy glasses etc products? Do they work. Would love to have a POV sex video made.

    With some many senior mongers around, I am sure this has been done. Please do share tips.

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    We need to control the SP's rates too.


    You are jacking up the price. SP T is now days going down with service and hiking his rates. His normal rates use to be 2.5 K to 3.5 K and now he is asking for above 4 K. And these are for the same old stuff. We can understand it for new girls but he is charging the increased rates for old one too. One of the girl you mentioned for more than 5 K, I recently use to get her for 3 K. I don't mind paying more good stuff but we should try to keep the rates in control.

    Quote Originally Posted by Diwan  [View Original Post]
    Tasted following girls at my tursted SP T of MN.

    1st Girl:

    Looks: 8/10.

    Boobs: 7/10.

    Body: 8/10 (petite).

    Attitude: 9/10.

    Overall: 8/10.

    Damage: 6 k.

    2nd Girl:

    Looks: 6/10.

    Boobs: 7/10 (sensitive, won't let much sucking).

    Body: 8/10.

    Attitude: 9/10.

    Overall: 8/10..

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    First step will be to legalize mongering with 12% GST (wink).

    Safe Mongering,


    Quote Originally Posted by DelhiHere  [View Original Post]
    Haaa haaa.

    Great deep analysis bro. Now I have doubts A Jaitly may hier to prepare next budget. Haaa.

    Good work.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mrpusa  [View Original Post]
    Thank-you for your insight and analytical analysis! You should work for RAW! If we had people like you in 1962, we would perhaps have had a better chance against the Chinese!

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    Embarrassing but exciting experience at TnG

    Two pointers before the FR -.

    1) New mongers, this is a pure budget spa. Within 1 k counter (potentially 800 bucks) + 1 k tip, you can get full service including massage, DFK, BBBJ, CIM and FS. Please do not inflate prices here. If you have more money, go to nearby SnM and spend, they are pro at looting, but please don't spoil prices here.

    2) I was in full mood to try and report a new spa after TnG (Thread spa rhymes with gau-mutra near TnG) but after this experience, came back to my own place. Will report one new spa soon.

    Now the actual report:

    Went early to the place around 11 am on Sunday. Aunty is very friendly but demanded 1200 very hard but I stuck my ground for 1 k. Agreed. Now, being early, only three staff members were available (all Bengali); luckily the fair Bengali was there. Took her. Miss worship. Room was less than okay, more on the run-down side. But you get what you pay for, so it's okay.

    Worship came into the room. Asked me to change with her inside. I did. Asked me if I wanted dispo but I told let's do like this only. Took off her suit and pajama and started with the massage.

    Usual chit chat asking "Apko Bengali ladkiyan pasand hain" (Do you like Bengali girls? Where you are from etc. No chat of extras but a good bum massage started. After 10 minutes she asked if I am tensed and needed something more to relax. I turned around and took her in arms. Removed Bra. Then she started kissing full body down and came up. Near ears, cheeks her breath was okay so we did lip kiss followed by DFK and then she started going south for the BJ.

    Now the embarrassing part Owing to recent abstinence I came once even before she started the BJ. We both laughed, she cleaned up and put some powder around. Then proposed that I get more massage until Johny gets ready. What followed was 20 minutes of good massage.

    Now the exciting part. And then turned me around using her mammary on johny and came up and hugged. She lied down and hugged me tight, I hugged her too. And then she put her head on my chest and said "there is no dearth of sorrow in this world" and just lied down with her head on my chest. Not knowing what to do, I just caressed her head and we lied there for some 5 minutes like that, with her eyes moist. She says "Ap acche ho, kafi sukoon mila apke bagal let kr, warna logon ka dhyan to bas ek Hi cheez pe hota hai". And then she said, "We will fall asleep if we stay like this, let me get back to massage". She started the kissing and licking again, from neck to chest to down south.

    Asks "apne btaya nahi apko kya pasand hai?" (You didn't tell me what you like). Told her BJs. She then went down and started a very nice and sloppy BBBJ. I didn't ask for DT as I was not in the mood to release anymore. She tried for 5 minutes and then proposed sex. I wasn't in the mood, so replied in negative. She said, "I will do it for FREE", but I told it's not about money just that my mind has somehow veered off. She was okay continued with BJ and CIM. In the end, said, "please come next time. All other girls are good too. " I said yes (will go back for sure).

    There was no talk of money yet but I gave 1 k for BBBJ + CIM. Also, she had offered FS but I denied, so think 1 k was fair.

    P.S. : Think these girls have very tough life in general in this trade. Not asking to get attached or anything, but a moment or two of peace and respect to the deserving ladies can be very significant for them.


    Body On heavier side, but good assets.

    GFE / Attitude 10/10, very co-operative and friendly.

    BBBJ 8/10 had better in Thailand and Viet.

    Massage 7-8/10.

    Damage 1 k + 1 k.

    FS, Anal etc. Didn't try.

    Safe Mongering,


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    Thanks. I wish, Bro!

    Safe Mongering,


    Quote Originally Posted by BongEngineer  [View Original Post]
    Hi Lewis Bro.

    You must be a passout from one of the top 10 be schools of the country. Your Analysis proves that thoroughly. Wish that you could show this to your boss (if he is a monger) so that he gives you a great appraisal.

    You point about doing spas early in the mornings is quite true as the girls are freshest then. Mornings though means no earlier than 11-11.30. Regarding probability of LE raid, one thing that I can say surely attracts LE raids is if the receptionist at the counter openly tells you the rates for FS. That has held true for almost every spa that was raided in Gurgaon and which I visited.

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    Girls tasted in last 4 weeks.

    Tasted following girls at my tursted SP T of MN.

    1st Girl:

    Looks: 8/10.

    Boobs: 7/10.

    Body: 8/10 (petite).

    Attitude: 9/10.

    Overall: 8/10.

    Damage: 6 k.

    2nd Girl:

    Looks: 6/10.

    Boobs: 7/10 (sensitive, won't let much sucking).

    Body: 8/10.

    Attitude: 9/10.

    Overall: 8/10.

    Damage: 5 K.

    3rd girl:

    Looks: 5/10 (Looks quite old).

    Boobs: 7/10.

    Body: 8/10.

    Attitude: 8/10.

    Overall: 7/10.

    Damage: 5 K.

    4th girl:

    Looks: 8/10.

    Boobs: 8/10.

    Body: 8/10.

    Attitude: 9/10.

    Overall: 8/10.

    Damage: 5. 5 K.

    Detailed FR's of all above has been shared by other fellow ISG brothers before.

    Overall good experience with all of them.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 0a2ef720-6cf3-4e1f-8bd3-d67bcd95f42a.jpg‎   c36bf31d-cc1b-4ce9-af0c-0780e27c09a1.jpg‎   1873dbb2-ea7d-467f-94d8-ef20b794f6f9.JPG‎   3bc950cf-fc65-439b-8c97-0d9c1abad1ea.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by DazedRaj  [View Original Post]
    Hi folks!

    Have you come across this site: / escorts / abhilina.

    Please comment on the authenticity.

    Hey bro the site is quite fake, they show pics of models from outside India, and charge too high a price.

    When you book, usually they get some normal chick for 1/3rd the price and some people still do with them as don't have an idea about this site or other girls.

    Also heard if you cancel they charges some 1000 bucks as cancellation charges, so no point in wasting your money and time, there are many CIS and other high end girls in Delhi if you really want to spend the amount who will have way better service and won't be cheats like these sites, and I mean mostly all these escort sites are fake only.

    The thing is if they were true, someone might have tried them and posted something here in these many years.

    Enjoy and safe mongering.

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    Panther me

    Hey bro panther me!

    Your pm is quite full, so not able to tell you about the things you asked for, Kindly clean and msg me.


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    SP S (RP) going rate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Newbie13  [View Original Post]
    Next day had already shifted to a green hotel in Hauz khaz village as was expecting a indie to drop by. But plan didn't work as agreed. Took a ola ride to Dwarka sect 5 Touch spa. A non ISG friend had updated me about the spa and the girl. 1.5 k counter charges for jacuzzi on the upper floor. Quite a good clean room with fresh sheets and hygiene bath tub. The girl enters and quite a non existent massage. Asked for extra and everything available. 2 k decide for FS with jacuzzi services. In an all a satisfactory experience. The girl miss P is a hottie. Real good in-service.


    Spa- 6/10. Ask for room on 3rd floor. Second floor rooms are bad.

    Girl- Real nympho. Sucked the hell out of me.

    Great boobs. Ass. Clean pussy fairly tight. DATY on cards..
    I don't know the going rate for the girls in RP but I have paid 8 k for a shot. SP used to demand 12 k and initially I paid 9 k. But now I don't pay a penny more than 8 k. The overall experience there is good but the girls are not what you would expect after paying that much amount. They are college going girls with good communication skills if not the best. I visit there only because the service is not hurried. You can spend as much time as you wish. Yeah but pay max 8-9 k and try to bring him down further if you can.


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    FR. Every Mall, Noida

    So accidentally went to this Mall in Sec 18, Noida. Every (In Hindi) Mall.

    Spa on 1st Floor. Counter 1 K, NI & NE options.

    Nice Ambience (Room as well as Shower). The girl was slim & short not so great but attitude was very nice.

    BJ- 500.

    B2B- 2 K but settled for 1.5 K.

    FS. Said doesn't give but will try again.

    Overall nice experience.

    WR. Yes to the Spa to try others.

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    Is SP Sid the same with digits ending 03 & 60 (New number)?

    I have been thinking of trying him for a while, have taken options also from him 2 times but didn't go as I didn't understand his model of working.

    He quotes 12 K / sh (For 5*) and 7 K / sh for his place which is probably a flat.

    As per discussions on this forum, I feel the prices are high.

    For people who have experienced him, is the experience worth the money.

    I can shell out money for a great experience but don't want to become a fool. Brothers please guide.

    Quote Originally Posted by MoreMoney  [View Original Post]
    Attached below are the Pictures I received from SP Sid the day I was leaving Delhi.

    If anyone has tried them, please share how your experiences were and the damages paid (PM is Active). I will be back in Delhi after a few days.

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    Visiting Delhi.

    Dear Delhites,

    I am from Hyderabad. Will be staying in Delhi for a week.

    I am looking for Elite class massage.

    Can some one give reference of Elite girls contact by PM.

    I can exchange good independent numbers from Hyderabad.

    Thank you.


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    Hard to Trust.

    Quote Originally Posted by MoreMoney  [View Original Post]
    Attached below are the Pictures I received from SP Sid the day I was leaving Delhi.

    If anyone has tried them, please share how your experiences were and the damages paid (PM is Active). I will be back in Delhi after a few days.
    For me it's hard to trust SP SID as I recently booked one from him, where he kept sending pics of a really good looking girl (later I got to know that she is a struggling TV star) and upon confirming several times he promised that it would be the same girl but when I reached the hotel where the girl was staying, she was a different girl and when I told him about it, he just didn't respond.

    So, it's your call, whether you want to trust him or not.

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    When I asked receptionist for appointment I was answered that there is no one called Ang. With little bit more chit chat to find actual name, I got to know that there is a new girl who has joined around a month back named "Angel".

    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdFloor  [View Original Post]
    Ang name is clear. What more clues do you need? Liz has a good body, though boobs are medium but in good shape. She is a wildcat in bed. You can facefk, deep throat and do every other thing and she will want more. Rose is a fatty. Round, rolly-polly fatty. If you push her she on a good day when the traffic is less, she might roll non-stop form Def CL to Safdarjung Enclave.


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    Totally agree.

    Though I am a new member but I totally agree with you point.

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