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    SP Contacts in Noida

    Hello Seniors,

    I have been trying to get SP contact in Noida but no luck, tried contacting Rashi but no response. Could anyone share a reliable SP from Noida. Eager to try.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiddiJ  [View Original Post]
    She's amazing if you're into petite girls. Has great ass.

    Can go for her without any second thought.
    This is the diamonds going by Ydesigirl on twitter, whatta bod! Too bad she doesn't meet for real, looks like a worthwhile investment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DungeonMasterX  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to Rahul bhai enjoyed a Thai near Galleria (DLF 4). The great thing about Thais is that an awesome massage comes free with the action. LOL. Mind body both refreshed!
    Please share the details.

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    Its another social media platform, just like fb.



    Quote Originally Posted by OnionTSkii  [View Original Post]
    What is MeWe?

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    Use Go Ibibo

    I use Go Ibibo for booking hotels. Use "couple-friendly" option while searching for hotels. (I think this couple-friendly option is there in OYO also). Go ibibo too have this friend-reference system where Once you book hotel, your friends in your address book get notification and some cashback. But when you book "couple-friendly" hotels, once booking is done, you get an option to uncheck the notification option and hence your contacts will not get to know about your booking. Just check if similar option is available in OYO too.



    Quote Originally Posted by ButockMann  [View Original Post]
    That will be an absolute cloud burst / washout if your spouse were to get such a notification! Friends, advise how do you check this and block this!

    Treat this as PIL!

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    Noida MP

    Hi Mongers,

    Anyone tried MPs in Noida? Need some recommendation as am visiting Noida tomorrow. PM is active.



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    Quote Originally Posted by RoamingGuru  [View Original Post]
    Heard that Pankhuri's face pic leaked yesterday. Anyone following MeWe?
    What is MeWe?

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    I would like to meet an Afro chick who doesn't have ID. Can anyone suggest a cheap hotel in Mahipalpur where we could check in without ID? I have ID, obviously. But the girl doesn't. PM is open.

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    She is a Russian escort staying in CP area. She does incall and has charges of 15 k / HR. She will ask for your pic also before scheduling meeting. I didn't try her yet as had to cancel my meeting with her at last minute. I can provide me you digits if you want. PM me.



    Quote Originally Posted by RandomIndiDude  [View Original Post]
    Thinking of trying this food. Any of you fine mongerers have tasted this one?

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    Qutab spa

    Tried spa in qutab and opted for Miss M. From starting she was playful and was inside the room from starting while I was changing. She smiled looking at Johny. Gave a name sake back dry massage and lied on top of me and stared kissing me. By the way she thought I am her past regular one. An advantage for me. Totally GFE DFK, sucking, playing with Johnny, butting nipples etc. She stroked me and I was figuring her. It was wet fully and what an expression she was giving. Finally unloaded on her ass. She said will do FS next time.

    Looks: 5/10 (bit tummy).

    Boobs: 6/10 (handful).

    Pussy: 7/10.

    Attitude:9/10 (guess more in store after 2-3 visits).

    Damage: 0.8+2 k (she didn't said anything about damage).

    Wir: yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNJones23  [View Original Post]
    Was the other girl to a CIS.
    Yes, actually it is hotel room booked by SP and he is nearby always. After act I did mentioned to him about the experience but I was not in mood of any arguments so just left.

    Quote Originally Posted by JackNJones23  [View Original Post]
    Is the the last digits of the SPs number ending in 983.

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    Maria's contact

    Quote Originally Posted by Abhk505  [View Original Post]
    Hello mongers,

    Any feedback on the attached indie Maria num ending 780?

    How's her service overall and flesh at right places, hope not chubby?

    Waiting for your revert in my inbox.

    Enjoy and play safe!
    Your inbox is full, I cannot send you PM.

    Can you please send me India Maria's contact?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ButockMann  [View Original Post]
    That will be an absolute cloud burst / washout if your spouse were to get such a notification! Friends, advise how do you check this and block this!

    Treat this as PIL!
    I install oyo only when I have to book and delete all messages and uninstall app after deed.

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    Thanks to Sam bro for sharing Pooky's contact. He has always been so helpful and I must say all hats off to him for introducing so many thai beauties to the forum.

    Coming to the girl, I contacted her on whatsapp and she was quick to reply. Sam's reference worked like magic and she was good to proceed with talks.

    Deal fixed foe 5 k 2 shts, 2.5 hrs. She said 1 k extra for 45 minutes massage but those 45 minutes will be adjusted in 2.5 hrs shot time. I was not interested in offer.

    Reached her place at around 12 in afternoon and she gave directions. Room is okayish at 4th floor; stairs are very badly lit, felt like staircase to hell and don't give you good vibes.

    Anyways reached her room, she made me comfortable.

    Face is okay, typical Thai, but body is good, well toned.

    Though she would be around 35. I took a shower, in fact asked her to give me one and she obliged. Came to bed and opened my beer she said she won't drink buy have no problem with me drinking. While having beer, she started with her life's problems. Mom, son. Felt bad but then realised everyone has his share of problems and show must go on. Pulled her close to me and asked her to take off clothes. She obliged and helped me as well.

    She started with sensual licking and continued for 10 minutes. That staircase, which earlier seemd to me to be taking to hell, actually brought me to heaven. She startwd with BBBJ with licking of balls and continued until I asked her to be ready for deed. Fucked like rabbits in miss, WOT, reverse WOT and finally came.

    Relaxed. Opened another beer. After 15-20 minutes.

    Started with second round, asked her to give me massage for 15 minutes and told that I'll pay 500 rs. For same. She happily agreed. After decent massag again some sensual teasing, licking, sucking. Asked her if anal is available and she said no. Accepted that and asked her to turnaround so I can at least do in doggy. She said NO again. I was shocked. Explained her that I am not asking for anal, still would put in your P only but she suddenly started acting like she is a different gal altogether. Turned off my badly. Not that she dint want to it, but because of how she said the NO. It was so blunt and rough. I said I don't want to continue. She was fine. Gave her 3 k. 2.5 k for a shot and. 5 k for 15 minutes massage. While leaving she tried to cheer meup, by hugging and started licking again. May be she realised she is loosing 2.5 k and held my dick again. I was out of mood already and told her next time.

    Overall, a decent girl with good body, avg face, good service, decent height. Cons were no DFK, small boobies.

    I may not visit her again because of what happened in last 10 minutes but she is worthwhile to try.

    For contact details, please ask Sam bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stoya321  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Yesterday came to Delhi after Diwali holidays. As I had the whole today, started looking for some SP and found Pooky thanks to Shamshah bro. Contacted her and she is like always online. Choose one shot option, and she sent me her location. And the most amazing thing is she just lives like 270 m from my place. She is little cautious and ask qstns to verify and if you don't she will block you she has blocked my one number (for not giving ref).

    She is a single mother, a sweet lady and going through a lot just be nice with her and she would reciprocate that. She is my first Thai experience and it was much better than any Indian and Nepali girls. She gets horny and take the charge. Just before that night she had an hangover and had taken off from spa. She didn't looked like a time watcher had a beautiful girlfriend experience with her..

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    Guess no

    Quote Originally Posted by RoamingGuru  [View Original Post]
    Heard that Pankhuri's face pic leaked yesterday. Anyone following MeWe?
    I guess no.

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