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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely argumentative. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

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    Capital Hunt

    Reached capital for official work without preplan any way always there is big options in capital pinged some seniors Got contact of SP T but he quoted 15 K.

    Then started searching for local hunt in JD and Loc yeah there are many scammers and chance of getting mechanical service compromised because of urgent and unplanned visit.

    Filtered and short listed some SP numbers as usual they shared tons of pic one SP called immediately and asked about my budget and hotel booking, shared him my hotel booking then he told 10 K for full night.

    After clear negotiation came down to 6 K because the time already 10 PM he shared 6 pic chose one and asked him to do video call to confirm the girl he did it and my luck the girl same as in pic even in VC the girl looked better and she said Hi and gave nice smile so confirmed booking in that room there were 4 girl 2 almost elder aunties.

    SP reached my place with girl after 30 min paid him cash and he asked another 300 for taxi already time 11 PM so didn't talked to much.

    Coming to point when reached room girl asked me 1 K upfront as tip and also she told me only 2 shot allowed smiled at her and made her comfortable and had some chit chat, clearly mentioned her I am new to city and want to spend good time and also mentioned my previous experience so she understood and we started the deed. As usual she knows how to please men proper pro.

    Coming to score card 2 shots with 1 CIM in morning with extra cost 0.5 K.

    Boob. Big enough to hold.

    Pussy. Avg.

    DFK. No.

    BBBJ. Awesome.

    Total damage - 6 + 0.5 K + 1.5 K to girl.

    Still have one week stay in capital there are many kind hearted seniors here, to be frank I don't have enough time to post FR and contact every individual.

    Hope will get good links to hunt in upcoming weekend.

    Happy mongering.
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    Glad to help

    Glad I was of assistance.

    Try the following in LN.

    Suit + ra: you might find a decent looking for a quickie.

    Next to Kama: there is a spa next to kama. The receptionist is a skanky ne. Very nice rack. First time I had her I was actually heading to kama but saw her amazing rack and took a turn.

    Tg: famous ms p. She sits at the counter sometimes. Had her recently. Really nice tits and clean.

    Have tried a lot of other places here and all seem average. Tng also only p is ok rest is fugly. I've realised LN doesn't have pretty crowd. High quantity low quality.

    Quote Originally Posted by BobbyHarrera  [View Original Post]
    Went to Den spa in LN a week ago to try the busty NE therapist that was mentioned in a Mongdong's FR.

    The NI therapists seem to have something against the NE one as they pushed me hard to try one of them saying the NE one is busy etc. I went with one of the better looking NI one and later realized that she is the same bong therapist that was tried in the FR. It was also mentioned that she wears a padded bra and her boobs are actually very small.

    Thinking of the KLPD, I decided to not go for anything more than a TA+HJ to avoid wasting money. She herself asked for extras after 20 mins and said that TA+HJ is 1 k and didn't budge for 500.

    Came out without any extras but nevertheless happy as I didn't waste my money on what I knew would be a disappointment.

    While leaving, I saw the receptionist that was exposing her deep cleavage in a low cut top. Would have tried pursuing her if she wasn't busy talking to the therapists.

    Damages: 800 counter.

    WIR: May be for the busty NE sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VincentX  [View Original Post]
    Hi bro,

    The last 4 digits of Ritesh are 8429. You already have kishen's digits. I have been availing their services for quite some time now and still every time I call them they ask for ridiculous prices. I have to bargain hard with them every time. They normally don't reduce the price significantly, if you are just taking the chick for shot, but if it's for the entire night, they do sometimes come down.
    On a lighter note, I had a SP ending in 424. Perhaps bother via msg you once PM is activated.

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    Back in business

    Hey all,

    Back in business after a long time. Motivated by another monger from my last workplace who had left the scene and is back here too.

    I've to get my head around this BitCoin stuff and get a subs in next day or so.

    I did my home work along with this mate and shortlisted few SPs from Locanto, MR and friends. Locanto is madness now, earlier we had some great catch from there including indies working for tech giants in Noida and had checked her linkedin profile. Now it seems, it is crazy with video call options more than other SP posts.

    What I've with me: Dwarka Couple in 40's (2.5 K), Noida couple in sector 137 (10 k for 2, 15 K for night) , Digits of SP T (3 K), SP are of Munirka / South Ex (2-2.5 K), SP Dev (6 K+), Shelly of Rohini, SP Ayesha (2 k-12 K Nyt) and couple of others. Planning to meet Dwarka Sardarni. Disha and will post a review here soon (Now at 10 K for 2 pops and BBJ from 7 K of the past. She really has a detailed menu).

    There is a SP we unearthed from Locanto who is offering tempting stuff at Kailash Colony. Somehow, nervous about that belt given all the car scams in the past at Nehru place etc. Stuff is too good though. SP digits ends in 7900.

    Another SP at Safdarjung has good options: Digits ending in 8511.2 shots at 7 k and 4 hours (4 hours rings me a bell for 2 shots).

    Appreciate, if any pointers could be shared for: Janakpuri Find and Ritu in yellow Saree.

    Thanks guys and stay safe.

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    Safdarjung Marvel

    Used my locanto skill or luck to meet an awesome gem at Safdarjung.

    SP is located near usual pads in South Ex.

    Gal was 21.

    GFE: 9.

    BBJ: 9.

    Tight: I would say tightest gal ever met (other than college dates).

    SP: 6-7 Kept on changing prices.

    Assets: Small (good in a way as I like it that way).

    Special part was her bites on my chest and neck.

    Damage: 2.5 for a NE is high, however, my the ruled over brain. She was very cute.

    Next: Got another SP in Kailash colony. Offering nice gals at 10 K. Scam? Not sure. SP digits ends in 600. Let me know please?

    Help: I live near west Delhi and coming back after a while on mongering scene in Delhi. Was there during days of Apple at Dwarka, Shweta at Saket and South African Model referred by Rahul Bro.

    I'm dying to meet this girl Ritu who is perhaps the best VFM at 12.5 including a hotel.

    I've another.

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    First FR, not the first rodeo

    Hi guys,

    After much deliberation, made my profile here.

    Been mongering for quite some time but never got to make profile here.

    Here's my first FR of my encounter this Saturday.

    Got contact from a friend. Apparently the girl is not a WG and not with any SP.

    Girl - 9/10 Well educated, English spoken, gorgeous (the kind of insta influencer), smooth skin and well dressed (came in tee / jeans but asked her to bring some sexy sexy dress).

    6 hour overnight.

    14 k + Hotel.

    Nothing fancy on table, just vanilla.

    But god it was GFE and so hot to look at her face during deed.

    Pic attached with eye blurred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raks09  [View Original Post]
    Before lockdown was roaming a lot, there were a lot of guys chasing asking if you want a massage, never saw a girl standing though. But I personally felt those guys to be quite shady and ignored them every time they followed me. Try your luck but be safe.
    Now Mahipalpur doesn't have much hope of good stuff.

    Last 2 times I visited all cheap stuff and no trace of a CIS.

    Tried some there but not worth mentioning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazzyBoy777  [View Original Post]
    BTW. What USA club culture, are you saying? Never experienced it. Would love to even relocate.
    Bro I was in Vegas for 2 months for work and in Virginia for 4 months. Vegas was crazy. Through friends, I got to know some middlemen (not owners, but sales people) who will get me on the guest list of reputed night clubs or day pool parties (so no wait time and discounted or no entry fee if you enter the club before 10). Had some very crazy incidents inside.

    One Parisan group of old ladies had come for birthday party. All hot but toned MILFs - 40-ish. Crazy grinding and make outs with one of them on that great evening. She chose me, I didn't choose her. She was the one who got me initiated and also encouraged me to approach other girls (usually grinding is very very okay, if you are dressed well and are not pushy). You just have to move slow and take care if other person doesn't want. If the girl doesn't want, she won't respond or move away and you should just move on.

    Another time, an afro group wearing military dress. One of them grinded her night away on me. Like the ones on youtube videos. Those military dressed folks became my best friends for the night (though I don't have any number or contact info).

    And my best experience was a group of 3 young US girls. I honestly didn't do anything apart from being dressed well that day. They just stood in front of me and as the music grooved, one of them slowly came closer and started grinding. Tight leather pants and hell of a sexy red tank top (jacket was off). No limit on touches. Sexy dance went for an hour on and off. Had chats and bought them drinks. I had 420 with me in my hotel, so when the party ended we went to hotel and smoked to our heart's contention and made out with the same lady (no FS though, which was ok). She was a stunner and the best girl I had. I still wonder why she chose me out of all the good looking men out there.

    Another time 2 Russian men, when the club was closing at 3 am, they thought I was an Arab. All three of us were dead stoned. They took me to a strip club for afterparty. Just thinking I don't know stuff or don't get to fuck as I am an Arab. All expenses paid. Felt like I am in that Hangover movie. Great night, I thought I will end up on the streets but woke up in my room somehow. Limo had another hot MILF and another couple who were just laughing all the time by seeing us!

    Overall some great spontaneous experiences, paid mostly only for the drinks (from the bar. Not the bottles). Still miss the days, this was pre corona. Q42019.

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    Rohini City Centre Mall

    Hi guys,

    This report is for my last week's experience with this chick in a spa. Was as usual drunk and driving in the west Delhi area in Punjabi Bagh. Was in a mood to get some one under me. Was not willing to spend on some high quality babe in a five star hotel, as had Ritu k2 few days back, so headed to Rohini to explore new areas and spas. Went to city centre mall, Rohini near Rohini west metro station. Went to 4th floor (top floor), which has only spas. There were 5 in total If I remember correctly. Went to the first one after getting out of lift. They refused to show options, so came out. The next showed some options, but didn't like anyone. Opted for one chick in the third spa named glo something. Sorry was badly drunk. The girl was pretty and slim and had a pleasant attitude. One of those eager to please types. Went into the room and was offered massage, which I straightaway refused. Asked her about the full service. She quoted 3 but agreed on 1.5 k. The room was not very hygienic, but I was drunk and didn't care. Though asked her to change the disposable sheets. She asked for a cigarette and we both smoked one each. While smoking she started feeling me up, and took my dick out by opening my zippers. Played with it for few minutes and asked me to strip. I undressed and asked her to give my dick an oil massage. The massage was ok, nothing special, so asked her to take it in her mouth. Even the BJ was pathetic. Undressed her and entered her pussy, which was very loose and lost interest and mood. Asked her to jerk me off and left by paying her.

    Pussy- 3.

    BJ- 5.

    Dick massage-6.

    BJ- 5.


    Body- 6.

    Face- 6.5.

    GFE- 7.3.


    Damages-1 k counter+1.5 k girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raks09  [View Original Post]
    Great FR, unable to Dm you, looks like your subscription isn't active. You seems to have good Sps list outside of ISG network. Kindly share few of them among your ISG brother. Thanks.
    Thanks bro. Sorry don't have subscription service. I have already shared his last 4 digits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartyAnd834  [View Original Post]
    Great FR. How tall was she?
    Thanks bro. Didn't measure. LOL. But looked taller and was definitely taller than me. I am 5.10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MongerBaba  [View Original Post]
    Great report bro, does this sp provide outcalls??
    Yes bro, he does.

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    SP Ritesh

    Quote Originally Posted by DelhiDesire  [View Original Post]
    Hey vVncent bro, you have been enjoying lovely food at uber places at great rates too. I would like to know the digits of your regular SP ie Ritesh who provided these chikas. You may spell out his initial three digits and / or last four digits as you don't seem to have your PM active. Earlier I remember you mentioned the name of your SP as 'Kishen' in one of the posts with digits ending with 514. Correct me if I am wrong. I have also been offered these food but at exorbitant prices by two three other SPs dealing with food in star hotels. TIA.
    Hi bro,

    The last 4 digits of Ritesh are 8429. You already have kishen's digits. I have been availing their services for quite some time now and still every time I call them they ask for ridiculous prices. I have to bargain hard with them every time. They normally don't reduce the price significantly, if you are just taking the chick for shot, but if it's for the entire night, they do sometimes come down.

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    Pihu, Parry Feedback?

    Was planning to try Pihu from Parry. Any feedback on looks and service? PM is active.

    Safe Mongering,


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