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Thread: New Delhi

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    Gracious seniors help out newbie.


    I am starting out new and would love to monger. Please help with contacts for a safe out call. Am new to this and would like to have a safe experience. Any contact with reference would be really appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Ggn spa.

    I was having beer in microbrewery near metro station, just was enjoying my afternoon, I saw 1 spa girl outside spa so decided to get massage, paid RS 1300 at counter they asked me for membership also so I refused, then she enters with smile and dispos very awkward and weird also, my she was very talkative and massage skills was excellent. Within 15 minutes she asked me for membership and was forcing me for membership as usual I was drunk so declining her, suddenly she started bum massage and then question come up for top access with lip lock so I opted and give her another 1200 for boobs sucking and hand job.

    Overall a good exp for me, Cor spa was name near metro station.

    Total damage: 1300 for massage, 1500 to her in spa room, she is excellent kisser as well juicy lips I can't forget hand job.

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    Lights off.

    I was visiting this MP for past sometime now. Had banged a chick who is amazing at rimming, sucking and GFE. Also, she becomes wet and has come twice in one trip with me. But during foreplay after her clothes come off, she always asks for lights off. Today during the act, I switched on the lights. Damn those marks on hanging tummy, bloody hell, hair on feet, my dick got erect the other way round. Lesson learnt, I am paying the money, so lights won't go off.

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    Yes that's correct.

    Quote Originally Posted by PappuPager24  [View Original Post]
    Does her digits end with 604?

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    GB Road Basics

    Quote Originally Posted by PappuPager24  [View Original Post]
    I am visiting India from US for two weeks. I thought of visiting master / Kashmiri building based on the report posted by fellow members. I am an experienced monger and mongered in few countries. Even had visited kotha 64 at least 7-8 time few years back but never been to master / Kashmiri building. I knew that if I go along with any pimp then I will be robbed. But yesterday all of this experience went in drain.
    Ouch. Nice save. That could've gone way south.

    There are many basic rules about GB Road. One of the most basic one is that you should never talk to anyone. Anyone. The safety of a crowd is good if you're alone. But, just cling along. Don't get friendly with anyone. No one will mind if you're tagging along at the back as long as you keep to yourself because everyone like the safety of numbers in such places.

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    Not worth it

    Quote Originally Posted by SharpShooter27  [View Original Post]
    I found this new sp via friends.

    He is offering these girls to me for 3 k a shot in many areas around south Delhi ie MN, SJN, BCP.

    If anyone has any reviews regarding these girls kindly help, also let me know if 3 k is fine for them.

    Thanks in advance.
    That's 1500 a pop material.

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    Ready to pay for some good numbers.

    Quote Originally Posted by RoyalRohan  [View Original Post]
    I have some contacts in Bhubaneswar. 750 rs per hour basis. You choose among 20.

    I can reply. So if someone pay my subscription, that will be better.
    Please share me the numbers I am willing to pay. Even I have some numbers in Bangalore if you want to exchange. Need good SP and independent girls if available. Thanks in advance.

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    Because girl.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kasabian85  [View Original Post]
    Dear friends,

    The SP through whom I m getting this babe is asking for 30 k for night (in 4 Star Hotel) which sounds a bit high. Would appreciate if anyone can give a feedback if someone has availed her service at same or cheaper price.
    Hi bro,

    She is CIS girl from Uzbekistan. I've tried her last year but price was 15 k for night.

    She is good but have conversation what you expect from her. She is hot and had a lot enjoyment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaahilKad  [View Original Post]
    In East Delhi you can get same quality for 1500.
    Thanks a lot man! Ya I was also wondering that maybe the price is too high as compared to the girls and he said they are genuine housewives (if they were that great many would have already tried them).

    Bro do you have any good east Delhi contacts with beauties, please help.

    Can reciprocate with a few I have in Delhi.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuietBoi  [View Original Post]
    The spa scene has a lot better to offer than most of these dames to be honest.
    Thanks a lot man!! Haven't really explore the spa scenes as of now, mostly the sp and afro guy.

    Would love to explore more of the spa scenes now.

    Thanks again.

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    Urgent help In Delhi!

    Aloha, bros!

    I've been helped hugely by seniors in Delhi earlier. MRahul and BongEngineer, Kaitichee and many others have helped me have some truly memorable experiences.

    BongEngineer has already shared some nice black book beauties. And some GF Hotels.

    Reaching out once again for me and a non ISG friend. We are planning a visit on Saturday. Would love some help in in-call and out-call with CIS who will try MMW.

    Would also love some NEs who will do MMWW same room fun.

    And most importantly need a GF Hotel - 3* - 5* that's friendly and allows fun without the BS experience I had at are Plaza after being told it's a GF Hotel.

    Thanks in advance bros!

  12. #59075


    Quote Originally Posted by Jmav2020  [View Original Post]
    Hey folks,

    Thanks to a kind senior I got the number of an indie based out of (Diwali goddess) nagar. Called her and fixed meeting post lunch.

    She organised me to be picked up from near the metro stn and also organised drop back.

    She is the sober and jovial types. Good attitude and one can expect near GF experience. She is also dirt cheap at 2 k for a shot.

    The cons are that she's heavy. Full on MILF with tons of flab. She is ok with BBBJ and has good tits.

    I had an ok experience. Honestly I am not really into milfs.

    Attitude: 8/10.

    Boobs: 9/10.

    Body / shape: 3/10.

    Image attached.
    Does her digits end with 604?

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    Nehru Place Sp's

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolGuy85  [View Original Post]
    I will be in Nehru Place tomorrow. Came across two SPs in the area from locanto.

    One is quoting 10000/2 hours digital ending 4442. Offering incall. But location not yet told.

    Other quoting 6000/2 hours at a 5 star hotel of Nehru place (easily guessable). Digits ending 071.

    Then there are online ads whom I have. It yet contacted but ranging anywhere around 10 k for an hour which is very costly for me.

    Who should I go with?
    Most of the Nehru Place SP's are fraud-Play safe.

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    Delhi Trippin

    Aloha bros!

    Me and a non ISG mate of mine are travelling to Delhi this Saturday.

    I've had some truly memorable experiences thanks to innumerable seniors like BongEngineer, MRahul, SSDel, Kaitchee, and many more bros.

    Am interested this time in a CIS who is ok for MMF on outcall or incall. A Black beauty who is ready for the same. Have seen an Israeli bird on MR but exorbitantly expensive. But beautiful.

    Would also love some slim NEs for MMWW in the same room.

    Any help would be appreciated Bros.

    And also do let me know of a bullet proof GF Hotel. The last time I was told are Plaza was and they didn't let the girl go up. So it was a disaster.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Reliable SP?

    I have landed an SP digits ending in 831 quoting me 15 k for 2 shots outcall.

    It's very expensive, but he is promising high quality. Should I trust? Or let it go.

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